New Barn Tour and Bronco Exhaust is MINTY!!!

  • Published on Nov 29, 2021
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  • Follow The Compass North

    I worked Tyler's recovery in Kyrgystan in 2013. It was a high altitude mechanical malfunction that caused the aircraft to twist apart. The debris covered miles and miles of gentle rolling green fields. The details aren't the point here. The point is that he didn't suffer. They all died instantly and we were able to recover the remains of the crew. That was a rough year. We also lost a cargo 747 around that same time. Working rescue can be highly rewarding, but also extremely solemn. Matt, if you read this, thank you for honoring your friend and my brother in arms. It means a lot to us.

  • redknight1322

    Matt, as a mechanic I'd suggest some bench overhead lights attached to your hardwired workbenches to provide more concentrated work lighting. It'll help reduce shadows and give you a well-lit work area to find all of your tools, pieces, and parts when doing a job.

  • Marshall Van Nus

    - Fire suppression, such as well accessible ABC extinguishers throughout.

  • MaX Falstein


  • Greg Hercher

    I love how Matt remembers and tells every little detail of that memory with his friends and that truck. I am 34 now, served in the Marines and lost a few long time friends for various reasons over the years and seeing the way he feels about that truck just reminds me of all of them.

  • Felix Toxxic

    Networking (Ethernet, WiFi), security cameras, access control.

  • TactiSquirrel

    A 2 ton overhead crane would make big projects a lot easier.

  • Viola Meyers

    Plan a second story area above the closed finished area for storage, you will have a lot of upper space open that you can use. This option may be to late in the build process.

  • Cannon Burton

    Hey Matt, we recently put all of our equipment on Battery Tenders!

  • julian valdiviezo

    People aren’t perfect, sometimes people make mistakes, glad they took responsibility and fixed your exhaust for free as they should

  • Jean-Paul Simon

    You need either a rolling gantry crane, or far more useful, a bridge crane. Even if you have always made do without, once you have one, not a week will go by without you using it. Fantastic for loading / unloading heavy equipment. Would be very easy to build now while the building is empty.

  • DWS Outdoors

    Overhead Crane's - Vehicle Storage Racks not just post lifts - Full Fabrication Shop Wood/Metal - Industrial Shop Swamp Cooler - Vehicle Wheel Dollys (Put under wheels and push cars around by hand) - Proper Vent Fans with movable vacuum suction! You will thank me if this all gets done!

  • Matt B
    Matt B  +131

    Don’t do black. Also keep the floor simple. For a shop you have to go functionality over looks 100% of the time. If you do crazy flakes on the floor it will become an endless pit of lost items.

  • RayKM6010
    RayKM6010  +13

    The Bronco should be Lincolns first truck. Then you can at least imagine all the crazy stuff him and his friends are doing. Awwh good times.

  • Mitchell Jones

    Definitely could do with having a welder in the shop with multiple 220v outlets to work wherever possible. Might be a good idea too if you want to share the shop

  • Boogity Tron

    Regardless of how good a company is eventually they will have an “ off day”.

  • Wes D
    Wes D  +2

    Love it, glad you are doing that Bronco as you see fit. Your buddy would certainly dig it. Some things should be restored to how you remember them so you can find some kind of solace in them. Props to you Matt.

  • Jean-Marc and Joshua - Pets, journal and Vlogs.

    You did a great deed Matt. Tyler, thank you for your service and sacrifice. You have the memories Matt and the truck is good hands.

  • No Problem Houston

    Exhaust fans in the ceiling, first aid and eye wash station, a tank to dispose of used fluids, wash bay, and if you are going to go black on the walls the best option would be to do a white epoxy or similar to the floor to help make up for the tremendous amount of light lost in the shop from the black walls.

  • Mr. Marc G.

    Glad to see the Bronco getting done. Thank you Tyler, rest in peace.