Best BREAKFAST in Saigon for CHEAP! Can you even call this breakfast??

  • Published on Jun 3, 2018
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    Restaurant name : Bò né Thanh Tuyền
    Foodname: Bò né (Vietnamese beefsteak)
    Price: 60.000VND
    Address: 20/6 Nguyễn Trường Tộ street, ward 12, district 4
    Operation Hours: 06:00AM - 11:00AM
    Restaurant name : Bánh canh cua gia truyền
    Foodname: crab tapicoca noodles soup
    Price: 30.000VND
    Address: 79 Vĩnh Viễn street, ward 2, district 10.
    Operation Hours: 07:00AM - 10:00PM
    Restaurant name : Hủ tiếu nam vang Phượng
    Foodname: hủ tiếu Nam Vang (Nam Vang dried noodles)
    Price: 50.000VND
    Address: 159 An Dương Vương street, ward 8, district 5
    Operation Hours: 08:00AM - 02:00PM , 03:30PM - 02:00AM
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  • 77 Yy
    77 Yy 59 minutes ago

    These Vietnamese people seem to have no anxiety, it must be the food. Kids need to eat properly. And they seem well developed in terms of facial structure.

  • Young Lucky
    Young Lucky Day ago

    whats a bagel bite? lol

  • Gage Schroeder
    Gage Schroeder Day ago

    How do you meet all these pretty ladies?!

  • yoonkook minjeon
    yoonkook minjeon 2 days ago

    In the Philippines silog variations can eat all day just like in North America all day breakfast.

  • craig dsouza
    craig dsouza 3 days ago

    3:10 Slow motion montage Dude lifting cast iron skillets with Scissors! Skill level 9000! Wow 😎

  • Lance Link
    Lance Link 5 days ago

    There is no way you can taste the food properly stuffing so much into your mouth.

  • William Knutson
    William Knutson 5 days ago

    Now you see why there’s so much air pollution in VN....

  • Hung Vo
    Hung Vo 6 days ago

    Cơm Tấm isssssss Breakfast

  • Nicholina Plange
    Nicholina Plange 6 days ago

    Beginning; same in Africa. In the sense that you don’t necessarily have to take something light for breakfast (the health freaks do that though) but some of us like our heavy meals for breakfast too 🥘🍛🍲🍝🥙🌮🍔🥞🍳❤️❤️❤️😋

  • B Raw
    B Raw 9 days ago

    V is my absolute favorite co-host. She's talented and adorable.

  • Jorge Flores
    Jorge Flores 13 days ago

    That girl V, Vee, Vi or Vy however u spell it.. is really pretty!

  • Rodney Sanchez
    Rodney Sanchez 13 days ago

    Looks like breakfast for champions to me 💪🤤🤤

  • Dipesh Bikram Kunwar
    Dipesh Bikram Kunwar 13 days ago

    hy sonny please come to visit NEPAL we are egerly waiting to welcome you .

  • Ben Tree specialist
    Ben Tree specialist 13 days ago

    Where is Pho? Everywhere I went in the morning while I was in Nam those 5 times they ate Pho for breakfast.

  • Victor Kuo
    Victor Kuo 14 days ago +1

    $1.65!!!!! I would gain 20 pounds if I visited Saigon! HAHA

  • Phaji Sunny 4 Eats
    Phaji Sunny 4 Eats 15 days ago

    Instead of cheering do 1. 2' 3

  • Trip
    Trip 15 days ago

    pronunciations on fleek tho

  • klepto dathief
    klepto dathief 16 days ago

    how much $$$ duz he pay all these hot gayshun chix to eat with him? prolly gets to smash dem after dinner

  • Tony Phan
    Tony Phan 17 days ago

    Vy is sooo cute!!!! Yeu vy Nhat 💙🙈 and Vietnamese food is 24/7 lol dosent have breakfast or lunch or dinner... u eat anything, anytime, anywhere... lol Viet life

  • Naveen Maraj
    Naveen Maraj 19 days ago

    Lov her hair 🤗🤗🤗

  • Unbe Kannt
    Unbe Kannt 22 days ago

    Damn, she pretty.

  • puerto Rock
    puerto Rock 22 days ago

    Where can I get food like that in new york

  • Nafis Shabazz
    Nafis Shabazz 23 days ago

    Does vee find black men attractive????

  • Rob Nguyen
    Rob Nguyen 23 days ago

    Still didn’t explain what a bagel bite is

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 25 days ago

    V is just so awesome and beautiful.She needs her own show.Your cool to Sonny.

  • Madhav MAddy
    Madhav MAddy 25 days ago

    Vy or Vi is the star of the show. Sorry Sonny. Because she is so cute as it is and she is super duper cute when you were saying a secret and she said "Hey I can hear you". Lots of kisses.

