Drone Pilots are FINISHED (New FAA Laws)

  • Published on Oct 12, 2018
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Comments • 1 771

  • Droneworks Studios
    Droneworks Studios  5 months ago +53

    What do you guys think about the new FAA bill? Are hobbyists doomed...or am I TOTALLY wrong and nobody cares? Really curious what you think

    • K Arthur
      K Arthur 6 days ago

      +mrhook32 : Agree with you, the AMA has rules and standards, which members are to abide. It appears there will be a testing component to the new rules that will be enacted; more than likely for AMA members administered by our clubs. What none members will be required? It's all up in the air (pun intended)? The idea of transponders in our aircraft, which means fixed, rotor or quad may also come to be as well. The thought that AMA is involved with the FAA gives me faith that a common sense approach will prevail so we all can enjoy flying.

    • T3chn0ph0b3
      T3chn0ph0b3 8 days ago

      People like you aren't helping 4ssh0l3. L00k at what you posted. Did the FAA visit you dumb455?

    • Shaun Adams
      Shaun Adams 15 days ago

      Wish this country didn't need to babysit the land of the so called free

    • George Moncure
      George Moncure 23 days ago

      I agree that hobby pilots need to be regulated. After all, we don't let kids drive cars either. That said, hobby pilots should be permitted to freely fly within a narrower set of hobby rules. On their own property? Below tree height, 150' ? Within 500 feet line of sight? (I have just invented these for discussion).

    • James Johnson
      James Johnson Month ago

      Mike Clarke yep thats my thinking. fuck um. ive got 14 QUADS and im going to fly them to the day i die. u only live once.we not out here robbing killing are fucking. not doing any thing criminal. we JUST enjoying. little flying machines. kiss our asses.

  • David Bryan
    David Bryan 7 hours ago

    and, at one time, I lived in a free country

  • Bobby Aso
    Bobby Aso 18 hours ago

    Nice video man. Very informative. Never mind these twats who are commenting filth all over without actually watching the video till the end and understanding your creative communication skills.

  • Barry Moore
    Barry Moore Day ago

    Arrogant piece of shit.. You think because you get paid for flying that you are the man.. let me challenge you to a drone fly off.. I will make you look like a Amateur flyer.. you name the place I will be there.. I am a retired Military man. You want to see or prove you are better, Except my Challenge.. Don’t back off you will lose all your viewers..

  • Barry Moore
    Barry Moore Day ago

    DJI Drones are not toys fuck tard..

  • Thumbdrive
    Thumbdrive 2 days ago

    Since you are "finished", I'll give you fifty bucks for that drone you are recklessly flying like hobbyist.

  • Harry Schaubel
    Harry Schaubel 5 days ago

    I just started flying a Spark about 2 weeks ago. I live near the Milwaukee International Airport, and have to drive 5 miles out b4 flying.
    When I 1st set it up, b4 I got the Go Fly Prompt I was prompted to take that Quiz. I was told I could postpone it 10 times b4 being locked out.
    10 questions. I missed one so passed.

    • Harry Schaubel
      Harry Schaubel 5 days ago

      Also restricted to 197' Max altitude in the area I do fly.

  • Zeb moore
    Zeb moore 6 days ago

    Flying over people in the the middle of the city is stupid!!! And why the hobby is being regulated. No thanks to people like you. Sorry your the problem

  • toprun95
    toprun95 7 days ago

    Hi, you can take your opinion for more regulation and shove it up your back side. You should go crawl in a hole and die

  • Government IS Slavery

    Screw the FAA. Become a Secured Party Creditor and they will have zero authority over you.

  • Jimmy Roo
    Jimmy Roo 7 days ago

    I was wondering why a third of your votes were down votes. Stop crying. So there's going to be some laws, big deal. When the government makes laws we are mad at them, and when they don't make laws we are mad at them. Perverts can use them to look into windows, if you want to bring up mass shootings well lunatics can strap a bomb to these things. There are always going to be laws that some people like and some people don't like; however, you can still fly your damn drones. You made it sound like they were going to be completely outlawed. Grow up, it's time to become an adult. When did Americans get so weak and petty?

  • jeff7807
    jeff7807 7 days ago

    Only congress can make laws. The FAA does not have the power to create law.

