Everything GREAT About How To Train Your Dragon 2!

  • Published on Feb 15, 2019
  • The Hidden World opens next week and what better time to give you all a movie you've been asking for, for 3 years. It's a good one. Here's everything right with How To Train Your Dragon 2!
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Comments • 3 981

  • pny swan
    pny swan 13 hours ago

    Btw the reason why he said "it's not or never" is because he was knocked out by the red death tail and it's the same thing for Drago's bewilderbeast

  • pny swan
    pny swan 13 hours ago

    I sound like Drago when I scream wh n I *stepped* on a *Lego*

  • Carl Zerris
    Carl Zerris 23 hours ago

    'Internally weep your not hiccup'. Ill be honest there was nothing internal about it.

  • GeekChic87
    GeekChic87 Day ago

    Meatlug is actually a girl. It announced/mentioned during the Christmas/Snoggletog special.

  • hasohnir1
    hasohnir1 Day ago

    Should have been +100 wins for that viking funeral. Stoick's Ship, the name of the theme playing in that scene, is so powerful and the words spoken were emotionally jarring and hit you right in the core. This may have been an animated movie but damn this movie hit all sorts of places and is definitely one of my favourite things ever.

  • SJ Garman
    SJ Garman Day ago

    Wait..... If Hiccup is human and his mom tells him he has a soul of a dragon, wouldn't that make him..... *Dragonborn?*

  • Felipe Xeexlocao
    Felipe Xeexlocao 3 days ago

    i hate the stoic death scene, not because its bad but because its so sad that i cry

  • Stones Poi
    Stones Poi 6 days ago

    I hope you didn't get demonitized over this.

  • OmercNeb
    OmercNeb 6 days ago

    I only have one concern... meatlugg is a she...

  • Your Average Otaku
    Your Average Otaku 6 days ago

    Damn it I kinda want to watch everything this franchise has to offer again

  • Excaliburtron 5000
    Excaliburtron 5000 6 days ago

    Top 5 saddest deaths in animated films
    1. Stoick (I think that’s how you spell it)

  • rainbow dash
    rainbow dash 7 days ago

    during my last girl guide camp we the rangers were helping the guides set up their camp and a girl asked if i saw how to train your dragon 2 yet and i said no and that i did not want spoilers. that brat then told me the major character death.

  • Ethan Schoonraad
    Ethan Schoonraad 7 days ago

    Meatlug is a girl

  • thtscrb2thoDUDE 42
    thtscrb2thoDUDE 42 8 days ago

    I love that the 100th win of this video is just pointing out how a cool a rock looks

  • Stefano Puzzo
    Stefano Puzzo 8 days ago

    1:08 spiderverse exists

  • Vera-Nika Vahturova
    Vera-Nika Vahturova 8 days ago

    I watched all movies epesodes and more to come out

  • Super Saiyan Michael

    Did anyone else cry when stoek died cause I did

  • F18
    F18 9 days ago +1

    Admit it we all don’t only internally weep that we aren’t hiccup

  • Inazuma YT
    Inazuma YT 10 days ago

    Where is rise of the guardians

  • Falconwing 51
    Falconwing 51 10 days ago

    Fun fact, but I'm pretty sure the smaller dragon Hiccup is flying on when he dives after Toothless looks an awful lot like how Toothless looks in the books.

  • PlutoAnimations
    PlutoAnimations 10 days ago

    M e a t l u g i s a g i r l

  • Proseche ‘s Discord
    Proseche ‘s Discord 12 days ago +2

    If you look at race to the dragon edge series pretty much only the last season u can see that it pretty much set what this movie was gonna be about like the aplha and and the egg

  • Phoenix The dutchie
    Phoenix The dutchie 12 days ago

    I forgot how important this series was to my family and it’s bringing tears to my eyes thank you for bringing these amazing memories back to me

  • Drudugon Fox
    Drudugon Fox 13 days ago

    You think toothless is the cutest dragon in hidden world his children I mean just look at them

    • Szogedi Ferenc
      Szogedi Ferenc 11 days ago

      yup and deblois wanted to end this franchise by saying goodbye to an extremely cute character... by making 4 even cuter characters.

  • the nooby animator
    the nooby animator 14 days ago

    You forgot to add one for black sheep being a toy

    If you get it you get it

  • Jack O7
    Jack O7 14 days ago

    Real uggs a *girl* actually

  • Dimitra Z.
    Dimitra Z. 14 days ago

    2:01 yes we actually have the Hidden world which released 5 years after this movie and toothless found the light fury. What a future teller!😂

  • Necrago
    Necrago 14 days ago +1

    Still monetised!

  • Delta Mills
    Delta Mills 14 days ago

    Meatlug is a WOMAN

  • FireDrage
    FireDrage 15 days ago

    Can just talk a bit about how few win score this movie got compared to the first.

