England 2-0 Costa Rica | Rashford Scores a Stunner! | Official Highlights

  • Published on Jun 8, 2018
  • Marcus Rashford scores an absolute stunner as England impress in their final World Cup warm-up match, with a 2-0 win over Costa Rica.
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  • Emma Newton
    Emma Newton 20 days ago

    Navas’ gloves and boots are exactly the same as mine 😂

  • Patrick Kelly
    Patrick Kelly 25 days ago

    I laugh when football commentators talk about a shot having wicked dip, its real name is gravity.

  • Sky KillerYT88
    Sky KillerYT88 Month ago

    Guys we don't win the world cup we loose in the semi final to Croatia but we did well

  • Luke Daley
    Luke Daley Month ago

    Rashford’s Goal was brilliant

  • Ninga and Unicorn
    Ninga and Unicorn 2 months ago

    Where is pickford

  • Jordan Montgomery
    Jordan Montgomery 3 months ago

    That shot from Henderson was beautiful, unfortunate not to score.

  • Official Weevil
    Official Weevil 4 months ago

    Even the 3 in a row champions league winner couldn’t save that

  • edgar espinoza
    edgar espinoza 4 months ago

    Costa Rica 🇨🇷

  • Mr Reece 123
    Mr Reece 123 5 months ago

    It's coming home 2022

  • BrandonTheWalrus
    BrandonTheWalrus 5 months ago

    He needs more minutes.

  • Gethin Jones Gethin Jones

    England are good with rashford

    Ali HASRONi AJA 6 months ago

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  • Alice The Man UTD Fan
    Alice The Man UTD Fan 6 months ago +1

    Rashford (Beans) looks ... broken in the thumbnail

  • kars350
    kars350 6 months ago

    ashford is okay but amazing here

  • iTwisterPlays
    iTwisterPlays 6 months ago

    Elland Road is close to me.

  • MA Productions
    MA Productions 6 months ago

    2:40 Its coming home? Didn't know this was the World Cup lol

  • A one legged man
    A one legged man 6 months ago

    Play at these stadiums(club stadiums) more and sell wembley. terrible stadium.

  • Dark master
    Dark master 6 months ago

    I was there that day, absolutely a fantastic atmosphere, Footballs coming home, England, everything.

  • Tasneem Khan
    Tasneem Khan 7 months ago

    I always comment on Football's videos that they all want a horse back ride on the one who scored the goal...😜😂

  • GewPotion
    GewPotion 7 months ago

    I saw the first goal on twitter.

  • lego cat
    lego cat 7 months ago


  • lego cat
    lego cat 7 months ago

    Egland must win the world cup

  • lego cat
    lego cat 7 months ago


  • lego cat
    lego cat 7 months ago


  • g-
    g- 7 months ago

    Rashford has killed us all. What a goal

  • koko linnlinn
    koko linnlinn 7 months ago

    England is over-rated as becoming champion

  • Tachour Azeddine
    Tachour Azeddine 7 months ago

    me to rotherfeld field n1 3ee
    by kane harre

  • ArtherMatheuwStarling
    ArtherMatheuwStarling 7 months ago

    hands down to Henderson, he played well.

  • BucketlistBinge
    BucketlistBinge 7 months ago


  • Joshua Pilling
    Joshua Pilling 7 months ago +1

    3:53 tango man

  • Jabuty Ismail
    Jabuty Ismail 7 months ago

    France gonna win world cup 2018

  • Chris Galvin
    Chris Galvin 8 months ago +1

    Awesome match. Great video!

  • Ahmed daaniyal
    Ahmed daaniyal 8 months ago

    Both goals were gifted to Harry Kane.

    AdzSONLINE 8 months ago

    Why they started Sterling and not Rashford I have no idea

  • devil may trap
    devil may trap 8 months ago

    England looks like classic football team for me

  • cuppateadee
    cuppateadee 8 months ago

    marcus is a great talent and only 20. he is still learning. he can be red hot but with vardy and welbeck there too they will all be trying to play second striker behind Kane. but southgate must play whos best and in form for the games and must not be afraid to drop players. im not sure of sterling.

  • Masoud Abdinoor
    Masoud Abdinoor 8 months ago

    Was that a scream by jhon stones 2:14 - 2:15

  • Suet Suet
    Suet Suet 8 months ago

    England will get into quater finals and lose to spain

  • Jimmy Leong Jing Soon
    Jimmy Leong Jing Soon 8 months ago


  • Jimmy Leong Jing Soon
    Jimmy Leong Jing Soon 8 months ago

    I think england is the best team

  • flickusmaximus
    flickusmaximus 8 months ago

    watch half our England players get injured monday and be out for the remaining games

  • Shishay Birhanemeskel
    Shishay Birhanemeskel 8 months ago

    Ellnd road in Leeds good luck England

  • Rahman Ramli
    Rahman Ramli 8 months ago

    The problems in the past is.. England is always fantastic in qualifying games and friendly...but when it matters most...screw up and lost again and again.. what a shame. It happens with Beckham, scholes, Gerrard and others.

