Drone Pilots are FINISHED (New FAA Laws)

  • Published on Oct 12, 2018
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Comments • 1 836

  • Droneworks Studios
    Droneworks Studios  8 months ago +55

    What do you guys think about the new FAA bill? Are hobbyists doomed...or am I TOTALLY wrong and nobody cares? Really curious what you think

    • Rafael Grullon
      Rafael Grullon 7 days ago

      hate it....some stupid ahole screwed everything for all of us

    • Jeff Daugherty
      Jeff Daugherty Month ago

      If you got your part 107. You are NO LONGER a hobbyist

    • Jeff Daugherty
      Jeff Daugherty Month ago

      @colin Kools crappy health care this is why several come to the US for health care. Also pilots have to pay for ATC services

    • The Stig
      The Stig Month ago

      @colin Kools You're being sarcastic, right?

    • James Darr
      James Darr 2 months ago

      I got my part 107,learned the laws,and have ZER"O problems....Hobbyist are the worst because they dont know the rules and laws,fly unsafe,fly unsafe aircraft,and could care less....I wished they would ban hobbyist and make EVERYONE get the part 107 or fine the hell out of them!

  • John Themelis
    John Themelis 8 hours ago

    So.... Theoretically, I take my Evo, and fly over my home to check my gutters. Who's going to come and find me?

  • Bruce Smith
    Bruce Smith 4 days ago

    Can someone tell me how a plastic drone would bring down a 747? Even if it managed to get into the engine, planes can still fly with one engine out. If a drone hit the body, wing, whatever it would smash into a million pieces. This would also apply to light aircraft.
    half of these regulations have been created by fuckwits.

    • Bruce Smith
      Bruce Smith 2 days ago

      @brett jamesWe're talking about one drone, not a flock of drones. Yes, a drone could screw up an engine but only one. You still have another three engines to fly safely.
      Read my first comment again

  • Cliff Chism
    Cliff Chism 4 days ago

    It's an unfortunate fact that while we would never do anything with our drones that would bring harm to others, there are those out there in the world that don't think before they do. It is another unfortunate fact that the ones most in need of regulation are the same people that are least likely to follow them. So, that's the catch-22.

  • Nigel Barnes
    Nigel Barnes 5 days ago

    I 150% agree we need laws in place because of a lot of idiots out there who don't respect the skys & its fast becoming the sky,,sky west up there.
    When something catastrophic happens like God forbid a drone gets sucked in by a 747 & kills 300 passengers & another 300 taking a walk on a Saturday afternoon shopping.
    Yep a bit far fetched & say I'm insane but always a first time folks it can happen especially the more powerful these drones become..

  • Chris Madsen
    Chris Madsen 13 days ago

    Being a commercial pilot is being paid for the flight you are currently FLYING. Him creating a video with footage of him flying his drone that he wasnt paid for, and posting that video of him flying his drone (whilst not being paid for that flight) has nothing to do with the business or whatever he makes from this commercial channel . The money he makes off this video isnt a direct result from his flight out of his apartment (as he was not paid for it). Some of you really need to learn to grasp what context means and not jump to conclusions before youve had the ability to process everything a persons said. He also wasnt flying to intentially put people at risk or to be irresponsible. If you listened to anything he said youd understand the point he was trying to convey. Which was, nothing is stopping anyone from doing what he did...

  • jamie johnson
    jamie johnson 14 days ago

    says the moron that flies over ppl from his apt. window. and want to have the abilty to turn off flying in no fly zones

  • Ron Frazier
    Ron Frazier 17 days ago

    ditto to many other comments. flying "over people" isn't allowed either hobby or commercial without permit. title should say hobby drone pilots flying legally is finished. many toy buyers will not know or comply. Ron

  • eddy current
    eddy current 19 days ago

    flying drones is your profession ya your a pro

  • Daniel Vukovic
    Daniel Vukovic 20 days ago

    Ya I would have given you a modicum of credit, if you didn't open with flying out the door into a city.... Christ dude wth.... BTW, drones aren't going anywhere... NASA just conducted a huge test in Reno for drone delivery services where the pilot loses VLOS (visual line of sight). The reason for the rules is so numb skulls don't have flyways in busy areas and wreck a drone into someones face....

  • William Brooks
    William Brooks 27 days ago

    I'm diffidently going to invest in AIR. It ain't free AIR anymore. How much are they to charge for just breathing!!!!!!!!