  • Colin CK
    Colin CK 8 days ago

    Regulations are good - aren’t they?
    I live between 0 - 400 feet. Cars, trucks and bikes also do but they use roads at zero feet so when they break down they won’t drop on my head.
    They must be lawfully maintained for safety reasons.
    People who drive them are not children (regulations remember), must be licensed, trained and tested!
    All of these things are good so why would any sane person complain?
    Thank you.

  • The Bushkin
    The Bushkin 8 days ago

    People Like you Are The Problem!!!! As A 107 pilot you should hold yourself To A higher Standard!!! This is Why they have put down new restrictions and procedures to fly! You're Not a Professional Pilot!!! A Professional Pilot Follows The FAA regulations!!! FAA knows what they're doing and there is a reason air traffic is so safe!!! With Laanc It's Much Easier to Get Quick Approvals for Fun flight and 107 flights. Clearly not a professional just a dbag with a toy! DRONES ARE NOT TOYS UNLESS MADE BY DJI. yes 400ft manned aircraft do enter that space! To many idiot's out there who don't understand that we have regulations for a reason And They're not that much different..That is an illegal flying over people. You're a moron and you're misinforming the public!!!!! YOU CANNOT FLY IN A,B,C ,D AIRSPACE HAS TO GET ATC APPROVAL!!!

  • Robert Paquette
    Robert Paquette 8 days ago

    sorry, but since you used that footage in this video and this video is a part of your money empire, you, in fact, DID use your drone flight for commercial purposes in the furtherance of a business. Just saying

  • YouTube is disappointing

    Horrible title

  • Lu Johnson
    Lu Johnson 8 days ago +1

    Over a million drones, and not one fatality. Open your eyes.
    I find many pilots like yourself have a fairly slanted view against freedoms of hobby drone users.

  • Lu Johnson
    Lu Johnson 8 days ago

    I ddn't subscribe to your channel for political opinion. Keep that crap to yourself.

  • James Travis
    James Travis 8 days ago

    Dude, you actually are a pro. Who cares what the trolls say. Blah blah blah “it’s people like you”, “you’re the reason”,”you’re the definition of reckless” jealous whore mungers thinking their stupid opinions matter. You’re a pro and know what your doing. You do what you do and i’ll enjoy the footage :-) Subscribed

  • Sam
    Sam 8 days ago

    "drone pilot" lol, nope. You aren't a pilot

  • pistolpete938
    pistolpete938 8 days ago

    No offence mate but if you fly around in built up areas your asking for trouble .people need to use common sense!

  • T3chn0ph0b3
    T3chn0ph0b3 8 days ago

    Take this video down NOW. You are the phucking problem. Videos like this are a reason for the hobby being ruined. You are an 4ssh4t. I hope the FAA puts a knocks on your door everyday and restricts you from any ability to operate a flea.

  • Drone Ninja
    Drone Ninja 8 days ago

    Lol....it is what it is

  • Riaan Huys
    Riaan Huys 8 days ago

    You fly irresponsibly out of Windows and over buildings in cbd.... hobbies or not... it a huge risk and willy nilly is stupid. You clearly a Casey Neistat fan.... he is irresponsible also.

  • mikldude
    mikldude 9 days ago

    Just looking at rules and regulation in Australia put out by CASA ,
    It seems laws are probably very similar ,
    Don't fly over 400 feet,
    Dont fly over or around people.
    Don't fly near emergency services or accidents.
    Don't fly the drone out of eye sight.
    Don't take footage of anyone without their consent .
    I suppose , it is mostly just common sense.

  • VistarCreative
    VistarCreative 9 days ago

    2 things: your title is total BS. You are now just one of the many “boy who cried wolf” channels.
    Also, you talk about people doing stupid shit with drones. You mean like flying out the window in a big city and jeopardizing the health of anyone below? You’re the problem they are tying to correct. Idiot.

  • flyingeagle357
    flyingeagle357 9 days ago

    It's because of inbred retard ococksucking bitches like you doing stupid things that FAA is restricting drones usage more and more.

