O.J. Simpson Confesses to Murdering Nicole and Ron | TMZ News

  • Published on Mar 12, 2018
  • After 24 years any mystery surrounding the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman is over ... because O.J. Simpson confessed. FOX aired "O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession?" Sunday night and Simpson walked publisher Judith Regan through what happened on June 12, 1994.
    Harvey Levin breaks down the mind blowing interview.
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Comments • 6 851

  • Jeff Busby
    Jeff Busby 21 hour ago

    Is that fucking tony danza?

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 days ago

    This Case Was About Race Not Actually Facts Every Black Jury Wanted him to Get off - SAD

  • amy Choulat
    amy Choulat 3 days ago

    He confessed hypothetically in the book "if i did it"

  • 323 323
    323 323 3 days ago

    It was glen Rogers the serial killer

  • General Grievous Jr.

    Hypothetically I commented on this video.

  • Noah G
    Noah G 4 days ago

    Tmz is like talking to 12

    ACE IN THE COLE99 4 days ago +1

    What did Chris rock say?!? What would you do if you saw another Man driving your Ferrari dicking down your wife I not saying he should have killed her ... But I understand!!! For me when he said he got in a karate position as well I’m like shit this dude is confessing to murder!!!

  • Valerie Williams
    Valerie Williams 6 days ago

    Investigate Woody Allen's azz too...oj may be guilty,but so is a lot of other mf's too!!!

  • Valerie Williams
    Valerie Williams 6 days ago

    How about captain kirk,how about Natalie Wood husband, how about Robert Blake(Baretta).Etc...so many men killed their wives and hot away with it...double jeapordy appears to not work for blacks!

  • Uncle Jesse
    Uncle Jesse 6 days ago

    It can be argued that OJ Simpson propelled paparazzi news into a new level. The Kardashian connection makes it even worse. It was the beginning of what we see today.

  • Richard Madrigal
    Richard Madrigal 7 days ago

    But we all know he did it and used up all his money to not go to jail

  • Cornelius Leggette
    Cornelius Leggette 7 days ago

    HE DID it!!!!!

  • Rachel Wyatt
    Rachel Wyatt 9 days ago

    I remember watching the police chase as we were driving to Torrance that day. Everyone was outside of their cars watching. I grew up thinking he was innocent, 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • DarthHater100
    DarthHater100 10 days ago

    I didn't see a confession, I heard some claims made with no evidence. Pretty weak.

  • Angela Phipps
    Angela Phipps 11 days ago

    You know what. We all know that OJ is the Murderer

  • bluEYES 2X5
    bluEYES 2X5 11 days ago

    Why is he not back in prison? Wtf

  • Debbie Sturch
    Debbie Sturch 11 days ago

    Already knew he did it.

  • Mk J
    Mk J 11 days ago

    This is exactly how that guy from the west memphis 3 explained the murders. All hypothetical, and half the world thinks he is innocent lmao. Yall let that child murderer out of prison.

  • Deshun Williams
    Deshun Williams 11 days ago

    I think OJ did it... but how in hell OJ old ass was able to kill Ron Goldman?

  • The Challange
    The Challange 12 days ago

    Moral of the story is don't cheat

  • 2 Esdras 6:9
    2 Esdras 6:9 19 days ago

    Where is OJ’s confession?

  • Sorrow Uchiha
    Sorrow Uchiha 19 days ago

    It wasnt about the bag

  • Taylor Mclaren
    Taylor Mclaren 21 day ago

    He said it was hypothetical, he must be innocent.

  • Mandy Ice
    Mandy Ice 23 days ago

    only someone sick as fuck would start laughing after describing how he killed his wife and ron goldman

  • Fisher G.
    Fisher G. 24 days ago

    Lol, white people still upset about a case that closed for along time lol

  • Jeff Cockmann
    Jeff Cockmann 24 days ago

    its pretty insane that someone sat on that interview for all these years

  • Way High Radio
    Way High Radio 25 days ago

    tmz dude should brake his Illuminati spell

  • Simon Belmont
    Simon Belmont 25 days ago

    So where the hell is the murder weapon then?? It’s yet to be discovered!

