BIRDS OF PREY - Official Trailer 1

  • Published on Oct 1, 2019
  • BIRDS OF PREY only in theaters February 7, 2020
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  • unholyiiamas
    unholyiiamas Hour ago

    Can't wait for this to be disappointing!

  • XxxLapis boyxxX
    XxxLapis boyxxX 2 hours ago

    Where Poison Ivy

  • TheNerd Abides
    TheNerd Abides 4 hours ago

    Man I can’t wait to watch this

  • Soarin Skies
    Soarin Skies 9 hours ago

    Harley: I’m the one they should be afraid of not Mr.J, ME!
    Ewan Mcgregor: *so uncivilized*

  • Pedro Guerra
    Pedro Guerra 10 hours ago

    Amazing trailer!

  • 藤崎燐
    藤崎燐 12 hours ago +1

    Edith Piaf - L’hymne à l’amour

  • Kristine Smart
    Kristine Smart 16 hours ago +1

    Thank God for younger generation; finally chicks are getting there own tough characters.

  • Kabali Ratxa
    Kabali Ratxa 17 hours ago

    broke up? nop.... mcu hired him

  • Garda
    Garda 18 hours ago

    I see woman version of deadpool :v

    MEGA OKTAV 20 hours ago

    Pengen nonton :(

  • Murrytmds
    Murrytmds 23 hours ago

    on one hand, no more leto joker. On the other hand.. That was the one Joker that actually seemed like he gave a real shit about Quinn? So going the "I don't need you anymore" and them breaking up is kinda.. lame. I woulda like to have seen a joker/quinn relationship that wasn't one sided... just with you know.. a better joker.

  • Roxanne Kress
    Roxanne Kress Day ago

    Should’ve used fairuza balk instead

  • Sandeep S
    Sandeep S Day ago

    Please release in Hindi in India

  • Sandeep S
    Sandeep S Day ago

    Please release in Hindi

  • Sandeep S
    Sandeep S Day ago

    Please release in Hindi

  • Abdul Qawez
    Abdul Qawez Day ago

    Joker is now Morbius

  • Suvannah Griffin

    I liked Jared Leto's joker better than any other just sayin

  • Fuct Airlines
    Fuct Airlines Day ago


  • Lusdaily Monte
    Lusdaily Monte Day ago

    Harley : the joker and i broke up
    Me : i am shokiht but why 😭😭😢

  • Rob V
    Rob V Day ago

    You Kno how they could make this a decent movie... Show Harley's getting railed! That movie I'll go see!

  • Avis LYON
    Avis LYON Day ago

    The song sounds let there be day harley ouinzel sings

  • NKDs
    NKDs Day ago

    what song

  • Jake Sergeant
    Jake Sergeant Day ago

    Anyone know what this song is?

  • P Burrows
    P Burrows Day ago

    I really hope this is good, cause the trailer looks great!

  • Dooolaay
    Dooolaay Day ago

    This movie looks terrible.

  • BYROXI 5000
    BYROXI 5000 Day ago +1

    The music....
    Vive cette musique française historiquement indémodable. 😍😀

  • amjnyc79
    amjnyc79 Day ago +24

    “The Joker and I broke up”
    “Mama needs a daddy with a golden globe!!”

  • Pink Nosebleed
    Pink Nosebleed Day ago

    A harlequin is a pattern, a type of duck, or a pantomime performer. Not a thot with regrets.

  • Nostradumbass 8
    Nostradumbass 8 Day ago +4

    Deadpool: perfect MCU character for a R rated release and killed it.
    Harley Quinn: is NOT Deadpool

  • Nostradumbass 8
    Nostradumbass 8 Day ago

    Kill Bill on meth.

  • Deja Taylor
    Deja Taylor Day ago +1

    So um where is Poison Ivy?? or am I just missing her here

    • Deja Taylor
      Deja Taylor 14 hours ago

      Lucifer 666 right that’s what I was thinking so I figured they throw her bestie in there just to have fun with it but hey 🤷🏼‍♀️ same here

    • Lucifer 666
      Lucifer 666 14 hours ago

      Poison Ivy was never really apart of the Birds of Prey. Then again, neither was Harley Quinn and this film seems like it focuses around her 🤷

  • Amir Mcphearson
    Amir Mcphearson Day ago +1

    This trailer is much better the second trailer

  • Chounette
    Chounette Day ago +1

    This remix of hymne a l'amour is amazing ❤️
    My female friends told me that it was a feminist movie and that they were tired of this feminism propaganda. It is sad to see that when a strong female character breaks in there is this "feminism propaganda" coming through.. Anyway I'll see it, it looks like a good movie ^^

  • Abram Sullivan
    Abram Sullivan 2 days ago

    Man Obi-wan/Danny Torrence finally embraced the dark side/the shining to be a mob boss Roman Sionis aka Black Mask.

  • Richard McCauley
    Richard McCauley 2 days ago

    Illuminati @00:03

  • Mistiqq
    Mistiqq 2 days ago +3

    Okay, but why does she look so iconic with short ponytails and her hair down?