  • schmudge
    schmudge 9 days ago

    ALL manned aircraft should have a minimum 1000" height after all the skies the limit, they just have to pull on their stick harder. ffs

  • Yogesh Naik
    Yogesh Naik 9 days ago

    Dji has tough time in prosumer market

  • FJKiller514
    FJKiller514 9 days ago

    There's not test for hobbyists to fly, just a $5 registration that lasts for 3 years. The test comes if you want the drone license.

  • Kevin Lynch
    Kevin Lynch 9 days ago

    absolute fool flying out window in a city. Simply unsafe. your not a "Pro"

  • Jason Dessenberg
    Jason Dessenberg 10 days ago

    Why dont you just get to the point of your video, instead of countless minutes of crap nobody care about!

  • 野村ERIK
    野村ERIK 11 days ago +1

    Illegal acts. Reported to FAA.
    You have been warned.

  • Rocky Alvarez
    Rocky Alvarez 11 days ago

    The Troll think they should just regulate DroneWorks and leave the rest of us alone :-)

  • Francis Joseph
    Francis Joseph 12 days ago

    Thanks For the Talk about Drone Regulations... I am an African Nigerian to be precise. Drones Can fly Anywhere in Nigeria Not including the Airports though only with Permission you do that. Even in Parties that you see drone flying over your Head. And you can fly as high as you want if you can take the risk. And I like that your flying from your room outside. Please what is the name of the Drone. Was your GPS on.

  • Joe Henry
    Joe Henry 14 days ago

    I think this guy is part of why the FAA has got involved in our hobby :={{

  • TravelAddict
    TravelAddict 15 days ago +1

    Judging by the behaviour of this idiot flying a drone out of a window and over a built up area I can see why we need the new laws to cater for these prats, they get us all a bad name.

  • thisbethekris
    thisbethekris 17 days ago

    You totally contradicted yourself in this video, but I still really liked it. Thanks for good content!

  • adrian arias
    adrian arias 18 days ago

    I feel like this about gun rights . I used to be able to target shoot in BLM! Until osama Obama attacked our constitution back in 2015 when he said we are not coming after your guns! Now 2019
    A semiautomatic is an “assault riffle “ you only have the right to carry 10 rounds! And in July ammo sales are restricted and taxed with a background check!
    Note. Meanwhile criminals that don’t obey law are running around with tek 9 32 round full auto firearm ! Wake up people vote for our God-given constitutional rights the constitution was made right after a war with the government and that was written for Tyranny and the right to defend your family

  • Sky Shark Media
    Sky Shark Media 19 days ago

    You’re a prick.

  • Gary Guest
    Gary Guest 19 days ago

    Love that you float on your OneWheel. I just got mine in May, and in 5 months I’ve got 1400 miles on it. Best thing I’ve ever done at Age 60.

  • DayzMennis
    DayzMennis 19 days ago

    I can make the difference very easy and clear pro pilot someone who can fly any drone in manual mode and a scrub or Pro summer cash cow who crashes into walls in his basement on first take off with his first drone thats a mavic is not a professional

  • DavidRiv2012
    DavidRiv2012 20 days ago

    Do you have your FAA certification as a commercial pilot, part 107 regs? Did you register your drone with the FAA? I would bet you don't have your commercial FAA certification or your FAA registration number. Huge fines are your future. Sorry friend, you are indicting yourself with this video. Being a hobbiest is not immunity for violating the regs. Also, townships may have their own restrictions piled on.

  • Tech420P
    Tech420P 21 day ago

    Humm will they regulate drones in video games next? 🤔

  • Greg Kienle
    Greg Kienle 22 days ago

    The guy is a skateboarder too! Hehe.

  • Vincent
    Vincent 24 days ago

    You’re the reason why the FAA did this.

  • Doctor Strangerlove
    Doctor Strangerlove 25 days ago

    Fuck govt regulations. Take responsibility for your actions.

  • Hit Man
    Hit Man 25 days ago

    Looks like Houston! I used to live in humble, miss it down there

  • Rambash U.A.S. pilot
    Rambash U.A.S. pilot 26 days ago

    You put out some good videos, but its a bad idea to fly over a congested place like that. You know any one of a 100 things could happen to bring your drone down on top of someone injuringing or killing someone, and that's all it would take to get everyone in more of a frenzy than they already are. The problem is everyone, and their dog get a camera drone as a gift, and go out looking at things they shouldn't be looking at in the 1st place. I think if your buying a self leveling drone that anyone can get up in the air you should have to know that could easily kill someone with it, and I don't believe many people think about this fact.