  • William Brooks
    William Brooks 27 days ago

    OK now we are funding the FAA and the AMA forcing us to join the AMA...........IT'S ALL ABOUT MONEY!!!!!!!!!!! I just ALL my rc stuff I"M gone from over 55years of loving my rc "TOY" hobby!!!!!!!

  • Martin Fano
    Martin Fano Month ago

    I think the comment Drone Pilots are finished is not accurate....even misleading. I am a non "pro" drone operator....and I agree there needs to be more regulation as so many people are doing silly things with these devices. I am also a Paramotor pilot and believe it or not there are now more regs to fly my mavic then my paramotor..crazy...I can see more regs coming to the paramotor community as well...

  • Aerial ShaDrone
    Aerial ShaDrone Month ago

    "These regulations are bullshit!"
    *Flies Phantom 4 straight out over a major city violating a handful of rules within the first minute*
    Yeah, let me just take my real plane and go fly around cities sub-400ft AGL and above - fuck it, the FAA won't care, right? Just go right between the buildings with my ole' AA-5, right? Talking to ATC is optional! That's what you're doing because these are toys in your mind that only operate and affect things in your universe.
    The reason they're cracking down is because you're a fucking danger to people on the ground and in the air, without any regard for existing regulations involving airspace controls. The blessing and curse of modern drones in the last couple years is that they're easy to fly, accessible concerning cost, and frankly the tech was faster out of the holster than the FAA was able to adjust to it. The last part isn't your fault, but it doesn't excuse the idiocy. Hence, we have idiots with money being idiots. Violating privacy, endangering others, and ruining awesome tech advances for those who actually are responsible.
    I've had a Private Pilots License for 20 years, and recently got my 107. When I got my first drone in 2015, I immediately realized how awesome the tech is - but saw the combined problem of how easy they were to get into along with how unregulated they were. The RC community existed for a long long time prior to this point in time. Why weren't they ever crushed with regs? Because they policed themselves, unlike every douchebag and his brother today with $300-$1500 to blow and impulsive tendencies. They had to be devoted to that hobby to get into it. It wasn't an open-box-and-fly sort of arrangement. You built your friggin' machines. They had rules and their own flying clubs. It worked.

  • Bartley Norman
    Bartley Norman Month ago


  • Simon Duguid
    Simon Duguid Month ago

    its not a hobbyist flight once you post it to your "professional" youtube page. that flight was illegal.

  • 3n1gma
    3n1gma Month ago

    Fail. Watch hobbyists mod drones to take down commercial drones...

  • nigel day
    nigel day Month ago

    The uk as far as us drone law goes pretty similar . I dont think drone pilots are finished it will all just pass underground and go unregulated thats what happens when a government over legislates . For commercial pilots this will be a welcome releif as it frees them from all the money that gets taken from them by caa for lets face it having a job they are paying to have a job ( havnt the uk got that a bit wrong the idea is to be paid for a job you do) no pay they kill the relavent permit here in uk and they think that pilot is all done not so. He will go back to cash in hand unregulated work all tax free. :):) All the make believe drone stories in uk are there just to sway public opinion on drones call it conditional brainwashing if you tell someone something over & over from every media angle they use they will come round to that way of thinking. I have no intention of registering in uk and no one else should either as trust me on this once they have your details that person is gonna get slammed every way poss money wise uk registration fee is the highest anywhere in world and they have already placed six monthly increases to that in the shedule so every six months it will go up its almost like they dont want you to register here they would rather chase drone pilots around the rolling hills of surrey with police that dont exist anymore and police helecopters that are grounded due to cost or no crew to fly it because yep yu guessed it no budget for crew so untill they invent slant vor for helecopters in uk they wont be arresting anyone for unregisterd drones here

  • MrRene1968
    MrRene1968 Month ago

    pricks, they need to prove how drones are hurting people. Not in theory like the normally do, but in facts.

  • David Bishop
    David Bishop Month ago

    Do a video on traveling with your drone to other countries and going through TSA and such

  • The Stig
    The Stig Month ago

    Well, the hobbist may have flown the drone, and even shot the video; but as soon as you put it on this youtube channel and received money for clicks, you broke the law.

    • Jay Bee
      Jay Bee Month ago

      Video isn't monetized. TheXvid has a way to tell if a money is monetized (not ads) by just clicking 2 buttons on the video.