  • James Franklin
    James Franklin 26 days ago

    I thought he was found not guilty

  • Moe Sander
    Moe Sander Month ago

    White people cant get over it. give it up he didnt do it man. That was a money making sting man. There was 2 people who done it maybe he set it up but he didnt do it

  • manwhofartinchurch sitsinhisownpew

    I really dont think if he did it, he was alone.

  • Turry Gladpa
    Turry Gladpa Month ago

    i wonder what megyn kelly has to say about this, hmm

  • Heather Lawson
    Heather Lawson Month ago

    People need to realize racism made him win the case. If he did it u don't have to plan or mess with evidents.

  • Heather Lawson
    Heather Lawson Month ago

    Not guilty

  • Laura Lopez
    Laura Lopez Month ago

    This isn’t a true confession. If I Did It was ghostwritten and OJ didn’t write the chapter about the night of murders in particular. Everything he is saying in the hypothetical scenario is EXACTLY like how the ghostwriter wrote it, if you actually bother to check out the book. It also doesn’t even match the physical evidence of the murders. For example, if he really took off the bloody clothes and put them in a bundle on his lap, his legs would have been covered in blood. He would’ve had to shower off the blood when he got back to Rockingham. And yet, there was no blood residue found in any of the showers at Rockingham. You guys can believe what you want but this interview is more like an infomercial for a book which he did for money.

  • Mr Jimenez
    Mr Jimenez Month ago

    And SPM is Innocent right?
    Hahahahahahaha. Guilty Fucks.

    PLASMODESMA66 Month ago

    Not a surprise Harvey , we know he did it

  • Elizabeth Dunlap
    Elizabeth Dunlap Month ago

    Harvy u are a rascist

  • Damonte Roberts
    Damonte Roberts Month ago

    Stfu dumb ass

  • arrivagabry
    arrivagabry Month ago

    shouldn't there have been dna inside that glove to prove he was wearing it?

  • Benyamin Yisrael
    Benyamin Yisrael Month ago

    NOT GUILTY!!!!

  • Lisa Cole
    Lisa Cole Month ago

    And he got away with it. We didn’t need anything extra to anger police against black folk. To called justifiable retaliation.

  • Ralph 187
    Ralph 187 Month ago

    Why does this matter its been 24 years everyone knows who did it.

  • Nina Luv
    Nina Luv Month ago

    That's Khloe Kardashian daddy

  • American Freedom
    American Freedom Month ago

    OJ has always been guilty !!

  • Gerry Wilson
    Gerry Wilson Month ago

    Obviously he perjured himself so he can be tried again even though he was acquitted. Fruit of the poison tree.

  • The lone black guy sam

    Moral of the story don't cheat

  • campos3452
    campos3452 Month ago

    FOX is guilty as well, for hiding incriminating evidence.

  • Flutter Bize
    Flutter Bize Month ago

    It was an obviously personal and rage fueled murder, I knew all along he did it. Right? Didn't most people with any common sense? Hmmmm. Reckon not. Common sense - sadly not common at all.

    • Abigail Sanchez
      Abigail Sanchez Month ago

      Flutter Bize It's obvious that most people don't have common sense, because most people didn't believe he was quilty - including the jury. He's a piece of shit.

  • Runningwild
    Runningwild Month ago

    OJ no good, if he doesn't what to go to Africa, he should go back to the ghetto.

  • joy yoj
    joy yoj Month ago

    I wish this case could be reopened with clean and clear evidence, she didn't deserve to die like that, he was jealousy and angry she moved on quickly

  • marie-elena Waldrip

    My, Dad, a very responsible, licensed gun owner and collector- always said, that any personal attacks could be handled with a weapon- Now, I am not a gun owner or user- But, can you imagine how different this event would have gone had Ronald used a gun, fired at the attacker instead of a karate chop- Just saying.... I know I will get quite a bit of flack about my statement but there you have it. My Dad also taught gun safety- It was his hobby- Above all, he wanted to make sure People were responsible and safe. Something to think about.