  • Skychaser Jeff
    Skychaser Jeff 26 days ago

    The transponder idea is a very good one. ADS-B will already by required next year. I almost ran into drone whilst conducting aerial survey in a full size aircraft recently. I see the safety aspect but also understand that federal just has another hand in the pot as well.

  • Tiffany Smith
    Tiffany Smith 27 days ago

    This guy is a pro asshat! Next time throw yourself out that window.

  • Kenneth Naylor
    Kenneth Naylor 29 days ago

    Drones are used to help society and enhance the standard of living - rules are needed.

  • S Cin
    S Cin 29 days ago

    Ok lets get to the point... Drones should not be flown over 400 feet. I can dig that, living in one of the largest cities in the world. And definitely no kid under 12 should be allowed to fly a drone that can go above 400 feet, and all people flying drones that can go above that altitude should be required to pass a strict test on drone regulations. In fact in cities like NYC the laws should be even more strict; no drone should be flown above 200 feet even if it is being flown in a park or along a body of water. One often see helicopters flying close to 200 feet over bodies of water, like the East River.
    On a more positive note, It is likely that drone regulations in the future will be enforced by the gps positioning of the drone. This will be the smart thing to do, rather than passing rigid laws that apply to all drones in a nation. If you are in the middle of desert, there should be different restrictions on flight altitude. Surely those restrictions with our current technology can be enforced by GPS coordinates that will soon likely be downloadable into the drone's navigation software before it can even mechanically take off in a given area. We have everything in place to make this possible.

  • Steve Bunyan
    Steve Bunyan Month ago

    Trying to act like casey

  • El 7 Media
    El 7 Media Month ago

    Put a cross fade on your audio tracks and it won’t clip between takes.

  • Aerial Photo and Video By Wright

    HTown whats up

  • Norman De George
    Norman De George Month ago

    I own guns, it’s my right. I can’t shoot my guns in my back yard because I live in the city, I can’t shoot windows out of houses, I can’t point my weapon at people, because there are laws and rules against these things even though I have a right to own my weapons I have no problem not flying over 400ft high hell I can’t even see my drone that high. I don’t have a problem flying line of sight, I want to see where my drone is. I don’t have a problem not flying over people, if it crashes it could hurt or maybe kill someone. They will probably smash my drone or maybe even run off with it. I have no problem with common sense rules to abide by. Abiding by common sense rules prevents you from having to deal with stupid laws.

  • Caleb Eckenrode
    Caleb Eckenrode Month ago

    I will be posting my DJI Mavic 2 Zoom weight lift test video here very soon. Subscribe to my channel to know when I post it and I will assure you that the video is worth your time. Please check it out and give me your feedback in the comments!

  • Joshua Scott
    Joshua Scott Month ago

    Crap video

  • Joshua Scott
    Joshua Scott Month ago

    Crap video. You tube should pull this

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson Month ago

    mab fuck them im going to FLY my 14 quads ti the day i die. we aint robbing and killing peoples. we are people who love to fly little flying machines. and plus the quad industry. makes billions so the governments. are not going to pass on some. ofthat money. watch. its all about money when u boil it down u see they have legalized marijuana. why money. taxes.easy 100s of millions in their coffers. ok.

  • Bud
    Bud Month ago

    So, this guy can fly over Houston and have dangerous fun because he's "not getting paid" for it. That's how he justifies it. Another liberal douche. TRUMP 2020.

  • mackman1245
    mackman1245 Month ago

    People flying their drones unsafely is mostly just hype that's pushed by businesses that wants the airspace that's been used by 'the average joe' for decades in recreational family traditions. And suggesting that Government needs to control the People just because we live in 'this day and age of technology' is only encouraging (mostly corrupt) Politicians (who isn't qualified to even determine what's actually safe or not!) to restrict our liberties and pursuits of happiness! It's a shame Droneworks Studios is pushing this type of self-destructive agenda towards itself and it's fellow subscribers!

  • Em R
    Em R Month ago +1

    I appreciate you!

