Try not to laugh at these out of pocket Tik Toks

  • Published on Nov 14, 2021
  • Today we're trying not to laugh at very out of pocket tik toks. I've never heard the term out of pocket until about a week ago. I like it.
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Comments • 102

  • Tickled Toffee
    Tickled Toffee 6 months ago +91

    I’ve never given a rat’s arse about tik tok, and after hearing “This evening the raccoon is hunting for poon” I’m convinced reaction vids are (and always will be) better than tik tok itself

  • Leon Gunnarsson
    Leon Gunnarsson 6 months ago +110

    They don't arrest people with one hand because they're unarmed

  • Prettymuchxlexi
    Prettymuchxlexi 6 months ago +111

    After watching this video i would like to tell u that your vulnerability and rawness is empowering ciarán

  • Jakau
    Jakau 6 months ago +59

    i googled it for you, they arrest one armed people by cuffing one hand then attaching the other to either their ankle or their back belt strap (if they have one)

    • Diananou
      Diananou 6 months ago +6

      Thank you, I didn't know I needed to know until he brought it up 😲

  • Mitch
    Mitch 6 months ago +64

    From a Northern wankers editor to a great content machine, the world truly is full of surprises

  • AggyMan Collects
    AggyMan Collects 6 months ago +16

    I don't get people who watch Ciaran and find him funny, but then send in these TRASH tik toks. surely that means they like his sense of humour or have a similar sense of humour?

  • Jaclyn Jax
    Jaclyn Jax 6 months ago +4

    My Aunt Peggy was named after her sister who died prior to her. My *psyco grandparents* couldn't be asked to come up with another name and just named her the same name, as a replacement.

  • Ivan Tankovic
    Ivan Tankovic 6 months ago +34

    Did anyone think of Harry's iconic "Don't waste the mixture" line at 9:45

  • Cat W
    Cat W 6 months ago +13

    So from a quick Google search about the handcuffs it seems that they just tell the person they're under arrest and escort them to the car. In some cases their hand may be cuffed to a chain around their waist (similar to courtroom chains that cuffs are attached to) or in even rarer situations they may be cuffed to their ankle but it doesn't seem to happen often. And gotta remember not everyone gets handcuffed anyway.

  • em🍓
    em🍓 6 months ago +15

    Only Ciaran could make me laugh within the first 2 seconds of a video

    • Craig Baker
      Craig Baker 6 months ago

      @em🍓 damn 9 whole people it must be hilarious

    • em🍓
      em🍓 6 months ago

      @Craig Baker 9 other people who liked my comments clearly agree lol

    • Craig Baker
      Craig Baker 6 months ago

      @em🍓 sure you did

    • em🍓
      em🍓 6 months ago

      @Craig Baker because I found his laugh funny..?

    • Craig Baker
      Craig Baker 6 months ago

      How did you laugh at the first 2 seconds?

  • F.
    F. 6 months ago +23

    We love your laugh Ciaran

  • esta mcdougall
    esta mcdougall 6 months ago +4

    the zuckerburg one made me spit out my water

  • Samuel Couch
    Samuel Couch 6 months ago +9

    loving the new laugh 😁😁👍

  • Katlyn Nicholson
    Katlyn Nicholson 6 months ago +4

    She was talking like a sim character.... at least in my mind anyway lollll

  • Matthew
    Matthew 6 months ago +7

    It's in simlish lol that triggered sims 3 nostalgia

  • evaakineva
    evaakineva 6 months ago

    Keep this laugh Ciarán.

  • Sean Mackenzie
    Sean Mackenzie 6 months ago +7

    I've been in isolation for the last 8 days and watched all 9 series of Peep Show in 3 days, that's just a quality programme isn't it

  • hc
    hc 6 months ago +2

    Ciaran turns into the new Louis Armstrong at 6:34

  • Trentrandall
    Trentrandall 6 months ago +3

    They usually handcuff your arm to a belt or something if not that i guess they just dont 😂

  • Cian
    Cian 6 months ago +1

    Can this just be a weekly series?

  • Luke Wildey
    Luke Wildey 6 months ago +6

    @7:29 literally wondered this the other day while watching Prison Break before Bagwell was arrested, and when he was, the officer handcuffed his one hand to the grab handle on the roof interior!!

  • silvio Bright
    silvio Bright 6 months ago +1

    Your starting laugh is me after checking the united score

  • James Beattie
    James Beattie 6 months ago

    Oh i think im over tired the first one made me laugh 😂
    And the grandma one
    And the hands up one
    Nice fart

  • PrinceFluff
    PrinceFluff 6 months ago

    Ciarán should open his next TNTL with a very loud, over exaggerated HA HA HA

  • no name
    no name 6 months ago

    I liked the part when he called me a saucy bitch

  • Prettymuchxlexi
    Prettymuchxlexi 6 months ago +3

    ‘Sometimes my brain says no’ - yes

  • Sophie Gh
    Sophie Gh 6 months ago

    I've been avoiding the video in the tumbnail for a good while now...time to face my fears...

  • Ewok Master527
    Ewok Master527 6 months ago

    Great vid your really awesome!!!!!!!

  • chibimonroll
    chibimonroll 6 months ago +1

    i can't help but smile when i see you upload istg

  • Charlie Denchfield
    Charlie Denchfield 6 months ago +1

    Big C got to let you know you got a few extra bread hairs on your left side

  • Nadia Trend
    Nadia Trend 6 months ago +1

    New laugh is very regal. 11/10.