  • T. Thomas
    T. Thomas 8 months ago

    England needs Wayne Rooooooneeey

  • Delboy
    Delboy 8 months ago

    Long shot, explosive run, power playing style, This style of playing is suitable in cold English weather, but how will they do that for 90 minutes in the Summer heat?

  • Kevin Scott
    Kevin Scott 8 months ago


  • John Red
    John Red 8 months ago

    England always win in friendlies!!

  • Alfie Jackson
    Alfie Jackson 8 months ago

    Who is the donut commentator saying Alli was trying to shoot!? He was blatantly passing it to Wellbeck

  • Darwis Ardan
    Darwis Ardan 8 months ago

    What a goal from marcus rashford

  • Marcus Y
    Marcus Y 8 months ago +1


  • Kirill Gusev
    Kirill Gusev 8 months ago

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  • Alexander Hikmala
    Alexander Hikmala 8 months ago

    At least we can do something in World Cup..maybe quarter finals😂

  • Chris Bradley
    Chris Bradley 8 months ago +2

    I want revenge on Iceland and Uruguay...

  • Dapper Don
    Dapper Don 8 months ago

    Don't forget your returns from England to Russia, 2 weeks you'll b back home

  • pbgbr
    pbgbr 8 months ago +1

    Rashford is the most exciting English player since Gascoigne. He plays with no fear and he needs to start...up front
    Let's hope Harry Kane's not burnt out, like he was at the Euro's 2 years ago

  • H H
    H H 8 months ago

    Rashford 🖕👌🤘✌👍

  • Kirin
    Kirin 8 months ago

    Tunisia going to destroy this team

  • Tyler B
    Tyler B 8 months ago +1

    When you consider that we have the likes of Sessegnon, Foden, Sancho, Nelson and Gomes, along with a bunch of others who I won't list, to join the likes of Alexander-Arnold, Loftus-Cheek, Alli, Sterling and Rashford, England could have a very, very good and dangerous team in a few years time. There's a reason why the younger England teams have been winning pretty much everything of late.

    YVES AYMAR KOFFI KOFFI 8 months ago +1

    lisez bien mon commentaire je suppote l'equipe d'engleterre et je vous promet au moins le dernier carré en compagnie de l'uruguay;le brésil et (france ou nigéria) GOOD LUCK OF THREE LIONS...

  • grip C
    grip C 8 months ago

    nice to get it out of Wembley but did not realize what a dump leeds ground is.championship and lge 1 grounds don't work

  • xxbuttyx10
    xxbuttyx10 8 months ago

    Jose. LEARN

  • Jo G
    Jo G 8 months ago

    England have one big problem that being they cant play football. I mean they cant really hold onto the ball like the best teams can, they should have enough to do ok in group stage with their pace and energy etc..but cant see them really figuring in the business end of this world cup.

  • Islam is a mental illness

    Barely any English in the team,its a disgrace

  • Kibet ignite the light Duncan

    England is still way to far to achieve very lazy short..they don't create chance but they attempt goals

  • Andrew Gray
    Andrew Gray 8 months ago

    There shite England they will qualify and finish 5th bunch of over paid how's my hair tossers

  • Liasos88
    Liasos88 8 months ago

    I hate Mourinho for not playing Rashford more.

  • Saado Axmed
    Saado Axmed 8 months ago

    my England get a w,cup

  • Quanhvtq Robin
    Quanhvtq Robin 8 months ago

    Wow Very Nice

  • lin deloetf
    lin deloetf 8 months ago

    ggmu :D

  • Chip yard
    Chip yard 8 months ago +1

    I don't want to jinx it but England's been playing their best football in a long time. Looking forward to the WC.

  • Tootzy Toot
    Tootzy Toot 8 months ago

    Remember what I'm saying here. I picked 4 teams to win the world cup: Belgium, Brazil, France or England. REMEMBER!!

  • Eternal Life
    Eternal Life 8 months ago

    Rashford ...Tks to the Dutch Coach that discovered him ..

  • Ouadjih Menghour
    Ouadjih Menghour 8 months ago

    What's the formation of England team ?

  • Forget Mathias
    Forget Mathias 8 months ago

    Good performance.

