Drone Pilots are FINISHED (New FAA Laws)


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  • Droneworks Studios
    Droneworks Studios  3 months ago +48

    What do you guys think about the new FAA bill? Are hobbyists doomed...or am I TOTALLY wrong and nobody cares? Really curious what you think

    • blue280485
      blue280485 3 days ago

      Have you flown Drones in India? What are your thoughts on the Drone Regulations in India? Thanks.

    • Rick Harrelson
      Rick Harrelson 5 days ago

      STFU............Your not helping..............

    • TheUofAfan
      TheUofAfan 9 days ago

      dbkguy I agree. Our government loves taking away what they rarely give back, ever!

    • Veronica Leigh Johnson
      Veronica Leigh Johnson 10 days ago

      Des this only affect drones or does it include gas powered fixed wing?

    • JD Powers
      JD Powers 16 days ago

      colin Kools I don t think Americans can get a work visa very easily. Maybe it’s different now

  • Drone World
    Drone World 7 hours ago

    Hi Can the P4 and batteries be Carried on the Plane?

  • Ben Filley
    Ben Filley 11 hours ago

    "enjoying for the first time" **drone to the face**

  • Dutch Drone Adventures

    Wauw! That intro was so sick! Awesome work!😃

  • Kevin McMahon
    Kevin McMahon Day ago

    In a movie called "Play misty for me" starring Clint Eastwood, the opening scene is filmed from a helicopter with the cameraman who has a steady-cam. From the middle of the air, straight into the living room was a wow factor at the time, a few decades ago.

  • heath sunday
    heath sunday Day ago

    Numb nut assholes like this is what's causing the problems. Fly out window over people cars and alot of other stuff he shouldnt be doing. Dont support this jackass. Numb nut post video so all can see him doing it. Idiot. And all because you call it hobby flight dont mean lawmakers dont take stupid stuff like this into account! Noone want to be hit by a drone in the head while walking down sidewalk because an idiot decided it was cool to fly out window.

  • Vision Communications

    Dude called DJI Phantom Pro a “toy” drones! LOL! Living large!

  • Yensys Aerial Imaging

    Drink game..take a shot every time he mentions hes a pro....

  • Norte Racing
    Norte Racing 2 days ago

    So i just bought yalls falcon edition drone and I am a hobbiest and live in west texas, can I fly my drone right out of the box or do I have to go to a flight school and earn a drone flight Lisenceing prior flying it???

  • RobinHoodAZ
    RobinHoodAZ 2 days ago

    I can see issues flying a drone in a urban city with high rises and people below.

  • Phil Jones
    Phil Jones 3 days ago +1

    So regulating drones is more important than guns? Got it

  • Drone Pilot37
    Drone Pilot37 3 days ago

    Justin the professional isn't allowed to fly drone out of the window - Justin the hobbyist doesn't give a .... and did it anyway. Great logic there and completely agree with those who have said that it's actions like that which give drone pilots a bad name.

  • CouchOffRoad
    CouchOffRoad 4 days ago

    It was legal to fly where he did. Enjoy the freedom! It’s because of you gutless whimps that these BS laws give some comfort to the masses that just don’t understand. Nobody has any balls these days.

  • Grey Fox
    Grey Fox 4 days ago

    Lol your the reason why they are putting more restrictions. Thank you for that and thank god there was no accident because someone could have gotten really hurt for the sake of your self promoting video

  • john smith
    john smith 5 days ago

    Settle down kiddies! What would happen if people ignored registration en masse? Remember the CB radio craze? The FCC required that you register and get a call sign and follow "the rules" of radio transmissions or you would be in BIG TROUBLE. People simply ignored the FCC requirements by the millions and the government gave up trying to regulate.

  • James Williamson
    James Williamson 5 days ago

    All regulations are not the same...ie.we need the clean water act..we do not need to regulate drone space for corporate America to profit and screw the hobiests..