  • Larry R
    Larry R Month ago

    The police or whomever don't have the time or resources to enforce everyone.. They can barley keep the streets safe.. Unless they are going to have drone cops... Don't panic unless you are being stupid..

  • Nick Heyer
    Nick Heyer Month ago

    Lol, you are an idiot.

  • Victor M
    Victor M Month ago

    Who is the manufacturer of the bag you carry your drone in?

  • Anthony wopaness
    Anthony wopaness Month ago

    Inch by inch, in the end to fly a drone for fun will demand a lic. that shows you passed the rules and reg. test, plus vision to insure the drone operator(replacing hobbyist) can safely navigate the drone, insurance in case the drone falls and hits something, a FAA approved sticker with reg.# along with a photo ID that is renewable every other year. .....well, lets all have fun everyone.

  • Joe Cwik
    Joe Cwik Month ago

    hypocrite and a socialist :(

  • 777granite
    777granite Month ago

    I believe your video, Dronewrks and you personally favoring regulation is simply a way to discourage future drone hobbyist from ever flying. More regs, create fewer hobbyists and thus make room for more profitability for commercial entities that utilize airspace. You being one. What you fail to see is that more regulation will eventually push you and your company out of the market as well. This is because bigger corporations and government itself will inevitably take full control over our airspace through excessive regs. You are just helping it happen sooner.

  • Eddie Miller
    Eddie Miller Month ago

    All you drone pilots should have a sport pilot license like the ultralight pilots.

  • Graeme Heinrich
    Graeme Heinrich Month ago

    You're having a laugh, right? You don't actually believe 80℅ of what you say. It's bait? If so fair play to generate "hits".
    Alternatively, "Any reasonable person...." is what you mention at one point. Are you one of those? Is flying out your window in Downtown Houston reasonable (or even reasonably responsible)....EVEN IF SOMEHOW LEGAL?
    Do you have (have you sat) commercial licences to fly commercially in all the countries you have? I know for a fact commercial work in France is tough to get qualified for. The UK and Ireland too ($1000+ to get accredited)! If you lost connection with your drone (through WiFi interference in a big city....on the same frequencies as your controller uses) would your drone have had a GPS Locked Home Point to return to on its own at its GPS Linked specified altitude..... in its built in redundancy? Taking off where there was not enough GPS signals to lock on.....I thought not.
    So much of what you do is wrong and irresponsible. Cowboys like you are why Rules are created & exist in the first place, ruining it for Sarah, or Mary or whoever the next 10yr old wanting to have fun (away from their phone) is. As they say, common sense ain't so common! You are the opitomy of this and the reason laws get made: the lowest common denominator argument.
    I'm not a "hater"; I'm just a guy who hates being associated and labelled for moronic behaviour from people who work in the same industry & call themselves professionals, yet fly in their down time (as hobbyists) like the most irresponsible drone pilots do. The FAA will surely, eventually, knock on your door to help you see sense one day. Shame you can't do it all by yourself. P.S. Helicopters, Engine failure and crash, Bird attack, signal loss, .....all with potentially catastrophic results (I.e. loss of life); how many reasonable reasons do you need to realise your airmanship attitude is all wrong?? P.P.S. And you're a manned aircraft pilot?? Wow!

  • vinrx76
    vinrx76 Month ago

    Quadcopter guys and hobbyists flying low are not in any kind of danger. It's the guys that fly high altitude who's days are numbered. There is a big difference between a drone and a quadcopter.

  • Mask Rider#1
    Mask Rider#1 Month ago

    I think this dude going to finish not us because he doing stupid thing. What the fuck is he doing. Due just stay home change your hobby to video games instead.

  • andy wright
    andy wright Month ago

    Whatever hobby people are into, your always gonna get moaners ,look at my country ,we have brexit remonars who try disrupt something good ha ha

