Movie Stars Who Went Broke In Minutes

  • Published on May 2, 2019
  • These movie stars went broke in minutes!
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  • Mxv87 Newbold
    Mxv87 Newbold 2 days ago

    I subbed and hit the bell ,thanks for such quality videos

  • Mxv87 Newbold
    Mxv87 Newbold 2 days ago

    666,601 view

  • Kate Schick
    Kate Schick 3 days ago

    I subbed

  • Mari Greer
    Mari Greer 10 days ago

    um Wesley snipes been a house house name long before blade...icon status u mentioned a household name outside the black community

  • Charles McKinstry
    Charles McKinstry 11 days ago

    Kim Basinger net worth 2019 $40m. This is a load of c**p

  • Daze Morrissey
    Daze Morrissey 11 days ago

    I remember hearing that Cage had purchased the LaLaurie mansion. Man, to spend a night in that place!

  • Tony Fulk
    Tony Fulk 12 days ago

    Don't feel one bit sorry for the dumbasses

  • M K
    M K 12 days ago

    Being poor is a mentality...
    They ALL deserved it!!!

  • Jess Hadfield
    Jess Hadfield 13 days ago

    # subscribed

  • Enjoy the uncertainty
    Enjoy the uncertainty 13 days ago

    i cannot believe that guy is Brendan. So sorry for him. I once liked him a lot . He was so cute.

  • Skye jyxthfgj7js5ru06
    Skye jyxthfgj7js5ru06 14 days ago

    Non of these people live homeless like nearly 59 thousand in Los Angeles, I bet.

  • Brannen Guthrie
    Brannen Guthrie 14 days ago

    I subscribed!!

    WICKEDLEE LOOPY 15 days ago

    You can't just buy islands indefinitely without an income 🤔 hmm . Good advice.

  • Renee Dejulia
    Renee Dejulia 15 days ago


  • its is Ma'am
    its is Ma'am 16 days ago +1

    Men went broke because of their wife.

  • LD Landfried
    LD Landfried 16 days ago

    What song is playing in the background????????

  • Stuart Harrison
    Stuart Harrison 16 days ago +2

    famous rich people think they a untouchable BUT THEY SEEM TO FORGET ABOUT THE TAX MAN

  • M A
    M A 17 days ago

    If you get rich, don't get married if you want to stay rich.

  • Darrell Negale
    Darrell Negale 18 days ago

    I still want to be the first Native American to make it in Hollywood.

  • Alex Brooks
    Alex Brooks 18 days ago

    My heart goes out to johnny Depp. Poor guy.. Hah. Hows that ramen taste you idiot!!?!?!?!?!?!?


    USA is just a cruel world

  • California Cowboy
    California Cowboy 18 days ago +4

    And this is why I am beyond blessed and grateful for the things I’ve worked hard to obtain

  • will wonks
    will wonks 19 days ago


  • Lord Byron
    Lord Byron 19 days ago +3

    Love is blind. Therefore, marriage is an Institution for the Blind!!!! 😂😝🤪

  • bogart pogi
    bogart pogi 19 days ago

    Self destruct!!!!

  • Tylor Did
    Tylor Did 19 days ago

    Ohh poor me. I blew threw millions of dollars. F. . ...A hat.

  • George Pappas
    George Pappas 19 days ago

    To many commercials. Bye

  • Barbara Wicker
    Barbara Wicker 19 days ago

    How in hell did his home stay in disclosure for 6! Year's????

  • Matt Marzula
    Matt Marzula 20 days ago

    When you call the early 2000's "The turn of the century"... It's factual.

  • Danny Reyna
    Danny Reyna 20 days ago

    Who cares

    SANDY BROCKMEYER 20 days ago

    Don't believe most things you hear anywhere

  • Brian Elton
    Brian Elton 20 days ago

    I don't understand how you can earn hundreds of millions of dollars and then go broke. You deserve to go broke after stupidity like that. Idiots.

  • Gene Hall
    Gene Hall 20 days ago

    Gotta remember. What is broke to them , would be wealthy to most.

  • Sarwan Hardoel
    Sarwan Hardoel 21 day ago +2

    I don't feel sorry for them.
    They had there chances.

