• Published on May 12, 2013

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  • Joey Joe
    Joey Joe Hour ago

    6 years later its still hilarious

  • KingIraq 456
    KingIraq 456 Hour ago

    Ami vs Gordon Ramsey

  • lovely dreams
    lovely dreams 2 hours ago

    God give her help

  • lovely dreams
    lovely dreams 2 hours ago

    HOW have they been married for 10 years

  • lovely dreams
    lovely dreams 2 hours ago

    Amy is psychotic

  • anonymous gamer
    anonymous gamer 2 hours ago

    i highly suggest to amy that please do it in our country . even if she's a girl , she'll be totally beaten up by people until she accepts the reality 😁😁😁😁

  • lovely dreams
    lovely dreams 2 hours ago

    their attitude is TERRIBLE. holy shit.

  • lovely dreams
    lovely dreams 2 hours ago


  • Justin Rogelio
    Justin Rogelio 3 hours ago

    am I the only one looking through the comments trying to find amy raging through em?

  • EvTheBoss 1122
    EvTheBoss 1122 3 hours ago

    Guy: *orders food and doesn’t get any*
    Also guy: *leaves*
    Samy: *yoU beTteR fUckInG paY*

  • Matt Virginia
    Matt Virginia 3 hours ago

    I wonder what would happen if you told Amy that god doesn’t exist (not that god doesn’t, have your own beliefs.)

  • Rooja Azam
    Rooja Azam 4 hours ago

    This is tv gold 😂😂😂😂

  • Adam Strix
    Adam Strix 4 hours ago

    The owners they look like jewish if I’m not mistaken.
    I’m addicted to this Tv show

  • 「 Sunshine 」
    「 Sunshine 」 4 hours ago +2

    Amy: *serves you food*
    Costumer: *gags from the food*
    Sammy: DoN'T oFfENd mA WiFe!
    Sammy: LEAVE NOW!!
    Me: No wonder she gaged because of the food because Amy cooks like a freaking evil person

  • spidY
    spidY 5 hours ago

    I love how gordon was just speechless in the first night.

  • Kalt Levaya
    Kalt Levaya 5 hours ago

    “I make excellent food!”

    Customer: PFFFFFF

  • Henrik bjørnstad
    Henrik bjørnstad 6 hours ago

    What a stupid fucking bitch

  • Yaser Abdul
    Yaser Abdul 6 hours ago

    Is this all scripted?

  • Michael Atias
    Michael Atias 6 hours ago

    I'm never going there

  • marc blossom
    marc blossom 7 hours ago

    borderline to the max

  • Tamara Csipkés
    Tamara Csipkés 8 hours ago

    Is this for real ? Or just for tv sake .. wtf i mean wtf ? :)

  • Petar Katalina
    Petar Katalina 8 hours ago +1

    Who watched the whole episode 🙃🙃🙃

  • Inderjeet Samajdar
    Inderjeet Samajdar 9 hours ago

    i would have punched in that old fuck in the face even if it meant getting arrested and time in prison.

  • દ:
    દ: 9 hours ago +1


    *_top 10 rappers Eminem is afraid to diss_*

  • Gift Psw
    Gift Psw 10 hours ago

    ถ้าจริงเช่น คงป่วยทั้งคู่ เเละนอนตายไปด้วยกัน .. อาเมน

  • Gift Psw
    Gift Psw 10 hours ago


  • FREAK23
    FREAK23 10 hours ago +1

    Crazy Bitch 😱😨😲😵

  • JLGNieuwenhof
    JLGNieuwenhof 11 hours ago

    Rarely you find a chef that's so high on imaginary LSD she might actually take it on a dailly basis.

  • Jimbo Jambo
    Jimbo Jambo 11 hours ago

    now i know where key and peele got their "meegan" character from

  • Reval x
    Reval x 11 hours ago

    Gordan Ramsay: can i go to the kitchen
    Sammy: sure!
    Amy: *says a whole speech about bullying*
    Gordon Ramsay: l-

  • Avocado Bob
    Avocado Bob 11 hours ago

    was that amy schumer?

  • Rishika Gupta
    Rishika Gupta 12 hours ago

    Okay I have NEVER seen THIS over confident lady🙄

  • Rianna Niculae
    Rianna Niculae 12 hours ago +1

    I just want it hit that bitch

    Like to do it together

  • Lucas Snepvangers
    Lucas Snepvangers 13 hours ago

    When he takes the bite of the burger.

  • anaheim bucketsquad
    anaheim bucketsquad 13 hours ago

    Actually toxic persons

  • n u s a
    n u s a 14 hours ago

    she has the crazy eyes

  • Ethan Quach
    Ethan Quach 14 hours ago

    i wonder if their store shutdown like that other episode of kitchen nightmares with the ice cream store run by couple. I cant
    remember exactly but someone commented that a month later after being on the show the ice cream store closed for good lmao.

  • Adam Christopher
    Adam Christopher 14 hours ago

    Miranda, you absolute honey, you can sit on my face anytime you want.

