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  • Published on Oct 11, 2019
  • Special Needs Teachers are the best and the brightest in my opinion!
    The Official Channel for the biggest face in British comedy (literally the biggest face - it's like the moon.)
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  • Angus Young
    Angus Young 23 hours ago

    See you in Liverpool 2020. Been booked for 6 months already.
    Shout out to the BIRKENHEADERS from across the mersey
    Cant fkin wait

  • Hot cock
    Hot cock 19 days ago +1

    Do special ed teachers really not mark homework?

  • Stefka Eric
    Stefka Eric 23 days ago +1

    Jimmy - Ha Ha Haaa!
    audience - HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • granny sweet
    granny sweet Month ago


  • Charming nowhere to hide

    My teacher just gives me detentions for breathing incorrectly

  • Cassie
    Cassie Month ago +1

    Why was he so rude to the irish teacher damn

    • Othman Chaouki
      Othman Chaouki Month ago +1

      He's Irish himself, that's Jimmy, his fans know what he's capable of, that's why they go see his shows

  • GamingDude2000
    GamingDude2000 Month ago

    Teachers are scum.

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom Month ago +4

    0:22 I never get that joke at first. I just watched a second time and still didn't get it.

    • trauko1388
      trauko1388 13 days ago

      He had to put his hand up... her vagina.

    • Mohamed Sabih
      Mohamed Sabih Month ago +7

      His saying he had to fist her first

    • FinskaRS
      FinskaRS Month ago

      If he wanted sex from her, he had to raise hand first

    • Eerie Raven
      Eerie Raven Month ago +1

      He's basically saying that he was still her student and if he wanted anything from her he had to raise his hand

  • Nanda Kaminski
    Nanda Kaminski Month ago +4

    Ginger and Community.

  • Big Ben
    Big Ben Month ago

    Danielle is going to get sacked after this. Lol.

  • Lenny
    Lenny Month ago

    I hear your a bit of an asshole in real life?

  • R. G
    R. G Month ago +1

    Why was he so rude to the irish teacher damn

    • Weirdunclebob V
      Weirdunclebob V Month ago

      @Derek Martin He's English but both of his parents were Irish.

    • John stone
      John stone Month ago

      She took it well, northern Irish love this type of banter.

    • EpicGurth
      EpicGurth Month ago

      Cos Nord iron people talk retarded

    • Derek Martin
      Derek Martin Month ago

      I think you'll find he's from Ireland

    • youcometome9
      youcometome9 Month ago

      As long as others find it funny. Besides it is well arranged.

  • Dave Jackson
    Dave Jackson Month ago +5

    He's on fine form here

    • Ptao Tom
      Ptao Tom Month ago

      I swear to god, he has a lot of awesome jokes, why repost the same 10 minutes cut in different places over and over again?

  • mark jeffels
    mark jeffels Month ago +4

    That Special Ed teacher is gorgeous!!

  • Chuck
    Chuck Month ago +11

    I never gave homework. Students had to come ask for it. I told them that they know if they understand the material and if they dont they would NOT pass the tests. Their choice.

    • CelPlusPlus
      CelPlusPlus Month ago +3

      Their choice. You are welcome.

  • Code Name Noob
    Code Name Noob Month ago +3

    Spot on Belfast impression there

  • Waqas Ahmed
    Waqas Ahmed Month ago +1

    Hahahaha this was great!

  • Poogy Bear
    Poogy Bear Month ago

    I thought I'd come to the comments and read about how people are making fun of his laugh and to stop doing that. Like people telling other people to stop talking about Mike Tysons lisp, when it's a video about Mike Tyson.

  • nick sausley
    nick sausley Month ago +44

    I have a special needs kid and he's absolutely right. Only had homework 2 times in 3 years. Fuckers.

    • aoeu256
      aoeu256 Month ago +2

      Wow, many too many incentives for some children to be special...

  • franko barressi
    franko barressi Month ago


  • New Message
    New Message Month ago +3

    Around here the short bus kids only do half a day, so... if you're gonna teach, the Drool Patrol is definitely the way to go.

  • J Nuy
    J Nuy Month ago +1

    XD 不

    ITS ISACC BRO Month ago +7

    I think I'm disabled, I'm gonna need her as my teacher

  • xilo301
    xilo301 Month ago +158

    Jimmy is an expert making enemies of all professions nations and religions.

    • Reflexlwd
      Reflexlwd Month ago

      @Making Games same mate.. im begging the guy to come here.

    • Lukas
      Lukas Month ago

      I'd send him to negotiate with ISIS

    • Making Games
      Making Games Month ago

      I wouldn織t have time to mind if he grilled me, I would be laughing to hard.
      But apparantyl he doesn織t travel well these days.
      I told him to come to the Netherlands a few months ago and he still hasn織t..

