Lexar Professional 1000x SD card data recovery

  • Published on Nov 9, 2019
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    In this video, we want to demonstrate a data recovery procedure that does not need any data recovery equipment. Hot air station, soldering iron, stencil, soldering paste, flux, and a donor is all you need. We got a 64GB Lexar Professional 1000x SD card that failed, but luckily our client had an exact copy that we bought together. We used a donor PCB, for the memory swap. Configuration firmware for the NAND and translation is stored on NAND chips themselves, so swapping them to a board that had no issues gave us access to the data.
    if you want to ship your failed device to us for data recovery and free evaluation, simply fill out this form: www.hddrecovery.ca/contact-us/
    and send your drive boxed with bubble wrap to this address:
    HDD Recovery Services
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    K2P 1Y3

    my gear for soldering:
    Microscope: amzn.to/2rqWcwr
    Multimeter: amzn.to/2EHKAxO
    Microscope camera: amzn.to/2Rb5cUq
    Capture card recording device: amzn.to/2mMTz7t
    Soldering iron station: amzn.to/2mMYp4v
    Microsoldering iron: amzn.to/2mMTVuP
    Hot air station: amzn.to/2K7Mztk
    Infrared preheater: amzn.to/2mbMlXo
    Flux: amzn.to/2mXJd1b
    Wick: amzn.to/2mNr0Xh
    Solder: amzn.to/2mtyC0a
    Gloves: amzn.to/2mbHWDI
    Fume Extractor (mine is no longer available but this is the new version of the same unit) : amzn.to/2mNCmL7
    Gear for filming:
    small camera: amzn.to/2mNw51T
    big camera: amzn.to/2Ficg9o
    Lens on big camera:amzn.to/2Cx3fGw
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  • Mario Rossi
    Mario Rossi 2 days ago

    If I'll ever born again, in my next life I'll want to be Your assistant

  • sohaib ibrahim
    sohaib ibrahim 4 days ago

    hello i need help i have sandisk sd card 16gb and i formatted it without checking quick format and it was taking longer than expected so i stopped it in middle and now my sd card is not shown anywhere and it shows as no media in diskmgr and not shown in any recovery tools and i even tried chip genius and it does not detect either.to my surprise i removed sd card and inserted only card reader and it showed the same result in chip genius as with sd card so my sd card is dead what can i do now.plz help

  • H Eftekhari
    H Eftekhari 4 days ago

    hi bro
    please show me how can i build cfast 2.0 to ssd cable
    i very need to know
    thanksssssssssss bro0o0o0o0o0o0o....

  • Andres Felipe
    Andres Felipe 8 days ago

    Hi, which temperature and air do you use to:
    Take chip off
    Clean chip
    Thank you 👍🏽

  • Eu Dhwks
    Eu Dhwks 21 day ago

    Sounds like Lexar cards are unreliable in the long run, since you seem to get a lot of them for recovery.

  • eldas581
    eldas581 22 days ago

    Great Job ! Which product (transparent liquid ) did you use to remove the chip please ? and for welding, just heat up after? Thanks

  • Kingphone
    Kingphone 25 days ago

    You can activate the subtitles in French please thanks

    • Clément J
      Clément J 24 days ago

      C'est pas de l'anglais poussé tu devrais comprendre

  • Dan Swinehart
    Dan Swinehart 25 days ago

    Next purchase: noise canceling mic? Should be able to filter out the fume extractor.

    • HDD Recovery Services
      HDD Recovery Services  24 days ago

      I'll try the tape trick next time. its not just the fume extractor, we got 2 laminar flow benches running on the background almost all of the time

  • Sergej Popov
    Sergej Popov 25 days ago +3

    Like first, then view!

  • cogliostro
    cogliostro 25 days ago

    Hi, you have any suggestion on how to start small with a Data Recovery for really small application ? next year im writing my bachelor thesis and i think maybe going in the task area of data recovery. Can you recommend a hardware device like the MRT Pro or the Ace Lab PC-3000 UDMA who is a cheap to get an hardware example ? At least here in Germany they taking up to 8000€ for the devices that is way more than i can ever pay for a device like that.

    • cogliostro
      cogliostro 21 day ago

      @HDD Recovery Services Hello Erkin, thank you very much for the support. I have registered and contacted the seller. Very kind of you.

