Si Ferry Meets... Richard Gough | Rangers Captaincy, Euro Semi with Dundee Utd, Spurs w/ Hoddle

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
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    Rangers Legend and former captain through the club’s 9 in-a-Row Era, Richard Gough sits down with Si to discuss his trophy-laden career.
    In a brilliant insight to the centre-halve’s time in football, Gough discusses the ups and down and the many great players and character he played with and under including Jim McLean, Glenn Hoddle, Walter Smith, Ally McCoist, Gazza and Laudrup.
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Comments • 58

  • Philliben1991
    Philliben1991 8 days ago

    Never asked him about the Cyprus goal!

  • John Scott
    John Scott Month ago

    92 Aberdeen game.

  • alan murphy
    alan murphy Month ago

    Legend - childhood hero , I was gutted that he was going to the USA right after 9 in a row☹️
    Memories man went to school next day happy " 9 in a row !!!!! 9 in a row !!!!! Gough ❤️💙❤️💙

  • Andy Smith
    Andy Smith Month ago

    I just watched the 1987 FA Cup final. Goughie was at fault for at least two of Coventry's goals.

  • Raymond McDonald
    Raymond McDonald Month ago

    I seen Richard do 20 laps of Ibrox Park before an Old Firm game in the mid 90s, and he didn't even break sweat. 20 laps. Unbelievable fitness this guy possessed.

  • r a
    r a Month ago

    The guy has a great personality I never knew he had. Thought he was a boring kunt at the time. Good interview. Can excuse the accents as he has been around big time.

  • steven macmillan
    steven macmillan Month ago

    Another great interview SI keep them coming 👌👌 plus love the new sneekers

  • Nicholas Elliott
    Nicholas Elliott Month ago +6

    I'm a Celtic man and a long time sub to 'open goal' and 'Right in the coupon'. Love all the Eps. But this was absolute class! Mr Gough has always been a legend wherever he plays and not many can say that! He is also a Gentleman....this was ver y classy and cool. Great stories and some banter in between! Best Channel on the Web!

  • Ricky Forbes
    Ricky Forbes Month ago

    Great Interview again. Kind Richard what a captain and he would be the first name on any Rangers team if i could pick a greatest ever 11.

  • Bryan Watt
    Bryan Watt Month ago

    Aww Walter look doon the back eh the bus not one of those pricks will get you the winner but I will that brilliant 🔴⚪️🔵

  • davym23
    davym23 Month ago

    Take note Tav

  • you tube
    you tube Month ago


  • Scotty Macgregor
    Scotty Macgregor Month ago +1

    I thought Gough went to Rangers straight after Dundee United, didn't know he went to Spurs

  • Scotty Macgregor
    Scotty Macgregor Month ago

    The big man looks good for his age 56 57??, I'm 40 and I've got more grey hair than him and don't look anywhere near as fit

  • E W
    E W Month ago +1

    Looks brilliant no sure about that nothing special Scottish cliff Richard 😂 2 more to go big man get ready for the big ride 😳🍀🤘😉☘⚽️🏆✅🔟 couldn't understand that clown big disappointment

  • stevie 1
    stevie 1 Month ago

    brilliant proper player

  • Jack Beveridge
    Jack Beveridge Month ago +1

    Announce Sir Walter

  • 77cyberpunk
    77cyberpunk Month ago +1

    Great interview, really enjoyed listening to Richard Gough, intelligent, humble & fantastic player

  • Zander C
    Zander C Month ago

    I take it he ran rangers then ?

  • James Donnelly
    James Donnelly Month ago +6

    From a Celtic fan, my respect for Gough has gone up, seems an honest genuine guy.
    Great to listen to.

  • Andy M
    Andy M Month ago +1

    Scotland legend.

  • Murray Walker
    Murray Walker Month ago +1

    Should get Greg Hemphill and Ford Kiernan

  • Donna
    Donna Month ago

    Love this man, would've wore a bandage every week for rangers 💙warrior, champion but a true gentleman

  • Assassins Unite
    Assassins Unite Month ago +3

    Great player Goughie As a Rangers fan SUPER. Also watched the 1987,FA cup final as he was playing against my local team Coventry. Unbelievably watched him in the English premier league at 40 still had it.WATP.

  • 20thCenturyPox
    20thCenturyPox Month ago

    Great conversation. It's an over-used term, but Gough is a true footballing legend, and he confirms what I always knew - you don't fuck with McCoist. Sure, loves a laugh and a joke, but you don't get the career he had without being a tough, determined bastard.

