Richard Ayoade: "I've Never Seen a Pantomime" | The Crystal Maze Christmas Special


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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  27 days ago +3

    Watch the FULL episode here:

  • Eric Burkheimer
    Eric Burkheimer 16 days ago +2

    As an American neither have I. Never even heard of it until I started watching a lot more British television. It actually sounds fun.

    • Media
      Media 10 days ago

      +Eric Burkheimer They are fun they can be really good. I mean they are aimed at kids, but just like animated film they have a of jokes which work both for the children but on a different level for adults.

    • Eric Burkheimer
      Eric Burkheimer 10 days ago +1

      +Media we don't have them here in the states. But it sounds like fun.

    • Media
      Media 10 days ago

      You've never seen a Pantomime? They are the most camp shows that exist.

  • mrs anonymous
    mrs anonymous 17 days ago +1

    neither have i.
    ever saw a panto b4.

  • Craigy Moz
    Craigy Moz 17 days ago

    I fucking love Richard Ayoade man 😂

  • Grey Sky
    Grey Sky 17 days ago +6

    "This is probably the least dignified thing Jamie has done...that has been televised."

  • Jack
    Jack 17 days ago

    whats up with the shit quality?

  • EnoVarma
    EnoVarma 17 days ago +24

    Few people could pull off that red suit.

  • The GDPWhyTea?
    The GDPWhyTea? 17 days ago