Royal baby Archie meets Prince William and Duchess Kate

  • Published on May 15, 2019
  • The new royal baby met his aunt and uncle for the first time yesterday. BBC royals correspondent Sarah Campbell breaks it down for CBSN in "The Royals Report."

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  • Venessa Abrams
    Venessa Abrams 7 days ago

    That baby looks fake, no eye blinking or flinching, no twitching whatever, however he may be real, Whatever!

  • Za untimely music and arts

    Look! A parasite larvae shown on the CorporateBullShit neonazi propaganda channel... what an awful smell! Pay this parasite your hommage, british slaves :D (royal family in 2019, and they brag about democracy, what an hilarious country this is)

  • Ophelia Adubea
    Ophelia Adubea 10 days ago

    Niece really
    Stupid peoples

  • meng ku
    meng ku 13 days ago

    We're all royalty becuase god is our father and god is king

  • Nancy Greene
    Nancy Greene 15 days ago

    Being in the spotlight as much as she can, there is no baby archie, otherwise she would have been showing him off all over the place or else something is terribly wrong.

  • Zena Fanom
    Zena Fanom 16 days ago

    LIES. LIES. LIES. LIES. LIES. Prince William and Duchess Catherine have NOT, NOT, NOT met ARCHIEFICIAL.
    Neither has Prince Charles.

    • Zena Fanom
      Zena Fanom 13 days ago

      @Jim A Hey you that stupid? Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Harry & his black granny wife are going to be divorced. didn't you see her balconied , second time? Look at Harry's face, dunghead. And she on the verge of tears as he tells EFF off. Turn around.

    • Jim A
      Jim A 13 days ago +2

      Give it up. Harry is married now and happy. Go find your happiness (if possible) or youโ€™ll die early and bitter and twisted. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • coffee or tea
    coffee or tea 17 days ago

    I hate these so called royal experts and royal reporters. These two do not need to do any royal reporting becuase they are stupid when it comes to the British Royal family

  • S O'Leary
    S O'Leary 18 days ago +1

    Who care, itโ€™s just another baby was born!. Nothing unusual!. Stop making a big thing out of it!!?

  • Charlotte B.
    Charlotte B. 26 days ago

    Laissez bรฉbรฉ Archie Harrison tranquille !!!! Il nโ€™a pas besoin dโ€™un oncle ni dโ€™une tante !!!! Qui nโ€™aiment ni apprรฉcient pas sa maman Meghan !!!

  • punjie s
    punjie s 28 days ago

    Niece .

  • Jesse Paul
    Jesse Paul 29 days ago

    Fake baby not real the baby is a doll because the baby dont move

    • matt Carolan
      matt Carolan 28 days ago +1

      what you expect him to do, get up and dance, my first born was like baby Archie content to sleep all the time, be happy for then please Anna Ireland .

  • Pamela Meadows
    Pamela Meadows 29 days ago

    She keeps looking down at the baby for a picture pose and can't even see the baby's face.. but that doesn't stop her from making that Madonna pose

  • Dexter knows
    Dexter knows Month ago

    Meghan & Harry both are keeping the baby private because baby Archie is a fake silicone baby called โ€œSleeping Drewโ€ a Realbabies doll I have! Thereโ€™s a Surrogate involved. Congrats Meghan for deceiving your people.

    • komino omagbemi
      komino omagbemi 29 days ago +1

      yeah yeah bla bla bla! just like your mother deceived your father.

  • Stephanie Bailey
    Stephanie Bailey Month ago


  • Basra Abdulle
    Basra Abdulle Month ago

    It's Nice to be Normal like everyone else in the World like the American way I like them they are the real today's world

  • Veronica Chaigres
    Veronica Chaigres Month ago +1

    Everyone loves Kate

  • Shannon Hubbard
    Shannon Hubbard Month ago +5

    The Royal โ€œExpertโ€ is awful! Unprepared & uninformed..

  • Ale Xandra
    Ale Xandra Month ago +3

    This report had so wrong facts, you better change the correspondent ...๐Ÿ™„

  • Sally Spiewakowski
    Sally Spiewakowski Month ago +2

    Honestly, you donโ€™t refer to William & Kate as Prince William and Duchess Kate. You refer to them as : The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge or Their Graces, The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge.

  • Thesims Sims
    Thesims Sims Month ago

    They have to visit the surrogateโ€™s actual child she gave in cause they didnโ€™t have him yet at the presentation and used a sylicon Darren dolll

    • Love Jehovah
      Love Jehovah Month ago

      Having 3 kids, her nose and stomach tells me she just had a baby.

  • linda perkins
    linda perkins Month ago


  • maria610421
    maria610421 Month ago +1

    Different because they are not Royal, like Diana is not dead, just tom foolery to fool the world by design.. Like today they are speaking about Mental illness, while killing the people who are mentally ill in hospitals all across the UK, how are they killing them, answer using strong drugs, on empty stomach. Mentally ill people are being killed in Hospitals all across Britain. Via Powerfull Drugs fed to ill people on Empty Stomach.

