Paul Kalkbrenner - Parts of Life [Full Album Mix]

  • Published on May 18, 2018
  • Full album mix of the Parts of Life album by Paul Kalkbrenner.
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    Paul Kalkbrenner - Parts of Life
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    00:00 - Part Eleven
    03:10 - Part Three
    05:26 - Part Fourteen
    09:48 - Part Seven
    12:30 - Part Four
    15:19 - Part Twelve
    19:22 - Part Two
    22:22 - Part Ten
    25:38 - Part Five
    28:51 - Part Fifteen
    32:49 - Part One
    35:31 - Part Nine
    37:37 - Part Thirteen
    42:00 - Part Six
    45:38 - Part Eight
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Comments • 164

  • StormwavZ
    StormwavZ  Year ago +3

    Support links for Paul Kalkbrenner in the description!
    Join my discord server:

  • Sidharth Sreekumar
    Sidharth Sreekumar Month ago

    1. Part Three
    2. Part Four
    3. Part Eight
    4. Part Fourteen
    5. Part Ten

    MIGEL GLORIA Month ago +1

    Playlist please!!brutal tracks❤🔝🔊nr.5❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👌🏼

    • StormwavZ
      StormwavZ  Month ago +1

      Tracklist is in the description!

  • Miss Anthrop
    Miss Anthrop Month ago

    we need no more"...sounds like germans : "mietnomaaden"

  • JAY EM
    JAY EM 3 months ago

    is it my speakers, headphones, laptop speakers.... or is the sound quality baaaad?

    • JAY EM
      JAY EM 3 months ago

      @StormwavZ Tried HD, didnt make it better... Probably my wifi connction then... ;) Thanks! Have a good one!

    • StormwavZ
      StormwavZ  3 months ago

      Might be a TheXvid thing, sound should be fine. I'm pretty sure the quality of the audio is affected by the video quality settings you have set too, so make sure you're watching it in 720p or higher

  • Martin aus GE
    Martin aus GE 4 months ago

    Part two 👍👏👏👏👏

  • Aleksandra Buchowiecka
    Aleksandra Buchowiecka 4 months ago


  • Tonio da
    Tonio da 6 months ago

    good job Pk continue to make us dream with your Music.Support from France

  • DegenWoW
    DegenWoW 6 months ago


  • Marcin Pierzynski
    Marcin Pierzynski 8 months ago

    2.02.2019 w Poznaniu grał PK.To była najlepsza impreza i dla mnie najlepszy do świata!2,5godz.set a i tak było mi wciąż mało.!Niezapomniane chwile!Ktoś pytał czy jest tu Polska?Oczywiście że jest tu POLSKA z PK!!!

  • Katalin Szalagyi
    Katalin Szalagyi 9 months ago


  • Leipzigs magdeburger
    Leipzigs magdeburger 10 months ago

    Part 5 ist fett!

  • ug.u.r
    ug.u.r 10 months ago

    fukking nice

  • Kuba Maly
    Kuba Maly 10 months ago

    as alweys Paul make amazing job

  • Dawid Stogiński
    Dawid Stogiński 10 months ago +2

    21 min. odjazd

  • saroon1
    saroon1 11 months ago

    Part 5 and 6 the best

  • Katrin Neubauer
    Katrin Neubauer 11 months ago

    wieder toll!!!Eben Kalki....

  • skleny2010
    skleny2010 11 months ago

    Part One is the BEST!!!

  • Uwe Schiemenz
    Uwe Schiemenz 11 months ago

    Klasse Paul

  • Rafal Molski
    Rafal Molski Year ago +1

    Jak zwykle jedyny w swoim rodzaju ....

  • charles faure
    charles faure Year ago

    Mais putin quel génie ce mec...

  • Brayan Escalona
    Brayan Escalona Year ago

    🙋‍♂️ Bien....

  • Melissa Orellana
    Melissa Orellana Year ago


  • Ringo
    Ringo Year ago

    Vilnius WELCOMEN !!!

  • Ani Tunessi
    Ani Tunessi Year ago

    Arte puro

  • Auke Gout
    Auke Gout Year ago

    Paul kalkbrenner rules!!!!!

  • Reynald Guestin
    Reynald Guestin Year ago +2

    trOp GOOd !!!!

