When Singers have to Stop their Performance....

  • Published on Oct 26, 2018
  • When Singers Have to Stop their Performance compilation! Which one was the funniest to you? Comment your reactions below!
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  • Abs Meowz
    Abs Meowz 5 minutes ago

    Cardi B looks like she's wearing an adult diaper

  • StarWarsFan1234
    StarWarsFan1234 Hour ago

    *gets the idea of going to a Justin Bieber and annoy the heck outta him*

  • Malthe Nielsen
    Malthe Nielsen 2 hours ago

    The girl crying "ff-uc uu bitch" holy shit, how dramatic can you be

  • Shantanu pundir
    Shantanu pundir 7 hours ago

    Ariana is so cute😘

  • Ali Zidan
    Ali Zidan 10 hours ago

    6:10 u spelled interrupt wrong

  • Jovanni Molina
    Jovanni Molina 11 hours ago

    Drake can’t fight 😴

  • B o o m e r
    B o o m e r 11 hours ago

    How could you do a video of musicians stopping their performances and not include Axl Rose’s temper tantrums?

  • Rudy Didrickson
    Rudy Didrickson 13 hours ago


  • Polarized
    Polarized 13 hours ago

    Cardi b has the body of 6ix9ine

  • Mriganko Saha
    Mriganko Saha 13 hours ago

    Why can't white people say "nigga"? Are we not independent enough?

  • Joyora
    Joyora 14 hours ago

    OOP look the rapist woman got mad at someone owowowowo

  • Galaxy effect Hewo
    Galaxy effect Hewo 14 hours ago

    Nicki and cardi and ariana have such cute outfits i want outfits like this :ccccc :DDDDD

  • Swxxt Cloud
    Swxxt Cloud 14 hours ago +1

    2:41 lady : f*** u bitch!

  • It’s Zestehh
    It’s Zestehh 14 hours ago

    Drake was just jealous of that guy 😂

  • Aimee Simmons
    Aimee Simmons 16 hours ago

    Me: I should really sleep now
    My TheXvid recommendations: ha! No.

  • Mini Billie Ellish Ellish

    You forgot billie eilish

  • Mary Keo
    Mary Keo 16 hours ago

    Mom, pick me up in scared 5:38

  • Its Gogu Bitch
    Its Gogu Bitch 16 hours ago

    that Kendrick part is so stupid, she's just singing the lyrics that he wrote that's full of n-word, it's not even her intention to offend him lol

  • Bryanna B Watson
    Bryanna B Watson 17 hours ago

    I'm just trying to figure out why nobody in the comments understands that white people cant say the n-word "He shouldn't have put it in his song if he didn't want anyone to say it." He has the right to say it because black people decided to turn the worst word used to discriminate into a word not as bad. White people used that word as a derogatory word to call slaves. There is no excuse for a white person saying it! Deal with it!

  • Emily
    Emily 17 hours ago

    Just another reason no one likes Justin Bieber.

  • Panda girl
    Panda girl 17 hours ago

    I wove drake!!!!

  • Zasha Lugo
    Zasha Lugo 17 hours ago

    How the fucking can black say the n word, which by the way yall sound stupid, but then when a person that is not black says it everybody gets mad at the white person. Y'all are crazy

  • kayla smith
    kayla smith 18 hours ago

    “Fuck You bitch”🤣

  • Excinic
    Excinic 18 hours ago +2

    White girl: n word n word
    Kendrick: >:O
    White girl: it's cool y'know?

  • person :D
    person :D 18 hours ago +1

    3:03 and thats when she knew, she dun messed up.

  • birdman 08
    birdman 08 18 hours ago

    Lil Wayne would only need to have a single shot 22 to shot at his fan base. He sucks only one fan at a show

  • _Eilishh xo
    _Eilishh xo 19 hours ago

    gosh damn Justin Bieber is rude to his fans

  • Kewl
    Kewl 20 hours ago

    *sees Justin Bieber quitting the show*
    Fans: I want a refund.
    Justin’s manager: you’re fired
    Justin: 👁 👁

  • Dunk
    Dunk 20 hours ago

    Bro why kendrick call up a white girl to sing mad city and then get mad when she don't censor herself? He set her up for that and idc what y'all say, he's a dick for putting her on the spot in front of a crowd like that.

  • Dunk
    Dunk 20 hours ago

    Why would you pay so much money to be front row at a big name concert just to throw water on the stage? Like, don't you like this guy? You paid to see him....

  • jefries Sanchez
    jefries Sanchez 21 hour ago

    Kendrick is stupid for that N word shit, he literally embarrassed the girl in front of thousands for a stupid word. In the other hand, Drake and Travis show more respect for their fans.

  • IMemoryy
    IMemoryy 21 hour ago

    god i hate justin bieber he’s such a bore

  • Xalen Mapping
    Xalen Mapping 22 hours ago

    Eminem once got pissed of at fan because he said f*** Detroit and also once stopped while he was performing stan because he messed up the lyrics and told them to play that back but fans kept shouting the lyrics so he continued

  • ThunderCookieProductions

    I really don't like any of these people

  • Henning Olsen
    Henning Olsen 23 hours ago

    Fuck Bieber....