  • Jo Antonia van der Steen

    its a doll!!!

  • richard west
    richard west Month ago +5

    There was no title because he is not in the line of succession. Also an unusual name, what like the queens granddaughter Zara. Crap reporting this please do a bit of research before you stand in front of a camera.

    • Gwindelyne Douglas
      Gwindelyne Douglas 11 days ago

      ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ฏ! ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง

  • caramelhoney29
    caramelhoney29 Month ago +9

    They are not breaking any traditions. Stop with the dramatics.

  • Faye Brown
    Faye Brown Month ago +2

    She said, "Their new niece," instead of nephew ... Whoops!

  • Kings lynn
    Kings lynn Month ago +6

    Ok, why doesn't this baby ever move. I think it's a doll!

    • Love Jehovah
      Love Jehovah 27 days ago +1

      @Cath Hall Wow, so that means all my kids where dolls at some point of their life when they were new born babies thanks for educating me ๐Ÿ˜Š LMAO

    • Cath Hall
      Cath Hall 27 days ago

      @Love Jehovah Correct!

    • Love Jehovah
      Love Jehovah Month ago

      So if a baby don't move its a doll ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • rodolfo avelar
    rodolfo avelar Month ago +2

    People give up, please!!!

  • Tracee Johnson
    Tracee Johnson Month ago +2

    All of You saying the baby is not real are crazy. That is how Black babies look when they are born, beautiful, not pink, but a beautiful color. He is still because of the way he is wrapped up.

  • Dianne Hill
    Dianne Hill Month ago +5


  • Michelle Jorgio
    Michelle Jorgio Month ago +1

    They just say that they dont want a title because there is no title to be given in tue first place. I would only believe that they want to live a simple life then denounce the title. period. no more pr stuff... tooo much publicity.

  • Carmen Anjari
    Carmen Anjari Month ago +6

    Hahaha..... Hello everyone!!! Meet our fake doll baby who was born 2 days ago but has changed a lot in two weeks!!!! They are keeping the media at bay because they don't want the media to find out she lied about her not being pregnant and the surrogate who carried the kid delivered a couple of weeks ago. I want to see a picture of W&K visiting the child, they didn't produced because it didn't happen and the picture with the Queen was photoshopped!!!!!!!!!

  • Margaret Kaim
    Margaret Kaim Month ago +4

    do your research!!!

  • Margaret Kaim
    Margaret Kaim Month ago +7

    mm is a fake, harry &Meghan are still waiting to get there baby, the surgate mom won't give her baby !!

  • Margaret Kaim
    Margaret Kaim Month ago +6

    fake baby , its a silicon baby its not real!!!!

  • Steven Charles
    Steven Charles Month ago

    You realize that Archie is short for Archibald?

  • Margaret Todd
    Margaret Todd Month ago +4

    Oh I do hope that babyโ€™s breathing seems lifeless ๐Ÿ™

    • Elect Lady Gloria
      Elect Lady Gloria Month ago +2

      Margaret Todd Do you have children? I looked at Charlotte when Kate came out and she was asleep and very still as well.

  • Gisele F
    Gisele F Month ago +19

    Nice doll . it looks real but he did not move . Well nice try I wonder why they choose to do all these drama fake events ....

    • Mia Torres
      Mia Torres Month ago

      Theres a Tarot reading supposedly indicating it's a fake baby... creepy

    • Jo Antonia van der Steen
      Jo Antonia van der Steen Month ago

      i think its a doll too! we will dee if there is a baptice soon or that they.... do thinks different again and we will never see a baby ... doll again.. something like we will keep our child out of the media...

    • wms72
      wms72 Month ago

      At least we knew why William Campbell took Paul's place

  • k speller
    k speller Month ago +2

    Niece really?

  • baz tait
    baz tait Month ago +1

    Megan is a bloody man,, wake up people

    • loveme white
      loveme white Month ago +1

      So is Kate. And she never had any baby fat and she didn't get all swollen her face didn't gain nothing nor her nose or lips .

  • baz tait
    baz tait Month ago +2

    A rubber doll???? well done

    PEARL ANESTA Month ago +3

    how about the her first baby ? now she is 19 years old ,,she is very bad mother ,how she going to take care of new born? open your eye and see the truth

    • english
      english Month ago

      yes what about her big daughter

  • Amy Williamsfisher
    Amy Williamsfisher Month ago +1


  • Landon Erckfritz
    Landon Erckfritz Month ago

    It is not a royal baby idiots, Archie won't have a title period. Just like his other cousins, except Williams children. Why is this news? Tabloid news

  • Dora Tiscareno
    Dora Tiscareno Month ago +8


    • Dora Tiscareno
      Dora Tiscareno Month ago +2

      Thats fake too....just a smaller pillow

    • wms72
      wms72 Month ago +1

      She still looks pregnant

  • Trina Marino
    Trina Marino Month ago +5

    It's funny how they keep showing just that one pose of the baby.Babys change a lot just in a two week period of being born. Maybe it is one of those Reborn baby life like dolls ? If this groomer is true same on them Royals!