  • Thigkry
    Thigkry Year ago +1

    ridiculous number of ads...

    • StormwavZ
      StormwavZ  Year ago

      Yeah sorry about that, I don't put ads on my videos. The label put them there so they can make some money. I kinda wish there weren't this many ads, it breaks up my mix haha

  • Attila Hanák
    Attila Hanák Year ago


  • Barese7
    Barese7 Year ago +2

    Part One , Part Four and Part Six

  • Ákos Szalánczy
    Ákos Szalánczy Year ago

    Paul, du bist ein Genius

  • Meemo Maya
    Meemo Maya Year ago


  • Ethereal
    Ethereal Year ago +1

    Whats the point about those parts being shuffled?

    • StormwavZ
      StormwavZ  Year ago +1

      I'm not exactly sure why Paul decided to have them in that order, but the numbers had something to do with the file data. I mixed the album in the order that he chose to have them in

  • Petar Čajić
    Petar Čajić Year ago +3

    part eight is his best work in my opinion

  • Max Decker
    Max Decker Year ago

    this track is the reason people install adblock extension

    • StormwavZ
      StormwavZ  Year ago

      I'm sorry about the ads, but they're out of my control. I don't monetize my videos; the ads were put on this video automatically by TheXvid to support Paul.

  • Luca Heer
    Luca Heer Year ago

    so much ad :(

    • StormwavZ
      StormwavZ  Year ago

      Yeah I'm sorry man, I'm not the one who put them there, but at least they help Paul make some extra money

    WEMBLEYNE Year ago +3

    this album is kinda garbage compared with his previos ones.

  • Schwesta
    Schwesta Year ago

    Gut das er nicht Bademeister geworden ist.. Sauber!

  • Ludwig Keilholz
    Ludwig Keilholz Year ago

    next time less advertisment.. ruined it

    • StormwavZ
      StormwavZ  Year ago

      I can't control that man, the labels put the ads on my mixes so they can make money

  • zwoelfdreissig
    zwoelfdreissig Year ago

    So liebe leute dieses album bringt mich dazu ernsthaft ein kommentar zu hinterlassen - meiner Meinung nach sein Meisterwerk hut ab

  • Rácz Márta
    Rácz Márta Year ago


  • ug.u.r
    ug.u.r Year ago +3

    Part three und Part two sind GENKIDAMA, amk.

  • mcsblack1
    mcsblack1 Year ago


  • Kristikee
    Kristikee Year ago +1

    Valaki aki magyar?

  • jean-pierre de lisle

    Magnifique merci pk

  • sailor moon
    sailor moon Year ago

    yesssss!!!! So exited for this 🎧

  • Michael Erbes
    Michael Erbes Year ago

    MEISTER !!!!!!

  • Andrej Malnar
    Andrej Malnar Year ago +3


  • warmi _200
    warmi _200 Year ago

    ich freu mich auf SMS!!!

  • NSDS
    NSDS Year ago


  • osconsulting
    osconsulting Year ago

    PK makes me to remember the source/birth of real techno! Good old days! Pure hard progressive....PK is a high quality german product😀 Still on the top! #walkurewerk

  • Roberto Amores
    Roberto Amores Year ago +1

    Best álbum ever..

  • LS39
    LS39 Year ago

    Jak zwykle piękna muzyka, przy której nie mogę usiedzieć, brawo Paul.

  • Timbo
    Timbo Year ago


  • ug.u.r
    ug.u.r Year ago +4

    Cok güzel wie immer.

    • Nicolas
      Nicolas Year ago

      Kalkbrenner izz daa

  • Delphine DELMAS
    Delphine DELMAS Year ago +1

    Je suis amoureuse

  • Luna Bluna
    Luna Bluna Year ago

    Der beste 💖😎😍

  • Energetic Angel
    Energetic Angel Year ago +1

    Great Mix 👌👌👌🎧🎶

    • Crj Dj
      Crj Dj Year ago +1

      what?? great mix...ahahah

  • Joshua Jindrich
    Joshua Jindrich Year ago +2


  • HomerJ Simpson
    HomerJ Simpson Year ago

    Geh ich gleich kaufen!!! Drückt schön, sehr gut!