  • Nilsa Rivera
    Nilsa Rivera 26 days ago

    wait if it means avoid what meat was it

  • Nilsa Rivera
    Nilsa Rivera 26 days ago

    love your show if we make a grill cheese or eggs its breakfast if its in the morning or hat ever hour we eat it

  • hong viet Thai
    hong viet Thai 27 days ago

    Love you

  • hong viet Thai
    hong viet Thai 27 days ago

    In Saigon, Cơm Tấm is breakfast, lunch, dinner...any time, im from saigon. You right!

  • mari Gambino
    mari Gambino 29 days ago

    That Asian girl bad 🤯💯

  • Eddie Castro
    Eddie Castro Month ago +4

    I love v shes got a beautiful EVERYTHING...

  • Shawn san
    Shawn san Month ago

    Liked for another great vid and another beautiful woman👍👍

  • Bilal
    Bilal Month ago

    I got a boner at 01:18 🔥❤🔥

  • mr. heartbeat
    mr. heartbeat Month ago

    This woman’s energy!!!>>>>

  • Adam N
    Adam N Month ago

    Com Tam doesn't matter if it is for morning or breakfast. When i was in Vietnam last month I had it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Now back in SoCal I can eat com tam for breakfast. Yall tripping, people want to eat whatever they want.

  • RONI
    RONI Month ago

    Hi Sonny & Beautiful VI!! I seldom eat breakfast during those hours (eat it for dinner) but it's so light, I could definitely do that. Complaints ref your bites? You're a guy!!! Anywaayy, none of the breakfast was extreme not even quail egg! Aalll 3 breakfasts, looked 😋 Nnoo probs! Thnx u2 for a another happy vid.... CHEERS☺💌& ✌

  • Mike H
    Mike H Month ago

    I like his tour guide ...Shes so fun!!!....Does she do any other shows....I saw her on here on the American BBQ one also.

  • Meteorite Collector

    i like music in this clip and i like your girl friend in this ^^, thanks

  • momokoi candelario
    momokoi candelario Month ago

    She's so pretty....

  • indianinvasion Haircare

    1:18 Was that a request?😏😏

  • Bee Why
    Bee Why Month ago

    Hey Sonny I went there today because of this video and my girlfriend and myself both got explosive diarrhea from their food. Was quite dirty inside but we travelled pretty far to try it. Booooooooo! You should also make videos of where to find pepto bismol in the cities you visit 😢😢

  • Duong Vy
    Duong Vy Month ago

    Look like u reaaly love vietnamese cusine

  • Eezee Listen
    Eezee Listen Month ago

    Why do you stuff your mouth so much? It's really bad manners and disgusting to watch!

  • Trinhny Huynh
    Trinhny Huynh Month ago

    VIETNAM foods are the best....

  • Margaret Atleo
    Margaret Atleo Month ago

    Don’t let people tell you how to eat I enjoy all your videos fk negative Nancy’s xoxo from Duncan b.c,

  • Toan Ho
    Toan Ho Month ago

    I need to try some breakfasts

  • Carlo DeVito
    Carlo DeVito Month ago +1

    I was gonna complain he was taking small bites 😜😜😜 us Italians try to fit the whole bowl in at once 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

    • RONI
      RONI Month ago

      I lloovve Italians as well cuz the boisterous hearty full of life you bring 2 the table until it becomes AWKWARD for THAT someone! Si? Enjoying Italian food is always a thing remembered! The music, laughter, cigars, (maybe i'm thinking of a movie) BUENO MAGNIFICO! CIAO 💌 & ✌

  • cyler
    cyler Month ago

    Vee is pretty :) watching from the Ph.

  • Dustin Donut
    Dustin Donut Month ago +5

    I love how you use Saigon instead of Ho Chi Minh City

  • Khoa Bert
    Khoa Bert Month ago

    My fav TheXvid channel ever, keep them coming sunny 😉

  • VIVAVIVU - Chu Du Khắp Chốn

    Actually , it's a cow shaped cast iron

  • Thị Bình Nguyễn

    No cháo canh

  • Bonified Good
    Bonified Good Month ago +1

    He says people complain that he takes a big bite and then he takes a bigger bite! Lol he's living his best life!!

  • Gabriel Austin
    Gabriel Austin Month ago

    Was he wiping his mouth with a receipt?😂

  • path5001
    path5001 Month ago +1

    Vee is soo cute with her little self.

  • Sentilong Jamir
    Sentilong Jamir Month ago

    I would smash her :D

  • needmoreramsay
    needmoreramsay Month ago

    PUT THE NOODLES INTO THE BROTH !!! PLEASE.... have mercy they belong together.

  • Varun riat
    Varun riat Month ago

    love ur channel show canadian food too

  • Judie T Walpole
    Judie T Walpole Month ago

    Please say "SHRIMPS" not "SHRIMPIES". It sounds like what a 5 year old would say. Only thing that spoils yor show for me, otherwise i'm a huge fan.