    • Steve Thea
      Steve Thea Month ago +2

      He damn grilled the last lady

  • Wibster
    Wibster Month ago +3


  • Jewels Gulley
    Jewels Gulley Month ago +1

    cualquier mexicano mirando?

    • xilo301
      xilo301 Month ago

      No hay ninguno, carnal.

  • Vladislav Kulikov
    Vladislav Kulikov Month ago +5

    I swear to god, he has a lot of awesome jokes, why repost the same 10 minutes cut in different places over and over again?

    • Tracey A
      Tracey A Month ago

      @Careful Icarus Confused by this statement (doesn't travel a lot around the world)....in his Twitter feed he said, at around the end of his Gold tour (June), that he's done 478 shows in 31 countries on 5 continents. The Terribly Funny tour (which runs to 2020) is UK/Ireland only - but I suspect he's likely to go international again after that.

    • Careful Icarus
      Careful Icarus Month ago

      @Making Games I'm french. I saw him in Brussels. He plays in a lot of European cities. But it's true, he doesn't travel a lot around the world with his tour. Probably because no enough foreigners know about him.

    • Making Games
      Making Games Month ago

      @Careful Icarus Yeah, the flight to the UK and the hotel makes it a bit expensive to come see him and also quite hard to plan for..

    • xilo301
      xilo301 Month ago

      @Careful Icarus yes. TheXvid is a great promotion and free for the artist. I know about him because he was at a roast in USA.

    • Careful Icarus
      Careful Icarus Month ago +1

      @Vladislav Kulikov There are a lot of youtube videos about him. This is how I learned about him.

  • Not Comedian
    Not Comedian Month ago +16

    My neighbours have recently made a sex tape

    of course they don't know that yet

    If anyone is interested in how to start doing stand up I made a video on it

  • Nick Lockrim
    Nick Lockrim Month ago

    If you look at his thumbnails; he does seem to suffer from down syndrome.
    Guessing the chromosome check is also not one he will pass.

  • Russell Anderson
    Russell Anderson Month ago

    Enjoyed your video and gave it a Thumbs Up

    ERA CASTE Month ago

    Can someone explain why the 'put my hand up first' was ruder than it first appears? I got that there was some teacher-student relationship going on, but I couldn't figure out the rude part.

    • Levi
      Levi Month ago

      Put my hand up didnt mean actually put his hand up in the air, it meant that he slung it up her vagina first.

    • Derek Martin
      Derek Martin Month ago +2

      @Faith Artrey The double entende is, to put his hand up her vagina

    • Faith Artrey
      Faith Artrey Month ago +1

      Its ruder because it ends with us thinking he was underage, who still needed to put his hand up. Then we think hes still in the classroom.

    • revengefrommars
      revengefrommars Month ago

      Where does she want his hand to go up?

    • Mikey McMikeFace
      Mikey McMikeFace Month ago +5

      First hand. Then penis. Duh.

  • Golub Volodemerovich
    Golub Volodemerovich Month ago +4

    Just noticed, Jimmy looks like Karl Pilkington with hair. And slimmer.

    • Wolfram Stahl
      Wolfram Stahl Month ago

      Karl Pilkington with hair? Hard to imagine.
      Karl Pilkington but less round? Impossible.

    • Nokzen
      Nokzen Month ago +2

      So he looks like someone else, if he just looked way different than he does? That makes sense.. Thats like, that door looks like an orange.. If it was orange and round..

    • Peter Sothern
      Peter Sothern Month ago +1

      he doesn't though

  • Shailesh Rana
    Shailesh Rana Month ago +1

    These uploads are always welcome

  • Daraius Murrell
    Daraius Murrell Month ago +176

    "You're not grading potato paintings." LOL

      ERA CASTE Month ago

      Did they cut out the 'They're all getting A plus-es' part?

  • The Fancy Fox
    The Fancy Fox Month ago +4


  • Kyle
    Kyle Month ago +2

    In the US teachers work more than 8 hours a day. Homework and tests to grade, emails to respond to, and if you're a special needs teacher you have to write reports about the progress of their students. I'm pretty sure if you divided their hours and their pay, it would be less than minimum wage.

    • Bryan McMillin
      Bryan McMillin Month ago +1

      @Kyle I totally understand. I live in the US as well, and I know teachers put in long hours and the pay isn't great. I was just pointing out that many teachers seemed to take Jimmy's joke too personally. It's like saying preachers have an easy job because they only work an hour or two every Sunday. Everyone knows they are busy all week but when we think of them we think of what they do on Sunday. When we think of a teacher, we think of the time they spend in the classroom. If it's any consolation to teachers, students spend their days doing school work and their evenings doing homework, and the get no pay. :)

    • Harvey Edwards
      Harvey Edwards Month ago

      kylerm18 most teachers in the uk work long hours, they just officially work from 8-4 while they slog away at home after

    • Kyle
      Kyle Month ago

      @Bryan McMillin This was in the UK. I was talking about the US. I don't know many teachers who have free time in the US.