  • txflyguy40
    txflyguy40 5 days ago

    It is difficult to see that so many people are so dumb to say more control is needed. This is a socialist control mechanism and every argument is fear based. Flying a drone or an airplane over people is always going to be a hazard. Going to an airshow is a hazard to people. So should all that be a violation of code? Oh wait when a commercial certificate is acquired then it will be ok? I am an Airline pilot so I do understand keeping drones away from flight paths but if a helicopter can fly in downtown Houston it's ok to put peoples lives in danger down below but not a drone? This is a basic problem of the scare tactics being used to justify stricter codes. If you are not acting in a commercial capacity what jurisdiction says you have to have a license to act within that activity. No free people must be licensed to do what is a non commercial activity. Learn law not code. The system is so flawed and peoples Ideas have become so based on justification they quickly comply to a corporation's demand. The FAA is a corporation. State of Texas is a corporation. The corporations are converting rights into privileges and freedoms are being lost because people don't know basic law!

  • glastornjet73
    glastornjet73 5 days ago


  • Rick Harrelson
    Rick Harrelson 5 days ago

    Justin I would assume a (PRO )would know the difference?????

  • Rick Harrelson
    Rick Harrelson 5 days ago

    Wait Wait.... What do you fly???????

  • Rick Harrelson
    Rick Harrelson 5 days ago

    Justin.....Just in you are an dirt bag.... So sick of hearing I'm A pro.. Are you serious????? Is it painful being level of wanna be?????

  • dialn911
    dialn911 6 days ago

    Just a quick side note,
    the fact you used your "hobby flying" an intro to a video that's part of your company's channel, which I'm sure is monetized, that pretty much canceled out your entire point about being able to do it because it was for "non commercial reasons."
    As far as new regulations...
    A part of me doesn't like the idea of regulations being placed on drones, because I feel we should have the freedom to fly unrestricted, however as an aviation enthusiast's myself, and the fact that you're a pilot...you made the very valid point on the flip side.
    Every time you come in for a landing and you're flying over neighborhoods, you stated yourself, you're terrified that some Jack ass might be flying a drone at high altitude and you may run into it, just like a bird strike... I'm sure you don't want to run smack dab into a drone of any considerable size and see how your propeller handles it.
    What will happen the 1st time somebody flies a drone over a landing route of an airport and a jet engine sucks a drone into it?
    As much as I don't like regulations, I have a hard time denying the very real concerns of why they would want to come in and place such restrictions on these devices which could pose very real fatal consequences if not handled responsibly.

  • Alexandra Bella
    Alexandra Bella 6 days ago

    If someone asked you to fly out your window and you did, it's PRO, even if they did not give you money.

  • Michael Gardner
    Michael Gardner 6 days ago

    So, what you’re saying the government state/federal will monitor drones more than guns. Great.

  • L G
    L G 6 days ago

    It just occured to me that your intro is wwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ttttttttttttoooooo llllllllooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tea Bagson
    Tea Bagson 6 days ago

    I was hoping when you were walking to the balcony with the drone videoing, you would go ahead and jump off.

  • sphexes
    sphexes 6 days ago

    Vanilla sky meets Casey Neistat

  • City Wide Trucking Co Inc

    nice lid.

  • Anton Chigurh
    Anton Chigurh 6 days ago

    The penthouse looks nice on your building, 👍.

  • jigga2jones
    jigga2jones 6 days ago

    Info finally starts at 6:36 enjoy

  • Ian Smith
    Ian Smith 6 days ago

    Redo your intro but do it at a beachside resort where you can fly out of your balcony exiting over water instead of over hundreds of other people. Then you might get my attention as a credible source for drone advice.

  • Just a Cup
    Just a Cup 7 days ago


  • Garrett Glenewinkel
    Garrett Glenewinkel 7 days ago

    Ayyyee H-Town shoutout from tomball! Badass videos dude!

  • Arun Rohila
    Arun Rohila 7 days ago

    Thanks for all the information. I'm just starting out for commercial so this great information. Thanks

  • Travis Henrickson
    Travis Henrickson 7 days ago +1

    You talking about legality of flying drones when violating absolutely every single regulation I can think of is a fucking joke. Shall I start naming the violations?....

    Is there a sidewalk and or street around your building? Fail. Spotter or not you were over people or vehicles.
    What is the street address of your building? Wait. Don't bother. If your in Houston, your not in class E airspace. Fail.
    Is your companies business affiliated with this channel? Ok. This is a commercial endeavour. Fail.

