O.J. Simpson Confesses to Murdering Nicole and Ron | TMZ News

  • Published on Mar 12, 2018
  • After 24 years any mystery surrounding the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman is over ... because O.J. Simpson confessed. FOX aired "O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession?" Sunday night and Simpson walked publisher Judith Regan through what happened on June 12, 1994.
    Harvey Levin breaks down the mind blowing interview.
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Comments • 5 023

  • As.diary
    As.diary 7 days ago

    The point of putting murders away to jail is to protect other ppl from them. So regardless of his trail being over . He confessed and he could be dangerous to someone else..he needs to be in jail

  • Mac Gruber
    Mac Gruber 12 days ago

    No I grabbed the knife

  • John Cabbot
    John Cabbot Month ago

    I don’t get it....he says he blacked out after he picked up the knife and then says he knows better than anyone what happen that night. I’m still confused about the guy in a karate stance. What happens to him? One thing I don’t understand is why the murderer would have not killed OJ. I mean yes he set him up but would it do the justice for him to frame and then kill him. OJ did also play in the nfl, so I don’t know why any brain tests weren’t conducted?!

  • Pat Roberts
    Pat Roberts Month ago

    God bless OJ. A true American Hero!

  • Cinco The Weirdo
    Cinco The Weirdo Month ago

    ain't shit nobody can do double jeopardy

  • Dolores G
    Dolores G 2 months ago

    Why is everyone pulling the race card here? It doesn't have to do with his race, it has to do with the brutality and savagery that was present at the crime scene. White, black, red, purple, orange, it doesn't matter. It's not about race, and the more you make it about race the more you perpetuate racism. It comes from both sides. Whites are racist to blacks, and blacks are racist to whites. If you all can't be a part of the solution, you're part of the problem, so just shut up.

  • darren knight
    darren knight 2 months ago

    To all the Black people , majority who danced and celebrated upon the verdict, you are guilty too, no return.

  • Andrel Johnson
    Andrel Johnson 2 months ago +1

    In all fairness, O. J. Simpson was offered a book deal to do a hypothetical book on their deaths to somehow prove his innocence (around 2006). Judith Reagan from Fox got fired and because of protests these episodes were never shown until now. It was supposed to be a two night event and was pulled right before it was to air after heavy commercial promotion. It is alleged he received $12-13 million indirectly regardless of the outcome for doing the book and tv deal. This was not a confession but rather an attempt to sell a hypothetical book. They then rewrote the title of the book from "If I did it" to implying he did it. The public was outraged by him and all involved. This is about as close to a confession we will ever get. I thought the idea was not wise for him and said it will backfire which it did. The rest is history. The ghostwriter for this book then came on Oprah saying the things he said in private writing the book proves he really did it. Personally, I think the testimony of the limo driver, his missing bag from airport, and lots of other key evidence was either ignored or not entered. The O. J. Trial because of all the layers of things that happened will be studied for years to come and since. The O. J. 30 for 30 on ESPN five part documentary is about the most fair and accurate across the board I've seen on the Trial of the Century.

  • Cry in the Dark
    Cry in the Dark 2 months ago

    O.J. Simpson should have titled his book "How I did it".

  • Christopher Barrow
    Christopher Barrow 2 months ago

    illuminati hit or mob hit media is something else his kids still love him emirj 😎👑the art The most zionist hearing your lying ass Hervice play the interview if he did it why plant fake evidence?

  • Sophia Ferry
    Sophia Ferry 2 months ago

    So oj you disgusting person ..murderer
    Wait till you die and meet our real rightful juror, He knows the truth, We will all pay our penance...And so will you,

  • Mr. Bullets
    Mr. Bullets 2 months ago

    Fake news OJ innocent

  • Cd Piff
    Cd Piff 3 months ago

    Fake News!!!!!! So full of shit

  • SeekNDstroy36 Mass
    SeekNDstroy36 Mass 3 months ago

    No he didn't lol. His wife was a hoe who knows what went down . White women do anything to have the good life and they don't think of the outcome

  • Abel Belay
    Abel Belay 3 months ago

    Keyword, “Hypothetical.” Innocent until proven guilty. A jury in California found him Not Guilty.

  • kuzuri origin
    kuzuri origin 3 months ago

    So tmz just inferrin

  • Nick H
    Nick H 3 months ago

    This is called your reaction to oj confessing to double murder not oj confesses to double murder.

  • Kamryn C
    Kamryn C 3 months ago

    Oj didn't do it.