  • MJ Mosier
    MJ Mosier Month ago +1

    What a PR piece.

  • dark motnahp
    dark motnahp Month ago +2

    Well wishes too harry and the young lord

  • Karen Jones
    Karen Jones Month ago +6

    Isn't it a doll

  • Edna Perhach
    Edna Perhach Month ago +11

    When I see the Queen , Chuck , HRH Princess Ann , and see Prince William holding this kid I will believe it , Prince George and Princess Charlotte looking at it , I will believe it , and when they stop Photo shopping pictures I will
    believe it , until then Archie is that red rubber ball , ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿธ๐ŸŒ

    • Helen Stephens
      Helen Stephens 16 days ago

      Edna THAT'S THE SAME WAY YOU FELT ABOUT THE OTHERS RIGHT? Looking at the presentation of Kate's kids I saw only one move because the hands were out of the blanket. Soooooo I'm sure you rushed to post FAKE when the other two were born, right?

  • Yvonne Esber
    Yvonne Esber Month ago +4

    The place of birth in Westminster private hospital i๐Ÿฅ and the Birth Certificate is Out.

    • Nona Bardin
      Nona Bardin Month ago +1

      @Catsnmi2 it's fake! No signatures of doctors, Harry should have been listed as Henry, Nd MM is NOT the Princess of the UK. It's just too funny!

    • Yvonne Esber
      Yvonne Esber Month ago

      Catsnmi2 youโ€™re welcome

    • Catsnmi2
      Catsnmi2 Month ago +2

      Let's see it. It will be fake!

  • Eric Strickland
    Eric Strickland Month ago +2

    Another example of press people ill-equip to cover the topic. If they are going to commit to doing this weekly then the two hosts need to do a better job of presenting the topic and being a bit more informed.

  • Glynis Beaumont-Terry
    Glynis Beaumont-Terry Month ago +9

    William & Catherine DIDNโ€™T meet โ€˜Archieโ€™ because they were busy elsewhere on official royal visits - so many lies!!!!

  • Amy Chang
    Amy Chang Month ago +9

    Suddenly wants privacy, something fishy going on. Silicon baby, gives them time to get the right baby for adoption ! Fake pregnancy, fake bump, fake post-bump. Harry and MM are liars!

  • Sandy Hessler
    Sandy Hessler Month ago +21

    Archie is a silicon baby doll.

    • Sandy Hessler
      Sandy Hessler Month ago +2

      @LYDIA QUEZON You are the idiot.

    • Moranly Nongmin
      Moranly Nongmin Month ago

      @cynpet kc haha so true

      LYDIA QUEZON Month ago +3

      Sandy Hessler JEALOUS IDIOT...he will be the most handsome mixed race in royal history๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

    • spinning debbie
      spinning debbie Month ago +1

      @cynpet kc.... mainly carbon

    • cynpet kc
      cynpet kc Month ago +1

      What are you? Silicon human liar.

  • Catsnmi2
    Catsnmi2 Month ago +11

    The 'baby' that was shown to the public was a silicone doll!! Meghan and Harry paid a surrogate to have their child as Meghan is sterile!!!

    • Catsnmi2
      Catsnmi2 Month ago +1

      @Ann Mitchell Because the surrogate baby is not legally theirs for 42 days after the birth - hence the pretense that the baby was born 2 weeks later! It makes the time lapse 'twixt birth and public showing less apparent. When we do eventually see the baby it will be a lot older (and, no doubt, called a prematurely big baby!)

    • spinning debbie
      spinning debbie Month ago

      @Ann Mitchell gossip is there was a hitch with the surrogate, hence the dubious due dates and hospital info, but i must admit it all sounds too complicated

    • Ann Mitchell
      Ann Mitchell Month ago +1

      So why not just show the 'surrogate' baby you think before you type..?

    • spinning debbie
      spinning debbie Month ago

      well there is Noel, who was taken on by sister Samantha.

  • ##
    ## Month ago +4

    All fake ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Ž๐ŸปWhere is the photo ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

  • Gold Nwani
    Gold Nwani Month ago +14

    Two great guys Harry and son with a great wife and a,great mother, Megan.I celebrate all three.

    • Catsnmi2
      Catsnmi2 Month ago +1

      @CJ Osborne Exactly! The reason she was forever holding onto the moon bump. However, what I've been told is not that the surrogate doesn't want to give up the baby as she officially signed all the documents and was paid, but that by law the baby is hers for 42 days. H and M have no parental control until then. Hence the doll and the pretense that the doll was 'born' 2 weeks later. Why no real photos of the baby showing the colour of hair etc?! The photos that will eventually be shown to the public will be those of an older baby! The tweet from the Cambridges from Kensington Palace apologising for the 'confusion' and officially announcing that H and M had used a surrogate had several thousand views before it was taken down by the Powers-that-Be. The fall out between H and William was over the deception. That shows that William is a lot more honourable than his brother! Archie is now illegitimate by default but the Firm doesn't want that to become common knowledge. Hence the ridiculous charade!

