reacting to really cool internet videos ft my flatmate

  • Published on Sep 11, 2019
  • reacting to cool internet videos x
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  • Jenii Whitton
    Jenii Whitton Day ago

    You are aware you make glass from sand right? I learnt that in primary school but I just NEEED to clarify this.

  • Amber Isn't Cool
    Amber Isn't Cool 3 days ago

    Can we have some r/oddly satisfying merch?? That would be well sick

  • TheHunter12353
    TheHunter12353 3 days ago

    why does she have a playboy top on

  • burn crash romance
    burn crash romance 4 days ago

    how many bloodly midrolls do you want will

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez 8 days ago +2

    Why did he blush when she said she loved tiny balls...

  • The Crafting Skywalker

    5:35 living in Ireland I see this all the time

  • bradley gedling
    bradley gedling 9 days ago

    12 min in already had 8 adds, this is why we use add block Will

  • Jamie O’Neill
    Jamie O’Neill 10 days ago

    In my school this fella loved cats so he hisses at people

  • GDE_0
    GDE_0 13 days ago

    That avengers one better get a point back cause spidey is back

  • L O
    L O 13 days ago

    *spherical* *pancakes*

    CREPADEM?! 15 days ago

    There was a kid in my school who would strangle you if you laugh at him so me and my mates used to tell him that someone laughed at him just to watch lol

  • Doctor Batman
    Doctor Batman 15 days ago

    That South African rain frog kinda reminds me of WillNE…
    In a good way.

  • ops712 gaming
    ops712 gaming 15 days ago

    There's a kid in my school who sits in a Bush and roars.

  • YVNG MCR 0161
    YVNG MCR 0161 16 days ago

    Gee is kinda cute

  • Jayzer10
    Jayzer10 16 days ago

    No1 would hiss but my geography teacher she would growl

  • I love kitties
    I love kitties 16 days ago +1

    I cannot agree with you more about those stupid paper straws from Maccies.. Its almost as bad as paper shopping bags in Primani

  • Spider Man
    Spider Man 17 days ago

    Well shit

  • Simpy
    Simpy 17 days ago

    Yes I had that kid

  • Gavin Vales
    Gavin Vales 17 days ago

    Ur flatmate sounds like a police car

  • The Music Man
    The Music Man 17 days ago +2

    No one:
    Willne: SpHeRiCaL pAnCaKeS

  • Rachiegirl123 xx x
    Rachiegirl123 xx x 18 days ago

    Spiderman is back now will...

  • scourt0
    scourt0 18 days ago

    the dinosaur at 5:52 is how ridiculous's roxie

  • Harry Baker
    Harry Baker 18 days ago

    Yes some kid named David mozzarella thought he was an animal and hissed a people

  • Nicholas Clarke
    Nicholas Clarke 19 days ago +1

    Rexy’s appearance in this vid!!! #44
    If you know, you know!!

  • Chad Kase
    Chad Kase 19 days ago

    Y'all both look likes teenagers, she looks 15/16 lol

  • Olly McAvoy
    Olly McAvoy 19 days ago

    There’s a girl at my school who uses the boys toilets to shit and always takes a glue stick with her

  • Noop Toop
    Noop Toop 21 day ago

    By flat mate he means the chic he pumps?

  • AuraRavenWolfie
    AuraRavenWolfie 21 day ago

    'flatmate' sure

  • Hamistar 2004
    Hamistar 2004 21 day ago

    Your right will she is pretty flat

  • Akhawk
    Akhawk 21 day ago

    If a mirror was made of mercury you’d be dead. It’s very dangerous

  • Kain Rainy
    Kain Rainy 21 day ago

    cows a skinny boy

  • Sophie Bone
    Sophie Bone 21 day ago +1

    Metal or bamboo straws 🙌🏼

  • 2012 and still Asian
    2012 and still Asian 22 days ago

    yo bo, she be THIC

  • Patu
    Patu 22 days ago

    6:01 that is sickaaaah

  • Patu
    Patu 22 days ago

    She look like she ten

  • Danijel Dodjavol
    Danijel Dodjavol 23 days ago

    "HE's a lovely cow"

  • CiaoAmber
    CiaoAmber 23 days ago

    Honestly, people hissing during school sounds like something that would happen in my town. My senior year, there was a freshman who carried around a rat in her bra 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • George bela
    George bela 23 days ago

    Shag her will

  • NeonPheonix
    NeonPheonix 24 days ago


  • Monatgne :D
    Monatgne :D 25 days ago

    Meanwhile the turtle that just had a massive metal rod stick through it’s head
    JK don’t take it seriously please

  • SM
    SM 25 days ago +10

    No one:
    Will: "ThaT CanT bE hEaLThY"

  • Suvi Tikka
    Suvi Tikka 27 days ago

    Cows are girls thooooooo

  • Carrot Mouse
    Carrot Mouse 28 days ago

    Yeah no I WAS the kid who hissed at people

  • Justin
    Justin 28 days ago +1

    11:21 Are we really not gonna talk about this?

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu 28 days ago

    Gives cow 6 for being cute but not satisfying Gives frog 8 for being cute

  • Sarah
    Sarah 28 days ago

    In school we had a kid that thought she was a cat and she sometimes hissed at people🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  • selinarochelle
    selinarochelle 29 days ago +1

    Omg ITS REXY!!!!!

  • super minter
    super minter 29 days ago

    Guess its a north thing😂 a lass in my school used to neigh n eat grass ffs😂

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu 28 days ago

      cuteness! You don't rate on cute!

  • Joey. Gboy
    Joey. Gboy 29 days ago

    How ridiculous

    JEFFREY MARURE 29 days ago

    I wish will and gee were dating

  • Lara Barker
    Lara Barker Month ago

    When u accept ur inner fate as a VSCO girl 😂

  • Ivan Gabestro
    Ivan Gabestro Month ago

    2 uploads in 2 days?????

  • I Spent All My Money On Band Merch

    The Sydney Royal Easter Show vegetable display would get a 10 on this subreddit 👌

  • Grace Howis
    Grace Howis Month ago

    That stuff isn't celery it's bok choy I think!

  • TATL00K
    TATL00K Month ago

    How has will not banged this chick yet...

  • C4W
    C4W Month ago

    Gee “ I love tiny balls “
    I think will felt that one

    • alisuo toko
      alisuo toko Month ago

      Can someone tell will that pancakes are circular not spherical x

  • Cam Rogers
    Cam Rogers Month ago

    I think you’ll find that’s celery Will 😂

  • Bolton Lad
    Bolton Lad Month ago

    We had a kid in yr 9 In Manchester who would growl at you when you walk past and he would always throw chips around the school dinner hall

    • Bolton Lad
      Bolton Lad 25 days ago

      @lanilm kopo what do you mean

  • Peektwo
    Peektwo Month ago +1

    shagging your ‘flatmate’ are you now

  • L
    L Month ago

    Thats actually how big cows are naturally we just make them fat to eat