  • John Shann
    John Shann 3 months ago

    The second time I watched the show, I noticed that OJ describes "Charlie" as bringing up the exact issue that the doctor at the recital did earlier that day. Charlie is either nobody or may be the doctor at the recital. Are Charlie and Dr. Ron Fishman one and the same? Brief research shows that Dr. Fishman steered clear of all involvement with the trial. He could be questioned and possibly tried as an accessory to murder.

  • David Aames
    David Aames 3 months ago

    He's confessing. His lawyer is standing on the side reminding him to say "allegedly". Charlie is his alter ego. .. oj is insane.

  • Kiero B
    Kiero B 3 months ago

    I grabbed the knife

  • Luis Campos
    Luis Campos 3 months ago

    I love OJ

  • IFFI
    IFFI 3 months ago

    Watched made in america. Was disgusted by the whole circus show of a "trial". Just shows how the fabric of this society lacks moral, ethical, intellectual and spiritual fabric. How defragmented and deranged communities are. And how society plays a part in creating individuals such as Simpson. It is a society demonic in essence by large. A satanic culture breeds satanic subjects.

  • Dracbrewer
    Dracbrewer 3 months ago

    WOW i never heard O.J. speak once in this video. You got to be kidding me.

  • Dale Barker's Barker
    Dale Barker's Barker 3 months ago

    It's not naysayers that thinks that man was not guilty ...it's all the black people/ignorant people...it couldn't of been more obvious then Robert Kardashian's face when they read the verdict.. this piece of shit waste of oxygen did it .. and seeing people cheering that thing on ..he'll get his there's a special place in hell for that piece of shit...

  • Philip Williams
    Philip Williams 3 months ago

    Why did they not ask him for the bloody clothing,sock ,shoe and knife.

  • Linna XO
    Linna XO 3 months ago

    What’s known doesn’t have to be said. Of course he did.

  • LFC shankss
    LFC shankss 3 months ago

    Everywhere else in the world blacks and whites get on but in america they pick up for a killer based on your skin color, its messed up ,maybe your daughter be next. He's a control freak.

  • Gregory Glenn
    Gregory Glenn 3 months ago

    O.J. left blood over my house how much evidence they had on him

  • allah son
    allah son 3 months ago

    So it's inculpatory

  • allah son
    allah son 3 months ago +1

    Great murdeer

  • allah son
    allah son 3 months ago


    DANGEROUS DYLAN 3 months ago

    Why couldn't we have heard it from ojs mouth not this dude? But we all know o.j. killed em

  • LetitGo lazziter
    LetitGo lazziter 3 months ago

    Who doesn’t know that OJ killed them?

  • Nina Adams
    Nina Adams 3 months ago +1

    Thank you so much for bringing so much truth!!!! ""NO MATTER WHAT ""

  • Miles Whittington
    Miles Whittington 3 months ago

    Anybody who doubted his guilt, is just dumb. They found the guy's blood at the scene! It was over then.

  • Aj Haas
    Aj Haas 3 months ago

    Ur missing the fact that any stand up father will fall on sword so there children can prosper n not rot in jail

  • Aj Haas
    Aj Haas 3 months ago

    Sorry buddy it's his oldest son....that's y DNA matched and there's a hole bunch of other evidense

  • iTz Newblood
    iTz Newblood 3 months ago

    Every1 already knows he did.

  • J Leo
    J Leo 3 months ago

    They should have hung that boo boo 20 years ago

  • kandydavins
    kandydavins 3 months ago

    This probably turns white women on, they are idiots

  • Domenic Saraceno
    Domenic Saraceno 3 months ago

    wheres the clip guys

  • Brad Adrian Williams
    Brad Adrian Williams 3 months ago

    Or we can make money exploiting a murder
    Good job TMZ

  • Tiffany Holley
    Tiffany Holley 3 months ago

    I mean everyone knows he did it and then he got away with it, but god will punish him for his sins.

  • Ares Pro Gaming
    Ares Pro Gaming 3 months ago

    OJ is a HERO

  • jose coronado
    jose coronado 3 months ago

    this guy owns tmz hes a worse peace of shit

  • Travis
    Travis 3 months ago

    Found not guilty to avoid rioting.....

  • Eric heaven
    Eric heaven 3 months ago


  • MorallyAwkward
    MorallyAwkward 3 months ago

    I wonder if al those people who cheered for him when he got off would do the same now. I unfortunately know the answer.

  • MissT
    MissT 3 months ago

    so what? people get away with murder everyday.