  • mr. vain vice
    mr. vain vice 8 days ago

    Don't give a shit I'm still going to fly my drone any fucking where I want

  • Zachary Duda
    Zachary Duda 8 days ago

    I wonder if anyone has shared this link with the FAA yet....🤔

  • JaY BuDz
    JaY BuDz 8 days ago

    I love flying at night over 400ft above people in my city, i am still safer than the local prop pilots and police helicopters, by a long shot

  • Kick Ass
    Kick Ass 8 days ago

    ownes dji....flys out of condo.....youre the exact reason we have a problem to begin with.

  • Manfred Von Richtofen

    Screw regulation.

  • flyboy14901
    flyboy14901 8 days ago

    I am sure that flying in downtown Huston falls under a restricted flight area! Also the fact that you are using the multi rotor commercially by definition you are not a recreational user. I work in the R/C industry and this sort of activity hurts the rest of the hobby. I fly helicopters and airplanes. These are all considered drones under the current laws. If you fly over a large populated city, you are in violation of airspace restrictions. You can and should be fined for this activity!

  • Boe Tye
    Boe Tye 9 days ago

    Another know-it-all millennial blaming Trump for everything.

  • BaylorFB
    BaylorFB 9 days ago

    I live downtown as well and want to get a Mavic Air. I actually saw my place on your footage lol

  • Timo Treilobs
    Timo Treilobs 9 days ago

    From a hobbyist perspective, my understanding is (with the new regulations effective as of Oct. 2018), if you are within a 5 mile radius of an airport, you cannot legally fly a drone (not even from 0 to 400 ft). Is that correct?
    Let’s say my house is 4 miles away from a local regional airport, Is it feasible for a hobbyist to get permission from the nearby airport, and how difficult is that to do?

  • rms59
    rms59 9 days ago

    Won't subscribe to a guy that is responsible for new drone laws. A real asshat.

  • athopi cus
    athopi cus 10 days ago

    FAA has no authority to make a law. Only congress can pass laws.

  • Gilbert Arciniega
    Gilbert Arciniega 10 days ago

    For those of you BITCHING about the balcony shit. You guys are NAGGING MOMS being OVERLY WORRIED like little girls. For one, this guy flying out the balcony was way before drone "population" started growing. And for another, you think he would be happy about destroying a $1500 drone? And STILL, he IS A PRO. And a pro is someone WHO HAS EXPERIENCE with flying drones. For all of you bitching about the balcony thing, DON'T YOU TRY TO FLY if you are NOT experienced! YOU are putting us in danger already THAT'S IT

  • Charles Darwin
    Charles Darwin 10 days ago

    Pro is an abbreviation meaning "professional".

  • Michael Monnin
    Michael Monnin 10 days ago

    Once post onto TheXvid, are working for profit and is a commercial operator. Just saying.

  • graham tunstall
    graham tunstall 10 days ago

    You said you weren't getting paid for for this video why then did I have to watch an advert at the start. Well I say watch everybody skips them don't they.
    Here in the UK the rules are a hobbiest pilot cannot fly over crowded streets, or buildings. Basically you can only fly where there isn't anybody that could hurt.

  • Ross Cumberledge
    Ross Cumberledge 10 days ago

    I think even as a pro drone operator,you shouldn't be so quick to invite more regulation. You said ourself that huge companies like Amazon and others are interested in controlling our previously free airspace. They will shut your business down by lobbying Washington for exclusive use of this airspace.

  • marn200
    marn200 11 days ago

    “Toy drones” - flies a phantom

  • MrPolymers
    MrPolymers 11 days ago

    I'm an AMA member and also belong to an RC club. We have members who work for the FAA in my club. Since we fly in an AMA registered field, we don't sweat the FAA stuff currently. These laws are indeed pointed at the hobbyist or beginner who decides to fly in the neighborhood or above 400 feet. Bottom line, these laws or regulations will just force more folks to join AMA certified clubs. By the way, my club will not allow me to fly unless I'm an AMA member with my 2 million in liability insurance...

