JJBA Golden Wind - Body Swap's Aftermath (2) [HD]

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
  • Meet Jean Turtle Polnareff!
    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind, Episode 34 "The Requiem Plays Quietly", Requiem makes a soul swap
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Comments • 33

  • Supreme Keem
    Supreme Keem 8 days ago

    Giorno and Narancia are actually acting their age now.

  • Keithonobeato
    Keithonobeato Month ago

    Very coot turtle

  • Gavan Tan
    Gavan Tan Month ago +1

    Turtleneff is cute.

  • Lady Son goku
    Lady Son goku 2 months ago +3

    2:14 pio pio pio

  • ItzAdamPlayz
    ItzAdamPlayz 2 months ago +7

    Imagine that
    If abbacchio is alive and fugo still not leavng the gang.

  • endertwelve
    endertwelve 3 months ago +13

    I guess Polnareff understands tortoise vocal cords since everyone else seems to be struggling when they swapped minds with their pets.

    • Nekomancer
      Nekomancer 3 days ago

      Hes probably talking with his stand

    • Just One Guy
      Just One Guy 21 day ago +3

      This is what it means to have Resolve

  • ruben alejo
    ruben alejo 3 months ago +2

    Anyone know the OST from 1:06 ?

    • flex boi
      flex boi 3 months ago +1

      its carefree anger but its only at the end of the ost

  • Equinox
    Equinox 5 months ago +4

    This was all nice and all but uhhhh turtles don't have vocal cords.

  • MyGonLily
    MyGonLily 5 months ago +4

    Waaaahhh waaaaahhhh

  • Jhansen Winata
    Jhansen Winata 5 months ago +46

    0:59 here's a blessed/cursed image of giorno looking happy/smiling like a kid.

  • Cyrus Connell
    Cyrus Connell 5 months ago +27

    3:28 If no one realized this, what Turtlenareff said could be a pun in Japanese
    "Akuma de mo, teki wa Diavolo da"
    Both Akuma & Diavolo mean Devil

  • Cyrus Connell
    Cyrus Connell 5 months ago +73

    0:57 Narancia smiling in Giorno's body

  • Mauricio Rafael
    Mauricio Rafael 5 months ago +132

    Giorno on Narancia's body = Midoriya

    • Doom Changer
      Doom Changer 5 months ago +27

      From having the voice of Deku with Bakugou's personality to acting exactly like Deku because of Giorno's personality. Very poetic.

  • S S
    S S 5 months ago +65

    0:34 woah Giorno is doing the Koichi pose in the background

  • Damuse8191
    Damuse8191 5 months ago +39

    Mista as Trish makes her so much more badass.

  • Anggasta Pratama
    Anggasta Pratama 5 months ago +7

    Green chariot

  • Trem
    Trem 5 months ago +34

    Friendly reminder that turtles are underwater creatures and can't go on land so this is a tortoisenareff

    • get yeeted
      get yeeted 5 months ago +3

      okay jotaro

    • Murras
      Murras 5 months ago +4

      @Anggasta Pratama to lay eggs only. Are calling my French boy a girl?! Lol

    • Anggasta Pratama
      Anggasta Pratama 5 months ago +4

      Turtle can go to land you dumbass

  • Xx crystal Xx
    Xx crystal Xx 5 months ago +128


    • Notheter
      Notheter 5 months ago +18


  • stagnant coast1
    stagnant coast1 5 months ago +43

    Polnareff: this isn't even my final form!!!

  • MudaMuda Giovanna
    MudaMuda Giovanna 5 months ago +15

    The turtlenareff we were all waiting for

  • MyBrainIsGoneToo
    MyBrainIsGoneToo 5 months ago +17

    Bruh moment

  • ProtoL 626
    ProtoL 626 5 months ago +72

    Turtlenareff time

  • O Caio
    O Caio 5 months ago +1