Maroon 5 - Red Pill Blues (Behind The Scenes)

  • Published on Nov 13, 2017
  • "RED PILL BLUES” is out now.
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    Music video by Maroon 5 performing Red Pill Blues. (C) 2017 Interscope Records
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Comments • 582

  • raksha patel
    raksha patel 21 hour ago

    You guys work so hard I appreciate that keep it up

  • raksha patel
    raksha patel 21 hour ago

    I agree with you James love this album

  • James Barr
    James Barr 14 days ago

    Maroon 5 got red pilled. God Bless.

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  • Andrei Murdock
    Andrei Murdock 7 months ago

    streamed this album 100x and im still loving it #maroonerforever

  • Jottun Heim
    Jottun Heim 9 months ago

    Ferrari f12 TDF Adam's car

  • prowoman j
    prowoman j 9 months ago +2

    James needs to stop trying to finesse the fact that they sold out and went pop to go mainstream & sell more records thinking that rock was dead. Could've resurrected and been standard bearer for American rock with the courage to not compromise. This sound's giving me the blues. Real Talk!

    • Erline Andrews
      Erline Andrews 8 months ago

      I consider myself "just a lover of good music" too. Red Pill Blues was the first Maroon 5 album I listened to. I thought it was a fine R&B/soul album. I wasn't comparing it to the band's other albums or other artists.

    • prowoman j
      prowoman j 8 months ago +1

      @Erline Andrews But remember Adam's Instagram post after the superbowl understanding that their critics just want them to be better. That's all we want 'cause even their critics respect their talent and potential. It's good to experiment,try new sounds etc. without abandoning musicianship. Other great artists,take Jay-Z for example have added more music and vocals(choirs,keyboards,etc),,not less, to their tracks. M5's done the opposite,even using backing tracks now to produce the sound from this album in live shows. If you like this album and more heavily produced studio music,fine. I'd just say listen to maybe some John Mayer, Alicia Keys or even PJ Morton(M5's keyboardist) to hear good music and lyrics without all the studio production. There's a time a place for allkinds of music but go forward not backwards. I was actually M5 neutral until the superbowl. Then I googled,read up on them and listened to ALL of the first album. Tried to make it thru the others but couldn't and of course have heard and loved their hits,Sugar, Jagar,etc. Now I'd say I'm a disappointed fan. I'm just a lover of good music and I only wonder how much of it from M5 we've missed out on. In my opinion,they could've kept this album. I'm just saying....

    • Erline Andrews
      Erline Andrews 8 months ago

      I'm not a Maroon 5 fan. I listened to Red Pill Blues because I got tired of seeing people criticize the band all the time and I wanted to hear for myself. I think it's a great record with great musicianship. I didn't expect to hear actually instruments played well on the record because I kept seeing people saying the kinds of things you said in your last comment.

    • prowoman j
      prowoman j 8 months ago +1

      @Erline Andrews Right do music but there's less and less actual music in this album especially. Maroon 5 is a very good band of all star musicians doing music that's waaaaay beneath them and they don't have to do this.
      U2, Coldplay,ArrowSmith, Red Hot Chilli Peppers all sell millions, top the charts, play stadiums etc while staying true to Rock and themselves as artists.
      I contend that M5 could"ve done the samething.
      Adam, James and the guys don't even look happy doing this new stuff.
      Now James said one day they'd go back to their original sound. Looking forward to that. Bet they are too.

    • Erline Andrews
      Erline Andrews 8 months ago

      Give me a break. Let bands try what they want and try to have hits if they want. Open your own mind to different ways of doing music.

  • Kathy Krenek
    Kathy Krenek 11 months ago

    Can u make one with ur wife

  • Zoey Khoo
    Zoey Khoo Year ago

    Love maroon five

  • Alejandra Bogado
    Alejandra Bogado Year ago

    I love everything that maroon 5 make.. Love you guys!!!

  • wolfgirl 123
    wolfgirl 123 Year ago

    When is this coming out it sounds like amazing

  • Jolener
    Jolener Year ago

    James is so funny

  • Michel Barbosa
    Michel Barbosa Year ago

    Interessante como vocês usam as duas melhores músicas nesse vídeo, mas só fazem clip das outras... "Take Who i am, Please! M5!!"

  • chi pan
    chi pan Year ago

    James is still the big shy boy and he is really funny

  • Blueyed Enigma
    Blueyed Enigma Year ago

    I love most of the songs Maroon 5 does but, Lips on You and Plastic Rose are by far my favorite songs they have done. Lips on You is so sexy!!! I always hit repeat on both of them.


    i cant wait to go to the concert on 9/30/18!!!!!!!! me and my daughter have front row tickets. my daughter has loved them since she was 2. its her birthday present!! like this comment if you love maroon 5!

  • Valerie Silvers
    Valerie Silvers Year ago

    This entire album is straight FIRE!!!

  • M.I.K.E ™️
    M.I.K.E ™️ Year ago

    HONESTLY should be up there in album of the year talks... But oh well

  • JC 2019 The Letter

    I sing all of your songs

  • Tv.Ponshow be happ¡ !!!

