How Did Palpatine Explain The Jedi Attack on his Life to the Senate? Star Wars Explained


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    Dew it!
    Happy July 4th to all my American friends!
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      Star Wars Theory I didn’t know you were Canadian! Happy 4th to you too!

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      Ace Ventura 9 days ago

      Star Wars Theory And your previous video why Hayden Cristensen played Anakin Skywalker perfectly sounds like me bragging about being born on the year of RoTS. Coincidence? I don't think so...

    • Ace Ventura
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      Star Wars Theory I have a theory. Hayden Christensen is Canadian, You are Canadian and your logo is Anakin Skywalker, Hayden's character. You are Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen).

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    This novelization is really marvelous...

  • JPhoenix_ 10
    JPhoenix_ 10 2 days ago

    Why would he have to explain it to himself?

  • Fluctuation Media
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    by dewing a reenactment of course

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  • Luke Nicholls
    Luke Nicholls 5 days ago

    Is this not just an assumption or your own imagination? Not criticising just curious

  • King Kid Caesar
    King Kid Caesar 5 days ago

    Revenge of the Sith is the only Star Wars movie where I felt there was an actual war going on.

  • Thomas Lawson
    Thomas Lawson 6 days ago

    What was the book called?

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    Could you do a video on if Coleman Kcaj survived please?

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    Retcon via books, handy that...

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    Get a life u sad cunts

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    You know he had to do it to 'em

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    I love palaptine this motherfucker is so evil but he was so funny

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    So he explained it to himself.

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    The Senate

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    I love democracy....

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    If he locked the door how did Aniken get in

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    A Sith LAWD????? DEW IT

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    Most awesome vid!!!!!!!

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    Doesn’t make no sense and is completely unbelievable sorry but it’s terrible

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  • SKTW 890
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    How the Senate convinced the Senate that the Jedi attacked the Senate

  • MrBeful
    MrBeful 9 days ago

    Starwars is dead

  • John Diggle
    John Diggle 9 days ago

    He told them it would be treason if they didn't listen.

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    I’m a subscriber and I acc love these video but how is it trending

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    Frank Gialanella 9 days ago

    I want the blue one anakins lightsaber this was an awesome video theory have a good one bro peace ✌️

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    What book was this written in?

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  • J. Michael Miller
    J. Michael Miller 9 days ago

    Mace did win, but because Sidious played him

  • TheLeewi98
    TheLeewi98 10 days ago

    But how did he explain how he was able to survive from the attack? Did the security arrive or did anakin save him?

  • KeirTecheonVlogs
    KeirTecheonVlogs 10 days ago

    12 on trending well done good vid

  • Tuatha De Danann
    Tuatha De Danann 10 days ago

    with his brain, lungs and mouth.

  • Josh gaming and stuff
    Josh gaming and stuff 10 days ago

    He just talked to himself

  • Joshua Powell-Laide
    Joshua Powell-Laide 10 days ago

    Isn't the first Jedi who dies stabbed in the stomach rather than having his head cut off

  • White Lotus
    White Lotus 10 days ago

    Off Topic: Is sith sorcery the same as sith alchemy or completely different

  • JaffaCakeJessica
    JaffaCakeJessica 10 days ago

    I'd like to see a 'what-if' scenario if Palpatine sought to further discredit the Jedi by simply not resisting arrest and using this recording to discredit Anakin in the eyes of the council, driving him even further into the dark side and possibly causing divergent events. If he did this, the Senate would already be on his side as all they would see is a Jedi order that's become too powerful that attempted a bloodless coup.

  • Simon Farrell
    Simon Farrell 10 days ago

    Further evidence that Mace did not win and Palp lost on purpose

  • Sunshine Smith
    Sunshine Smith 10 days ago

    What is your favourite character

  • Tim Woods
    Tim Woods 10 days ago +1

    From my point of view Jedi are evil, and Palpatine just brought peace and freedom to Empire

  • Carlos Rios
    Carlos Rios 10 days ago

    Obi Wan's lightsaber is my favorite

  • Dimwit
    Dimwit 10 days ago +4

    I wonder how Palpatine explained all the dead bodies.

  • Primal Rex
    Primal Rex 10 days ago

    I'm sure off screen he asked the senate whether they knew about the legend of Darth Plagueis the wise

  • Spectrum
    Spectrum 10 days ago

    Is this even canon?? It's contradicting everything that happened on the film!!! I get that a lot of stuff is not canon anymore, but even back then this was canon?

  • Captain Fordo
    Captain Fordo 10 days ago

    He had to do it to em

  • Jack M
    Jack M 10 days ago

    Why would palpatine explain that to himself?!?

  • The Senate
    The Senate 10 days ago +4

    I am the Senate

    Senate: Applause 👏🏾

  • J A
    J A 10 days ago

    It was genius how Sidious set the Jedi up.

  • bigbubba
    bigbubba 10 days ago

    Why didnt Lucas add this in the movie

  • Karol Clark
    Karol Clark 10 days ago

    The title is wrong it should be how the Senate explained the jedi attack to himself

  • matthew mann
    matthew mann 10 days ago

    The Senate was already the Senate hence he did not need a excuse

  • All Corruption Exposed

    Great video :)

    BDRT_W4RZ 10 days ago

    Meet Maul no not that one this one you can actually talk to

  • professore
    professore 10 days ago

    Basically what I said in a comment on your previous vid: the audio he recorded lol

  • Isma
    Isma 10 days ago

    "It's treason then..."

  • 50 50
    50 50 10 days ago

    Exactly as it happened with propoganda and a solution to the Jedi that threatens the Senate.

  • Star Wars Theories
    Star Wars Theories 10 days ago +1

    What if kitfisto survived in Star wars revenge of the sith

  • Jacob Houston
    Jacob Houston 11 days ago

    Palpatine: I rule over all of you, so just sit down, and be humble. Senate: Yes chancellor

  • Chris Thomas
    Chris Thomas 11 days ago

    Clickbait you keep uploading the same videos just with a diffrent title everytime how many times have i heard mace windu v palpatine just with a diffrent because your running out of ideas. Lets talk about the future of star wars the prequels are over ten years old

  • Robbie Anson
    Robbie Anson 11 days ago

    But I never put the full book so I want to know how that one actually would tie in with the Canon for the box and I think that this is kind of ridiculous of a saying that Mace window was the bad guy and that is the only part I find kind ridiculous

  • Joey Harmon
    Joey Harmon 11 days ago

    So this means the novels written about the movies can’t be canon, because this is vastly different than what happened in the movie.

    • Uto Resa 519
      Uto Resa 519 10 days ago

      It was canon in legends.Part of them.But no it was removed in the Disney canon

  • Ritschij
    Ritschij 11 days ago

    Why was Yoda the only frog in star wars?

  • Wicked Crayon
    Wicked Crayon 11 days ago

    Love him or hate him. You’ve got to respect the sheer genius Palpatine possessed.

  • Don Faist
    Don Faist 11 days ago

    Everyone is entitled to how they feel and how that makes them react, I get it. I finally got to see SOLO with my family yesterday. Those who boycotted, missed an entertaining film.

  • Lacon Combs
    Lacon Combs 11 days ago

    We saw it in the movie. Waste of our time.

  • darth sidious
    darth sidious 11 days ago

    remember that it didnt matter at that point of time since I AM THE SENATE

  • jimmybisk
    jimmybisk 11 days ago

    Looks like he had the whole affair planned out! Master manipulator!

  • Petargrad 2
    Petargrad 2 11 days ago

    "Palpatine is the bad guy", what Rebel propaganda is this?

  • Premium-User
    Premium-User 11 days ago

    I am zur senate!