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  • Published on Nov 8, 2019
  • Find out how Mats Hummels evolved in the Bundesliga!
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    Mats Hummels is a huge name in German football and one of the best defenders in the world. Like all world-class players, Hummels has had to evolve over the course of his glittering career. At FC Bayern München and Borussia Dortmund he’s played under a number of top managers and alongside teammates with different strengths. Together with Tifo Football we take a closer look at the evolution of the World Cup-winning defender. Who would you like us to analyse next? Let us know in the comments!
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  • Serxan Sadiqov
    Serxan Sadiqov Month ago


  • AbdulAziz Alradhwan

    Evolution of TifoFootball

  • Magnificent game room


  • Sam Lee
    Sam Lee Month ago +1

    1:42 ****2015

  • Michelle Webb
    Michelle Webb Month ago

    Hummels should join my favourite club man city

  • Michelle Webb
    Michelle Webb Month ago +1

    He is so goode

  • szewei85
    szewei85 Month ago +1

    Haha thks klopp for bringing in hummels

  • Deepjyoti Das
    Deepjyoti Das Month ago +4

    Hummels just scored a goal for us (Bayern) in the Der Klassiker today. He's still a Bavarian ❤😛

  • hay skerr
    hay skerr Month ago

    right one of the best defenders these years

  • Anish Shetty
    Anish Shetty Month ago +3

    Hummels video without his outside-of-the-boot pass? Disappointed

    • Anish Shetty
      Anish Shetty Month ago

      @Harris Zaindi i know they covered it. What i meant was that they didn't show a video clip of it

    • Harris Zaindi
      Harris Zaindi Month ago

      Hey they covered his outside the boot pass thing on this very video. It was discussed during Hummels evolution under Tuchel

  • Amanda Adrian
    Amanda Adrian Month ago

    More like the decline of Mats Hummels career ever since 2016

  • Frane GRANČIĆ
    Frane GRANČIĆ Month ago

    3:01 offside...

  • The Random commentor
    The Random commentor Month ago +4

    Great player but he is a bit of a 🐍

    • No Loyalty, No Respect
      No Loyalty, No Respect Month ago +2

      Yeah low key. People know but wont bring it up but they know. And will say something if they needed to.

  • Jon Eckrich
    Jon Eckrich Month ago +1

    He's been amazing with Dortmund this season. Great addition for them.

  • Rania 2007
    Rania 2007 Month ago

    I hate him he left Bayern

  • Snoop Tiger
    Snoop Tiger Month ago +1


  • BlockedData09
    BlockedData09 Month ago

    Hummels is like 6'3

  • Avigyan Samanta
    Avigyan Samanta Month ago

    Tuchel succeeded Klopp in 2015 and not 2014.
    Right, Bundesliga?

  • Devesh Mittal
    Devesh Mittal Month ago +3

    Hummels is a best player

  • Aisling and Jamie
    Aisling and Jamie Month ago

    Hummel Dortmund-Bayern-Dortmund let me guess Bayern

  • ろあった
    ろあった Month ago


  • Football HD By ST10
    Football HD By ST10 Month ago +44

    He's always been underappreciated and somewhat underrated too. At Dortmund he was arguably the best CB in the world and still on 30+ one of the best. Most technically gifted defender in the world as well imo. His dribbles and passes are better than most so called midfielders. People rave about Ramos, Silva, VVD, etc but this guy hasn't been given enough credit 😔

    • Harris Zaindi
      Harris Zaindi Month ago +1

      @Ollie grigg VVD can't pass as well Hummels or dribble like him. The only thing VVD has advantage over Hummels is his pace. When VVD will lose that than it will be troublesome for him to adapt

    • Who’s Joe?
      Who’s Joe? Month ago +1

      Ollie grigg True But Hummels is a good timed tackler in his Dortmund days

    • Airlangga Arbi
      Airlangga Arbi Month ago +4

      @Ollie grigg VVD Can't dribble.

    • Ollie grigg
      Ollie grigg Month ago

      Football HD By ST10 cause vvd is twice his level

  • weilim10
    weilim10 Month ago +1

    Tuchel took over in 2015, not 2014.

  • Teratik Koanan
    Teratik Koanan Month ago +4

    He will be​ the​ top​ coach in future.