    • CJ Osborne
      CJ Osborne Month ago +3

      Oh, for Pete's sake, Gold, contain your praise for someone who deserves it. In the first place, MM gave up her own child that she had as a teenager. She made her HALF-SISTER raise the kid. (And now she "hates" Samantha and barely knows her.) She had this FAKE PREGNANY by a surrogate. (We saw the "fake belly" sliding around, up and down her thighs, and had to tie her coat tight to try to stop it from sliding to the ground.) The surrogate will NOW not give her the baby, so they ordered a FAKE one (and reported the birth as later, while the baby was delivered) so they could put on her fake act.

    • Catsnmi2
      Catsnmi2 Month ago +3

      Gold Nwani, she's no 'mother' - the surrogate is! As for 'great' - no, not all. They are both liars and deceivers. Mehan did NOT give birth to Archie. She's sterile!!!

  • Kate Ellis
    Kate Ellis Month ago +11

    All weโ€™ve seen up to now is a doll.

    • Catsnmi2
      Catsnmi2 Month ago

      especially the doll's feet!

  • Marilyn Cutler
    Marilyn Cutler Month ago +4

    LIES! Click bait!

  • Lilian Lee
    Lilian Lee Month ago +4

    Archie rocks the world....Cheers!

  • June Stone
    June Stone Month ago +22

    Uncle William and Auntie Catherine would meet their new niece yesterday????????? Don't you mean nephew ?๐Ÿ’™

    • spritelybird
      spritelybird Month ago +1

      I guess they dropped the girl in the shower and got a replacement. They had a pink themed shower too. 11 months pregnant. Huh....

  • Donna Vaughn
    Donna Vaughn Month ago +1

    ONe thing about her, we find those who are here friends are 42, not 37, also the program she was in had that manager speak on youtube and say that megan had a daughter. Yep. There are some things that people don't know about her. She is older because this group of friends are all 42, and her body language shows she wants to be in charge. There are those who went to a lot of trouble to see just who shes is.

  • Barbara Snyder
    Barbara Snyder Month ago


  • Barbara Snyder
    Barbara Snyder Month ago

    By the way where is PRINCE LOUIS????

    • Catsnmi2
      Catsnmi2 Month ago

      Probably been eaten by one of the royals!

    • spinning debbie
      spinning debbie Month ago +1

      actually it's only william's children who have the title prince/ess

  • Barbara Snyder
    Barbara Snyder Month ago +9

    Queen was photoshopped

    • Catsnmi2
      Catsnmi2 Month ago +1

      Philip was photoshopped. Dorian, too!

  • Barbara Snyder
    Barbara Snyder Month ago


  • Nikki Oldaker
    Nikki Oldaker Month ago


  • not harambefan
    not harambefan Month ago

    Not that I'm complaining but the baby doesn't seem white. I think he might be the first royal who isn't white

  • K.Nuyts
    K.Nuyts Month ago +10

    Doing things different? They have so much to hide, people are not stupid. A surrogate. No signatures of the doctors, birth certificate also secret, a doll presented as the baby, Harry telling that the baby has not changed in two weeks, forgetting that he said that the baby just has been born, it is secret where the baby was born and the date. How much lies are still coming? Daughter Noรซlle of MM??? Great box of Pandorra.

    • K.Nuyts
      K.Nuyts 26 days ago

      Michelle Rogerson you must be living under a stone.

    • Catsnmi2
      Catsnmi2 Month ago +1

      All the cloak and dagger stuff makes a mockery of the royal family. They should kick her out before she brings down the monarchy.

    • Michelle Rogerson
      Michelle Rogerson Month ago +1

      you really are a sick bunch, get a life!

    • margarita Salazar
      margarita Salazar Month ago +1

      Fake news - do not believe everything you see on y-tube.

  • Helena Elen
    Helena Elen Month ago +10

    Baby doll ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐ŸŽฌ๐ŸŽฌ๐ŸŽฌ๐ŸŽฌ๐ŸŽฌ๐ŸŽฌ

  • Geria Wright
    Geria Wright Month ago +7

    And thank you BBC Royal Correspondent Sarah Campbell for saying something no other journalist has given the Duke and Duchess of Sussex credit for: presenting Master Archie to the public and TAKING QUESTIONS FROM THE MEDIA! No other royals have ever done this unprecedented act of kindness to public inquiry? Unfortunately, the couples joyful announcement has been turned into You Tube fodder for trashy conspiracy theories run amuck. Thank again Ms. Campbell!