  • Dennis Harrison
    Dennis Harrison 11 days ago

    It's all about Tax. Tax tax Tax

  • Yeaboiiichris .-.
    Yeaboiiichris .-. 11 days ago

    Houston is the best city in the world

    • Accolade Awarded
      Accolade Awarded 9 days ago

      Me thinks thou doth protest too much......now go look that up, Sparky and ya better do those dishes before your mommy gets home.

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      Accolade Awarded 9 days ago

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    • Accolade Awarded
      Accolade Awarded 9 days ago

      STICK your BS China based crap advertising where it belongs. Where the sun don't shine, you miserable loser. Your FAKE accounts giving thumbs up do not fool anyone.

    • Kyle Swehla
      Kyle Swehla 10 days ago

      Great TheXvid has spam bots now and no I’m not gonna shop there if you spam this shop on TheXvid. I’ve seen it from 3 people now with a double name and the same message

  • Guac The Mole
    Guac The Mole 13 days ago

    Well to any drone over .5lbs. And my DJI spark is .6 fuckkkkk

  • shawn gardner
    shawn gardner 13 days ago

    0:49 should've been a person on the balcony right above or below him "like wtf"

  • nick v
    nick v 13 days ago

    I have noticed lots of people can't think for themselves so please stop giving the government new ideas on what you may think they should do because they will do it , I know you mean well but we all think different and they will do what it takes to make them money

  • Stone Cold
    Stone Cold 13 days ago

    That makes you all happy doesnt it you POS motherfucker. Fuck you and your PRO Paid drones. I dont have one dont want one but POS motherfuckers like you take our rights to have just FUN. SO FUCK you very much jerkoff.


    wait a minute isn't this video monetized? didn't he fly using the equipment that use for commercial purposes? I think I've got something to do now that I have next month while I'm at the FAA I will get this guy's license revoked.

  • Glenn S
    Glenn S 14 days ago

    They don't want us seeing behind the chemtrails.

  • jim levain
    jim levain 14 days ago

    Seems some of the new laws are for the dumb things you have posted on your channel. Good work bro

  • Drone Obsessed Jerry Calverley

    Wow! Very interesting information! Thanks for Sharing!

  • Parachute Medical
    Parachute Medical 15 days ago +1

    I am a free market guy and lean toward the hobbyist as well. HOWEVER I do agree with you, we need some reasonable laws to regulate drone use! I'm also a fixed wing pilot and am frankly terrified of the lowest common denominator out there that has no consideration or concept of airspace. I'm looking at regulation purely a safety standpoint of all involved. I don't have the answer but I can tell you that drones do massive and potentially fatal damage to general and commercial aviation. There's also a good bit of damage they have done to personal and public property. I support hobbyist but that doesn't remove hobbyist from educating themselves on their hobbies and consequences there of! I think pleading ignorance is the wrong and unacceptable answer.

  • Outlaw Rider
    Outlaw Rider 16 days ago

    I don't disagree with you that regulation can be good. I am not sure if you were aware of this but Ireland was the first country to create regulation of drones with a register of drones in 2015.. once you follow the rules you can fly to 400 without restriction provided you stay away from restricted airspace ( airports and army bases). So I am ok with regulations. There is a revolution sweeping Europe at the moment in terms of the ordinary people fighting local governments when they deem them going against the wishes of the people. If push comes to shove and they ban the 400 meter airspace I think drone users would stand up against it....

  • Michael Gilbert
    Michael Gilbert 16 days ago

    From someone who used to own and operate a powered parachute training aircraft, you can count on one thing: Once the FAA gets involved in recreational drones, the rules to fly them will become so draconian, expensive, and difficult to follow that most people will quit flying - and drones themselves will get so expensive that most of us will no longer be able to afford them. I just bought a Spark, and am wondering if that was a mistake. Within a year, I probably won't be able to fly it legally. "We're from the government, and we are here to help..." Yeah, right...