  • James Fristik
    James Fristik 3 months ago

    This OPINION feels very bias, as tho the person speaking, is subjectively wanting OJ to be the attacker. I don't think you can be impartial when you are interpreting someone else's views of what may have been a very traumatic event in his life. OJ has dealt with MORE than you will ever have to, so how can you place yourself in his shoes, when you have never felt a microscopic portion of what he has, on this journey, of proving his innocence? Maybe he had something to hide, because anyone in that position would feel compelled to hide whatever distrust they had for their partner, because it would be MOTIVE if they confessed to feeling a certain way during the time of these horrific events.
    I don't think OJ is innocent, not in a MILLION years. But I also don't think he did the act, but I think he had a hand in someone else taking care of his business for him... That's just my view. That's why I think his testimony stands, but his innocence does not.

  • Griffin Lindsey
    Griffin Lindsey 3 months ago

    Than you made his lawyers family famous by covering them. Congrats.

  • sonar uchiha
    sonar uchiha 3 months ago


  • Al Hawkins
    Al Hawkins 3 months ago

    Well!!! OJ would have went to jail the first time...if the state police had paid more attention to the staff they choose to hire

  • MrLarrybill
    MrLarrybill 3 months ago

    You are the worst of society

  • MrLarrybill
    MrLarrybill 3 months ago

    Shut up Harvey

  • Corinna Gonzales
    Corinna Gonzales 3 months ago

    This reminds me of the Kurt cobain case with kourtney love. Money is the most powerful thing even more than the laws.

  • Ken Masters
    Ken Masters 3 months ago

    No need for a confession, everyone already knows that OJ is a killer. This is nothing new

  • TheRealManey
    TheRealManey 3 months ago

    So yo ass been talking about this for 24 years but you never speak about Trayvon Martin’s killer ? 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿

  • sean stone
    sean stone 3 months ago

    he is not guilty shit talker

  • Anthony Coleman
    Anthony Coleman 3 months ago

    White folks will still be telling O.J stories to their grandchildren , years after O.J is dead. Yet, they want us to forget about 100's of years of brutality, rape, and murder of our people......THIS IS AMERICA

  • sora
    sora 3 months ago

    Idk if we should be listening to tmz on this guys we should probably find the real video

  • psychssuck
    psychssuck 3 months ago

    If you recall, when OJ was released after his trial, he went to Florida and was seen there playing golf. Matter of fact, the talk around the caddy shack was, somewhere since last time he had played there he had picked up a wicked slice in his golf swing!

  • Angel Morgan
    Angel Morgan 3 months ago

    gawd... lol waiting for OJs confession 😒 didn't want to listen to you👎

  • Rohan Devulapalli
    Rohan Devulapalli 3 months ago

    This is where we start to respect Harvey quite a bit!

  • Jasmine Jeanine
    Jasmine Jeanine 3 months ago

    What I find interesting is that a serial killer told his family LONG before ANYONE knew that he was a serial killer that he was going to do Nicole Simpson in. His name was Glen Rogers, he also said that OJ hired him to take 20,000 earrings that OJ had given Nicole back even if that meant killing her to get them!! Unfortunately, what OJ didn't know was that he just hired a psychopath who LOVED stabbing his victims, slitting their throats, he also had NO issue killing men or women. Sound familiar! I know OJ was upset at Nicole and wanted her to pay but he didn't want to do it himself for sure. Though Glen said that OJ Simpson came over to inspect his handy work. Hence the footprints in blood since by then they'd bled out.

  • James Tan
    James Tan 3 months ago

    The police should re-open this case with the confession! And get him executed!!

  • Christopher Robbins
    Christopher Robbins 3 months ago

    OJ was a victim of oppression and racism.

  • Steven Hair
    Steven Hair 3 months ago

    Mark Fuhrman will go down in history as the only racist white man to help get a guilty black man off of 2 counts of 1st deg murder.

  • Idiots in Rockford
    Idiots in Rockford 4 months ago

    I have a confession OJ wasn't the killer I did it I killed them jk I wasn't even born yet

    SHUTUP C*NT 4 months ago

    I love how this guy always tries to look bigger on camera what a midget

  • Mz Luv 18 H.
    Mz Luv 18 H. 4 months ago

    OJ DIDNT DO IT....
    OJ DID IT!!!!

    BULL1TRC Jr 4 months ago

    White people like justice when it’s convenient for them

  • Hope Tawney
    Hope Tawney 4 months ago

    unbelievable..i akways knew he did it

  • I got gaz
    I got gaz 4 months ago

    Bra you sound like a cop

  • ItsJustGrace
    ItsJustGrace 4 months ago

    I'm not surprised at all. I've always known him to be Nicole and Rons murderer.