  • 0.0 AMAZING
    0.0 AMAZING 21 day ago +1


  • Howard Ferguson
    Howard Ferguson 21 day ago

    Johnnie Depp isn't broke,get your facts right

  • Tony Cariello
    Tony Cariello 21 day ago +2

    J.Depp is far from broke. Definitely doesn't belong on here.

  • Ian Newnham
    Ian Newnham 21 day ago

    How the mighty fall....

  • Heavy Metal James Dean

    Hmmmm. Nick Cave is still a big star and works all the time.

  • Bryan Max
    Bryan Max 21 day ago

    900000 alimony is ridicilous

  • Timothy Webb
    Timothy Webb 21 day ago +5

    After watching this I'm convinced that regardless the celebrity, the tax man WILL find you and YOU WILL PAY.

    • Richard East
      Richard East 15 days ago

      Unless you're a priest or a preacher.

  • Nathan Lungtau
    Nathan Lungtau 21 day ago

    Leaving a Comment

  • Mohm Reski 46yh
    Mohm Reski 46yh 21 day ago

    Where is the pamela story?

  • David Gaw
    David Gaw 21 day ago +15

    The child support was good enough to make me stay away from woman 😂😂😂😂

  • Fred Barnyard
    Fred Barnyard 22 days ago

    never did see pam ;lee

  • Wile E Coyote
    Wile E Coyote 22 days ago

    Oh I'm sorry,was I suppose to cry?

  • desiguy55
    desiguy55 22 days ago

    you still have respect for all these hollywood celebs?

  • It Ain't Me 1968
    It Ain't Me 1968 22 days ago +4

    Johnny Depp look like a freakin wierdo

  • Scott McDonald
    Scott McDonald 22 days ago +1

    Storytellers who can't balance a check book. Sad evidence that fame doesn't automatically produce Wisdom. Hollyweird has fame, but no Wisdom. Pathetic... and I hope I don't become like them.

  • James Richmond
    James Richmond 22 days ago

    easy come, easy go...

  • O T
    O T 22 days ago +1

    The snowball down the mountain trick.

  • American National Media

    no micheal jackson? 1 billion in debt isnt good enough for you people @the filmy.

  • Soo COOL
    Soo COOL 22 days ago

    I blame the divorce . Yep it is the men grabbing balls law divorced.

  • Read Nigga, READ!
    Read Nigga, READ! 22 days ago +4

    how you owe the irs 23 mil?

  • Fandango Spinks
    Fandango Spinks 22 days ago

    I just Subscribed!

  • John McCain's Daughter Semen Lotto Winner

    "Spending a dime while earning a nickel."

  • viviana bernal
    viviana bernal 22 days ago

    Overpay Hollywood brats, we should all boycott all Hollywood people!!

  • Ritchie fabulous
    Ritchie fabulous 22 days ago +4

    I always fantasize about Pamela Anderson. Lord have mercy!

    • jack master
      jack master 21 day ago

      Yeah you gonna catch a package (hep c) if you do

  • Yahya Safoury
    Yahya Safoury 22 days ago

    The Simple Answer is When the Illuminati turns on their Evil 😈 face towards these actors that what happens to them to be a living lesson for others

  • Bill Huber
    Bill Huber 22 days ago

    Fraisers golddigging wife.

  • Leather Neck
    Leather Neck 22 days ago +1

    OK i watched it TheXvid please be gone THOT

  • Trevor Bourgeois
    Trevor Bourgeois 22 days ago +6


  • bobm549
    bobm549 22 days ago +2

    Burt Reynolds was a very nice man. He was always willing to autograph and interact with fans. He really was " One of the good guys "

  • Kaleb Delgado
    Kaleb Delgado 23 days ago

    I suscribed

  • Tom Curry
    Tom Curry 23 days ago

    Dude Johnny Depp has a net worth of 200 million dollars I don’t think he’s broke lol

  • uddemannen
    uddemannen 23 days ago +17

    1.Buy a cabin in the woods 2. Buy a pickup truck 3. Done spending

  • Jeannie Fergie
    Jeannie Fergie 23 days ago

    Wish Randy the best. He deserves a new normal fresh start in life. Rest of celebrities need to learn control and charity.