  • inception coc clan
    inception coc clan 16 days ago

    I just need to see the deed to the sky the FAA has got from GOD

    • inception coc clan
      inception coc clan 9 days ago

      +Accolade Awarded p.s. i don't believe in religion its another control method but hey do as you please said "Satan" not GOD he also told ppl to follow him and not religion but see how well the sheeple listen

    • inception coc clan
      inception coc clan 9 days ago

      +Accolade Awarded tell that to him when you have to stand before him on judgment day and good luck to you

    • Accolade Awarded
      Accolade Awarded 9 days ago

      God???.....oh, you mean that fictional character, that invisible man in the sky. You bible thumpers are so funny!

  • Royal cuts lawn care Keeping lawns green

    Going to be a sad day when the government strips us all from fun. I’m just flying my planes. 😕

  • Lance Bowman
    Lance Bowman 17 days ago

    Your behaviour is what's killing the hobby, moron.

  • Larry Balkin
    Larry Balkin 17 days ago

    Bad news- you used the video flying outside your apartment on this channel which advertises for your company which, of course, is a business. You are in effect using it for free advertising- notice the logo on your hat as well as the logo at the bottom right of the screen. Your video cannot be connected in anyway to a commercial enterprise- the second you posted it on this channel, you made the connection. This isn't even a grey area. Its not that I care, nor will the FAA come knocking on your door, but you should not give out incorrect information to your viewers. It would be equivalent to me filming a house for for a real estate company for free, but then the real estate company uses the footage to advertise and ultimately sell the house. My footage would be involved in a commercial transaction- so if I were a hobbyist only, I would not be allowed to shoot that footage per regulations.

  • Mark Failla
    Mark Failla 17 days ago

    This is the kind of person who ruins things for everybody by flying a drone out of a window very irresponsible

  • Matthew Semones
    Matthew Semones 17 days ago

    "pro's" don't fly over people, in cities... you are the problem and you don't even realize it.

  • Peyton Groumoutis
    Peyton Groumoutis 17 days ago

    “Any 15 year old can buy a drone off of amazon” 😂😂😂 I’m 15 and I just bought my second Dji drone I got the p4p off of Amazon 😂😂😂

  • Adam Branson
    Adam Branson 18 days ago

    Awesome footage. I think people are being bitches. I bet the whiners and regulators are democrats. Bitches.

  • kdis69
    kdis69 18 days ago

    Ok I’m that 50 year old guy who’s thinking of getting my first drone just for hobby use. My question is, who is the drone police and how do they catch you breaking the law? Not that I intended to but rookies make mistakes and I don’t want to be that rookie but suppose I accidentally do break a regulation on an honest mistake, does faa cops come rushing to my location and reprimand me? Or is it like the old CB radio laws where amateurs everywhere were on the airways but the faa just kinda ignored it because they had really no way of catching someone. Just curious, maybe someone can enlighten me. Thanks guys.

  • Black Smith
    Black Smith 18 days ago

    Fight for your right. Quit bending over.

  • AlbertusMagnus_44
    AlbertusMagnus_44 19 days ago

    Please don’t call a drone operator a “pilot.” That is a misuse of the word. I have pilots in the family and they have far more skill, training, and responsibility than you can imagine. If you are not in the vehicle being operated, you are not a pilot.

    • AlbertusMagnus_44
      AlbertusMagnus_44 9 days ago

      Well, well, well. I'm not crying. I made a simple request asking for respect for other people who have actually accomplished something, something a little more important than operating a toy. And this nonsense is your reply? Your condescension is no substitute for a valid argument. If you want reality, here it is: You are NOT a pilot. You are an "operator." An operator of a TOY! Not the same thing. Grow up, little boy. More reality: you are an asshole. You lack respect and consideration. You lack responsibility. You lack class. You think moving levers on a remote control device makes you a pilot, but it doesn't. You think your smarmy comments make you "cool." They don't. You substitute playing with toys for actual accomplishment and think you are somehow "important." You aren't. Lastly, I've never been in "therapy." Not everyone is emotionally stunted like you.

