SHE GOT 100! Shellyann smashes Sia's I'm Alive 🤯 - BBC All Together Now 🎤

  • Published on Apr 13, 2019
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    Last to go in the sing-off, Shellyann Evans lifts the All Together Now Trophy after performing a stunning cover of I'm Alive by Sia that gets all 100 judges up on their feet.
    Our favourite Saturday night singalong, All Together Now brings us outstanding talent, a huge range of musical styles and a load of laughs from host Rob Beckett.
    Any kind of singer can take to the stage, from soloists to groups, amateurs to professionals, but they all have one simple aim - to win over TV’s biggest judging panel, The 100. Headed up by Spice Girl Geri Horner, The 100 are a mix of singers from every corner of the music industry and, as viewers saw in series one, they’ve got big voices, bigger opinions and are always hard to impress! Established favourites drag queen Divina De Campo, The Signing Dentist Milad, Georg, Paulus, Tina T, Mr Fabulous and Lili all return, and they’re joined by TheXvidr Talia Mar and other new recruits, all bringing their own distinctive style and taste to judging panel.
    Each week, the performers competing hope to make it into the top three. The winner of each heat is guaranteed a place in the series final, with the acts in second and third place each performing another great song in a dramatic sing-off. The winner of the sing-off also goes through to the final. At the end of the series, one act will walk away with the amazing cash prize of £50,000.
    Every act performs with heart and soul, and all have one simple aim - to get The 100 up on their feet and joining in.
    Whilst there’s something for everyone, including gags galore from Rob and big opinions from The 100, it’s the performances that count. Tonight’s acts need to deliver. Who will get The 100 up on their feet and singing along, and which two acts will secure their place in the grand final?
    All Together Now | Series 2 Episode 6 | BBC
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Comments • 672

  • China MA Midnight

    She sucked to me, but a+ for the high notes

  • Sabera Surovy
    Sabera Surovy Day ago

    I think it's a bit overrated.

  • Justin Bulan
    Justin Bulan Day ago +1

    She is perfect 👌🏻😱 watching here from the Philippines 🇵🇭

  • Bridget Hanna ML
    Bridget Hanna ML 2 days ago

    Im still breathing

  • xiao Leugim
    xiao Leugim 3 days ago

    Morisette amon like your husky voiced...

  • Fleur Ice
    Fleur Ice 3 days ago

    Oh my gosh, she so happy!
    It’s incredibly.

  • Haha Ha
    Haha Ha 3 days ago

    Wish i could sing like this ☹️

  • Océane Benoist
    Océane Benoist 3 days ago

    OMG congratulation From France your voice it s amazing ❤❤❤❤🇫🇷

  • Shrishti Saha
    Shrishti Saha 4 days ago

    i lover her son 😍

  • Edwin_Marcia
    Edwin_Marcia 5 days ago

    This show looks like a mess

  • Joanne Hilado
    Joanne Hilado 5 days ago

    It was meh

  • Cunty Hunty
    Cunty Hunty 5 days ago +4

    Her range is really really good but, and this might be an unpopular opinion, I don’t think she can really control her voice, doesn’t have great tempo and can’t really be clean when she’s singing lower parts... don’t kill me pls

  • C. M.
    C. M. 7 days ago


  • Billy Z
    Billy Z 7 days ago +4

    A wise person named Alaska Thunderfuck once said: "Everything must be leopard print, If it's not leopard print its irrelevant" and there you go.

  • Martin Chairez
    Martin Chairez 8 days ago

    I love her singing buy, can I just say that she looks like the girl who gru dates on despicable me 3

  • Greta x Katy
    Greta x Katy 8 days ago +1

    Wow💕 Great Voice.. My sister and I sing,too 🎙 It would be nice if you watch our covers and follow us

  • anime master demon king

    oh shit 100

  • Earvin Bitoy
    Earvin Bitoy 8 days ago

    I wasnt amazed.

  • Claudio Cafaro
    Claudio Cafaro 8 days ago

    She deserved it ❤

  • Carlos Alfredo López Recinos

    Lo mejor de lo mejor que he visto!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carlos Alfredo López Recinos

    Es perfecta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carlos Alfredo López Recinos

    Esta mujer es fenomenal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LKH10
    LKH10 9 days ago +1

    Shellyann is Sia but with a sweeter and clearer tone (less raspy)
    Omg 💖💖💖

  • Feride Dogan
    Feride Dogan 10 days ago

    She hits the high notes better than sia

  • Daniel Hansson
    Daniel Hansson 10 days ago

    Fucking Hell! That's how this song is about to be sung!