  • Caminero10
    Caminero10 Month ago +1

    Great interview Si. Can you no get the gaffer Walter on?

  • Barry Paton
    Barry Paton Month ago +5

    remember that time gough led rangers to 10 in a row ?? nope me either but i will watch broony HH 🍀👋🖐

  • Mr PMikC
    Mr PMikC Month ago

    I was at the Arsenal Richard gough testimonial in 96 wife my pregnant girlfriend and later wife. Ian Wright played that day, we booed him like fuck lol. Happy days, great interview! RG is one of the best rangers professionals I had the pleasure to watch. I remember he was married to one of my old school mates sister. Never heard a bad word about the guy, proper footballing legend!

  • Kyle Butler
    Kyle Butler Month ago +2

    Gough has class oozing out of every pore. Legend. 👏

  • Andrew Bluebells
    Andrew Bluebells Month ago

    Brilliant interview, thanks for this

  • stevieboy204 Marty
    stevieboy204 Marty Month ago +2

    He done a jobby in the dressing room haha brilliant wouldnt have been as funny if he said shite!!

  • spreadthelove77
    spreadthelove77 Month ago +13

    57 years old, christ that’s how you look after yourself.

  • Steve McC
    Steve McC Month ago +6

    Now this is a proper Rangers captain 💪 top interview, love big Gough 🔴⚪️🔵

  • Waggy
    Waggy Month ago +3

    The Skipper

  • Vadim Russobotov
    Vadim Russobotov Month ago +1

    try get andy gray

  • Ian Moore
    Ian Moore Month ago +4

    This interview was the best yet. Very rarely you here about players like Van Basten, Hoddle and Butcher. What a career. What a player.

  • J M
    J M Month ago +1

    Hoddle over Gazza. No bother goughy, smarten your act up

  • TheVanpablo79
    TheVanpablo79 Month ago +2

    The Sounness sub story 😂😂😂

  • michael scobbie
    michael scobbie Month ago +2

    Thank you William hill and si ferry on another great guest

  • Gary R1872
    Gary R1872 Month ago +4

    Legend, him and butcher at the back were some force

  • Peek aboo
    Peek aboo Month ago +1

    Total Legend 🔴🇬🇧🔵

  • Mark
    Mark Month ago +3

    wow, iv never watch a 2hr video without skipping loads of it before this one, hooked on every last second of it :-)

  • Pip One
    Pip One Month ago +14

    I’m hearing about 4 accents??!

  • Craig Anderson
    Craig Anderson Month ago +3


  • Celtic To The Core
    Celtic To The Core Month ago +7

    Was a top defender though, hated him growing up 😂 seems a genuine good guy. Respect

  • Celtic To The Core
    Celtic To The Core Month ago +15

    Here Richard....Smell the glove 😉💚

    MUNROSnCORBETTS Month ago +1

    @20:20 ha ha brilliant!!!

  • Kenny Mck
    Kenny Mck Month ago +4

    That's it've made the big tele. Mrs is going mental cause I've beamed it te the living room tv...what an interview again!👏👏

  • All night Mike
    All night Mike Month ago +3

    brilliant interview again si ferry. what a player richard was. comes across really well and a gentleman

  • Davie Thompson
    Davie Thompson Month ago +4

    So funny
    Absolute legend and great captain for Rangers

  • Iain Glen
    Iain Glen Month ago +8

    Absolute legend. The definition of a great captain..........As a rangers fan I look at how he captained Rangers and how he lead us as and look at James Tavernier as a captain and wonder what the F**k the world has come to. Treated opponents with respect as well.

  • lbeattie92
    lbeattie92 Month ago +9

    Legend of a man and Richard Gough 🤣

  • Del
    Del Month ago +24

    Not the best way to start an interview Simon,,I'd be all over your mum,,im surprised goughy didn't give u a right hook wee man 😂😂😂

  • Del
    Del Month ago +6

    A real captain and leader..unlike my clubs captain disrespect meant to tav but gough was a proper captain,,tav is the modern day captain

  • Mr
    Mr Month ago +27

    For the second time Si talks to a guest right off the bat about their hot mother. He wanted to fire in to Beatties maw as well. Mad Si Rooney, intae the maws and grannies. Ferry. I mean Ferry.

  • Sonnie
    Sonnie Month ago +2

    Brick wall of a defender... Top player and Gr8 captain 👍

  • Scotsman420
    Scotsman420 Month ago +6

    Imagine Jim Mclean manging players of this day and age.

  • macster1878
    macster1878 Month ago +22

    Great fella was class for us at Everton in his late 30's