  • Julene Stephanie Good
    Julene Stephanie Good 2 days ago +1

    Eh the first movie is always better than the second movie.

  • Richard Hirviniemi
    Richard Hirviniemi 2 days ago

    Ok Miranda

  • sxwthvndzl
    sxwthvndzl 2 days ago

    Looks like it's gonna be boring 😕

  • Christopher Jansen Ng

    I have a feeling the movie will Bomb.
    The trailer looks weak, as it’s supposed to be show casing the excitement of what will come. Comparing it to the Black Widow & WonderWoman 1984, it doesn’t make the cut!

  • Sara Freeman
    Sara Freeman 2 days ago

    I'm 13 I really want to see this movie in theaters am I aloud in the theaters if I have my dad with me?

  • Shaza Edrees
    Shaza Edrees 2 days ago +1

    the movie is ok but am watching this for ewan mcgegor coz he have a higher ground !

  • ResearcherOne
    ResearcherOne 2 days ago

    looks like more liberal girl power and of course the black girl will be a lesbian. i will wait for netflix..

  • love ps3
    love ps3 2 days ago +1

    Shit Hot TRASH sick of Femnism smfh it will flop like Charlies Angels

  • Stephen Mooney
    Stephen Mooney 2 days ago

    Bjork's song's comment section brought me here...

  • Gary Bea
    Gary Bea 2 days ago

    Margot Robbie is perfect, but this movie script stinks of leftism. Things that are supposed to be jokes which just aren't funny, unrealistic "girl power" lines, cringey scenes that are only entertaining to emotion-seeking leftards. Hollywood's learnt nothing from Ghostbusters2016. Now let's watch as Rotten Tomatoes critics give it high praise while real people say it sucks and leftists say everyone that isn't them hates the movie because they're misogynist and racist.

  • carlwinslo
    carlwinslo 3 days ago

    This looks horrendous. I wonder if this will be another one of those corporate products made to make money under the guise of "its all about diversity and if you dont like it you are sexist and racist!" Hopefully its just the trailer that looks terrible and the movie isnt but man... that trailer looks like a shit and blood stained aborted fetus.

  • geneweaveskdot
    geneweaveskdot 3 days ago +26

    I love that she kyind off hyas a Jersey acsyent.


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  • Manny
    Manny 3 days ago

    Mary Elizabeth Winstead? That's all you had to say

  • Diego Norrea
    Diego Norrea 3 days ago +1

    Another shitty feminista movie 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Christina valentine
    Christina valentine 3 days ago

    I better see atleast one canary cry idgaf😭

  • Samuel Choy
    Samuel Choy 3 days ago +20

    The person singing is Edith Piaf for anyone who is wondering...
    Edit: Hymne à l’amour

    • Samuel Choy
      Samuel Choy 10 hours ago

      Kristine Smart without a doubt. She’s a babe.

    • Kristine Smart
      Kristine Smart 16 hours ago +1

      Thanks for that. One of most famous of the French singers.

  • Markee Dacuycuy Mina

    1984 vs The Birds of Prey the same member in Justice League's

  • Jacob H.
    Jacob H. 3 days ago +4

    Man we get like a fanatic joker movie and a completely shit Harley Quinn movie

  • Crabmonster2239
    Crabmonster2239 3 days ago

    They made joker/Joaquin Phoenix like it was actually a real life story that happened to a man this is gonna be like some girl with fucking bombs.

  • Mac Ferreira
    Mac Ferreira 3 days ago

    I'll watch whatever Margot Robbie is doing

  • Mandy Dunn
    Mandy Dunn 3 days ago

    Can't wait to watch it

  • Xion Temoc
    Xion Temoc 3 days ago

    SHITTY FEMALE CASTING!!!!!!! (Other than Harley) writing seems cheesey AF too

    • emanBML
      emanBML 3 days ago

      Xion Temoc it's a similar script to suicide squad

  • adam bump
    adam bump 3 days ago +2

    Harley Quinn: "I'm the one they should be scared of not you."
    (Glances at the entire Graveyards that the Joker has filled)
    Me: "Yeah sure you're the one we need to fear (Rolls eyes then whispers) the Level of feminism in this is obnoxiously High."

    • adam bump
      adam bump 2 days ago

      I'm just saying that claiming to be scarier than the Joker is like claiming that you could out Martial Arts Bruce Lee or like you could best Chuck Norris in a contest of measuring badassery it's like trying to out scream Black Canary or trying to rob Cat Woman you're just not gonna do it it's no contest. Look the whole point is you can write badass and interesting Female Characters without all this woke feminist diversity bullshit getting in the way they were doing this years ago too in both Movies, Video Games and Comic Books so why not now alright here just off the top of my head Wonder Woman, Sarah Connor, Ellen Ripley, Trinity, Jill Valentine, Lara Croft Scarlet Witch & Black Widow. All them are incredible and they don't need to that kind of crap to make them badass though I will admit Batwoman was way worse than Harley like it's painfully clear what they trying to do and it all was a load of bullshit.

    • Witcchy MSP
      Witcchy MSP 2 days ago

      here we have a fragile teenage boy