Alicia Keys Talks Industry Icon Award | 2019 GRAMMYs

  • Published on Feb 11, 2019
  • Alicia Keys talks Clarence Avant Industry Icon Award at the 61st GRAMMY Awards on Feb. 10, 2019, at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles.
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Comments • 36

  • Lady S
    Lady S Month ago

    She is the best as always ❤️👑

  • J Rod
    J Rod Month ago

    To the the right.... damn that shirt is tight.

  • rai ZOR
    rai ZOR Month ago

    Just how strong are the lights in there really

  • Yari Campos
    Yari Campos Month ago +4

    Omg Alicia Keys damnnn simply beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Wanda Harris
    Wanda Harris Month ago

    you people can talk about women representing all you want but not one dark skinned woman was represented at all in winning or nominated. Hell HER was the darkest there and she is not even dark skin. That speaks a lot for the industry. I call bullshit on the grammy's and any other award show that leave dark skin women off like they do not have any influence on the industry.

  • Umar Faruk
    Umar Faruk Month ago +1

    it would have been better if it was Kevin Heart

  • Casper Phat
    Casper Phat Month ago

    I love Alicia keys music and her talented voice she queen diva in Hollywood eyes only lol omg.

  • BeachMiguel sobe
    BeachMiguel sobe Month ago

    who is the grandfather of white music? most of these words are divisive and demeaning to anyone that is not black black black and are a slap in the face to anyone that existed before this moment. history might do the same thing to you one day.

    • Terry Abrams
      Terry Abrams Month ago

      here admiring all of the "likes" for your statement...😒

  • dejan andric
    dejan andric Month ago +2

    Boring af

  • Yulissa Salcedo Caraballo

    I haven’t been following this long, but is Alicia the host??

  • Retro MouseX
    Retro MouseX Month ago +2

    She's boring.

  • Vivi Espinoza
    Vivi Espinoza Month ago +6


  • kelvin ehigie
    kelvin ehigie Month ago +10

    Amazing Alicia

  • Peris Ndirangu
    Peris Ndirangu Month ago +5

    Sorry.. Alicia reading the promoter like u r in 6 grade .. u can do better than that girl ..

  • Frances2012
    Frances2012 Month ago +31

    Alicia rocking side to side while talking makes me nervous 😳🙄

  • Doris Considder
    Doris Considder Month ago +10

    Boring, Alicia please stick to singing

    • Biggie Smalls
      Biggie Smalls Month ago

      Doris Considder is irrelevant and jello

    • Nadia Lanier
      Nadia Lanier Month ago +2

      With a name like Doris you need to have several seats. Thanks in advance.

    • I LOVE chipotle
      I LOVE chipotle Month ago +2

      She kept the crown hype. And killed her performance. What more do you want?

    • Peter Malifa
      Peter Malifa Month ago +2

      Well than how do you make a tribute sound more formal and more interesting..... Stop being jealous

    • Gucci Mayne
      Gucci Mayne Month ago

      Izzy Fon’alledas Arnault 😂😂😂

  • J.
    J. Month ago +42

    I've always loved this woman!

  • JuiceLady JuiceLady
    JuiceLady JuiceLady Month ago +15

    Pull the hat up, so that you can SEE THE WORDS CLEARLY AND read your lines properly, Alicia. . Geesh

  • Pema Dolma
    Pema Dolma Month ago +41

    Love from heart but I can't get anywhere to see it live damn

    • Pema Dolma
      Pema Dolma Month ago +1

      +Kpop Kate yah but it's only available in iPhone and the website is asking for my country zip code and when I enter it. It won't work

    • Kpop Kate
      Kpop Kate Month ago

      Pema Dolma it’s in CBS