    • Bryan McMillin
      Bryan McMillin Month ago +6

      And yet, from the look of it, many seem to spend their free time grading and correcting jokes, as well :)

  • achnatol
    achnatol Month ago

    I dont get the "when I wanted sex, I had to raise my hand first" joke...

  • AngeloIppis42
    AngeloIppis42 Month ago +6

    Isd let her be my Special Needs Teacher

  • Nursultan Tulyakbay
    Nursultan Tulyakbay Month ago +35

    Jimmy needs someone to teach him how to laugh properly .

  • Tony ARC
    Tony ARC Month ago

    700th like

  • Topgun God
    Topgun God Month ago +48

    "Special Needs teachers"?
    I didn't know we allowed Special Needs people to teach.

    • Iyce Phoenixx
      Iyce Phoenixx 15 days ago +1

      @Topgun God lmao

    • Topgun God
      Topgun God Month ago +2

      @Making Games You never heard of feminism or women's studies?

    • Making Games
      Making Games Month ago +4

      I didn織t know they had to teach Special Needs.. You織d think that would come naturally.

  • Booratino Che
    Booratino Che Month ago

    Is that Seth MacFarlane at 0:37?

    • Dave
      Dave Month ago

      No. Besides he wouldn't be going to an event like that, because he's a homosexual.

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  • evilution
    evilution Month ago +72

    I want to see "The Weakest Link" brought back but with Jimmy Carr or Frankie Boyle as the host, obviously in the evening.
    If people thought Anne Robinson was rude, you'd better buckle up and prepare to be destroyed.

    • Pied Piper
      Pied Piper Month ago

      @RC A lot of my friends can't even understand Jimmy Carr! And this is sad for us, because almost everyone says Frankie Boyle is great. And I know Jimmy Carr is!

    • evilution
      evilution Month ago

      @RC exactly, it's not for you then. We shouldn't enjoy something less just because a foreigner doesn't understand the host. You don't watch Spanish comedians and complain that you can't understand them.

    • evilution
      evilution Month ago

      @Pied Piper Thankfully we don't water down our TV shows to accommodate foreigners. Don't like/understand him? Jog on, simple.

    • RC
      RC Month ago +1

      @BOAH NATION bruh. That is just me. How can u justify my own experience? And I am not American. Everything is not for everyone - there are nice Urdu songs but you cannot just call out people for not liking or understanding the song. That doesn't mean they are uncultured.

  • Garrett Hunt
    Garrett Hunt Month ago +9

    0:22 I never get that joke at first.
    I just watched a second time and still didn't get it.

    • Levi
      Levi Month ago

      Ive seen this question a few times now. Putting his hand up first implies that he had to sling it up her vagina. Its got nothing to do with the classroom

    • RC
      RC Month ago

      @Mikey McMikeFace I think that is why humor is subjective.

    • Mikey McMikeFace
      Mikey McMikeFace Month ago +1

      Jokes shouldn't need that long explanation.

    • TimberWolfmanV6
      TimberWolfmanV6 Month ago +7

      Listen again.. two distinct laughs.. one for classroom children putting their hand up for permission.. everyone got that & laughed...
      Then some realized she was actually telling him that before she would have actual penis vagina sex with him she would only do it if he shoved his hand up her vagina first to get her warmed up..
      Thats when you hear the deeper dirty realization laugh of those getting the rude double meaning of the joke...
      absolutely masterful that he does this.. watch him... these type at his most rewarding as a comedian.. truly masterful comic

  • Sami P
    Sami P Month ago +70

    Jimmy Carr and Lee Mack are definitely the best witty comedians

  • Phil Indeblanc
    Phil Indeblanc Month ago +1

    A question for you Jimmy, as you perhaps understand the workings of comedy well....
    Is all comedy due to "irony"? If not, an example please!
    Love your work!

    • Tracey A
      Tracey A Month ago

      Try reading his book - it's a good read and has loadsa jokes too (The Naked Jape)

    • Samuel Kristopher
      Samuel Kristopher Month ago

      @Grunthos The Flatulent "You don't know how comedy works..."
      Maybe that's why they asked a fucking question about how it works you clown. No need to be an obnoxious twat.

    • Grunthos The Flatulent
      Grunthos The Flatulent Month ago

      You don't know how comedy works at all, do you? Irony isn't always funny. And comedy isn't always irony.

