How To Sharpen Your Japanese Knives PROFESSIONALLY

  • Published on Jul 1, 2018
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    Chef Hiroyuki Terada is using the Minonokuni Matsu-1573 210mm Yanagi. Super Blue Steel. Can also be used for breaking down whole fish and chickens. But normally for slicing, sashimi, vegetables, meat etc.. This is Chef Hiro's custom specked knife.
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Comments • 243

  • Mirsad
    Mirsad Day ago

    for kitchen knifes what is better between leather stropping and rod honing

  • Agape movement
    Agape movement 19 days ago

    that Norton oil stone I would highly recommend. it is very hard and last a lifetime. I use it for work on very damaged blades to get them in good shape again. if I want to really hone the knife and get the knife perfect then I go to the water stones. but that India from Norton its top-notch for your rough work. and if you are worried about clogging just kean it with a small amount of diesel or kerosine

  • PNWesty
    PNWesty Month ago

    That was helpful.

  • Stargazer80able
    Stargazer80able Month ago

    I used to work in the meat industry and this guy is really confirming what impression I have on steels. You cannot go wrong with F. Dick steels. However I also came across other brands of steel that were great too, Ergo steel made by Cozzini out of Chicago was amazing when you had no time to start angling up the knife to a steel rod, you had to work as fast as your arms could move safely without cutting yourself to bits and washing your hands and sterilizing one knife and pick up another. sometimes you had up to 4 knives in the sterilizer at one time. another great brand of steel was Frosts out of Sweden. We also had extremely fast sharpening and buffing machines made by Helle of Norway.

  • Lesa Atuatasi
    Lesa Atuatasi Month ago

    Mr. Holly is a 100 terabyte hard drive!! Crazy crazy knowledge!!👍

  • Francois L
    Francois L Month ago

    What does he recommend for an all around pocket knife?
    Let's say a pocket knife that I can use for camping and even for gutting a trout. Something that's all around. I know wont be great for one thing, but all around.

  • Bob Wilson
    Bob Wilson 2 months ago

    What a great video. For customers new to quality knives (especially Japanese) it would be great to have a video or part of the website that provides a summary of this - what stones do you need to get started and which manufacturers (maybe a basic and then more expensive option). I'm trying to not end up buying two sets of stones after a year.

  • Steven Thorpe
    Steven Thorpe 2 months ago

    thank you

  • shadyeskimo
    shadyeskimo 2 months ago

    I love these videos whit knives and sharpening, I cant stand Sushi, but yet I am subscribed just in case you make more vids with these guys again. PS Loved your Fried Rice tutorial!

  • Maurice Strokowsky
    Maurice Strokowsky 3 months ago

    V Bb

  • pelomixa
    pelomixa 3 months ago

    What about Bamboo cutting boards? Are those also hard on the edge?

  • Obudai Stricy
    Obudai Stricy 4 months ago

    A simple, AND very effective intro. He is a real master, who cares about the knives he is selling and repairing, and passes on what he had learned from the Japanese master's tips, advises.
    He is just as good doing all the trick in the shop as selling them. A huge THUMBS UP :)

  • martin dean
    martin dean 4 months ago

    Very informative, brilliant

  • JT 6188
    JT 6188 4 months ago


  • germanwidow
    germanwidow 5 months ago

    Do this guys ship to Europe ( Spain ) ? Amazing video

  • Stephen Corley
    Stephen Corley 5 months ago

    I applaud you for the quality of this video. There are thousands of videos on knife sharpening and only a small handful come close to being this educational and informative.

  • MisterK
    MisterK 5 months ago +1

    I know what this man is talking about!!!!!!!!! damn this video should go down as a classic!
    Thanks for uploading.

  • nowonmetube
    nowonmetube 5 months ago

    9:49 yeah like Burrfection. No idea why he's sharpening his knifes "wrongly" the whole time 🙄
    But at least he gets his knifes sharp anyway... Right? 😂

  • nowonmetube
    nowonmetube 5 months ago

    Oh wow the Sakura Damascus knife looks GORGEOUS 😩😍
    Too bad to know that I'll never be able to afford that... (kinda)

  • beepIL
    beepIL 6 months ago

    4:33 that handle is hungry for oil

    • beepIL
      beepIL 5 months ago

      @nowonmetube Why ruin? mineral oil is important for wood handles,
      Especially when they start getting dry,
      You think that would ruin it? oil will bring out all the vibrant and deep colors of the handle, it would look 10 times better to begin with,
      and it would be a much healthier wood, that rejects water from being absorbed in it and warping it, it is how you maintain wood items in humid or wet environment such as a kitchen,
      I know, i have several Japanese knives with handles just like this one, and i carefully maintain them.

    • nowonmetube
      nowonmetube 5 months ago

      NOOOO don't ruin it!