  • ashraf aj
    ashraf aj 8 months ago

    aske my self how many african original players are England square thn I see zero white fools there ..football will remain Africa the end

    • Haze DC
      Haze DC 8 months ago

      Tike Myson Projection again huh. Tell me more about how stupid you aren’t making yourself look.

    • Haze DC
      Haze DC 8 months ago

      Tike Myson Awwww projection, how adorable. And still missing the point 🤦‍♂️
      Now quote the part where I said there was no African winners. Good luck.

    • Haze DC
      Haze DC 8 months ago

      Tike Myson You did neither, there was no argument and you weren’t involved to begin with, but whatever helps you sleep at night princess.
      You made someone look stupid and it wasn’t me. Guess who it was?

    • Haze DC
      Haze DC 8 months ago

      Tike Myson Congratulations, you found the one and only African to ever win it... 23 years ago. While also missing the point completely 😂🤦‍♂️ moron indeed.

    • Haze DC
      Haze DC 8 months ago

      ashraf aj Most of the squad is white, always has been. And when has football ever been African? Name one African world cup winner? Name one African ballon d’or winner? Moron.

  • Riahi MouradjhKipp
    Riahi MouradjhKipp 8 months ago

    you expect to be england and belgium in the next stage....let's wait and see....we tunisian know you well but you dont know us...you think we are easy , you are wrong and we hope you stay thinking like that ...you will see what "harissa" is, google "harrisa" to know it before you eat it

    • Ben Waegemans
      Ben Waegemans 8 months ago

      As a Belgian I know harissa very well. Great with chicken, fish or for breakfast with olive oil, olives and french bread. Looking forward to the game between Belgium and Tunisia

    • Haze DC
      Haze DC 8 months ago

      Riahi MouradjhKipp You don’t know how football works if you think England won’t know all about Tunisia.

  • LaBorro 02
    LaBorro 02 8 months ago

    Captain 😎 #YNWA

    PENJAHAT BAIK 8 months ago

    gg keylor navas

  • Syl. A
    Syl. A 8 months ago

    I don't get how the Leicester defender Morgan is not in the team yet alone the squad

  • Lord Wario
    Lord Wario 8 months ago +1

    Nah England your coming back early 😂 I’m from south Staffordshire.

  • 123slither
    123slither 8 months ago

    Rashford playing free of Mourinho sending a clear message

  • Basil del Trio Peligro.
    Basil del Trio Peligro. 8 months ago +1

    Keylor Navas vs England

  • Khalil Prod
    Khalil Prod 8 months ago

    Who is here because of rashford

  • Matheus Okumura
    Matheus Okumura 8 months ago

    Brazil or england??

  • Marin Zun
    Marin Zun 8 months ago

    And the same thing will happen like always

  • Kaanack 63
    Kaanack 63 8 months ago

    Alli , kane , sterling best ...

  • wee malle
    wee malle 8 months ago

    Jones managed a header !! Never seen before .

  • Kotpur Kothra
    Kotpur Kothra 8 months ago

    England squad is always strong every year but they can't win anything or they can't even go throught semi final

    • gregor santospif
      gregor santospif 8 months ago

      not southgate

    • Kotpur Kothra
      Kotpur Kothra 8 months ago

      pbgbr ummm may be

    • pbgbr
      pbgbr 8 months ago +1

      Cos every England manager picks players by reputation and not form.

  • hassan agaba
    hassan agaba 8 months ago


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  • Andy Harvey
    Andy Harvey 8 months ago +1

    That's why we need Welbeck. Knows how to score in an England shirt.

  • Ayhan Abdinov
    Ayhan Abdinov 8 months ago

    The world cup hasn't even started 😩😩😩

  • Emmanuel C.
    Emmanuel C. 8 months ago +1

    Angleterre - Belgique sera LE MATCH du 1er tour.

  • HulkSmashUK
    HulkSmashUK 8 months ago

    Do good in the build up to any tournament and then when it comes round to it we play with fear and flop. Expect the worst hope for the best

  • weera sriwichai
    weera sriwichai 8 months ago

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  • jjznznzn shhshs
    jjznznzn shhshs 8 months ago

    England never fails to disappoint

  • james fox
    james fox 8 months ago +1

    Now get behind the lads regardless of how good or bad you think we are. 3 lions on a shirt.

    DONZAI OFFICIAL 8 months ago +1

    England better play with confidence like this in the World Cup and at least reach the Semi-final to show that we fought hard

  • Abdullah Noor
    Abdullah Noor 8 months ago

    Argentina will win inshallah England can't win

  • Yarukh Bilal
    Yarukh Bilal 8 months ago

    Rashford ❤