    • Geria Wright
      Geria Wright Month ago +1

      @CJ Osborne The answer to your questions is St. George's Hall is a safe public domain.

  • Geria Wright
    Geria Wright Month ago +6

    CBS News, I hope you will take a stand against and hold your peers accountable for intrusive photographers (Splash News) using helicopters and zoom-lensed cameras into the private estate of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. You Tube has already removed account holders whom made viciously salacious videos which have contributed to this violation of privacy (examples: fake baby; fraudulent birth certificate; post moon bump; etc.). Marie Claire Magazine has just reported this outrageousness. All commenters on this post, if you agree, show your support by likes and also give comments to support privacy over profiteering. Thank you.

    • Geria Wright
      Geria Wright Month ago

      @spinning debbie Keep spinning girl... maybe you'll spin your way to some good ole' common sense and sobriety! Bye, bye.

    • spinning debbie
      spinning debbie Month ago +1

      @Geria Wright Ah. So British air space belongs to the Royal Family and You Tube comments belong to you ! Bye.

    • Geria Wright
      Geria Wright Month ago

      @spinning debbie Your name suits you....please "spin" yourself away from my post and don't come back. Bye.

    • spinning debbie
      spinning debbie Month ago +1 it's illegal to take any member of the Royal Family to Court for anything, they could fake whatever they want and get away with it !

    • Geria Wright
      Geria Wright Month ago

      @CJ Osborne Splash News doesn't have anything to do with HRH's pregnancy and delivery of Master Archie. Bye.

  • scotgoth
    scotgoth Month ago

    please stop calling her meghan markle,she's married now

  • christy peck
    christy peck Month ago +11

    I believe what we're seeing is a monarcy evolving to meet the reality of the times. Gotta admire them for that. Without a title, Archie will be able to choose his own future. With dual citizenship, he could even run for office in the US someday. He'll have to be out of diapers first, of course.

    • Christine Shephard
      Christine Shephard Month ago +1

      This is what's known as being economical with the truth, once PC ascends the thrown he will automatically become a prince, see following

    • christy peck
      christy peck Month ago

      @Kate Ellis True. The British can always call a vote to banish the monarchy if they chose.

    • Catsnmi2
      Catsnmi2 Month ago +1

      christy peck as Archie is illegitimate then, yes, he does not belong to the Crown so he could run for office!

    • Kate Ellis
      Kate Ellis Month ago

      Why should we admire them for evolving with the times, itโ€™s in their own interests to do that. The monachy will always evolve in order to keep them relevant to the people, without who theyโ€™d be finished.

  • Mango Mac
    Mango Mac Month ago +16

    Gayle,that is pretty low.Have nothing else to report but this couple...How about homeless people,patients in the hospital,student with is the lowest thing you do in your career....What else that people need to know about them...and wasting their time to watch your piece...LOL

    • Helen Stephens
      Helen Stephens 16 days ago

      Mango I believe that's why they called the segment royal news that takes place each Wed. So don't watch if it upsets you. You might want to listen next time. It's very helpful.

    • Ingrid Carter
      Ingrid Carter Month ago +1

      Jealous much

    • Sheila White
      Sheila White Month ago

      Mango Mac - I've said it somewhere else but Gayle King should be ashamed of this interview. All it is is Meghan getting her pals to vouch for her. I only saw the makeup artist cry - that was bad enough.

    • english
      english Month ago +4

      well said

  • Andy Lee
    Andy Lee Month ago +3

    Too black like lesbian Doria to meet public,

    • monalisasmile
      monalisasmile Month ago +4 exactly are you privy to the knowledge of Doria's sexual orientation?
      Too black? Archie is the perfect blend of both his parents.
      I suggest you grow up, if you can.

  • Sophia Lewis
    Sophia Lewis Month ago +3

    William and Kate are fantastic. He will be King of England and the British Isles or his son will be or his daughter Queen or his third son King. Kate is the perfect Queen who is of the land and knows her people. Leave them alone. Harry and Meghan are free to go off and do what they want. If they choose to stay and be royal .....then please to follow the protocols. Nobody asked anyone to come in and rough up another country's heritage and traditions. If one doesn't like them one can please go away and do all the things that one wants to do. Leave the people alone. Ridiculous. Always stirring up stuff just for the sake of it.

    • monalisasmile
      monalisasmile Month ago +5

      Sophia, William and Kate will be King and Queen Consort of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth Realms. After Charles and Camilla, ofcourse.
      Prince George is a future heir. With Charlotte being the spare. Louis an additional spare.
      The only requirement or qualification of being a Queen Consort, is to be married to a future heir. Perfection isn't necessary.
      Harry and Meghan are Senior full-time working royals, who gave recently become parents.
      Everyone is getting on with their individual roles, within the firm.
      What protocols have Harry and Meghan broken? Btw, as commoners, we aren't privy to the rules on Royal protocol. Only the actual Royals are.
      Rough up? You do realise, before they were the House of Windsor, the BRF were the House of SAXE-COBURG AND GOTHA? They are of German descent and adopted the name Windsor in 1917, for obvious reasons.
      So in effect, King George V disregarded their German heritage.