    • Accolade Awarded
      Accolade Awarded 9 days ago

      Awww, poor baby.............have you been offended? Awww, there, there...all will be ok...... There's this thing called REALITY.....You see, individuals that operate ANY flying object in the skies are known as and will continue to be known as PILOTS. Cry somewhere else. So, build a bridge and get over it, Stupid. Quite a few more years of therapy are still in your future, or are you simply off your meds again? Me thinks the former. :-)

  • Mark Bunds
    Mark Bunds 19 days ago

    I know drone regulations have been a moving target, but here in Houston, I’m pretty sure we are required to notify ALL nearby ATC points, which includes every airport and heliport within a 5 mile radius, whether flying under hobby or pro rules. The charts for the Houston area have almost no “free” airspace until you drive many miles away from the city center. And since I bought a home with a private airport practically in my back yard, all of my “pro” drones have been grounded, except for my Tello which is a great little aircraft, but doesn’t provide the fun that the larger ones do.

  • Its Tyler
    Its Tyler 19 days ago

    What drone are you using

  • Douglas Bonner
    Douglas Bonner 19 days ago

    I am a hobbyist drone pilot, and I do agree what you are saying. Even a hobbyist need to be responsible about where they fly and what they are flying around. The can be dangerous.

  • Sabroso Visuals
    Sabroso Visuals 20 days ago +1

    Toy drone? thats my pride possession lol

  • browser067
    browser067 20 days ago

    There should be new laws and regulations about ppl breeding. The world has become a cesspool of fuckwits. We just dont need anymore ppl. The time we will stop breeding is the time we will self destruct and be the cause of our own extinction.

  • Mamiya Phan
    Mamiya Phan 20 days ago

    someone likes attention

  • jorgearturo380
    jorgearturo380 20 days ago

    Not a good idea

  • Barry Barry
    Barry Barry 21 day ago

    Drone laws are the very least of your concerns... those vehicle exhaust fumes are killing you ya' damn fool, and your not even aware of it?

  • Keane Boyd
    Keane Boyd 21 day ago

    Faa can only regulate but its not law only Congress can legislate.

  • Nicholas LeDoux
    Nicholas LeDoux 21 day ago

    I agree with you and having sensible regulations. Just cause there are Vader's out there for every Luke's. Or Jokers for every Batman. I just got my first drone, Force1 Thunderbolt X5UW. I'll choose to use my "powers" responsibly. Thank you for your tube-ing

  • billykkutter
    billykkutter 21 day ago

    Was that your interview for a job as FAA Chief Marshall?

  • billykkutter
    billykkutter 21 day ago

    Not complaining, but I would think that model rocketry is far more dangerous than drones.

  • Thomas Patrick Gleason

    If you have the part 107 you would know what you did flying out the window is extreamly dangerous. If you lost control of the drone and it fell and hit someone you would seriously injure or kill them. Reckless. Irresponsible and dangerous. Your channel should be demonetized. No wonder this video has so many dislikes.

  • Stuart Radcliffe
    Stuart Radcliffe 21 day ago

    You definitely violated part 107 when you broke line of sight as well as when you flew over crowded areas. You're the problem

  • T3chn0ph0b3
    T3chn0ph0b3 21 day ago

    Take this video DOWN ASSW1P3!

  • Hunter Gay
    Hunter Gay 21 day ago

    Haha bunch of tight asses. I could care less what the faa wants to do I'm not gonna register my drone and I'm not gonna freak on somebody doing something kool like flying it out the balcony. He's confident in his skills. With no wind I fly mine up and down the beach. Like I'm not stupid, not gonna do just crazy "dumb shit" but I'm also not gonna just fly it around in a cow field. I got it to spy on my neighbors, fuck with my friends, see if there are deer in the field.

  • Deckhand
    Deckhand 22 days ago

    Nope. They can kiss my ass.

  • check4twenty
    check4twenty 22 days ago

    I see a lot of people talking about the FAA making or changing laws in the comments and in the title of this video. The FAA does not make law, they regulate....

  • big visk
    big visk 22 days ago

    I'm a total free market person except when I'm completely pro regulation haha

  • Sshooter444
    Sshooter444 22 days ago

    If Trump signed it, that means Dumbocratz in the Senate voted for it too...move to California if you hate Trump

  • haciray
    haciray 22 days ago

    if you know THE LAW ....(admiralty law, common law) rules and regulations do not apply to living people of any age :)