  • Steven Wertyuiooo
    Steven Wertyuiooo Month ago +49

    Breaking News!!!
    Year 2044 Hummels has signed for Bayern after his 10th time at Dortmund!!!

    • Dominik Ławniczak
      Dominik Ławniczak Month ago +2

      Bro, this will happen in 2030 :D

      Love from Poland (Szczecin city)! :D

  • Jolly
    Jolly Month ago +21

    Delaney: "I'm a youtube end card"

  • leftenantthunder
    leftenantthunder Month ago +1


  • ayske1
    ayske1 Month ago +22

    I remember him being a reserve when using Bayern in pes6 😂😂

  • Doni Darmawan
    Doni Darmawan Month ago

    can you add eng sub like tifo does?

  • Anthony Heller
    Anthony Heller Month ago +33

    Next: Evolution of Adminho

  • Kaidzz
    Kaidzz Month ago +2

    Do Thomas muller

  • Niin sootanasti
    Niin sootanasti Month ago +3

    Evolution of Mats hummels:

    • K4 Josiah
      K4 Josiah Month ago

      Your mother, yes YOUR mother. Is a snake

  • Jack McIlhargey
    Jack McIlhargey Month ago +2

    Where does the voice over come from? 😂

    • Blender Boy
      Blender Boy Month ago +15

      This comment was originally on the athletic

  • Im Walnuts
    Im Walnuts Month ago


  • Jose Carrillo
    Jose Carrillo Month ago

    15th comment

  • Dominik Ławniczak
    Dominik Ławniczak Month ago +42

    Wow, I didn't know Hummels was born as a monkey

    Love from Poland (Szczecin city)! :D

    • Dominik Ławniczak
      Dominik Ławniczak Month ago +1

      @Simon Høst Humans forever will be apes, just better versions :D
      Even when in about 1 million years the evolution will have been went that far we won't have any hair on the body :D

      Love from Poland (Szczecin city)! :D

    • Simon Høst
      Simon Høst Month ago +2

      @Hamza Elhattab Humans are abes just evoled versions

      Your Welcome

    • Hamza Elhattab
      Hamza Elhattab Month ago +3

      @Simon Høst firstly its ape. Also you've got it all wrong.
      There is a belief that the first humans were apes and the next humans slowly evolved into humans now. You were born as a human.
      Your welcome

    • Simon Høst
      Simon Høst Month ago +2

      Well you were born an abe, and so was Hummels, and so was every human on earth, humans are an evoled specie of abe or monkeys whatever you wanna call them

  • Ulvi Huseynzade
    Ulvi Huseynzade Month ago +14

    His header against France in 2014

  • Alven Arslanoglu
    Alven Arslanoglu Month ago +1

    I love you

  • Carson Travieso
    Carson Travieso Month ago +4

    He is quite underrated

    • Carson Travieso
      Carson Travieso Month ago +2

      Kenny Cheng I agree he is one of the best but it is always like Ramos, Pique, Thiago Silva, David Luiz in his prime, and Van Dijk and Van Dink’s is deserved but Hummels deserves more credit

    • Kenny Cheng
      Kenny Cheng Month ago +2

      he is not underrated, he is one of the best CBs in the world

  • Jay Patel
    Jay Patel Month ago +5

    I love this channel to much!!

  • felix Wright
    felix Wright Month ago +1


  • nov 8
    nov 8 Month ago +3

    Hello guys
    Its mah birth day
    Havin a good time here
    Lets see if the vids good

  • felix Wright
    felix Wright Month ago +1


  • Olly4507
    Olly4507 Month ago +2

    Hey admin I’m 3rd

  • s cro
    s cro Month ago +3


    • s cro
      s cro Month ago +1

      @nov 8 😂😂😂😂

    • nov 8
      nov 8 Month ago +1

      s cro you are second

  • GP 7105
    GP 7105 Month ago +4

    Hey I’m early!! This never happens

    • GP 7105
      GP 7105 Month ago +1

      nov 8 lol I was on my subscription feed and reloaded the page literally the same time the video was released

    • nov 8
      nov 8 Month ago +1

      GP 7105 you were first man you must of broke your mouse clicking so fast woow