    • HDD Recovery Services
      HDD Recovery Services  22 days ago

      I occasionally see a used DDI3 being sold in marketplace section on hddguru forum

    • cogliostro
      cogliostro 25 days ago

      @HDD Recovery Services Thank you very much for your answer. I don't think there are much used Deepspar here on the Marked in Europe. You have any suggestion where i can buy the used equipment in the US or Canada ? i found the EU Dealers here, but no prices just things like "Contact me for price"

    • HDD Recovery Services
      HDD Recovery Services  25 days ago +1

      As long as you get clients on regular basis paying off PC3000 is not going to be a problem. Learning the tool will be the challenge. You can always start small with a second hand Deepspar disk imager 3, they go for 700$usd if you lucky to find one

  • بابلو أيسكوبار

    You could repair a broken card broken in half

    • HDD Recovery Services
      HDD Recovery Services  25 days ago +1

      This technique can repair/recover a broken card as long as it is not a monolithic design, and NAND chips are not damaged

  • DiskTuna
    DiskTuna 25 days ago

    Must be a nice feeling to be able to load it right into R-Studio rather than having to go through Flash Extractor.. Video was as satisfying as always.

    • DiskTuna
      DiskTuna 25 days ago +1

      @HDD Recovery Services If you ever have the need to recover fragmented video drop me an email at joep@disktuna.com. Software from my website sure takes it's time and resources (needs Windows 64 bit, 8 GB RAM minimum but 32 GB highly recommended) and not always successful, but will attempt to re-assemble playable video (MP4) from the fragments.

    • HDD Recovery Services
      HDD Recovery Services  25 days ago +1

      Besides if video content needed to be recovered, chip off is not good as files are fragmented

    • HDD Recovery Services
      HDD Recovery Services  25 days ago +1

      These days chip off is the end of the road procedure for me.

  • omar ben slimane
    omar ben slimane 25 days ago

    tnx bro

  • Josh Straughn
    Josh Straughn 25 days ago

    I See you have a Samsung T5 I have the same drive I use to transfer my non professional wedding photographs to folks who got wed! Great vid sir. Chip off FTW!

    • Josh Straughn
      Josh Straughn 25 days ago

      @HDD Recovery Services I show photos to folks on my surfacebook so small internal storage, so this was a blessing. Each shoot is around 100Gb +

    • HDD Recovery Services
      HDD Recovery Services  25 days ago +1

      Hey Josh, yeah I was forced into buying one for new MBP lack of regular USB ports :)

  • Coco Bongo
    Coco Bongo 25 days ago

    Hi man, It Is amazing watching you wirking. I am glad you have taken in consideration making videos mire often. I always let the advertising to finish, and also click on the advertising itself... I hope It counts... my best wishes man.

  • Easy One
    Easy One 26 days ago

    Nicely done

  • rs agarwaen
    rs agarwaen 26 days ago

    hdd services why dont decap controller with acid and look up controller??i mean u have microscope to zoom in and u have fume removal fan to remove toxic fumes...

  • rs agarwaen
    rs agarwaen 26 days ago

    i seen people talking about controllers in forums..issue 8s that manufacturers only care about money and sometimess they use 20 year old controllers to save few pennies

  • Subash Nandamuri
    Subash Nandamuri 26 days ago

    I have a 1tb hdd which is not showing up when i put in my pc its external hdd wb company. Need help how can i make it work or recover data in my home .

  • Johnny BeGood
    Johnny BeGood 26 days ago +1

    Question: why don’t you just try to reflow the memory chips first?

    • Johnny BeGood
      Johnny BeGood 25 days ago

      @HDD Recovery Services Makes sense. Thanks for your answer.

    • HDD Recovery Services
      HDD Recovery Services  26 days ago +2

      if pads came off the board, reflow is not going to help. Swap is a solution, reflow is a chance. Heat is not good for NANDs n matter how you look at it. If we put heat on NANDs we rather not take chances - unless it comes backed with a solution

  • ArthursHD
    ArthursHD 26 days ago

    Even better to use a camera with two card slots.

  • Hichem Naami
    Hichem Naami 26 days ago

    Very well done as always ... Good job

  • wysetech2000
    wysetech2000 26 days ago +1

    Well done as always.

  • Abde Ali
    Abde Ali 26 days ago


  • exploiterv
    exploiterv 26 days ago

    Make better

    JTR VLOGS 26 days ago +1

    finally 1st

    • Coco Bongo
      Coco Bongo 25 days ago

      Will not be the last time, cheers dude.