  • SBG YT
    SBG YT 4 months ago

    “Nobody knows what happened that night better than me”
    Ummm. So he isn’t the murderer or a victim and he knows better than everyone else.
    “I got mad.” (Was it a physical altercation?) “No. It was a verbal fight. And I grabbed the knife.”
    What I wish he said ------
    I mean I should be talking hypothetically to lie to everyone but whatever man I already confessed man so yeah. Oh and btw my next interview is gonna be about how I hypothetically need McDonalds and robbed McDonalds. That’s my next interview. Because have you seen my dad bod?????

  • Jamie Grimes
    Jamie Grimes 4 months ago

    We all know we f****** did it and we all know his money got him off sometimes people don't deserve a right to a fair f****** trial when it's obvious that they're guilty so many people have committed heinous murders have gotten off because of that right to a fair f****** trial

  • Mario Espana
    Mario Espana 4 months ago

    Wait so oj was not the murder than who is? Lol

  • letsgetswole pinoy
    letsgetswole pinoy 4 months ago

    He just got away with murder only cuz hes a celebrity ...

  • Christopher Colliers
    Christopher Colliers 4 months ago

    I did it! It was me!

  • Herbie Shevers
    Herbie Shevers 4 months ago

    A devil is the devil. He should screaming like his victims did.

  • Wil Wright
    Wil Wright 4 months ago

    Well guess what? trail said he is innocent. So he is legally not guilty

  • Brooke James
    Brooke James 4 months ago

    Can he still go to jail ?

  • coli
    coli 4 months ago

    You also forgot to say, that he said he had a blackout. How can you have a blackout and not tell what happened that night, if it was just hypothetical?

  • rick jacobs
    rick jacobs 4 months ago

    This guy the biggest piece of trash and I am not talking about OJ

  • G O D
    G O D 4 months ago +1

    So that's why it's called the land of the free .?!..nice.... usa...

  • SARA
    SARA 4 months ago

    Click bait cos all I’m hearing is you talking not oj???? But everyone knows he did it confession or not

  • Kaly Elizabeth
    Kaly Elizabeth 4 months ago +4

    O.J. is a classic case of a psychopath turned killer. He's narcissistic, abusive, has no empathy for others (even for his own children) and at the same time if you look at his past, before the murders, he was great at putting at putting on a show for people (he always new the right thing to say and was very charming). I encourage everyone to watch the show "Made in America" on Netflix. Its about OJ and of course the trial, but also about the culture in L.A. at the time and all the racial tension that was going on. It really makes you see how he ended up getting away with murder and getting a verdict of "Not Guilty". It's a very VERY interesting documentary series.

  • Never Mind
    Never Mind 4 months ago

    Black Americans vs. White Americans : Complete Hatred on One Another "Forever"

  • Aaron Price
    Aaron Price 4 months ago

    If it doesn’t fit! You must acquit! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • Kristin Sisson
    Kristin Sisson 4 months ago

    I have never heard of such a thing except as kids and teens as hypothetical.I mean at least as far as I know it meant you did it.I have never known of a hypothetical that had enough details to become a book and a show.I don't know if Ron Goldman's father is at peace or turning in his grave at this.I cared about the victims but what I remember of grief was his father

  • Shanghai Pierce
    Shanghai Pierce 4 months ago

    Harvey Levin is also a murderer. He has been murdering the truth via the corrupt media for decades

  • Charles Roberts
    Charles Roberts 4 months ago

    They thought oj simmon was not guilty give me a break 24 years ago they had oj's DNA ON THE CRIME SCENE.

  • Pembrook Sutherland
    Pembrook Sutherland 4 months ago


  • 123HAPPLYMEAL123
    123HAPPLYMEAL123 4 months ago

    Hypothetically i beat my meat to amy Schumer IM SPEAKING HYPOTHETICALLY

  • Jajon Johnson
    Jajon Johnson 4 months ago

    Oj playing with a lot of people's heads. and this coming from a student of phycology.

  • Jayson V
    Jayson V 4 months ago

    White people have been getting away with murdering Black people for 400 years. This ONE black man gets away with murdering two white people and they are having a on going fit about it. I'm glad he got away, it's COMMA

  • Marcus Regan
    Marcus Regan 4 months ago

    No one saw that coming, even Juice.

  • Sherman Humphrey
    Sherman Humphrey 4 months ago

    But There was more than 3 people so...