  • Susan McGinn
    Susan McGinn Month ago +7

    And we all know the photograph is photoshopped!!!!! This meeting didn't happen. You press people are lying and you know it! What a show!

    • Catsnmi2
      Catsnmi2 Month ago

      Appalling charade from start to finish! Main Stream Media just parrots what the Firm tells it to!

    • margarita Salazar
      margarita Salazar Month ago +3

      You are one sad person .

    • Dieter Fenn
      Dieter Fenn Month ago +1


    • Robert Struder
      Robert Struder Month ago +8

      The only show going on here is the spectacle you are making of yourself, you poor soul.

  • Susan McGinn
    Susan McGinn Month ago +14

    How can anybody "meet" him when he's plastic!?

    • Moranly Nongmin
      Moranly Nongmin Month ago

      @Helena Elen I think you haven't seen a doll before

    • Moranly Nongmin
      Moranly Nongmin Month ago

      @Robert Struder excatly

      LYDIA QUEZON Month ago

      Susan McGinn Peasant plastic IDIOT

    • Kate Ellis
      Kate Ellis Month ago +6

      Robert Struder Why not try checking out the evidence. 100% that is not a baby. How anyone can fail to see that is beyond me. It is the royals who are taking the whole world for fools. The sheer arrogance and nerve to come out and present a doll as their baby is unbelievable. Stop calling people crazy because they refuse to fall for the huge deception.

    • Helena Elen
      Helena Elen Month ago +4

      ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Yes . This it's DOLL BABY !!!

  • Diana Burnett
    Diana Burnett Month ago +10

    Yeah! We know ALOT MORE about it because mm & ph are running the biggest SCAM in royal history!๐Ÿ˜…

    • Catsnmi2
      Catsnmi2 Month ago +1

      @James Ogletree Try! And YOU need to be de-brainwashed from Fake News Media programming. Do you not have any common sense or have you already become a complete NWO zombie?!

    • James Ogletree
      James Ogletree Month ago

      @Catsnmi2 We need to try you for not having a brain.

    • Catsnmi2
      Catsnmi2 Month ago +2

      Diana Burnett, and they should be tried for treason!

    • monalisasmile
      monalisasmile Month ago +3

      I bet you believed this too!

    • James Ogletree
      James Ogletree Month ago +5

      Such a petty little person roaming TheXvid making asinine comments about the greatness of Harry
      and Meghan. They are the stars of the Royal Family and you just can't stand it. Sad!!

  • Noel Smith
    Noel Smith Month ago +12

    Its none of your business. Stop hounding them. Harry is controlling what's said & fine because the press had been so mean to Meghan & Harry. The baby just hot here what kind of stupid question is this male reporter asking? Comparing how the queen treats the new baby compared to William's kids! WTF! EHY DONT THE PRESS BETTER PREPARE...STOP JUST WINGING IT! ITS SO UNPROFESSIONAL.

  • Myra R
    Myra R Month ago +40

    A niece? Archie is Kate And William's nephew..... ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • My Crown G
    My Crown G Month ago +6

    Actually they don't a nanny yet. It appears to be them and Meghan's mother, Ms. Ragland.


      @Diana Weir Sure he was and you have facts to prove this statement do you ? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Diana Weir
      Diana Weir Month ago +1

      @PUTTING ON THE RITZ TURPIN. One of Ms Ragland's great-great-great-grand-father was of European- decent.


      Ragland !! That's a viking bloodline , how's that work ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  • eat all now save none 4 later

    Don't care about this or anything else involving the so called royals! And where do they get all these weird looking baldhead black men on MSM?


    Why ARCHIE ? what's wrong with DAMIAN THORN ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Deborah DeLario
    Deborah DeLario Month ago

    You got to be kidding me, just how stupid do you all think people are? Baby Darren, oh you mean Archie๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿฟ I really like the letter Q. Royal idiots. These people are sick & stupid.

  • elmzy etis
    elmzy etis Month ago +31

    Please live them alone they are not breaking any traditions

    • caramelhoney29
      caramelhoney29 Month ago

      Catsnmi2 no they are not

    • Catsnmi2
      Catsnmi2 Month ago

      elmzy etis, oh yes, they are! Every tradition possible!

  • Suzanne Campbell
    Suzanne Campbell Month ago +3

    Why can we trust? Nothing this News Reporter said Niece not Nephew. With is up people.

  • Lynette Clarke
    Lynette Clarke Month ago +13

    Thank you for your report on this lovely couple and baby Archie. What a joyful time for the couple and all those who love them. Could you please effect change by referring To Catherine and Meghan by their married titles and not Middleton and Markle. They lost these surnames when they said their vows.Please be leaders in this endeavour.๐Ÿ™ This change has been very effective with Sophie Wessex and the wife of Peter Philips so why not accord these ladies their married titles. This would be very respectful. It would be a blessing not to hear the name Markle after such outrageous behaviour by the said named folks.

