I RUINED My Best Friends Bedroom! (FREAKOUT)

  • Published on Sep 18, 2019
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Comments • 398

  • thashortgirlbex
    thashortgirlbex 26 days ago

    My parents naming me; "this one here is dead inside. we're gonna call her becky"

  • Senor Snake
    Senor Snake 26 days ago

    Someone explain why sidemen don’t live in that big house anymore! Are they all split up or? What’s happening and why are they will cal

  • amelia taylor
    amelia taylor 27 days ago

    can we talk about the random beer bottles lying in cal’s room

  • Siim
    Siim 28 days ago +1


  • Jakwan Rahman
    Jakwan Rahman 28 days ago

    man said wallahiπŸ˜‚

  • SlendyDie Gaming
    SlendyDie Gaming 29 days ago +1

    8:47 i literally guessed shaniqua and said it at the same time you did ngl i was kinda gassed

  • Adella's World
    Adella's World 29 days ago +10

    Tobi is such a mood, he said all he cares about is food while he's in bed πŸ˜‚ I love him

  • A Lang
    A Lang 29 days ago

    Wallahi brother they are gone... bahahaha what happened to that animal wrangler vid?

  • Naigaru
    Naigaru 29 days ago +1

    Just wondering, is Callux's link in the description incorrect on purpose? o-o

  • UzzyT
    UzzyT Month ago +2

    Has anybody clicked on the Callux link in the description? Coming in with the big 334 subs haha.

  • ikdisisded
    ikdisisded Month ago

    Whats de song in the water ting montage

  • Ferocious Firecracker

    He said wallahi

  • Yeetem and Skeetem
    Yeetem and Skeetem Month ago +1

    FIFA’s good but it isn’t quite up to the croc standard is it

  • Abdul Muhaimin
    Abdul Muhaimin Month ago +3

    Wait did you say Wallahi brother they are gone πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Nightzyy
    Nightzyy Month ago

    You will have 0 ping Forever *Like to activate!*

    I also make Fortnite videos ❀️

  • Wolf_Harry
    Wolf_Harry Month ago

    0:05 PEANUTS

  • Fares Feleifel
    Fares Feleifel Month ago

    Tobi are you naked ewww

  • vyi hyi
    vyi hyi Month ago

    Isn’t ANISON gib your best friend ?

  • Jess Walsh
    Jess Walsh Month ago

    Song at 4:25?

  • Matthew Simmons
    Matthew Simmons Month ago

    song when they wakeboard?

  • itz.amp_ footballer

    Getting right on the pranks go on mate

  • The Beast 69
    The Beast 69 Month ago

    The clickbait is real

  • Abigail J
    Abigail J Month ago +3

    β€œI’ve never met a heather that wasn’t big” why is that so accurate πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

  • Oliverkristensen94
    Oliverkristensen94 Month ago

    4:26 What song is this?? πŸ€”

  • Tom Stearman
    Tom Stearman Month ago

    Yes Cal!

  • Matic Petrovič
    Matic Petrovič Month ago

    What are these 2016 video titles...

  • Jordan Harding
    Jordan Harding Month ago

    My mums called heather ! How dare you squeezy

  • Henry Lloyd-Hughes
    Henry Lloyd-Hughes Month ago

    6:55 you thought it was your phone too

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago

    How much money does this lot make and callux sleeps on a mattress on the floor ffs

  • Heather McLaren
    Heather McLaren Month ago

    "I've never met a heather that wasnt big" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • shashika. 2000
    shashika. 2000 Month ago

    Love u bro πŸ”₯❀

  • James Eames
    James Eames Month ago

    Tobi has the same bed sheets as my Mrs

  • Rhys J
    Rhys J Month ago

    Mad. EA giving ps4s to everyone. They even sent one to Anthony Joshua

  • Ray Lewis
    Ray Lewis Month ago

    7:09 the mongo push

  • Jono Shier
    Jono Shier Month ago

    What’s the tune at 4.23?

  • Taylor Engels
    Taylor Engels Month ago

    Is his hair still growing back?

  • Gaming With A.R
    Gaming With A.R Month ago

    Only og people know that tittle is changed

  • Hussla
    Hussla Month ago

    So good to see an OG content creator back on the grind, Big up Cal!

  • Danny Banos
    Danny Banos Month ago

    Can you update us on Rebel FC bro, I commented on a reev insta post the other day and he replied saying it doesn’t exist anymore.

  • Felix 10 games
    Felix 10 games Month ago

    Hahaha loved the insult on Harry!!!

  • Adam Joseph
    Adam Joseph Month ago

    The Callux link in his description doesn’t bring you to callux’s page lol

  • Mia Hau
    Mia Hau Month ago +2

    The zoom in on Tobi really got me I'm d e a d

  • Tapiwa Muza
    Tapiwa Muza Month ago


  • Pluto SkateBoarding
    Pluto SkateBoarding Month ago +1

    I mean it is Harry not expecting much

  • TheBrownboys
    TheBrownboys Month ago

    Song at 4:20?

  • Jarrod Grant
    Jarrod Grant Month ago

    If you got an extra controller:)))))

  • VersatilityGB
    VersatilityGB Month ago

    Fucking nonce, stop putting titles like these on a shitty fucking vlog

  • Gianfranco Forlenza

    I think Callux loves his plants more then Sarah πŸ˜‚

  • zxdsho7
    zxdsho7 Month ago

    Fam where are the crocs we the gang rollin in crocs

  • Channel 7
    Channel 7 Month ago

    2 baited

  • Average Commenter
    Average Commenter Month ago

    Hey can I have the PS4 please? I don't have one

  • Kats
    Kats Month ago

    14:59 Ohp Hello HAHAHA that was gold

  • Chloe Hogan
    Chloe Hogan Month ago +3

    Tobi and w2s are πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  • YuFifa Gaming
    YuFifa Gaming Month ago

    Holy shit! I said shaneequa when you said it wtf πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Noah Lattin
    Noah Lattin Month ago

    What song is that in the beginning

  • Dylan
    Dylan Month ago

    Wtf where are the crocs when you’re skating

  • Cheyenne Seobarrat
    Cheyenne Seobarrat Month ago

    i literally get so happy whenever cal uploads, it literally makes my day ✨

  • Innx Iv Gaming
    Innx Iv Gaming Month ago

    Song at 4:19?

  • Terrell Boatman-Harper

    Song at 4:22? Please

  • Slaugay iOS
    Slaugay iOS Month ago

    Been enjoying ur vids lately