    Who i am ? yeeh

  • N. D
    N. D Year ago

    2012 >2018

  • raksha patel
    raksha patel Year ago

    I really love this it shows me what you are really like and I love this about you

  • Dawn West
    Dawn West Year ago

    Thank you. Love ❤️ Love

  • Samoil Stojanoski

    Great dong

  • StarLord Kire
    StarLord Kire Year ago

    Pls..come on guys one more album like Songs about Jane.. begging ...pls pls..pls..

  • martin Rodríguez

    black friaday

  • raksha patel
    raksha patel Year ago

    I love this this!

  • Ojos Locos
    Ojos Locos Year ago

    What is the song called the minute 3:45?

    • Ojos Locos
      Ojos Locos Year ago

      Hüseyin Özdemir Thank you very much

    • humorous
      humorous Year ago +1

      Ojos Locos denim jacket

  • Ojos Locos
    Ojos Locos Year ago

    Alguien sabe cómo se llama la canción del minuto 3:45

  • Sabina Petrolino
    Sabina Petrolino Year ago

    simply the best album so far...: ;

  • Grace Hampton
    Grace Hampton Year ago

    It would be so cool if you guys like used more real instruments that woupd be crazy no ones doing that these days

  • Lauren Smith
    Lauren Smith Year ago

    This band has been close to me throughout all kinds of pain and heartache since I was 12. I absolutely love to see how y'all have evolved but really never changed because you're still you. 💗 Thank you for the beautiful music and keep growing 💗

  • Pravice Xiver
    Pravice Xiver Year ago

    Maroon 5 es increíble.

  • M.G. Jessica Tasim

    Adam has always great voice to sing any song but for me maroon5 better with SAJ songs

  • Sabina Petrolino
    Sabina Petrolino Year ago

    I haven't been able to focus on anything non maroon 5 for a while.🤣

  • 찡잉꼬
    찡잉꼬 Year ago

    I'm Maroon 5 Fan!!!

  • Çisem UÇAR
    Çisem UÇAR Year ago

    I love them! But this album is so bad!

  • Kay D
    Kay D Year ago

    This album is a groove. Start to finish. Love it.

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  • Bertany Pascoal
    Bertany Pascoal Year ago

    who i am would be better that way we saw in this video!

  • Elisabeth Palermo

    Any song in Adam Levine's voice is simply marvelous!!!!

  • Anonymous Fitness

    What is the name of the song in the background as he's talking Someone

  • Heinrich Picar
    Heinrich Picar Year ago

    Been a fan for like more than 5 years solid! :)

  • Roman Romero
    Roman Romero Year ago +1

    I mean like I really REALLY want a rock album like songs about Jane again but when he said those fans that want a songs about Jane pt 2 I mean it doesn’t have to be like songs about Jane like it won’t be soon before long was also really REALLY REALLY great album where is the maroon 5 that was all rock that listened to Led Zeppelin and guns and roses and the Beatles they are gone now because now that rock n roll has disappeared and rap is the main popular genre right now rock n roll will come back and wake up soon but until then we wait for the band that will change the genre and bring rock back to life

  • Alice Pratolongo
    Alice Pratolongo Year ago


  • عبدالله الحربي

    Where is this song ?

  • Melissa
    Melissa Year ago


  • alanis barreto
    alanis barreto Year ago

    😍 Adam Levine 😍

  • D Ace
    D Ace Year ago

    What song is this??

  • 吴吴杨
    吴吴杨 Year ago

    I started to like Maroon 17 years ol

  • talu darko
    talu darko Year ago

    I love the song😍😍😍😍

  • nayeon’s pancake
    nayeon’s pancake Year ago +1

    We need new song ❤

  • TrulyHolie
    TrulyHolie Year ago

    I love my bae adam

  • Liat Shalev
    Liat Shalev Year ago

    I love maron5 ❤️❤️ ❤️ Adam👑

  • MrChrisStingray
    MrChrisStingray Year ago

    Adam Levine has the most odd voice. It's like Rush and Geddy Lee annoying.

  • General Jedidie
    General Jedidie Year ago

    I am interested into making music (thanks to Maroon 5 and their awesome music) but not in my own. I'm in high school and does any one have any advice for where I can start? I can write lyrics pretty easily. It's just the music that goes with it that I need help on.

  • 서민지
    서민지 Year ago

    Hello. I'm Korean!
    I like Marun 5 group so much that I always enjoy watching it. Hah!

  • Rod Munoz
    Rod Munoz Year ago

    Just give us some more songs like It Won't Be Soon Before Long. Pop songs with a little rock in it!! Classic Album!!!

  • texbls
    texbls 2 years ago

    Songs about Jane was a masterpiece. Sure, ofcourse band should evolve but why in such a shitty direction? Anyway in this new record at least I can hear some guitar and piano - real instruments so thats better than the previous overproduced stuff.

  • Zack Baldwin
    Zack Baldwin 2 years ago +1

    Hi Zack