    • sharon brown
      sharon brown Month ago

      I think it is disrespectful for people to refer to me by my husband's name. I use the name I was born with, a name given by my father, and I am proud to use it. My name is who I am, and it will never change.

    • Lynette Clarke
      Lynette Clarke Month ago +1

      Responding to enquiry. I meant the horrible Markle family when I said โ€œ the said named folks. Thanks for asking for clarification.

    • Catsnmi2
      Catsnmi2 Month ago

      'said-named folks'? You mean Meghan Markle?!

    • Mercy Dixon
      Mercy Dixon Month ago +2

      The baby looks so much like Harry.

  • Betty Forsberg
    Betty Forsberg Month ago +7

    Who cares?

    • Nona Bardin
      Nona Bardin Month ago

      Yes, I kinda stopped caring about the Brits around 1776!

  • Pat Fondren
    Pat Fondren Month ago +2

    Did Meghan take Archie to the Clooneys with her when she ran away from Frogmore?

    • Catsnmi2
      Catsnmi2 Month ago +2

      yes, probably to do a ritualistic, satanic child sacrifice. The Clooneys, Oprah, Obamas are all satanic Illuminati members.

    • Rose Petals
      Rose Petals Month ago +4

      Pat Fondren you nasty hateful creature need to stop all your lies and listening to those trashy tabloids. Going to visit a friend and running away is not the same thing. How do they know she was stressed because of all the negative publicity? They said that to make you Meghan haters feel good about what you are trying to do to her but it wonโ€™t work. Meghan doesnโ€™t care about you low life trash, she and her baby are royals now. Get over it. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Pat Fondren
      Pat Fondren Month ago +1

      @Maria Lewis You people are full of nasty responses but no real answers.

    • Pat Fondren
      Pat Fondren Month ago

      @Rose Petals What lies. The Investors Business Daily is reporting that she was stressed out from all the scrutiny and media, and had gone to the Clooneys for recuperation. The Clooneys had welcomed her mother as well. That is not a lie. That is in black and white print. So stop your disparaging people. Stop your nastiness. Stop your hate.

    • Maria Lewis
      Maria Lewis Month ago +4

      Pat Fronden only you she didn't take. Didn't want to be bothered.

  • Natasha Frasier
    Natasha Frasier Month ago +69

    Archie isn't the first royal to have a unique name. There's Zara, Lena, Mia, Savannah and Isla. Harry and Meghan did not break protocol so stfu and quit saying that!

    • Gwindelyne Douglas
      Gwindelyne Douglas 11 days ago

      @not haramben If you had read an updated book of the Royal protocol; you would know that the Queen change the line of session when Charlotte was born. Since Archie may never be King, especially if George, Charlotte & Louis have children. That's why everyone else in the Royal Family has the choice of giving their children a title or any mane they please! Some will automatically inherit "Duke & Earl of" just by who sits on the Throne at the time. The more kids Kate have the further everyone else is pushed down from the Throne. You should read more than one book. Updates do take place from time to time, especially since the World does change from day to day. Just saying ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ’ฏ

    • Gwindelyne Douglas
      Gwindelyne Douglas 11 days ago


    • Natasha Frasier
      Natasha Frasier 18 days ago +1

      @Susan McGinn Not your baby and his parents a d the Queen likes it so your opinion on it is irrelevant!

    • Catsnmi2
      Catsnmi2 Month ago

      @Jackie Domingo Because Harry's a chump!

    • maria610421
      maria610421 Month ago

      Why do they love the Devil because the Devil gives them nothing.

  • Sheila White
    Sheila White Month ago +8

    When there are pictures of a live baby named Archie, he exists. Without a photo and especially a photo that hasn't been photo shopped, there is NO baby.

    • Sheila White
      Sheila White Month ago +1

      @Marcey Moore Until there are pictures of a real baby, there is no baby at Frogmore Cottage or wherever they are staying. These are still members of the royal family who take taxpayer money to show up at events. Harry alone is paid 400,000 POUNDS. I don't know what Meghan gets but it must be in the 6 figures too. If you enjoy your lifestyle on the public's money and they enjoy being part of royal births and other events, show them a baby. And by the way, this woman wore a moonbump for 10 months. She is a really bad excuse for a con artist. Once she got into the royal family, it's been downhill ever since. She can't make a reasonable decision no matter what the issue is. She is hanging on to the royal family by her fingernails. The public are fed up with her and no matter who the Sovereign is, they cannot ignore public opinion. The baby will be fine and who knows, we may see it one day. Then we can say Archie actually exists. The next step would be to stop lying and omitting information on that poor excuse for a birth certificate. Wake up - fraud has been perpetrated by this woman and the Queen's grandson has been dragged into it.