  • Dan the Chatterbox
    Dan the Chatterbox 11 days ago


  • mayorbloomburg
    mayorbloomburg 11 days ago

    The song title is ironic since it sounds like she is dying

  • Luka Jovicic
    Luka Jovicic 11 days ago

    Song's title is Alive.

  • Arsen Lachinov
    Arsen Lachinov 12 days ago


  • Pinar Ozuturk
    Pinar Ozuturk 12 days ago

    Türk var mı?

  • Czeska Sinon
    Czeska Sinon 12 days ago


  • Amanda Pretorius
    Amanda Pretorius 12 days ago

    She sound better than Sia....

  • Mihaly Kozma
    Mihaly Kozma 13 days ago

    Who’s Paulus ?

  • starbubbles14
    starbubbles14 14 days ago

    What a high spirited woman...

  • Emily Dunn
    Emily Dunn 14 days ago +1

    Prefer her version than Sia's 💜💜

  • KiwiFin
    KiwiFin 15 days ago


  • Dyslexic Teletubby
    Dyslexic Teletubby 16 days ago

    She need to work on her breathing ironically but other that that she has a beautiful voice

  • Hellcat420
    Hellcat420 17 days ago +1

    At some points She soounds just like Sia

  • Hakan Balta
    Hakan Balta 17 days ago +5

    I am from Turkey and watch and listen hrr nearly 5 or 7 times.. She is WONDERFUL.. She has such a great voice... I hope our contest winner would be same as her.

  • Naqash Khan
    Naqash Khan 17 days ago

    In all my years of watching bgt and so many talent shows over the last decade I would put this performance up there with the very best if not the best

  • hectelion stormrage
    hectelion stormrage 18 days ago

    She so deserved it !
    Amazing voice and great song choice ;-)

  • Katie Young
    Katie Young 18 days ago

    She is fantastic x

  • F3ar Th3 R3ap3rs Ros3
    F3ar Th3 R3ap3rs Ros3 19 days ago

    Give this woman a record deal !! I will buy her music !!

  • Michelle Irinco
    Michelle Irinco 19 days ago

    Amazing Voice! 👏👏👏

  • Lousia Nicolaidou
    Lousia Nicolaidou 19 days ago


  • Lorenne Bedminster
    Lorenne Bedminster 20 days ago

    Yo, who else got goosebumps???!!!

  • Tinted Timber
    Tinted Timber 20 days ago

    Wish I had her voice Ur amazing......

  • rity loi
    rity loi 20 days ago


  • Anna Mcbow
    Anna Mcbow 21 day ago +1

    Gosh what a beautiful voice , please give her a record deal ❤❤I'm just in tears , well done 🙏❤😍

  • Julius Zaveckis
    Julius Zaveckis 21 day ago

    I'm confused 0:07

  • Alvin Mejia
    Alvin Mejia 21 day ago

    She's half beat ahead of the tune at some parts but still amazing 💕

  • Greg W
    Greg W 22 days ago

    That was amazing

  • Simra Gulnawaz
    Simra Gulnawaz 22 days ago


  • Federico Coda Zabetta
    Federico Coda Zabetta 22 days ago

    The beauty of differences shines thanks for you being really All Together!!! You and the singers who join you at every episode, send such a strong message to the World, ... to me, not anymore alone in my room, embraced by the power of music, the power of love that music is in its essence, ... from the deepest seas of my heart I'll reach to you all trough the joy and tears of of our lives, and it is a blessing!!!! Federico (Italy) ... PS. I can be a looser in life, but music doesn't care, unconditionally: it makes me rise, it make me fly, ... gravity doesn't hold me down anymore ... happy to be only human at last...

  • R.E.O Artis
    R.E.O Artis 23 days ago


  • Yassine Zanina
    Yassine Zanina 23 days ago

    Can I be honest and say she doesn't deserve that and actually ruined the song... well who am I to judge anyway

  • Tori
    Tori 23 days ago +1

    um wtf wait how

  • Carlos Alfredo López Recinos


  • Ali Brown
    Ali Brown 26 days ago

    Music name?

  • mr_power
    mr_power 26 days ago

    I don't understand what's going on....