  • ITzzJack 1
    ITzzJack 1 Month ago


  • Dandroid 988
    Dandroid 988 Month ago +10

    Mine are 3 quarters a year and 8 hours a day

    • Matthew Bailey
      Matthew Bailey Month ago

      @Dandroid 988 Should've taken Jimmy's advice and taught special needs. haha

    • Dandroid 988
      Dandroid 988 Month ago

      The Major 3 quarters of the days of the year grammatical error on my part but my point still stands

    • The Major
      The Major Month ago +1

      Dandroid impossible, after all that would mean they work more than 100% you see, with a 40 hour week it's only 236 days of work. That's 64.6% of the year which is less than 3 quarters. For 3 quarters they'd have to work 274 days a year. That means they'd have to work at least 5 weekends as well.

  • obbor4
    obbor4 Month ago +11

    Teachers actually work about twelve hours a day and are seriously underpaid, but who's counting?

    • Andy Howlett
      Andy Howlett Month ago

      Those who can do. Those who can't....... teach!

    • xilo301
      xilo301 Month ago

      @RC i know. That's why i say its hard. They have to work at home too. But people don't disturb you all the time and nobody say its easy. Like to teachers and professors.

    • RC
      RC Month ago

      @xilo301 No programmers don't have to control people who don't listen to them but they do have to constantly communicate with their team. And their supervisor will bug them about the deadline and their criticise their codes. That's why you see them glued to their laptops 24/7. It has a decent salary though, enough to live comfortably.

    • xilo301
      xilo301 Month ago +1

      @RC it seems that in england teachers are well paid. In most countries not. I know a lot of teachers with stress problems. Its demanding to control a lot of kids for decades. Its not the worst job obviously. But its unfair how people underestimate that because seems easy. A programing worker is a hard job but earns a lot and don't have to control 30 persons or solve others problems. Someone say that programing is easy? No. Because is not. But he works at his computer and may be don't speak with his chief and nobody disturb him.

  • Rebel413
    Rebel413 Month ago

    Saaaaaaaaaa jimmmmyyy

  • JaGuaR
    JaGuaR Month ago +124

    Last time I came this early, my girlfriend dumped me and tried a bunch of BBCs.

    • FinskaRS
      FinskaRS Month ago


    • TheJackK!ck
      TheJackK!ck Month ago

      @Adri獺n Csupor Probably just a capitalized "s" on the end

    • JaGuaR
      JaGuaR Month ago

      @Adri獺n Csupor world may never know!

  • Michael Kalafsky
    Michael Kalafsky Month ago +197

    that grading potato paintings got me in the right spot lol

    • Steve Thea
      Steve Thea Month ago

      @Lewis Tunks whats ur pic

    • Lewis Tunks
      Lewis Tunks Month ago +3

      @Steve Thea i just gained an extra chromosome from reading this

    • Steve Thea
      Steve Thea Month ago

      Jake N. @ultra carlos @dracofirex Is it acceptable/normal to get enrolment rolling at a handful of different high schools? Then family can further decide to pick from the Approved ones and ignore the unnaproven ones.
      And for example we received the OK from 3 schools and choose only 1 - does it seem rude when declining the other 2 out of zone..? After all the effort of them checking with Assistant Principal etc fir placement

    DEXREXPEX Month ago +59

    My teacher just gives me detentions for breathing incorrectly

    • Patrick Kelly
      Patrick Kelly Month ago

      I was eleven years old it was my first day at the Roman Catholic senior school I had to attend for the next four years, in the corridor that linked the class rooms was a life size statue of Joseph, husband of Mary the Mother of Jesus, a important figure in the RC religion, Joseph was clasping some sort of greenery in his left hand I could not elaborate as to why or what greenery it was as we were never taught botany we were far to busy reciting catechism parrot fashion over and over infinitum, there was a gap in Josephs fingers that looked just the right size to insert a smoking woodbine and so I climbed up on to the pedestal he was standing on and did the deed, unfortunately I was spotted by a very enthusiastic corridor monitor who reported me to the headmaster, what ensued was the equivalent of the Spanish Inquisition I was told I would be expelled my parents were informed of the heinous crime I had perpetrated, my parents duly beat me up (that's what parents did in those days) but I was not expelled, instead for the next four years they picked on me even though my behaviour was exemplary (well most of the time).

    • Darth Magnus
      Darth Magnus Month ago +3

      If you dont know how to breathe correctly then you got bigger problems than detention

    • xilo301
      xilo301 Month ago +1

      English education is great if you survive--peter Ustinov.

      ERA CASTE Month ago +2

      @Flyingninjafish 7040 10 points from Gryffindor.

  • mcnugget
    mcnugget Month ago

    jimy you are amazing and so funny

  • Luka Magee
    Luka Magee Month ago