• Published on Apr 25, 2019
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  • Elizabeth Charles
    Elizabeth Charles 12 days ago

    Damn i could tell from this amari was here for clout lol

  • Jukeilia Bohannon
    Jukeilia Bohannon 22 days ago

    They GirlFriends Cheating .🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Julian Mendoza
    Julian Mendoza 26 days ago

    Omg tho the way the girlz dressed fit this video perfect 😍😍😍 i really wanna meet em....i love you guyz girlz are beautiful

  • Destiny Marion
    Destiny Marion 26 days ago

    OMG Trey I cant believe you know my moms cousin her name is Diddi Emah 😭😭♥️

  • terrell t
    terrell t Month ago

    ar'mon broke up with amari

  • Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson 2 months ago

    @ 6:17 if armon wouldve said "nigga u got a atoms apple" i wouldve died

  • mckenzie winters
    mckenzie winters 2 months ago

    Y'all should of got a rag to dry your tongue and have them touch your tongue when it's dry

  • Ty Money1000
    Ty Money1000 2 months ago

    This Instrumental of Just in Case Sound DOPE

  • Naziyah Vick
    Naziyah Vick 2 months ago

    I love these couples

  • Chrissy
    Chrissy 2 months ago

    What did senia say her name was??? Jessie or yessie

    • No Cap
      No Cap 27 days ago

      Cuz her real name is yesenia

  • Keiera Whitaker
    Keiera Whitaker 3 months ago

  • Dakota Elkin
    Dakota Elkin 3 months ago

    I loves you Armon and trey

  • vlogs with ariana
    vlogs with ariana 3 months ago +6

    How could she cheat on him tf he so fine 😍😍😍 if you knew you was gonna use him or talk to another male then why get with him stuipd girl 😘💆🏽‍♀️✌🏽.

  • Emily Norwood
    Emily Norwood 3 months ago +2

    The melanin 😍 two beautiful black girls

  • lil Migs
    lil Migs 3 months ago +25

    Who here after Ar’mon just broke up with his GF???????????💔

  • Emeka Achilefu
    Emeka Achilefu 3 months ago +2

    Who’s here after armon breakup

  • Camille Steele
    Camille Steele 3 months ago +6

    To be honest tray girl cuter

    THE J SISTERS J SISTERS 3 months ago +1

    I feel like they girlfriends would laugh at anything.
    *Drops a penny* laughs

  • Sad Edits
    Sad Edits 3 months ago +1

    Y’all should’ve dated the taylorgirlz

  • Leah Douglas
    Leah Douglas 3 months ago

    Trey 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😚😍😚😚 love u

  • thatgirlmeiaa
    thatgirlmeiaa 3 months ago +2

    Jazz and tae needa link wit y’all girlfriends .. tae gone be like omg she look just like me

  • Nikki Nik
    Nikki Nik 3 months ago +1

    Wait one gahh damn minute 12 ads 😂 this is outta control

  • Colo Mc
    Colo Mc 3 months ago

    Ar'mom and she said trey 🍆

  • Donald Richardson
    Donald Richardson 3 months ago

    Who is the cuttest couple a and a or t and s

  • sunyana shah
    sunyana shah 3 months ago +1

    armon girl is beautiful

  • Krystal Phillips
    Krystal Phillips 4 months ago +1

    I now what y'all taking about

  • bryson evans
    bryson evans 4 months ago


  • kyleah marie
    kyleah marie 4 months ago

    *I LIKE IT*

  • kyleah marie
    kyleah marie 4 months ago

    *SIKE NAW*

  • kyleah marie
    kyleah marie 4 months ago

    21:56 LMAOO I LOVE DIS

  • kyleah marie
    kyleah marie 4 months ago +1

    19:56 when somebody knock on the door and none of your siblings finna get up

  • kyleah marie
    kyleah marie 4 months ago

    19:56 HOES MAD ?

  • kyleah marie
    kyleah marie 4 months ago

    *oh thats yo ass*

  • kyleah marie
    kyleah marie 4 months ago +1

    12:11 "yall know what she talking about ? i cant hear-"
    mickey mouse headass💀

  • kyleah marie
    kyleah marie 4 months ago

    as long as ar'mon and trey happy, idc idccc, amari and senia are pretty af

  • Dameka Lax
    Dameka Lax 4 months ago +1

    Trey I love you armon you ugly

  • Amiya Smith
    Amiya Smith 4 months ago


    ITSYAGIRL TINY!! 4 months ago

    Is my computer trippin or they dyed they hair purple or summin??

  • K H
    K H 4 months ago

    What is Treys gf name? 😂😂 I thought her name was Senia but she introduced herself as Jessie or something..or am I trippen?

    THE FARRIS FAMILY 4 months ago

    This is how many people love and watch y'all

  • Its Marii
    Its Marii 4 months ago +68

    Y’all saying Senia in it for the clout🤨buttttt that’s the same thing y’all said about Tae from Jazz and Tae💀

    • Vickyrulesawesome
      Vickyrulesawesome 16 days ago

      @Its Marii yeppp

    • Its Marii
      Its Marii 16 days ago +1

      Vickyrulesawesome yurp

    • Vickyrulesawesome
      Vickyrulesawesome 20 days ago +1

      Ha. Senia still with trey it was amari that was in it for the clout

    • Its Marii
      Its Marii 3 months ago +4

      Mireeyy to mee Amari was cs Amari cheated on Armon

    • Mireeyy
      Mireeyy 3 months ago +3

      Seems like she was 😂

  • Jaylen Holder
    Jaylen Holder 4 months ago

    Amari and senia yall should a prank on yalls' man and pretend you are making a twerk team if you do please give me a shout out

  • Aysh M
    Aysh M 4 months ago

    Trey just looks uncomfortable, almost like he don’t know how to act with a female. I’ve always thought he was into guys.

  • Rileigh Ikner
    Rileigh Ikner 4 months ago

    When they all did the “woah” that 🔥

  • Gisell Galindo
    Gisell Galindo 4 months ago

    I don’t even want to play no more...I won😅🤣

  • Kalylah Lorelei
    Kalylah Lorelei 4 months ago

    y’all are both so cute with y’all girlfriends , i wish the best for you 4 😍😭

  • Marco Judd
    Marco Judd 4 months ago

    I’m tired of niggas saying we gay bro 💀no bs I mean we got money let’s just buy sum girls to be our girl for a couple months 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Bnb Khaa
    Bnb Khaa 4 months ago +1


  • leasia ingram
    leasia ingram 4 months ago +1

    Are they sisters

    The SMITH GANG 4 months ago


  • Ta’jahnae
    Ta’jahnae 4 months ago

    Yo I love Trey’s gf she funny asf

  • Heyitstrin Squad
    Heyitstrin Squad 4 months ago

    Armon and amari should do the abusive boyfriend prank on trey and Senia

  • new money dev
    new money dev 4 months ago

    His dick

  • Keyah Nichole
    Keyah Nichole 4 months ago

    do whose the freakiest couple

  • Ally Nicole
    Ally Nicole 4 months ago

    Armor is so dumb he play the ok much lol

  • Liah
    Liah 4 months ago

    That question 12:09 DUHH WE KNOW

  • LinSooPretty
    LinSooPretty 4 months ago

    They sisters

  • Xxx _Uzi
    Xxx _Uzi 4 months ago

    I swear Armin girl look like tae bro

  • amari thomas
    amari thomas 4 months ago

    My name is Amari too love u girl ❤️❤️

  • Sabbey _100
    Sabbey _100 4 months ago

    Unsubscribe ✅