  • Kevin's Channel
    Kevin's Channel Month ago

    FYI. If you fly a drone and put it on TheXvid and that video makes money from TheXvid that is a Commercial Flight

  • James Darr
    James Darr 2 months ago

    GO TRUMP! Wake up kid and stop whining because you can't do whatever you want when you want! Life is not so! Your embarrassing and most likely gay too aren't you sweetie??? ! Shut em down and MAKE em follow the laws before they even F^&K that up like everything else! MAGA2020! All others go to Canada like you keep saying and fly your drones to oblivion!

  • Taj Smalls
    Taj Smalls 2 months ago

    Bro y didn’t you just say that first . You it seem alright then Crapped on us 😂

  • obsessed_avaiton26
    obsessed_avaiton26 2 months ago

    The faa allows Boeing’s 737 max fail and have more than 100 people dead, but they won’t let go with drones that are harmless.

  • Zincyellowmach1
    Zincyellowmach1 2 months ago

    I believe this was actually proposed by the faa due to them losing a lawsuit, drafted by Congress, and of course signed by the President. You make it sound like Trump went after drone pilots which is not true.

  • Lon Denard
    Lon Denard 2 months ago

    So it's been over 6 months and I flew my drone yesterday... Chicken Little much?

  • kirill khizhnyak
    kirill khizhnyak 2 months ago

    your getting a couple of bucks for this vid from tube. what will the judge say if you kill someone ?

  • Kelvin Owens
    Kelvin Owens 2 months ago

    I will punish myself later for clicking on this video.

  • obsessed_avaiton26
    obsessed_avaiton26 2 months ago

    The faa is just finding a way to make money. But no one is going to fly their drone then.

  • jack clemons420
    jack clemons420 2 months ago

    Fuck umm

  • Daniel Zawerton
    Daniel Zawerton 2 months ago


  • That's my Opinion. What's your's ?

    Lord. Just get to the point !

  • David Bawel
    David Bawel 2 months ago

    You're a complete tool!

  • C B
    C B 2 months ago

    You talked about how it would be scary to pilot an aircraft over a neighborhood because a kid could just fly a drone up with no regulation and then your mad because little Suzy will have to pass a test to do so. You gotta be certified and of age to drive. You gotta be certified to hunt. Why should this be any different. I’m sure people were freaking out about cars getting taken away when they set an age limit too.....

  • Todd Simmons
    Todd Simmons 2 months ago

    Hey sounds like you are the problem, hobbyist like me and others have to suffer it's not fun anymore,it's all about Money, money,MONEY!!!!!!!

  • Dubzanators World
    Dubzanators World 2 months ago

    Plus people got kicked out because of Flying too close to people or buzzing around people. Just because you are a pro don't mean something could happen!!

  • Dubzanators World
    Dubzanators World 2 months ago

    cool Video but i fly my drones safely i go to where no people are and fly. I mean FAA says when you register are you flying for fun or for commercially. Plus will have to agree to something before you can even go further. And now you have to have your registration # Visible so i agree with comments that this is clickbait. I talked to some of the police men where i fly and again they tell me the FAA rule follow that and you will be fine.But if you dont have it visible then you have a problem

  • Steve -O
    Steve -O 2 months ago

    Catch me if you can.

  • T3chn0ph0b3
    T3chn0ph0b3 2 months ago

    Take it down. I hope the FAA knocks at your door in 3....2....1...

  • Discover Life Media
    Discover Life Media 2 months ago


  • Pete Lane
    Pete Lane 2 months ago


  • Big david Bryan
    Big david Bryan 3 months ago +1

    and, at one time, I lived in a free country

  • Bobby Aso
    Bobby Aso 3 months ago

    Nice video man. Very informative. Never mind these twats who are commenting filth all over without actually watching the video till the end and understanding your creative communication skills.

  • Barry Moore
    Barry Moore 3 months ago

    Arrogant piece of shit.. You think because you get paid for flying that you are the man.. let me challenge you to a drone fly off.. I will make you look like a Amateur flyer.. you name the place I will be there.. I am a retired Military man. You want to see or prove you are better, Except my Challenge.. Don’t back off you will lose all your viewers..

    • Jay Bee
      Jay Bee Month ago

      Didn't know they let illiterate people into the military... I served in the BMR and they require a certain level of written literacy.

  • Barry Moore
    Barry Moore 3 months ago

    DJI Drones are not toys fuck tard..