    • Marcey Moore
      Marcey Moore Month ago +1

      Honestly... God loves all races! Why join in on the "bullying" of a newborn? Let's pray the child stays healthy & thrives, as we all want our children to do. Why be concerned so much that your opinion belittles your own self image? If this baby is real or fake, Will that seriously affect your life? It's healthier, if this upsets you, that you IGNORE IT! GOD IS THE ONLY ROYAL I am planning to meet!!!

      LYDIA QUEZON Month ago +2

      Sheila White who are u IDIOT to demand any photos of the son of a prince,,PEASANT has no room in royalty all about.

    • Maria Lewis
      Maria Lewis Month ago +2

      Shelis White that statement is for your unbelieving self. I hope you are NOT a christian.

  • Mary glassman muro
    Mary glassman muro Month ago +13

    Fake pregnancy, silicone doll in my opinion

    • monalisasmile
      monalisasmile Month ago +1

      @Kate Ellis if you genuinely believe baby Archie was a DOLL, that's not saying much about whatever brain cells you have remaining...Idiots? Half a brain? Very apt.
      Do you think before you click send?

    • Kate Ellis
      Kate Ellis Month ago +2

      Mary glassman muro Ignore the idiots, itโ€™s so obvious itโ€™s a doll to anyone with half a brain.

    • monalisasmile
      monalisasmile Month ago +1

      @Helena Elen there really isn't any imagination, when it comes to troll-spawned conspiracy theories...You be well.

    • Helena Elen
      Helena Elen Month ago +2

      People really believe this real baby? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ This baby plastic ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    • monalisasmile
      monalisasmile Month ago +1

      I bet you believed this too!

  • marsha baum
    marsha baum Month ago +18


    • Dora Tiscareno
      Dora Tiscareno Month ago +1

      TheXvid ๐Ÿ”Ž:

  • Lisa Jack
    Lisa Jack Month ago +11

    You know it's absolute ballocks when the reporter states towards the end of the video that W+ K were meeting their new **NIECE**....rofl
    These reporters have no clue. They're just paid puppets that parrot the script they are given.
    Whoever is in charge of the Sussex PR team should be fired. Immediately. Far too many blunders recently.
    Looks like Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second is paying more attention to the horses than her family.
    I cannot believe that the Duke of Edinburgh, as Head of the family, hasn't read the riot act and laid down the law, as it appears his wife is either unwilling, or unable to do so.

  • Lisa Jack
    Lisa Jack Month ago +15

    How could William and Catherine meet the baby when it's being reported everywhere that Meghan flitted to the Clooney estate several days ago?
    No photos. No direct confirmation of visit, only a "source" that claims "it is understood that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited the couple."
    Why can't any media actually report instead of offering speculation?
    This entire thing stinks.

    • eileen charnas
      eileen charnas Month ago

      Catsnmi2 i

    • Catsnmi2
      Catsnmi2 Month ago

      @Lisa Jack Thanks, Lisa. You, too!

    • Lisa Jack
      Lisa Jack Month ago

      You're most welcome. I don't watch television, and it is good that you do not, either. It is a vexation to the spirit best left alone. Have a nice weekend.

    • Catsnmi2
      Catsnmi2 Month ago

      @Lisa Jack Really? As you say, a most interesting choice - good for her!
      Actually, I had no idea that Lady G got married today. I don't have TV so rely on people like you to keep me up to date. Many thanks!

    • Lisa Jack
      Lisa Jack Month ago

      Her Majesty QE II wore her mother's palm leaf brooch to Lady Gabriella's wedding today.
      Interesting choice.
      The palm frond symbolises triumph or victory; peace; and life eternal.
      Symbology is everything to the 'elite' class of a particular persuasion.
      Many thought H & M marrying on the anniversary date of Anne Boleyn's death was a bad omen, especially as Anne's husband (who had her beheaded so he could pursue another), Henry VIII, lies directly beneath the altar where they were married in St. George's Chapel. So, I would look at dates specifically ominous, such as April 30th, when Anne's conspirator (alleged) was arrested, or May 14 or 15 (I forget) when Anne herself was arrested and locked away. Keep in mind that Harry is a diminutive of Henry, too.
      Surprising that the only other American (of recent note) to marry into the Windsor dynasty is Wallace Simpson, later the Duchess of Windsor, and both she and her husband are buried at Frogmore. The Rolls Royce that carried the DoW to her husband's funeral is also the same vehicle that MM rode in on her way to her wedding.
      The title Duke of Sussex is also significant. Do you know its history, and how entangled one Archibald Hamilton was in the first DoS's marriage?
      If not, I can provide you with a link. The similarities are astounding.

  • Kellie Hickman
    Kellie Hickman Month ago +30

    A lot of people were wondering why it's just now happening. I think it's 1. William and Kate wanted to give Harry and Meagan space and 2. proper security needed to be put in place so that the photogs wouldn't try to follow them.

  • Not For Sale
    Not For Sale Month ago +3