  • Anne-Katrine Klitgaard 6A

    I’m sure that Paulus always loved her

  • sky peters
    sky peters 28 days ago

    Chyna from the voice would be crazy 100

  • melissa dingler
    melissa dingler 29 days ago +4

    Please can shallyan sing at the eurovision 2020 🙌🙌🙌🙌 i am from the netherlands🇳🇱

  • KatFlyx
    KatFlyx Month ago

    that other group was so supportive. props to them!

  • Barry Mitchell
    Barry Mitchell Month ago

    Why is BBC cutting this show dicks

  • nicole bacon
    nicole bacon Month ago

    omg I want this show in America now!! just watched 6 hours straight of nothing but clips, I want more! hell I want to be one of the 100, god that looks like a lot of fun!

  • Argie Kalas
    Argie Kalas Month ago

    I didn’t care for the song choice but she’s ok

  • Ray Apulu
    Ray Apulu Month ago +3

    Omg i'm alive....powerful voice I'd pay to hear her sing truly gifted.

  • Charli Blake
    Charli Blake Month ago


  • Fonn The Human
    Fonn The Human Month ago

    She looks like Regine Velasques

  • deborah de moraes
    deborah de moraes Month ago

    Wow. Amazing!!!!

  • gharbi abd rahim
    gharbi abd rahim Month ago

    I have to see it again and again she is amazing just like Sia is Woow ❤❤❤

  • Its Angelina
    Its Angelina Month ago

    I love her little dance she does when she’s happy aw

  • Amy Drawz
    Amy Drawz Month ago +1

    I watched this so many times already and I keep going back to watch it

  • samiwuoha
    samiwuoha Month ago

    Yo they should bring this to United state

  • Kathryn Mariani
    Kathryn Mariani Month ago

    Is she not the most adorable person 😍

  • Bella Hodson
    Bella Hodson Month ago

    1:20 the face of a shook man

  • Amy Hinken
    Amy Hinken Month ago +3

    Her son is so cute just the way he is so proud of her🥰😭 Also her voice is amazing 😉🥰🥰🥰

  • May Lee
    May Lee Month ago


  • Rafael Franco
    Rafael Franco Month ago

    Amazing! This song is part of my live! 😢

  • Tran beer
    Tran beer Month ago

    This show need a new MC!

  • MegaAzevedo123
    MegaAzevedo123 Month ago

    Well this was underwhelming...

  • jupitus92
    jupitus92 Month ago +3

    I’m so happy I clicked this! Gorgeous beautiful amazing incredible talented worth it

  • Daniel Stephens
    Daniel Stephens Month ago

    She’s absolutely crazy amazing

  • Raonny Ramos
    Raonny Ramos Month ago

    Incrível 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Jeri Bryce
    Jeri Bryce Month ago


  • José Penha
    José Penha Month ago

    Wow she is amazing, this song is very, very hard!

  • Duc Viet
    Duc Viet Month ago

    I think she was more happy that she got Paulus up than winning the whole show haha :D Well done Shelly!

  • Tv's Got Talent : CHAMPION REWIND

    When they started voting the numbers went from 0-75 so fast
    Where is Simon Cowell when you need him

  • Avanna Ellormie
    Avanna Ellormie Month ago

    ...she kinda looks like sia.

  • Marcus LaVallie
    Marcus LaVallie Month ago +1

    Did anybody else realize one of the 100 smell her armpits @3:17 😂

  • Sophie Leung
    Sophie Leung Month ago

    I love that the 100 can actually sing as well and that they are all so supportive

  • TheMattkeano
    TheMattkeano Month ago

    She reminds me of that Sheridan smith

  • Daisy-May
    Daisy-May Month ago

    That girl... That girl Shellyann! 🎶

  • Reybie Villaflores
    Reybie Villaflores Month ago

    Dimash deserve the 100 percent.😏 But she is good thou

  • Anna Segers
    Anna Segers Month ago +1

    A M A Z I N G😍

  • Артур Григорян


  • Lukaaa
    Lukaaa Month ago +1

    I watched 2726166 times . I CANT BELIVE😱

  • CroneLife
    CroneLife Month ago

    Sia needs to write songs for this woman. The combination of Sia's music and this woman's voice would be unstoppable!

  • Fozzi GaGa
    Fozzi GaGa Month ago

    Amazin voice!