  • Keith Stoltzfus
    Keith Stoltzfus Month ago

    Lil late isnt it....way to go legal system....

  • Shipwreck Hubbard
    Shipwreck Hubbard Month ago

    And blacks jumped for joy when he got away with it, why? Because they could care less about a white women . There loyalty lies in race not right from wrong.

  • Egam Nibor
    Egam Nibor Month ago

    Harvey STOP!

  • Trenton L
    Trenton L Month ago

    I wasn't born yet, but im boutta just say that it was me, so I can save him the embarressment. Not that he deserves that, but I just can't with how incredibly stupid he is. Hahahahaha! Its half the most tretorous crime story ever, and half like.... kinda funny? I don't know. My mind is dark and twisted.

  • Deborah Jones
    Deborah Jones Month ago

    TMZ is good for setting people up I don't watch this show anymore they are so full of shit

  • N M
    N M Month ago


  • Dylan Gale
    Dylan Gale 2 months ago

    He already told on himself during the bronco chase when he said "I deserve to get hurt" as he was still playing his 'suicdal' game with the gun to his head. An innocent person doesn't say shit like that. We've already always known that he did this & that he most likely, almost surely had some help. That was a deeply routed passion kill & she afraid of nobody else but him, the bastard almost completely decapitated Nicole.

  • N
    N 2 months ago

    The only thing more "vile and disgusting" than O.J.'s confession is a Media and their brainwashed, guillible public who supported him 100% at the time now saying how "vile and disgusting" his confession is. Anyone not brainwashed knows full well the ZioMedia weaponized OJ and used the whole fiasco against Whites.

  • Lindsay W
    Lindsay W 2 months ago

    I feel horrible for their children. HE is SICK for putting them thru all this. Not only does he kill their mother but then doesn't have the decency to admit it and instead continues to put his children thru a never ending nightmare. Hes not throwing salt in a wound he dumping a truck full of salt in their wounds. Horrible. THEY ARE THE TRUE VICTIMS in this aftermath ...

  • CF Killer
    CF Killer 2 months ago +1

    Everybody who thinks TMZ doesn’t have proof. Search up the lost confessions and listen idiots

  • Brian Fernandez
    Brian Fernandez 2 months ago

    O.J didn’t do it

    • Tenhead
      Tenhead Month ago

      Brian Fernandez Yea he did

  • DJ Harris
    DJ Harris 2 months ago +1

    Anyone wanna scream the word "racist" now?

  • E C O
    E C O 2 months ago +2

    Are we all forgetting that there is a thing called a lie detector test? Why didn't they make him do a test?

  • Ryan
    Ryan 2 months ago

    What's hilarious to me is white ppl talking about this OJ situation like it's the most disgusting situation they've ever seen. So, a football player murdering his cheating wife vs Police officers murdering innocent ppl & children because of the color of their skin and getting off on murder. 🤔... an innocent child being murdered by a sicko for no good reason vs. a man murdering his cheating wife. What's worst is, the same white ppl say, "I'm not racist" 🤥😂😂

  • Rezzo
    Rezzo 2 months ago

    Everyone has known this for 24 years calm down, its nothing new and its not news.

  • LU DEL
    LU DEL 2 months ago

    Black people took revenge back in 94 for all the things LAPD did to them. 24 years after, America is still in controversy.

  • Cammie && Lasia Tv
    Cammie && Lasia Tv 2 months ago

    He did it....it's Soo much evidence he did it they didn't wanna believe he did it everyone knows he did it

  • Lisa Flynn
    Lisa Flynn 2 months ago

    Oh my god really?? Like we all haven't been trying to tell you that for years!!!

  • Joey Z
    Joey Z 2 months ago +1

    Dude you might not like him but you have no proof of any of this

  • italiancapo7
    italiancapo7 2 months ago

    Money buys freedom...

    IMPERFECT WOMEN OF GOD 2 months ago

    So he admits it and laughs. That man is evil and he will reap what sews. He is disgusting human being that God punish.