  • Amaya Crosby
    Amaya Crosby 23 hours ago

    And ariana literally sounds like ma I and sings

  • Amaya Crosby
    Amaya Crosby 23 hours ago

    Travis Scott is loyal bro

    GAMING POWER Day ago

    Justin bieber is a bitch ass nigga

  • Marquetta Coward-Gilchrist

    The n word one is so stupid like wth It’s a word I understand it’s other people’s opinions but to me it’s dumb DONT come after me

  • WvBatman 304
    WvBatman 304 Day ago

    he protecc
    he attacc
    but most importantly:kendrick lemar stops girl from saying the n word cause she ain’t blacc

  • Jaleah Baynard
    Jaleah Baynard Day ago


  • Supernatural Lightning

    Brendon urie did this for a girl having a seizure

  • Daveey1911
    Daveey1911 Day ago

    nibbas saying n word is fine but if the white girls says it fuck you bitch
    poor opressed nibbas

  • Kyalo Mutuku
    Kyalo Mutuku Day ago

    Lil wayne 😂😂😂

  • MH Football
    MH Football Day ago

    omg travis scott 🔥

  • Teresa John
    Teresa John Day ago +2

    Ariana grande is literally the nicest 💖💖💖

  • ZuboyTV
    ZuboyTV Day ago

    As Brown , this is hypocrisy ,
    black can say some special words while White cant
    just same like Black cant ride trains but white can in 17th century

  • catrin jones
    catrin jones Day ago

    God bless travis scott

  • Astrothunder_
    Astrothunder_ Day ago

    I mean yea your not supposed to say the N word but sorda lame ignoring a girl on stage (which is obviously nervous) and she says the n word (which probably slipped) and you gotta call her out in front of everyone?

  • im so sad
    im so sad Day ago

    That's soooo nice of beyonce that she stopped her show to let her backup dancer get engaged. I love her💛

  • Edvin Berg
    Edvin Berg Day ago

    well, its 90% white people on kendrick shows so...

  • Jazzy Gacharina
    Jazzy Gacharina Day ago +1

    Jeez Jb is rude

  • Sub2 Pewdiepie
    Sub2 Pewdiepie Day ago

    Damn Justin CHILL

  • N O F A C E
    N O F A C E Day ago

    Cardi B is not mad. she is just being Cardi B

  • Amaya JDJ F1K
    Amaya JDJ F1K Day ago

    The last one with travis was nice. He was so kind to stop his whole performance to help a guy. 😩👍👍

  • Kayne’s gaming and blogging


  • Dante Ferrise
    Dante Ferrise Day ago


  • avaorchid
    avaorchid Day ago

    I mean it is never ok to say the n word but I kinda feel for her in this one situation and only because shes up there and prolly wants to impress by knowing the words or something (I am assuming this is his song and not hers...if I am wrong than damn she s even wronger) getting so tied up with just saying the words right she may not have even thought about it. I guess I just dont even see why or how that happened. Why invite a white girl up to sing a part that every other word is a racial slur? Is she just a person from the crowd? Was this pre ordained? Who even is she? I totally see why people would be mad and it would have been better if she had just declined to get up there at all knowing the whole line is one racial slur after another. If she wasnt invited and rather stormed the stage than double shame on her but seriously dont bring people on stage to sing along with a song where they literally can not say a good third of the lyrics. Still on her but just seems stupid to even have her up there during slur hour

  • Trouser Boys
    Trouser Boys Day ago

    Wait did Kendrick ask her to come up and sing the song then proceeds to get mad at her for singing it I'm confused lmao

    • joselyn garibay
      joselyn garibay Day ago

      Trouser Boys because it’s not okay for white people to say nigga lmao did you not listen

  • Holland Kroese
    Holland Kroese Day ago

    Rihanna was high af

  • Addy Suydam
    Addy Suydam Day ago

    Cardi really had to disrespect Michael Jackson like that smh

  • idk
    idk Day ago +1

    Ariana is literally the cutest

  • Linda Murray
    Linda Murray Day ago

    👁 👁


  • Yolk or Get yolked

    Don’t throw shit on stage, unless it’s cardi B

  • Star Romeave
    Star Romeave Day ago +6

    Drake is my favorite rapper because of what he did. 😳😳😳

  • Gloory W
    Gloory W Day ago

    Wtf is wrong with kendrick lamar

  • Space Loser
    Space Loser Day ago +7

    Drake is too underrated. Most people don’t even talk about him but he literally stop someone from groping girls. I have never seen ANY artist do that for their fans but this guy deserves way more love no cap

    • Space Loser
      Space Loser 8 minutes ago

      sid tallamraju yeah and he wasn’t even really flirting especially with Millie Bobby Brown he even said she’s like a sister to him before

    • sid tallamraju
      sid tallamraju 19 hours ago

      Space Loser they won’t talk about that but they’ll talk about him flirting with under age girls

  • Juliana Linker Eq

    the Ariana one was so cute

  • Myley Healy
    Myley Healy Day ago

    What wrong with the first one I would do that

  • Basic Jess
    Basic Jess Day ago

    no one: cardi b: STUPID

  • 프리모ksick prokity

    Ariana :my sweet pie❤
    CardiB: my mad bitch🖤

  • Ulalo _
    Ulalo _ 2 days ago

    Respect for Drake

  • Mariah L
    Mariah L 2 days ago

    Riri was fed up 🤣😭

  • Sophia Tucker
    Sophia Tucker 2 days ago

    Ok so for the Kendrick one, you can’t ask a girl to sing ur song that says the n word a million times and not expect her to say it... he asked for it

  • Aye Ayee
    Aye Ayee 2 days ago +32

    I like how everyone is booing her for saying the N word but I bet everyone in the crowd was saying it