  • Doug Eaton
    Doug Eaton 6 months ago

    Very impressive. David is a very knowledgeable and generous person. I''m a reasonably good sharpener, but I just got better. I'd like to know what his final judgement on the stones from the American maker turned out to be. And if I can buy one.

  • Master Maguilla Jiu Jitsu Old School

    I just bought one knife amazing!

  • Erick Franco
    Erick Franco 6 months ago +1

    I wonder if he was talking about Burrfection when he was talking about TheXvidrs sharpening incorrectly...

  • 20xornothing
    20xornothing 7 months ago

    David is a Gem tonite industry. I’ve learned tons from him and I’m so grateful. Excellent person.

  • Wilhelm Taylor
    Wilhelm Taylor 7 months ago

    "Knives are some of the most difficult things to photograph'. Try photographing a black cat.

  • James TheDoctor Duncan
    James TheDoctor Duncan 8 months ago

    The only thing I'd add to this is something I'm sure Dave does, but has done it so long that he doesn't have to think about it when he says to remember to "lock your wrists." I think that at first, the beginner will most likely not be able to stay relaxed while locking their wrists, and if they don't, their hands, wrists, and forearms will fatigue pretty quickly. They're also more likely to press down on the blade harder than Dave recommends, too. As with everything requiring some skill and dexterity, being consistent is the key, and the best way to remain consistent for the length of time necessary to sharpen knives like these to #8,000 grit is to stay relaxed the entire time. Now, it may sound counterintuitive to relaxation, but it's difficult to relax until you've developed a certain amount of strength in the muscles and tensions used in any repetitive motion, and that's why I'm stressing it. The rank beginner will see very quickly that keeping their wrists LOCKED while keeping both arms relaxed, the blade at the consistently correct angle, and the light pressure from the fingers on top of the blade, isn't quite as easy as it sounds. Before long, one of those elements will likely begin to wander a bit and they'll have to stop, lock wrists, relax, "find the knife's angle," press lightly on top of the blade, and move SMOOTHLY back and forth. Dave makes it look and sound easy but it's a lot to think about in practice...but practice is what it takes. Good luck, and most of all, have fun!!

    • James TheDoctor Duncan
      James TheDoctor Duncan 8 months ago

      Hiroyuki Terada - Diaries of a Master Sushi Chef thanks Charles, same to you!

  • Madcowe
    Madcowe 8 months ago

    42:25 after so many years and so many videos about knife sharpening... I now understand this and why chefs do it that way.

    • Madcowe
      Madcowe 8 months ago

      @Hiroyuki Terada - Diaries of a Master Sushi Chef it really is!
      I've been getting into cooking lately and always had a particular interest in knives.
      Even know I barely know anything about them...
      Say, any chance I can send you guys a picture of 2 sets I got so you can tell me how decent they look? And what tools I should get to keep them in top shape?

  • gnarth d'arkanen
    gnarth d'arkanen 8 months ago

    It's especially nice to get some industrial insights from someone who not only REALLY knows the industry for them, BUT that he also has the direct/no-nonsense way of putting everything. Thanks!!!
    AND for the record, a couple times a year I actually DO bother putting a decent edge to the household steak-knives... At least the ones that get used regularly.
    Because we bought "cheap crap" years ago, they are super flexible and serrated... AND one-sided doesn't make the job any easier or simpler...
    BUT... experience taught me to get one stone (arkansas combo)... AND a set of needle files.
    The needle files (useful for other stuff around here too) cut neatly into the serration pattern and clean and clear "junk" out of those channels. It takes a while only because there are so many of those channels to clean... Once you've found the particular files of the set required, it's all repetition...
    File to get the burr(s) on the "back side" and a few strokes on the stone cleans the burr... simple as that.
    *NOTE of warning, however, that with serrated knives, the "teeth" CAN gouge the Hell out of a stone, even a fairly robust one... Lay the back-blade FLAT as possible and "next door to no pressure at all" to let the stone work the metal (as opposed to the other way around)...
    I'm "heavy handed" and I can manage... SO it's not so difficult... really.
    ...AND when slashing meat at the table is SOOOOooo much easier, it's actually worth it, even with a DRAWER-FULL of "cheap crap" steak knives. ;o)

  • Gohshinkan
    Gohshinkan 8 months ago

    Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge with us

  • StealthAssasin 1Day
    StealthAssasin 1Day 8 months ago +2

    5:09 This guy just said this was true Damascus steel...

  • Scott Holmes
    Scott Holmes 9 months ago

    I think it's not good that the knife makers are not going the market

  • Gerald Arismendez
    Gerald Arismendez 9 months ago

    Man this guy is amazing! So knowledgeable, passionate and articulate about knives! What more can you ask for?

  • Daniel Suárez
    Daniel Suárez 9 months ago

    Thx for great video :)

  • Flashahol
    Flashahol 9 months ago

    I have just learned pretty much all the details about knife sharpening I had not learnt in the past 24+ years!