  • Peter Gostelow
    Peter Gostelow Month ago

    The question is how to define the problem. I think the airspace should be allocated, so the FAA will control the airspace from the minimum legal altitude above ground and up, and the airspace from 50 feet below minimum to ground, is reserved for hobby aircraft. The hobby airspace is unregulated by law. But if a hobby/commercial drone enters the FAA airspace it must comply with its regulations, which could be a fine or worse.
    The first thing that came to mind, when you said lots of drones, was - airport. Airports regulate traffic, thats what the neigbours want, airports is the way to do it. Nice, small, portable, temporary, telescopic tower, with radar and rollout runway. Setup the airport, initialize the control tower, register your drone/plane, and your ready to go. Should be able to monitor at least 250 drones. Handles takeoff/landing, homing beacon, holding pattern, up and down wind altitude settings, stacking, 6 second crash detection, and approach. Monitor 300 cubit feet air traffic with regulation warnings (too high/low/near/far per drone). Telemetery includes altitude, heading, speed, and battery life, per drone. The airport should have autopilot for drones within 10 feet of the airport, for takeoff, holding pattern, and landing.
    What could be simpler? Arrive on site, register with control tower, get ETTO (estimate time to take off) and start flying. When done, land, deregister and you're gone.
    The problem with that is the guy owning the airport decides to pack up mid-morning. If someone else can setup another airport, the first one can hand over the info to the second before closing down. However, if no-one has an airport, you're left with a bunch of drones now in chaos.

  • Kimberly Martinson
    Kimberly Martinson Month ago

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  • Lani Alejandre
    Lani Alejandre Month ago

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  • Gary Bowen
    Gary Bowen Month ago

    I believe the drone thing alone is self-destructive. These thing are being used to fly in contraband, deliver cash and dope over our border. PopaRatize flying over famous peoples estates. Spying on my own pool babes by day, then flying at night above spas. Hey! I’m just the casual observer to this whole thing.
    The 50mghz Radio Control flyers hate the drone guys because now they are catching flack, even thought they fly at a private airport away from all public.
    Speaking to rangers, even city, county, state rules regulation, ordinances drones are forbidden. Fed lands require permit or NO-FLY period.
    I’m in California where EVERYTHING is highly regulated if its fun based.

  • RookTV
    RookTV Month ago

    The reason all these laws are due to people doing things like you did in your video. DJI makes drones for people that don't know how to actually fly a drone themselves. Not having that knowledge I guess gives these "pilots" permission to do whatever they want.

    • RookTV
      RookTV Month ago

      BTW your video was pretty good, I don't agree with all you said, but it doesn't take away from a great job on the video!

  • Dennis Rogers
    Dennis Rogers Month ago +1

    Well they will never stop the hobbyist. If laws get to tough then people rebal and do it anyway, just like radio pirates.
    Over here is New Zealand we cannot fly over the city like in your video, its forbidden unless you got permission from everyone which is impractical .
    Plus the tech, yet is not full prove and even professional drones and military drones can and still get the odd fly away.
    Anyway you pro drone pilots have always hated the hobbyist.
    There are more drone regulations than there are for glider pilots, micro lights and hand gliders.
    FAA hates drones full stop and have even made false claims of near collisions to get into effect laws.
    Most hobbyists are sensible, and why would you even want to fly over a city? If your drone came down and damaged property then your liable for damages or if your hurt someone.
    Any kind of test or license does not make you responsible, it's just another cash bucket for the FAA, just as a car license does not stop those idiots on the road and those who still disobey laws or cannot care less.
    Have seen commercial pilots in no fly zones break laws and often think they are above the law.

  • Stinky Cheese
    Stinky Cheese Month ago

    We need prison sentences handed out to anyone who flies their drone anywhere except their own property or with the property owner's permission, except if they maintain above 400 ft altitude and only take off and land within permitted areas.
    What you should and shouldn't do is respect other people and keep your drones away from their, and the public, property, again unless you have specific permission. There is no reason why you should be able to fly a drone anywhere you can't fly a helicopter. Saying commercial, meh if anything a hobbyist is less trained and more irresponsible in their lack of abilities and lack of professional risk if caught.
    You say "you were able to" but all you really mean is you were not caught and prosecuted. There is not a blurred line. You can say you were able to drive drunk too, and similar applies.
    There is no FAA regulation over hobbyists needed to prevent drone use. FAA cannot grand entrance onto personal or public property without consent except passage through the airspace they control.

  • Montana Prepper
    Montana Prepper Month ago +1

    The constitutional private militia is exempt from government regulation when it comes to government having the ability to locate or control umanned aircraft or other electronic communications. To disagree would violate the premise of the constitutional private militia. A private militia cannot be a check against government abuse if it is controlled by the government. In fact it is the liberty of the private militia to deploy anti- tracking measures. To disagree would be like saying, "Here we are come wipe us out".
    So, in short, the FAA cannot lawfully regulate a private militia. It would violate outright, the 2nd Amendment.