  • jaydidid36
    jaydidid36 2 months ago

    How can a hypothetical interview be a confession?

  • Juice Deaux
    Juice Deaux 2 months ago

    Zimmerman kills Trayvon n sales the gun, I DIDN'T SEE YOU RAGED ABOUT THAT... FOH

  • Be Tekle
    Be Tekle 2 months ago

    😂 😂😂😂

  • African Girl
    African Girl 2 months ago

    whose the man behind the tmz narrator?? lol

  • joe smith
    joe smith 2 months ago


  • joe smith
    joe smith 2 months ago


  • joe smith
    joe smith 2 months ago

    confesses?????????? we know he did it !!

  • Leel J TM
    Leel J TM 3 months ago

    Man he hating!

  • The Remnant 1611
    The Remnant 1611 3 months ago

    What a convenient time for this to magically resurface. Surely there is no media agenda here.

    TCK GODZ 3 months ago

    Double jeopardy people

  • Poker Channel
    Poker Channel 3 months ago

    oj is innocent

  • Carl Brntananaolilewski

    I've never been so excited to read these comments.

  • Gigi
    Gigi 3 months ago

    As if we didn't know he sliced them to death but I'm curious what those idiots cheering for him when they said "not guilty" do you people feel anything for those 2 white people murdered?

  • jojowopper
    jojowopper 3 months ago


  • Solo One
    Solo One 3 months ago

    C'mon Harvey you are not tell America anything that they didn't already know. All except those 12 people of course.

  • I. Wynn
    I. Wynn 3 months ago

    Harvey recently and randomly said he all of a sudden though oj was innocent, lol!

  • Cameron Angel
    Cameron Angel 3 months ago

    3 can keep a secret if 2 are dead

  • Marilyn Mack
    Marilyn Mack 3 months ago

    To bad he was tried for both murders at the same time. . .

  • Pasquale Porpora
    Pasquale Porpora 3 months ago

    He knows he's confessing. He's just still hiding...this time behind a hypothetical. But really, if you're truly innocent and you were going to engage in a hypothetical story of how you might've killed the woman you supposedly loved, wouldn't you come up with a different scenario of what actually transpired that night? Not, O.J. His hypothetical story is the actual way Nicole and Rob were murdered...stabbed to death. I mean, wtf? Even an idiot would say, "well, if I did do it, it would've probably happened this way. We would've fought over this other dude coming around...I would've grabbed her and taken her inside, we would've fought and thrown punches...things might've gotten way out of hand and I might have grabbed something heavy and hit her in the head..."
    But no. O.J. says, they died by stabbing...well this is how I would've stabbed them. Then he laughs about. This is how a psychopath confesses.

  • Nebelbalito
    Nebelbalito 3 months ago

    OJ goes ‘Nobody knows what happened that night better than me’. Harvest is right. Only people that know are Nicole, Ron and the murderer. Nicole and Ron are dead. You do the math.

  • Allen Landers
    Allen Landers 3 months ago

    It sucks, he seems guilty but guilty people get off. All these cops unlawfully shooting people get off too. People need to learn to defend themselves against whoever. Judge by twelve instead of carried by six.

  • Jack Kelly
    Jack Kelly 3 months ago

    Only black people believed he was innocent.

  • vincentrich
    vincentrich 3 months ago

    OJ Simpson is a MGTOW legend.

  • Darnell Dulaney
    Darnell Dulaney 3 months ago

    Man I thought you was a lawyer, Ron Goldman was not a pussy. Ron Goldman would have whooped OJ's butt, and there would be a lot more blood. Man you performing for the camera.

  • Jon W
    Jon W 3 months ago

    i think it is funny, when he says no one but he knows what happened better than him. the only way he would know what really happend would be if he was THERE and COMMITTED the crime. no true innocent person would say that. or even have this bizarre interview.

  • tabbypappy
    tabbypappy 3 months ago

    He should've killed Natalie Wood. He would've gotten away scott free

  • Mark Turnbull
    Mark Turnbull 3 months ago

    Were the clip instead of take tmz word for it