  • Thumbdrive
    Thumbdrive 3 months ago

    Since you are "finished", I'll give you fifty bucks for that drone you are recklessly flying like hobbyist.

  • Harry Schaubel
    Harry Schaubel 3 months ago

    I just started flying a Spark about 2 weeks ago. I live near the Milwaukee International Airport, and have to drive 5 miles out b4 flying.
    When I 1st set it up, b4 I got the Go Fly Prompt I was prompted to take that Quiz. I was told I could postpone it 10 times b4 being locked out.
    10 questions. I missed one so passed.

    • Harry Schaubel
      Harry Schaubel 3 months ago

      Also restricted to 197' Max altitude in the area I do fly.

  • Zeb moore
    Zeb moore 3 months ago

    Flying over people in the the middle of the city is stupid!!! And why the hobby is being regulated. No thanks to people like you. Sorry your the problem

  • toprun95
    toprun95 3 months ago

    Hi, you can take your opinion for more regulation and shove it up your back side. You should go crawl in a hole and die

  • Government IS Slavery
    Government IS Slavery 3 months ago

    Screw the FAA. Become a Secured Party Creditor and they will have zero authority over you.

  • Jimmy Roo
    Jimmy Roo 3 months ago

    I was wondering why a third of your votes were down votes. Stop crying. So there's going to be some laws, big deal. When the government makes laws we are mad at them, and when they don't make laws we are mad at them. Perverts can use them to look into windows, if you want to bring up mass shootings well lunatics can strap a bomb to these things. There are always going to be laws that some people like and some people don't like; however, you can still fly your damn drones. You made it sound like they were going to be completely outlawed. Grow up, it's time to become an adult. When did Americans get so weak and petty?

  • jeff7807
    jeff7807 3 months ago

    Only congress can make laws. The FAA does not have the power to create law.

  • Colin CK
    Colin CK 3 months ago

    Regulations are good - aren’t they?
    I live between 0 - 400 feet. Cars, trucks and bikes also do but they use roads at zero feet so when they break down they won’t drop on my head.
    They must be lawfully maintained for safety reasons.
    People who drive them are not children (regulations remember), must be licensed, trained and tested!
    All of these things are good so why would any sane person complain?
    Thank you.

  • The Drone Man
    The Drone Man 3 months ago

    People Like you Are The Problem!!!! As A 107 pilot you should hold yourself To A higher Standard!!! This is Why they have put down new restrictions and procedures to fly! You're Not a Professional Pilot!!! A Professional Pilot Follows The FAA regulations!!! FAA knows what they're doing and there is a reason air traffic is so safe!!! With Laanc It's Much Easier to Get Quick Approvals for Fun flight and 107 flights. Clearly not a professional just a dbag with a toy! DRONES ARE NOT TOYS UNLESS MADE BY DJI. yes 400ft manned aircraft do enter that space! To many idiot's out there who don't understand that we have regulations for a reason And They're not that much different..That is an illegal flying over people. You're a moron and you're misinforming the public!!!!! YOU CANNOT FLY IN A,B,C ,D AIRSPACE HAS TO GET ATC APPROVAL!!!

  • Robert Paquette
    Robert Paquette 3 months ago

    sorry, but since you used that footage in this video and this video is a part of your money empire, you, in fact, DID use your drone flight for commercial purposes in the furtherance of a business. Just saying

  • YouTube is disappointing

    Horrible title

  • Lu Johnson
    Lu Johnson 3 months ago +4

    Over a million drones, and not one fatality. Open your eyes.
    I find many pilots like yourself have a fairly slanted view against freedoms of hobby drone users.

  • Lu Johnson
    Lu Johnson 3 months ago

    I ddn't subscribe to your channel for political opinion. Keep that crap to yourself.

  • James Travis
    James Travis 3 months ago

    Dude, you actually are a pro. Who cares what the trolls say. Blah blah blah “it’s people like you”, “you’re the reason”,”you’re the definition of reckless” jealous whore mungers thinking their stupid opinions matter. You’re a pro and know what your doing. You do what you do and i’ll enjoy the footage :-) Subscribed

  • Sam
    Sam 3 months ago

    "drone pilot" lol, nope. You aren't a pilot

  • pistolpete938
    pistolpete938 3 months ago

    No offence mate but if you fly around in built up areas your asking for trouble .people need to use common sense!