  • Stephen Cabrero
    Stephen Cabrero Month ago

    Justin, thanks for this video. Maybe manufacturers could have a switch that gets turned on that will load the limits where a drone can fly (for consumers). The trained registered drone flyer will have alarms go off when he ventures in these zones but will be liable for damages if he causes any. All drones will be able to get updates wirelessly. I don't like regulation either but these could be used dangerously so should be treated like aircrafts. Been on the fence to buy one or not for years, I'm a producer in Dallas and an RC hobbyist, so I am very interested in getting one.

  • pavel1809
    pavel1809 Month ago

    How the fuck do you manager to fly the dj phantom inside my dji phantom 3 inside wont eben turn on the motor

  • Last Action Gamers
    Last Action Gamers Month ago

    RC aircraft have been flying longer then this guy’s father has been alive, no problems. Now companies see the potential of making money in this air space. Wow, what a shocker that government steps in and basically hands it over and sticking it to hobbyists. Has nothing to do with safety, that has all been fabricated to push an agenda. We don’t need more regulation, we need less morons like this guy.

    SPIDER MONKEY Month ago

    Nobody really cares, im sure most cops dont care either

  • Ronald Brown
    Ronald Brown Month ago

    All it will take is f or one numb nuts to hit a commercial aircraft and guys that will be it

  • Darren-Edward Oneill

    I am a staunch anti-drone lobbyist from the point of view of untrained pilots and the threat they pose to real aviation - that said I think you droners are getting a rough deal but am delighted that the possible outcome here will be to weed out the irresponsible 'pilots' who completely f'd up the hobby for people who fly proper RC aircraft like myself.

  • just in case
    just in case Month ago

    So is it 400 feet from sea level or 400 feet from where I'm standing? I live at 1200 feet above sea level.

  • Jeremy Boyce
    Jeremy Boyce Month ago

    Hey hey don't mind the haters you are a professional don't justify anything or anyone.

  • Anwar C Reckley
    Anwar C Reckley Month ago

    I am from Abaco, Bahamas. Visit Baker's Bay Golf & Ocean Club one day. Look me up if you do. but in the meantime, if you have a drone that you do not use anymore i'll be glad to buy it off you.

  • bigearedmouse17
    bigearedmouse17 Month ago

    Do not register your Drone, Fuck the FAA and Fuck their bills Fly what you want when you want. Think AIR AMERICA !

  • larry kabo
    larry kabo Month ago

    400 ft limit period is the rule first of all, your airplane should never ever be below 400 ft yet 200 above me is common here in Kennesaw Ga (touch and go every 8min., got video). And if a pizza drone is flying anywhere on my property lower then 10 ft I will take a broom to it. Anyway do you even know what advances in battery technology are needed to transport 1 pound for 1 mile, it is such a stupid idea. I really don't appreciate a drone highway delivering stuff to all my neighbors and happen to get in the way of the hundreds of drones deliveries all day, and at night? They see me , hell no. Do I really have to protect myself to get to my car to get my pizza that my next door neighbor got his/hers via drone, Get reality check that sht not going to happen. Seriously, think about your kid in the front yard playing with a ball, is the way of life if front of my house going to change for the sake of business and drones?

  • Jeffrey Mcdonald
    Jeffrey Mcdonald Month ago

    It's all fun and games til someone losses an eye. Learn the rules. Live by the rules.

  • Mike Kilmer
    Mike Kilmer Month ago

    Damn I have been flying very close to you, great job.

  • Sam Ib
    Sam Ib Month ago

    Thank you for great videos I just don’t see the bell do I get all your messages and updates thank you Sam

  • John Alexander
    John Alexander Month ago +1

    I wish FAA would delete this youtube video. Fly in your back yard or at the park for fun.

  • James Johanson
    James Johanson Month ago

    There’s No way that they can’t enforce these New FAA RULES . Law enforcement are not going to try and chase down drones.

  • canon fpv
    canon fpv Month ago +1

    A pro drone pilot lol can you fly without GPS and stabilisation