  • Gares
    Gares 15 hours ago +7

    Owner says to help them with their restaurant.
    Gordan gives feedback
    Owner - "get out"

    PAUL IS AWESOME 15 hours ago

    she is nuts

  • Pukero_ Roos
    Pukero_ Roos 15 hours ago +1

    😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳Iam traumatized

  • Ju
    Ju 15 hours ago

    people: asking for chef Gordon Ramsay help
    also people: U dOn'T kNoW aNyTHing AboUT foOd.
    So why tf u asking his help lmao

  • Amazed
    Amazed 15 hours ago

    Miranda and Katie deserved so much more.
    Literally worked under fucking everything from not getting tips, having worse than Satan management, getting fired for beyond ridiculous reasons, insanely high turnover rate of workers, and a beyond shitty working atmosphere.
    Thank fuck their business went to shit, but I wonder what happened to the services staff? Sure as hell somewhere bloody better, only way is up from there.

    Also Miranda is cute, eternally optimistic/smiling. You can tell nothing will ruin her day the way she handles the owners!

  • jake jahng
    jake jahng 16 hours ago

    Amy: i can take the truth
    Gordon: the food is dis-
    Amy: omg im done. Im leaving.

  • Valentyn Slavetskyi
    Valentyn Slavetskyi 17 hours ago

    "I hope it hurts him". She is a fucking sociopath

  • PT2
    PT2 17 hours ago

    Borderline 101

  • Breanna
    Breanna 17 hours ago

    I knew I recognized the crazy woman! She was on Dr Phil too. Not surprised. There's something wrong with her.

  • Sheroum Christ
    Sheroum Christ 17 hours ago


  • Tiger Cowan
    Tiger Cowan 17 hours ago

    Amy is a fuckin evil bitch , she clearly needs therapy. She's a shitty cook too , she thinks she is good. Sammy is a cunt who takes his servers tips. Their food and service were obviously shit Tbh how the fuck were they not shut down 👊👊👊 Fucking idiots, it fucks me off.

  • Tyler Lopez
    Tyler Lopez 17 hours ago

    She really Is crazy

  • Maria Jackson
    Maria Jackson 17 hours ago

    She would have been better off with a bakery considering how good her sweets and cakes look.
    She is not meant to be a restaurant chef though...

  • Vivi ane
    Vivi ane 18 hours ago

    Damn psycho alert

  • I'm a potato ;-;
    I'm a potato ;-; 19 hours ago +1

    ...and I thought Sammy was her dad

  • NightcoreHeaven
    NightcoreHeaven 19 hours ago

    Honestly, hope she dies

  • Kevin The cube
    Kevin The cube 19 hours ago +1

    I’m waiting for Gordon to just pull out a gun and shoot one of these idiots

  • Simeon Nikulin
    Simeon Nikulin 20 hours ago +2

    Customer: dies from the food

    Amy: *they're just haters*

  • BunnyRambo
    BunnyRambo 20 hours ago

    You seriously running ads on stolen property

  • Chacha 23032003
    Chacha 23032003 20 hours ago

    I wish i had a little bit of her confidence. Just a bit 😅

  • Lesego Mvundla
    Lesego Mvundla 21 hour ago

    Unfucking believable


    Amy, I've had more successful playthroughs of Sonic 3 than this entire restaurant has when it comes to food.

  • Baby Jane
    Baby Jane Day ago

    Why is Gordon so sexy to me? Omg

  • Adrian So
    Adrian So Day ago

    Smartest thing to do! Pay for nothing and call the police

  • 808Fee
    808Fee Day ago +1

    Dinner with a pucker factor! Enjoy!

    BOZKESH Day ago

    Loopy C..t

  • paula vieira
    paula vieira Day ago

    he was really calm with her-

  • paula vieira
    paula vieira Day ago

    you can see that it doesn't matter if the food is really bad, he always has a certain of respect for the waiter's, he jokes and gives smiles and things like that

  • 桜Asmr
    桜Asmr Day ago

    Amy look likes Taylor Swift lol 😂

  • Cor Ma
    Cor Ma Day ago

    There's so much defiance in her eyes. The defiance of a six-year old being told off by her daddy for wanting another pony. She makes me think of Veruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

  • special ned
    special ned Day ago

    I’m so drunk

  • Lukas Williams
    Lukas Williams Day ago

    Why the fuck does she look like beavis from beavis and butthead
    Wait letterman I brought an animal

  • Lukas Williams
    Lukas Williams Day ago

    The pizzas a bit raw

  • Galactical Bear
    Galactical Bear Day ago

    AbC 1 2 complete shit

  • Mariam Amgad
    Mariam Amgad Day ago

    That restaurant says "Customer are not always right"
    *Gordon Ramsay comes*
    Convinces that customer is always right.

  • Sàûråbh Ñäîk
    Sàûråbh Ñäîk Day ago +4

    I. AM. IN. LOVE. WITH. MIRANDA!!! 😍😍😍 She's so damn adorable 😍

  • Foxy PLAYZ
    Foxy PLAYZ Day ago

    Amy: *Serves the food*
    All the peeps in the restaurant: *Dies*
    Amy: OmG sTop BullYinG mE

    @Amy Bouzalgo
    Amy: WhaT KInD oF BUmpS?
    Me: Gurl, the kinds of bumps are that they’re maggots eating you Food, actually nah. The maggot would eat anything except your food