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  • Michael Pereira
    Michael Pereira 10 minutes ago

    Beast.. incite that riot!!! Come here looking like Conner mcgregor leave here looking like uncle fester.. rolling like the prices on the coupe dropped..

  • Martins Kursiss
    Martins Kursiss 3 hours ago

    Royce is one of the nicest ever Who touched the mic .Legend.🔥💯

  • justin scrivnor
    justin scrivnor 3 hours ago

    "I was sleep.. Actually, I was sleep. Flex calls me and says...."

    GOD BUILD 4 hours ago

    Speechless! It’s Flex fault!

  • Derek Wood
    Derek Wood 6 hours ago

    These are all lyrics from the new album, so not really a freestyle. Still killed it tho

  • NJD
    NJD 7 hours ago

    Royce came on Flex spitting some of the bars he used on the PRhyme 2 album (W.O.W. and Streets At Night). I don't care what anyone says, I'm NOT impressed. Royce is faaaaaarrrrr better than that.

  • Big Mike
    Big Mike 8 hours ago

    What did I jus witness??!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Royce and Black Thought set tha bar way up in tha stratosphere!

  • David Rogers
    David Rogers 8 hours ago

    Royce thinks he's black thought. don't get it twisted, sons dope

  • Eddie Hyde
    Eddie Hyde 10 hours ago

    It's Nickel. Nuff said. RIP those beats.

  • Keith Thomas Jr.
    Keith Thomas Jr. 13 hours ago

    🔥🔥 WHEEEWWW! #BARS....she turned me into a family guy quicker than Peter Griffin!

  • Big Man
    Big Man 13 hours ago +1

    My BMW eye green like Deray Davis .. omfg .. da boi nutzz .. 🔥

  • Big Rob
    Big Rob 14 hours ago

    LMFAO .. hard

    MEGA HOUSE FISHING 14 hours ago


  • Ty_ teynium
    Ty_ teynium 16 hours ago

    “Rappers then debut they whole album on Ellen”. 👌🏽

  • Povilas Račkauskas
    Povilas Račkauskas 16 hours ago

    Down here
    He's the goat

  • sharif karim
    sharif karim 17 hours ago +1

    1st degree lyrical murder

  • Kevin Matheka
    Kevin Matheka 18 hours ago

    "All I'm trying to do is stay black and GET OUT like Jordan Peele"

  • Tyrone Green
    Tyrone Green 18 hours ago

    2677467033-LiveTy gotta flow u mite wanna bless ya studio wit....

  • Tink SoulTechz Thomas
    Tink SoulTechz Thomas 18 hours ago

    Funk is Wildin'...LMAO!

  • Steven Cook
    Steven Cook 22 hours ago +1

    Too many bars. "My BMW "I" (eye) green like De Ray Davis" make me laugh. Royce = bars for day.

    NZDERO1 Day ago +1


  • Boogii Boog
    Boogii Boog Day ago +1

    the biggest true detroit legend!! BAR EXAM 2 greatest tape by ROYCE

  • Hollis Vaughn
    Hollis Vaughn Day ago +1

    DETROIT STAND UP!!!!!!!!$!!$$$$$$$

  • robin devily
    robin devily Day ago +2

    wish he would have at least used versus he didnt use on prhyme 2 but as far as the bars go top notch to say the less

  • I Am Wisdom
    I Am Wisdom Day ago +1

    Had to start this over . #HeTheGOAT

  • Chris Grissom
    Chris Grissom Day ago +2


  • MixedByScience
    MixedByScience Day ago +1

    Always had it! Never lost it! Show Off! LOL Salute!