  • Zoroark The Pirate
    Zoroark The Pirate 15 days ago

    That quote (win #101) is also used in the best selling game skyrim "You have the body of a mortal and the soul of a dragon" (it is reworded)

  • SML Norsk
    SML Norsk 15 days ago

    You are wrong John snooows everything

  • TheBurningPhoenix
    TheBurningPhoenix 15 days ago

    Use small word. Big word make brain hurt

  • aria *:・゚
    aria *:・゚ 15 days ago

    I loved and hated the scene of Toothless coming under the Alpha's control, trying to kill his best friend and Stoic's sacrifice for his son.
    It was so powerful, it pushes your emotions and you realize what Hiccup would be going through, along with all of the characters we've learned to love.
    And the moment where Hiccup raises his bow, where the music shoots up in such a beautiful way as soon as he looses the arrow as a final goodbye to his dad! Amazing.

  • Uma Nerd com Auto-estima Muito Elevada

    Please, do _Everything GREAT About Rise of The Guardians!!!_

  • FireGamerM
    FireGamerM 15 days ago

    Wait wait wait.... back up and in this video go back to 9:51 is that the monsterous nightmare that fought snotlout and hookfang

  • Palm Tv
    Palm Tv 16 days ago

    is it only me or at the end when they fly Close to the tail of the alpha it looks like the scene when Hiccup lost his leg but this time he did not fail

  • the anime fan
    the anime fan 16 days ago


  • Jacob Lester
    Jacob Lester 16 days ago +6

    7:03 he makes a small mistake here. It was established in the Christmas special that meatlug is actually a girl.

  • Lew
    Lew 16 days ago

    Look at the clothes compared to the ones in the first movie it must be winter!

  • Patience Wallace
    Patience Wallace 16 days ago

    honestly, the villain in the third movie is so so much more awesome. this series tends to have pretty bad-ass villains and I love it.I hate the villains but they are bad ass

  • Mocha cookie crumble frapuchino cat


  • ido lindner
    ido lindner 17 days ago

    Mealug is a female.

  • John churay 2
    John churay 2 17 days ago

    i saw this movie in dulby and 3D it was Awsome! when the alphas fought well it was seat shaking litrialey

  • TJW595
    TJW595 17 days ago

    Dreamsworks is one of the studios whose movies ride that fine line of being able to cater to both young and adult audiences in much the same way that anime can. While anime has been in this position for a good number of years, animation in the west still tends to focus on children by a vast majority but franchises such as HTTYD, Shrek, kung Fu Panda, etc tend to bend the mold if not break it which allows for many generations to see the appeal of animation to tell stories. Pixar does this as-well with movies such as The Incredibles and Wall-e but they tend to cater nearly exclusively to kids.

  • RED Engineer
    RED Engineer 17 days ago +1

    Doesn't Gothi have a Gronckle? Why is she getting glomped by a bunch of Terrible Terrors?

  • Huuuiii
    Huuuiii 17 days ago +1

    Wish he gave at least 5 wins for Gobbers speech when the burned Stoik.

  • Chatton's Lady
    Chatton's Lady 17 days ago

    Flying action that makes you internally weep that you're not Hiccup?

    Please I cry EXTERNALLY.

  • Spider craft
    Spider craft 18 days ago

    Am i the only one thinking that "Loosing mom" is my favorite theme?

  • Ainin Sofiya
    Ainin Sofiya 18 days ago

    Is the lost world the last movie?

  • Mad_Mackeral36
    Mad_Mackeral36 18 days ago +2

    He called meatlug a boy 🥩

    Fish legs will hear of this 🐟 🦵

  • Uchiha Obito
    Uchiha Obito 18 days ago

    9:10 and also he says “not again “ or something like that and he means in the first movie where he and toothless got hit by the queens tail because tothlesses tail was burnt and they couldn’t turn .

  • Pork Baekyeol
    Pork Baekyeol 18 days ago

    A little upset you didn't bring up the fact that Drago and the Alpha were now missing an arm/tusk on the same side

  • Sukairāchan
    Sukairāchan 18 days ago

    "internally weap that your not hiccup"

  • Mukip Lover
    Mukip Lover 19 days ago

    Meatlug is a girl

  • Black Dragon
    Black Dragon 20 days ago

    7:35 why does it sound like Stoic says the fuck you say to me!

  • Jesse Allen
    Jesse Allen 20 days ago +1

    He does know that the time between these movies is 4 years

  • Magical Duckye
    Magical Duckye 21 day ago


  • Jordan Higginbottom
    Jordan Higginbottom 21 day ago

    I love how they aged stoic aswell. They could've left him the same, but the faded colour of his beard is great

  • KSI
    KSI 22 days ago

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