  • T3chn0ph0b3
    T3chn0ph0b3 3 months ago

    Take this video down NOW. You are the phucking problem. Videos like this are a reason for the hobby being ruined. You are an 4ssh4t. I hope the FAA puts a knocks on your door everyday and restricts you from any ability to operate a flea.

  • Drone Ninja
    Drone Ninja 3 months ago

    Lol....it is what it is

  • Riaan Huys
    Riaan Huys 3 months ago

    You fly irresponsibly out of Windows and over buildings in cbd.... hobbies or not... it a huge risk and willy nilly is stupid. You clearly a Casey Neistat fan.... he is irresponsible also.

  • mikldude
    mikldude 3 months ago

    Just looking at rules and regulation in Australia put out by CASA ,
    It seems laws are probably very similar ,
    Don't fly over 400 feet,
    Dont fly over or around people.
    Don't fly near emergency services or accidents.
    Don't fly the drone out of eye sight.
    Don't take footage of anyone without their consent .
    I suppose , it is mostly just common sense.

  • VistarCreative
    VistarCreative 3 months ago

    2 things: your title is total BS. You are now just one of the many “boy who cried wolf” channels.
    Also, you talk about people doing stupid shit with drones. You mean like flying out the window in a big city and jeopardizing the health of anyone below? You’re the problem they are tying to correct. Idiot.

  • schmudge
    schmudge 3 months ago

    ALL manned aircraft should have a minimum 1000" height after all the skies the limit, they just have to pull on their stick harder. ffs

  • Yogesh Naik
    Yogesh Naik 3 months ago

    Dji has tough time in prosumer market

  • FJKiller514
    FJKiller514 3 months ago

    There's not test for hobbyists to fly, just a $5 registration that lasts for 3 years. The test comes if you want the drone license.

  • Kevin Lynch
    Kevin Lynch 3 months ago

    absolute fool flying out window in a city. Simply unsafe. your not a "Pro"

  • Jason Dessenberg
    Jason Dessenberg 3 months ago

    Why dont you just get to the point of your video, instead of countless minutes of crap nobody care about!

  • 野村ERIK
    野村ERIK 3 months ago +1

    Illegal acts. Reported to FAA.
    You have been warned.

  • Rocky Alvarez
    Rocky Alvarez 3 months ago

    The Troll think they should just regulate DroneWorks and leave the rest of us alone :-)

  • Francis Joseph
    Francis Joseph 3 months ago

    Thanks For the Talk about Drone Regulations... I am an African Nigerian to be precise. Drones Can fly Anywhere in Nigeria Not including the Airports though only with Permission you do that. Even in Parties that you see drone flying over your Head. And you can fly as high as you want if you can take the risk. And I like that your flying from your room outside. Please what is the name of the Drone. Was your GPS on.

  • Joe Henry
    Joe Henry 3 months ago +1

    I think this guy is part of why the FAA has got involved in our hobby :={{

  • TravelAddict
    TravelAddict 3 months ago +1

    Judging by the behaviour of this idiot flying a drone out of a window and over a built up area I can see why we need the new laws to cater for these prats, they get us all a bad name.

  • thisbethekris
    thisbethekris 3 months ago

    You totally contradicted yourself in this video, but I still really liked it. Thanks for good content!

  • Adrian Arias
    Adrian Arias 3 months ago

    I feel like this about gun rights . I used to be able to target shoot in BLM! Until osama Obama attacked our constitution back in 2015 when he said we are not coming after your guns! Now 2019
    A semiautomatic is an “assault riffle “ you only have the right to carry 10 rounds! And in July ammo sales are restricted and taxed with a background check!
    Note. Meanwhile criminals that don’t obey law are running around with tek 9 32 round full auto firearm ! Wake up people vote for our God-given constitutional rights the constitution was made right after a war with the government and that was written for Tyranny and the right to defend your family

  • Sky Shark Media
    Sky Shark Media 3 months ago

    You’re a prick.

  • Gary Guest
    Gary Guest 3 months ago

    Love that you float on your OneWheel. I just got mine in May, and in 5 months I’ve got 1400 miles on it. Best thing I’ve ever done at Age 60.