  • Falk Hagenow
    Falk Hagenow 9 months ago

    That was the best video I’ve ever seen,thanks a lot I will remember everything you said and my knife s to 👌

  • J Dude
    J Dude 10 months ago

    Thank you Thank you Thank you. I have just purchased my first stone 1500 and 8000. For my straight razors. I have since used them on my knives and noticed a HUGE benefit to doing so. I only have “simple “ knives but hope to invest in. Japanese blade soon.

  • Six Eight Toast
    Six Eight Toast 10 months ago

    Knife Merchant is such an amazing company. They all have a wealth of knowledge and amazing customer service. I purchased my Minonokuni knife from them and couldn't be happier.

  • MrPhotographer4
    MrPhotographer4 10 months ago

    No Masamoto KS?

  • Daniel Acosta
    Daniel Acosta 10 months ago

    Thanks! Very informative!

  • kime hunt
    kime hunt 10 months ago

    Lock David in a room with Dan Kramer for a day, videotape it and kick back and collect millions.

  • kime hunt
    kime hunt 10 months ago

    I watch your Knife Merchant videos as bedtime stories.

  • traffic rider3
    traffic rider3 10 months ago +1


  • Phil Powell
    Phil Powell 10 months ago +1

    Best video when it comes to sharpening knives!

  • Phil Powell
    Phil Powell 10 months ago

    I love using a medium grit steel then a smooth steel ! I have a old dick steel for my smooth steel!

  • Phil Powell
    Phil Powell 10 months ago

    I love this video ! I'm passionate when it comes to knives!

  • Phil Powell
    Phil Powell 10 months ago

    Wow I have been sharpening knives for years and I just realised I know nothing ! I can sharpen my knives to the point were you touch my blade it will cut you ! But I know nothing compared to David

  • Marianne Myers
    Marianne Myers 10 months ago

    I really like this guy! His instruction is rationale based and explains the technique he chooses for a particular knife. Most videos I've watched don't do that. Some just stress the flatness of the stone or keeping the strokes equal on each side. Sharpening parallel to the stone is something I've thought made sense but I wasn't doing. His info on how to hold the knife and
    lock the wrist is just what I needed. He's very practical and demystifies the process. Great photography, excellent video.

  • Salomon Silhy
    Salomon Silhy 10 months ago

    David you are the best of the best!!!!!!

  • Harry Halvstiv
    Harry Halvstiv 10 months ago

    Very nice indeed, great vid! Thank's...

  • Rok Ravnikar
    Rok Ravnikar 11 months ago

    What do you think abour mercer mx3 knives? Worth buying?

  • gsxtr1
    gsxtr1 11 months ago

    Haven't watched the full video yet but will the techniques work for pocket knives/ any blades?

  • Peter Evans
    Peter Evans 11 months ago

    Great video. David is a mine of information.

  • YinYang
    YinYang 11 months ago +1

    Please, which are the brand of the stones?

  • Randy M
    Randy M 11 months ago +2

    He’s against secrets yet won’t tell us his new stone why not let us decide! Always nervous about someone that says be open then isn’t. No hassle meant but be nice to let us decide and not bait.

    • The Knife Merchant, Inc.
      The Knife Merchant, Inc. 10 months ago +1

      Hello Randy. They are American Pride stones. Just like to fully test our products to make sure they will perform correctly. Had to make sure of consistent grit size throughout the stone, make sure they wear evenly and don't chip at the edges, etc. Really like the 1000 and 3000. Very fast sharpening and low wear rate. Kikuichi, Norton and Naniwa are still better for mirror polishing than the Pride 8000.

  • Dream Girls Daily
    Dream Girls Daily 11 months ago +1

    Every time I try to sharpen my knives, I make them more dull. I use liquid soap on the whetstone.

    • nowonmetube
      nowonmetube 5 months ago

      Yeah haha I had the same problem

  • glo ve
    glo ve 11 months ago

    What is his website so i can order my knife's

  • howdw18
    howdw18 11 months ago

    Charles, what brand are those whetstones

    • howdw18
      howdw18 11 months ago

      @Hiroyuki Terada - Diaries of a Master Sushi Chef thank you for info. Hv a nice evening

  • rohadt Anyad
    rohadt Anyad 11 months ago +1

    please stop saying stupid shit. true damascus is not pattern welding. it is wootz, and the pattern doesn't come from the layering of steel by folding it.

  • Bryan Kirk
    Bryan Kirk 11 months ago

    Anyone who is at least two per cent proficient in sharpening with water, or , oil stones knows that.... YOU DON,T KEEP DIFFERENT GRIT SIZES IN THE SAME CONTAINERS! IRIOT!

    • Derek Robbins
      Derek Robbins 10 months ago

      Wow, how to be insulting and racist all at the same time! Need some serious communication lessons!

  • Mark Winston jr.
    Mark Winston jr. 11 months ago

    David - very good master !