  • Charlie Denchfield
    Charlie Denchfield 6 months ago +16

    He seems like the guy in primary school that ate glue and blew bubbles out his nose

    • Charlie Denchfield
      Charlie Denchfield 6 months ago +2

      @Ciarán Carlin we’ve all seen the dog no need to flex!

    • Ciarán Carlin
      Ciarán Carlin  6 months ago +28

      I’ll have you know I actually made comic books and had intense anxiety 💅🏻

  • P K
    P K 6 months ago

    So judging by the use of "out of pocket", both Ciaran and the subreddit he found them on, don't have a clue what the phrase means

    • P K
      P K 6 months ago

      @Ciarán Carlin gotta respect the hustle.

    • Ciarán Carlin
      Ciarán Carlin  6 months ago +1

      TheXvid algorithm lets goooooo

  • Nathaniel Godfrey
    Nathaniel Godfrey 6 months ago

    My man is like the mr bean of youtube

  • James Peat
    James Peat 6 months ago +4

    I have an uncle with no legs who got arrested, they handcuffed his ankles and sat him on the pavement until they were ready to put him in the car!

    • illegirl
      illegirl 6 months ago

      @ThisGirlLikesTurtles they said he had no legs, not no ankles 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • ThisGirlLikesTurtles
      ThisGirlLikesTurtles 6 months ago +5

      do you mean no arms?

  • Velocity Peasant
    Velocity Peasant 6 months ago +1

    Remember when you thought tiktok was awful and the worst thing ever? How the mighty have fallen

  • Brandon M
    Brandon M 6 months ago +2

    That one about Hayley/Rachel was a bit mad 😬

  • bee
    bee 6 months ago

    that little.. comment .. after the snowman one was UNCALLED FOR

  • Eli Jones
    Eli Jones 6 months ago

    lovely laugh !!

  • sheepix
    sheepix 6 months ago

    I swear everytime I watch these I'm so confused how he finds the least funny tiktoks

  • sunny
    sunny 6 months ago

    0:12 reversed jimmy carr lmao

  • Crazy Generation
    Crazy Generation 6 months ago

    nice laugh

  • Nathan R
    Nathan R 6 months ago

    not me thinking you were wearing a panic at the disco hoodie

  • ʞɔılℲ Еvаиs
    ʞɔılℲ Еvаиs 6 months ago +7

    Please do another skate progression video if u name it my 1 year skate progression it'll get loads of views cos those vids always randomly pop up and the skate vid u did was one of my faves

  • suryansh
    suryansh 6 months ago

    Can confirm they did the legs

  • Evan Hill
    Evan Hill 6 months ago

    It was a pleasure to bump into you at Max’s show Tuesday night!

  • Max Glen
    Max Glen 6 months ago +1

    Your poster wall is sick

  • Nathan R
    Nathan R 6 months ago

    Love ciáran supporting the gays

  • Mike LFC
    Mike LFC 6 months ago

    Where you been? How do you pay bills? Are you editing other people's stuff?

  • Big 🅖
    Big 🅖 6 months ago

    Looking at Ciaran’s “poster” wall, Baby Driver is a banging film

    • illegirl
      illegirl 6 months ago +1

      Why is poster in suspicious quotation marks?

  • Daniel Novo
    Daniel Novo 6 months ago

    Bro not gonna lie but you give me Mr Beans vibes

    • Ciarán Carlin
      Ciarán Carlin  6 months ago

      That’s OK fella I’ve had that a million times before

  • Hanna
    Hanna 6 months ago

    do people send u stuff or do u/ur editor collect them?

    • Ciarán Carlin
      Ciarán Carlin  6 months ago +1

      sometimes I watch premade comps on TheXvid but sometimes from submissions on Twitter, so send me at @ciarcarlin on Twitter anytime!

  • cretzj
    cretzj 6 months ago +1

    sorry for not coming early to a video in a while, i have been busy.
    i shall like this video in apology

  • Emmie
    Emmie 6 months ago

    Simlish 😂

  • Lucy Offer
    Lucy Offer 6 months ago

    Hahah luv u

  • Xto9
    Xto9 6 months ago +1


  • GIGN squad1
    GIGN squad1 6 months ago +4

    willine levels of content levels

  • AlphaXR
    AlphaXR 6 months ago +1

    6:34 The Sims impression

    • illegirl
      illegirl 6 months ago

      It’s any sims lol

  • flof
    flof 6 months ago


  • Lando Welch
    Lando Welch 6 months ago

    Hate those dugs man absolutely stinkin

  • Zach Friend
    Zach Friend 6 months ago

    Mr beans back

  • Stormy
    Stormy 6 months ago +1


  • Postmanpeppa :/
    Postmanpeppa :/ 6 months ago

    Why is last video age restricted?

    • illegirl
      illegirl 6 months ago

      @Ciarán Carlin that was the best bit 😂

    • Ciarán Carlin
      Ciarán Carlin  6 months ago +3

      Think it was the woman getting kicked by the policeman hahaha

  • blue seys
    blue seys 6 months ago +1

    ciarán, i hate to break it to you, but your simlish is diabolical.

    • Ciarán Carlin
      Ciarán Carlin  6 months ago +2

      Wasn’t my best, knew that halfway through but soldiered on hahaha

  • jjthepizzaman
    jjthepizzaman 6 months ago


  • tom houston
    tom houston 6 months ago

    Vote to ban TikTok from the channel forever..

  • pvz heroes pro player
    pvz heroes pro player 6 months ago