I edited a Peppa Pig episode cause I didn't know what else to post (part 3)

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
  • Thank you all for 100K! THAT IS ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! My 100K special should be coming out next week.
    Since you all really enjoyed the last Peppa Pig Edit, how could I not make another? Enjoy!
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    I film on a Canon Rebel SL2
    I'm in the 11th grade
    okay bye bye
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  • MarcPlays19
    MarcPlays19 59 minutes ago

    Whats the matter pepper

  • Lilly DogeYT
    Lilly DogeYT 3 hours ago

    When she said if it rings 100 times it’s broken I was like dying
    *the qween is good at driving buses*

  • Amy Gulliver
    Amy Gulliver 3 hours ago

    This is so funny I laughed so hard

  • Lilly DogeYT
    Lilly DogeYT 3 hours ago

    When he said oof you should have put a ROBLOX oof sound

  • Donni Williams
    Donni Williams 3 hours ago

    What does peppa pig say the bus have stairs but in the other episodes she goes on a bus with stairs when It is a field trip

  • Opet Coy
    Opet Coy 3 hours ago

    Ω…Ψ±Ψ­Ψ¨Ψ§ بيبا

  • Sir meows A lot
    Sir meows A lot 3 hours ago

    Soooo...part 4is coming out yas!

  • Flying Hawk YT
    Flying Hawk YT 5 hours ago

    The queen is a savage tho

  • ・ Tinymations ・

    Im showing this to my baby sister

  • PZ MTM 294
    PZ MTM 294 6 hours ago

    The queen πŸ‘‘ from Peppa pig is crazy

  • L0rd CHUNGUS Of all chunguses

    Plays call of duty zombies piano song

  • Nyah Riley
    Nyah Riley 7 hours ago

    β€œDo you have a ball..........Yeah I have two”

  • non-qwerty androider
    non-qwerty androider 7 hours ago


  • original_true blue007
    original_true blue007 7 hours ago

    Good now can you please do a face reveal (lol).

  • Aadesh Sharma
    Aadesh Sharma 8 hours ago

    XD LOL

  • milly lps
    milly lps 9 hours ago

    Omg yesss Suzie sheep vsco girl here save the turtles

  • LochNessi Monster
    LochNessi Monster 9 hours ago +1

    Not gonna lie
    *mommy pig should be in avengers...*

  • yolannis molina
    yolannis molina 9 hours ago

    hahhaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaahahahah do a part 4

  • Viviana Navarro
    Viviana Navarro 9 hours ago +1

    This is how many times Peppa was being a brat

  • It’s Queen Jane
    It’s Queen Jane 10 hours ago

    Mommy pig drops daddy pig
    Mommy pig: *Daddyyy*

  • Hell_ Shnyfe
    Hell_ Shnyfe 10 hours ago

    ThE Bus HAs StArEs
    Pepa pig 2019

  • Brooklyn Brown
    Brooklyn Brown 10 hours ago +1

    RIP daddy pig: his nose and too big so he fell

  • NZ News
    NZ News 10 hours ago

    Part 4

  • janecita80
    janecita80 10 hours ago

    carmen sandiego logic ooooooo XD

  • Dwayne Tulk
    Dwayne Tulk 10 hours ago

    You look like Morgz

  • Randy Logan
    Randy Logan 12 hours ago

    That save what mommy pig does reminds me of the scene in mission impossible when Tom cruise saves his partner

    • Randy Logan
      Randy Logan 12 hours ago

      Then Tom cruise became daddy pig

    • Randy Logan
      Randy Logan 12 hours ago

      When jumping out of a plane in the fallout mission impossible

  • Luigikaboom The Skeleton


  • Cats and roplay garcia
    Cats and roplay garcia 12 hours ago

    pt POOPOOO0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000

  • Brooke Henslick
    Brooke Henslick 13 hours ago +1

    Peppa: Mommy...are u afraid of heights?
    Mommy pig: No

  • vapenoodles
    vapenoodles 13 hours ago

    The queen endangers the lives of an entire tour bus but since she's the queen it's ok

  • Brooke Henslick
    Brooke Henslick 13 hours ago

    Peppa: Mommy. Are u afraid of heights?

  • Rhonda Krause
    Rhonda Krause 13 hours ago

    How is the queen a human and them animals?!

  • Aven Walker
    Aven Walker 14 hours ago

    1:24 -1:28 i’m scared now peppa if that your real name

  • Kittenslover99
    Kittenslover99 14 hours ago

    4:54 lol
    β€œWhat if it rang 100 times...”
    β€œThan it would be broken.”

  • Toaster Boi
    Toaster Boi 14 hours ago

    2:02 you don’t mind nights do you mommy pig?

  • Random Person
    Random Person 15 hours ago

    *E B I C*

  • Charlotte Brousseau
    Charlotte Brousseau 15 hours ago

    this one is so funny ok lol

  • Bryanna Markland
    Bryanna Markland 15 hours ago

    I can believe the queen had the balls to make that jump with a bunch of kids on the bus🀣

  • niqhtmarex
    niqhtmarex 15 hours ago

    the queen is acting like being the queen is a personality trait πŸ™„

  • Charlie Ann
    Charlie Ann 15 hours ago

    It swore

  • Acepxi
    Acepxi 16 hours ago

    Plz Peppa pig parody

  • Vishal Chanana
    Vishal Chanana 17 hours ago

    Part 4 please!

  • sofia fontes
    sofia fontes 17 hours ago


  • Lol surprise dolls tv With AIMEN!

    This is the most hilarious peppa pig Edit ever and your videos are awesome and you are the best youtuber

  • Jocelyn Hadley
    Jocelyn Hadley 18 hours ago

    Also this is trending

  • Jocelyn Hadley
    Jocelyn Hadley 18 hours ago

    I wanted daddy pig to die

  • jh2019 jimmy
    jh2019 jimmy 18 hours ago


  • idk boi
    idk boi 20 hours ago

    RIP logic of this TV show also rip daddy pig he fell of a plane and into the school 🐷☠⚰

  • FireArrow Plays
    FireArrow Plays 20 hours ago


  • Chris the custom character

    Why do some British women look like boys?

  • Ady Mikael Abes
    Ady Mikael Abes 21 hour ago

    Yey part 3

  • Orla Hunter
    Orla Hunter 22 hours ago

    Press this if u hate everyone in the comments saying this

  • Lama Degham
    Lama Degham 23 hours ago

    Narrator: Susie sheep has come to play with peppa

    Susie: *hEyeEEeEeEAaAh*

  • maxqqwe
    maxqqwe 23 hours ago

    Mom Pig:Im not sure-
    Madam Gazelle:SHUT UP NO ONE ASKED (look in the right corner down)

  • Kamiyouni
    Kamiyouni Day ago


  • Spirit Wolf
    Spirit Wolf Day ago

    DAdDy PiG

  • ι„ΊεŠθ

    Daddy pig looks stupid

  • 1,000 subs with no videos?

    I agree with the petition for part 4

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig Day ago

    Hey y’all thanks for editing my beautiful face 🐷 I feel so honored πŸ™Œ

  • Alicia Lewis
    Alicia Lewis Day ago

    Do you want to play ball?
    Do you have a ball?