  • Inventitious
    Inventitious Day ago +2

    He talking about Charlemagne with that rocnation hate wearing! LOL

  • Gabe
    Gabe Day ago

    When he talks about quitting his addiction, I LOST IT. Royce always got me grinning hard asf cause he's just so fawkin raw

    JOEL CRUZ Day ago

    Yo as a battle rap fan, i can say he spit some very heavy bars right here. "most rapper cant bench press my notebook." He's saying his written bars are heavy (heavy as in top notch bars that're written in his notebook) and rappers could bench press, and since when a bench press has too much weight for you you cant lift the bar. Damn man salute

  • Angel Carrasco
    Angel Carrasco Day ago

    This is written, but an incredible rap.... Off of prhyme 2 btw

  • nelson sanabria
    nelson sanabria Day ago

    My new favorite freestyle on flex 💪🏾

  • Trish James
    Trish James Day ago


  • Mikey Esco
    Mikey Esco Day ago


  • Mikey Esco
    Mikey Esco Day ago


  • norat89
    norat89 Day ago

    The man started the beat saying "I ride with K-Solo, um spellbound" smh...jesus

  • Russell Mills
    Russell Mills Day ago

    I like Royce he is so lyrical and I feel he is underrated but he can burn every rapper in the game I love this and on a side note I have a TheXvid channel type in Russell mills may 22, 2017 and watch and leave a like or a comment or subscribe

  • Rocky Hogan
    Rocky Hogan 2 days ago

    The most impressive freestyle session I've ever heard.. And I'm an old School hip hop head. Royce just made the list!

  • Sherman Robinson
    Sherman Robinson 2 days ago

    Sound like Royce comin for Black thought spot. Hip hop bars baby

  • Average Joe Fear Itself

    Im sorry but Black Thought raised the bar. Tariq got legends sounding average.

  • Mr. D aka SR
    Mr. D aka SR 2 days ago


  • Nick Hammer
    Nick Hammer 2 days ago

    I'll put your whole family in boxes like the brady bunch

    TK OFFICIAL MC 2 days ago

    God damn it @Royce59 you just killed the whole game with this one!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • tdelise
    tdelise 2 days ago


  • snkendagras
    snkendagras 2 days ago

    Where that jacket from tho?

  • Nate The Youngin
    Nate The Youngin 2 days ago

    Killing it 💯

  • Mr .Wallace
    Mr .Wallace 2 days ago +1

    Royce is a Legendary Lyricist. Salute for the battlerap GrindTime shoutout. some of it is recycled bars from the record but you still gotta respect it. 🔥🔥

  • Curtis Dickson
    Curtis Dickson 2 days ago +1

    Flow is straight ridiculous. Yachty and mumble rappers are garbage.

  • TeamBox Cutta
    TeamBox Cutta 2 days ago

    i knew i picked this dude to blow again for a reason!!

  • Levi Jubar
    Levi Jubar 2 days ago

    Waiting for PRhyme2 like what's next/ fucked around and heard all the bars on Funk Flex...

  • Jordan Smith
    Jordan Smith 2 days ago

    We can battle like them grindtime kids!!!!

  • Stelly Chisolm
    Stelly Chisolm 2 days ago

    What y'all youngins know about the Good Times episode where JJ was forced to join a gang and got shot by Mad Dogg ?!?!

  • f Jake and the court and the crooked politician

    I been down with Royce. He flipped his style on this I hear the Joe Budden battle rap style?

  • Sachin Gasper
    Sachin Gasper 2 days ago

    This and the Freestyle from Blackthought on repeat is HIPHOP LEGACY. TIMELESSS!!!

  • Sean Vogt
    Sean Vogt 2 days ago

    "...I was chillin'." *Drinks water*

  • g jackson
    g jackson 2 days ago

    When he started out bars with a p he about to snap

  • g jackson
    g jackson 2 days ago

    He likes p methaphors I figured out is flow

  • g jackson
    g jackson 2 days ago

    Joel can be last

  • g jackson
    g jackson 2 days ago

    Joe budden next then crooked

  • willonte campbell
    willonte campbell 2 days ago

    So where these thumbs down come from?

  • ekeh esom
    ekeh esom 2 days ago


  • Bobby Bland
    Bobby Bland 2 days ago

    He nice but Blackthought....Blackthought took my breaths away and that doesn't happen anymore.