  • Phantom Alpha
    Phantom Alpha 23 days ago

    Nobody has any sympathy for Wesley Snipes..


    Wesley snipes was a star way before blade

  • Everton Porter
    Everton Porter 23 days ago +11

    Lessons from all this;
    1. Live within your means.
    2. Pay your taxes

  • Everton Porter
    Everton Porter 23 days ago

    Shooting stars✨

    FLEET WOOD 23 days ago +6

    I thought this would be interesting but it was just sad

  • Polaris sportsman
    Polaris sportsman 23 days ago

    It's hard to feel sorry for drug addicts

  • Cory Richter
    Cory Richter 24 days ago +1

    Everyone still loves Burt Reynolds.

  • Anupam kakati
    Anupam kakati 24 days ago +3

    Proves the Buddhist philosophy of karma is right

  • Jonny Boy
    Jonny Boy 24 days ago

    This is what happens when you get Jews to manage your millions....

  • Keiwinn Mitchell
    Keiwinn Mitchell 24 days ago +2

    When Satan gives you riches eventually he will come back to collect!

  • Mythslayer
    Mythslayer 24 days ago

    Sorry for Cage...Lived beyond his means...But the rest can kiss my fking azzzz

  • hideouse blob
    hideouse blob 24 days ago +1

    Calling Nicolas Cage a "movie star" is a stretch

    • Deborah Singh
      Deborah Singh 23 days ago


  • edgar4531
    edgar4531 24 days ago

    Women will bleed you to death

  • Frank Montez
    Frank Montez 24 days ago

    Mansions , CASTLES for pete's sake ??

  • Frank Montez
    Frank Montez 24 days ago +6

    Yeah star athletes powerball , mega millions winners and movie stars etc ANYONE can and will go broke when you spend far more than you make COMMON SENSE

  • Roland Rodriguez
    Roland Rodriguez 24 days ago +1

    Ahh sad to hear ,i love all movies stars , what about actors guild pensions and annuities and no mortgages ,plus real states businesses

  • Beobout6
    Beobout6 24 days ago +2

    They can’t make it on millions of dollars. Well just cry me a freak‘ en river.

  • Potato_Cubing
    Potato_Cubing 24 days ago

    Guys don’t forget to hit the bell on!

  • Mad Dawn
    Mad Dawn 25 days ago

    This makes people like Madonna even more respectable for aging with style and a very long list of charities.

  • Tim Heasman
    Tim Heasman 25 days ago

    There all still loaded !

  • Cricket !
    Cricket ! 25 days ago +1

    The day i saw Tom Cruise go nuts on Oprah i stopped supporting hollywood.

  • Nobody Special
    Nobody Special 25 days ago +21

    Where was Pam???

  • The Marlboro Man
    The Marlboro Man 25 days ago

    I always though the guy who played the main charater in The Mummy was Nicolas Cage because I think Brendan Fraser looks like him. Weird seeing them side by side on this list.

  • Brandon Brown
    Brandon Brown 25 days ago +3

    Soo...... out of all these celebrities who had run ins with the IRS only one served time. The rest got probation 🤔🤔🤔

  • Digger Dan
    Digger Dan 25 days ago +5

    Randy was vindicated and found to be telling the truth

  • J Real
    J Real 26 days ago +3

    Hollywood broke is different from our broke. 3 to 6 million a year cars homes almost paid off is broke to them. Instead of 20-50 million a year.
    But get help

  • sean anthony egan
    sean anthony egan 26 days ago

    No sympathy for them

  • Chayla Carr
    Chayla Carr 26 days ago +1

    I just subscribed 😍😍😍😍

  • Hector Martinez
    Hector Martinez 26 days ago

    i dont feel sorry for any of them!

  • James Pollman
    James Pollman 26 days ago

    Walmart Shopper Behaviors... Celebrity Style?

  • Eddie Ohearn
    Eddie Ohearn 26 days ago

    Lohan doing pretty well right now with properties in Greece.

  • Raymie H
    Raymie H 26 days ago

    Johnny Depp

  • Achilles 137
    Achilles 137 26 days ago +2

    And yet ppl listen to these chumps political opinions