  • DayzMennis
    DayzMennis 3 months ago

    I can make the difference very easy and clear pro pilot someone who can fly any drone in manual mode and a scrub or Pro summer cash cow who crashes into walls in his basement on first take off with his first drone thats a mavic is not a professional

  • DavidRiv2012
    DavidRiv2012 3 months ago

    Do you have your FAA certification as a commercial pilot, part 107 regs? Did you register your drone with the FAA? I would bet you don't have your commercial FAA certification or your FAA registration number. Huge fines are your future. Sorry friend, you are indicting yourself with this video. Being a hobbiest is not immunity for violating the regs. Also, townships may have their own restrictions piled on.

  • Tech420P
    Tech420P 3 months ago

    Humm will they regulate drones in video games next? 🤔

  • Greg Kienle
    Greg Kienle 3 months ago

    The guy is a skateboarder too! Hehe.

  • Vincent
    Vincent 3 months ago

    You’re the reason why the FAA did this.

  • Doctor Strangerlove
    Doctor Strangerlove 3 months ago

    Fuck govt regulations. Take responsibility for your actions.

  • Hit Man
    Hit Man 3 months ago

    Looks like Houston! I used to live in humble, miss it down there

  • Papadoc 2 U.A.S. pilot
    Papadoc 2 U.A.S. pilot 3 months ago

    You put out some good videos, but its a bad idea to fly over a congested place like that. You know any one of a 100 things could happen to bring your drone down on top of someone injuringing or killing someone, and that's all it would take to get everyone in more of a frenzy than they already are. The problem is everyone, and their dog get a camera drone as a gift, and go out looking at things they shouldn't be looking at in the 1st place. I think if your buying a self leveling drone that anyone can get up in the air you should have to know that could easily kill someone with it, and I don't believe many people think about this fact.

  • Skychaser Jeff
    Skychaser Jeff 3 months ago

    The transponder idea is a very good one. ADS-B will already by required next year. I almost ran into drone whilst conducting aerial survey in a full size aircraft recently. I see the safety aspect but also understand that federal just has another hand in the pot as well.

  • Tiffany Smith
    Tiffany Smith 3 months ago

    This guy is a pro asshat! Next time throw yourself out that window.

  • Kenneth Naylor
    Kenneth Naylor 4 months ago

    Drones are used to help society and enhance the standard of living - rules are needed.

  • S Cin
    S Cin 4 months ago

    Ok lets get to the point... Drones should not be flown over 400 feet. I can dig that, living in one of the largest cities in the world. And definitely no kid under 12 should be allowed to fly a drone that can go above 400 feet, and all people flying drones that can go above that altitude should be required to pass a strict test on drone regulations. In fact in cities like NYC the laws should be even more strict; no drone should be flown above 200 feet even if it is being flown in a park or along a body of water. One often see helicopters flying close to 200 feet over bodies of water, like the East River.
    On a more positive note, It is likely that drone regulations in the future will be enforced by the gps positioning of the drone. This will be the smart thing to do, rather than passing rigid laws that apply to all drones in a nation. If you are in the middle of desert, there should be different restrictions on flight altitude. Surely those restrictions with our current technology can be enforced by GPS coordinates that will soon likely be downloadable into the drone's navigation software before it can even mechanically take off in a given area. We have everything in place to make this possible.

  • Steve Bunyan
    Steve Bunyan 4 months ago

    Trying to act like casey

  • El 7 Media
    El 7 Media 4 months ago

    Put a cross fade on your audio tracks and it won’t clip between takes.

  • Aerial Photo and Video By Wright

    HTown whats up

  • Norman De George
    Norman De George 4 months ago

    I own guns, it’s my right. I can’t shoot my guns in my back yard because I live in the city, I can’t shoot windows out of houses, I can’t point my weapon at people, because there are laws and rules against these things even though I have a right to own my weapons I have no problem not flying over 400ft high hell I can’t even see my drone that high. I don’t have a problem flying line of sight, I want to see where my drone is. I don’t have a problem not flying over people, if it crashes it could hurt or maybe kill someone. They will probably smash my drone or maybe even run off with it. I have no problem with common sense rules to abide by. Abiding by common sense rules prevents you from having to deal with stupid laws.

  • Caleb Eckenrode
    Caleb Eckenrode 4 months ago

    I will be posting my DJI Mavic 2 Zoom weight lift test video here very soon. Subscribe to my channel to know when I post it and I will assure you that the video is worth your time. Please check it out and give me your feedback in the comments!

  • Joshua Scott
    Joshua Scott 4 months ago

    Crap video

  • Joshua Scott
    Joshua Scott 4 months ago

    Crap video. You tube should pull this