  • Brandon Rogan
    Brandon Rogan 2 days ago


  • Jason Davidson
    Jason Davidson 2 days ago

    Mumble rappers take notes, this is FLAMESSS

  • soldieroftafari
    soldieroftafari 2 days ago


  • Håkan Brandt
    Håkan Brandt 2 days ago

    Need to bring Kuniva from D12! Guy is a lyrical beast

    ILL BEASTVEVO 2 days ago


  • IamMr IDIA
    IamMr IDIA 2 days ago

    "Baaaaaa"- 5'9

  • GpS-1
    GpS-1 2 days ago

    seeing similarities between him and kendrick

  • DC Youngin'
    DC Youngin' 2 days ago

    I'on't'kno if it's da 'air. Or ?!. but Primo Must've had HIS finger On dis 1 date 4 dis 1 Guy. 4 dat 1 kutt!!!! ......'18.

  • Daevon Bryant
    Daevon Bryant 3 days ago


  • Chicken Tender
    Chicken Tender 3 days ago +1

    Hair dyed and all fried up like young jock and Jaheim 😂😂🔥

  • Dimarko02
    Dimarko02 3 days ago

    What beat is this I know it but got think of the name

  • Santos Viera
    Santos Viera 3 days ago


  • nbnjtv
    nbnjtv 3 days ago

    the goat

  • Alexander Garvin
    Alexander Garvin 3 days ago

    "We even passin out tvs like wendy williams"...STAUP!!!!

  • Jason Coleman
    Jason Coleman 3 days ago

    who got the heart to do 10 minutes straight off the dome

  • Justin G.
    Justin G. 3 days ago +1

    I'm convinced Flex doesn't age, whatsoever. Nickel, good Lord

  • JayVon Davis
    JayVon Davis 3 days ago

    "Im happy at platinum but was happier when I was over 500,000 gold"

  • Luther Young
    Luther Young 3 days ago

    I'm so grateful to know that Hip-Hop is still alive and well even in the day of rappers wearing dresses and purses!

  • Luther Young
    Luther Young 3 days ago

    Royce has always been an issue! Straight beast!!!!

  • sajonwestside gotti
    sajonwestside gotti 3 days ago

    Woulda been good if they changed the beat couple times

  • Ed Word
    Ed Word 3 days ago

    dope freestyle!....but, where can I get the Mexican flag inspired stage magician jacket?

  • P K
    P K 3 days ago

    Chico bean went in

  • Just Water
    Just Water 3 days ago +1

    "Talk is cheap, the more I hear you to talk it cheapens"
    Enough fire in this one to start that cali-fire again!

  • Ensomany
    Ensomany 3 days ago

    1.25x thank me later 😇❤️

  • Brandon Mayer
    Brandon Mayer 3 days ago

    Now tell Joell to get his ass up there!

  • O Dubb
    O Dubb 4 days ago +1

    I’m glad I watched this right after the lil yachty one... my faith has been restored..

  • Vancral Charles
    Vancral Charles 4 days ago

    Spit well DOPE

  • Cochise Sapp
    Cochise Sapp 4 days ago

    Flex let 69 up there he deserves a shot he’s a trending topic

  • Le Easy Code
    Le Easy Code 4 days ago

    we want King Los Up there Flex

  • Gauge Bur
    Gauge Bur 4 days ago

    Biggie, amd pac trapped in big L' s body! Too good.

  • Carlton Rand
    Carlton Rand 4 days ago

    and it was effortless for him

  • Ralphy LaurenzNYC
    Ralphy LaurenzNYC 4 days ago


  • T R O Y
    T R O Y 4 days ago +1

    I already knew Royce was gonna come wit that 🔥

  • spokenwordz
    spokenwordz 4 days ago +1

    oooooooooooooo MY GOD

  • Lef-T
    Lef-T 4 days ago

    This is one of the best funk flex freestyles I’ve ever heard. Ever.

  • Mike Player
    Mike Player 4 days ago

    Dude next to Royce looks like the rap games Tyrone biggums

  • gabe crump
    gabe crump 4 days ago