The World's Strictest Parents (US) Karli and Zach Iowa

  • Published on Sep 12, 2018
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    The McCormicks are a strict Iowa family who lay down the law both at work and at home. Sean is a police officer who believes in rigid schedules and hard work for his family. Irene is a fitness instructor who instills healthy values in her children. Irene and Sean are role model parents who make every moment count. They believe you get out of life what you put into it, and they put in their all. Zach and Karli are lazy teens who have no direction in their lives. When they enter the McCormick's home, Irene and Sean have their work cut out for them. Can the McCormicks force these teens onto a better path?
    The journey of two unruly teens will be documented, as they live under different standards from their families back home, they will be subject to punishment for breaking rules and skipping chores while the strict parents attempt to mend their ways.

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  • Joanna Dastillio
    Joanna Dastillio 3 minutes ago

    The best episode so far..

  • Shanay Bae
    Shanay Bae 13 hours ago

    The dad just seems like a pain in the ass

  • Kate Irbe B
    Kate Irbe B Day ago

    zach's cool and smart as hell

  • Sarah Just Sarah
    Sarah Just Sarah 2 days ago

    My young homosexual self:
    Karli: exists
    Me: i hope this doesn’t awaken anything in me

  • Sarah Just Sarah
    Sarah Just Sarah 2 days ago

    When they were painting, dude, they were still putting paint on the wall wtf, at least they are doing it.

  • Hirko Demiri
    Hirko Demiri 2 days ago

    They only get 5 minutes for showing but for me it takes 5 minutes to get in the shower and btw what about their hygiene 🤢

  • Isaac Vermette - Atomic clock

    Even though these teens are lazy and disrespectful I thought it was wrong for the dad to go rummaging through their bags, that's disrespectful on it's own.

  • Chloe Saddington
    Chloe Saddington 3 days ago

    These are amazing compared to australia and uks teens. They smoke drink fight back😂😂way more than these

  • Fishy Doodle
    Fishy Doodle 4 days ago

    Zachary is your typical stoner


    Some says he’s saggys friend

  • Fujoshi
    Fujoshi 4 days ago

    I really love the way Zach talks ... everytime he opens his mouth something iconic comes out and its great.

  • Pandaa
    Pandaa 4 days ago

    Karli's piercings were nice though tf

  • ollie uwu
    ollie uwu 4 days ago

    I actually like this episode bc the parents doesn't only use empty threats and punishment
    But actually tries to understand and talk to the teens and trying to give em motivation and see from others perspective

  • 푸틴
    푸틴 5 days ago

    Karli's mom looks professional. What's her job?

  • Alice Kay
    Alice Kay 5 days ago +1

    aight but how do they film this like "zach we need you to smoke then jump off ur roof" "can you play video games and mum you get angry at him"

  • Zakk1699
    Zakk1699 6 days ago

    I don’t think these parents are strict as such. Just focused and co-ordinated

  • Dark Lord
    Dark Lord 6 days ago

    That girl's eyebrows are more fucked than my future

  • Joud J
    Joud J 6 days ago

    Omg what’s up with there eyebrows man

  • Loughlin Kavanagh
    Loughlin Kavanagh 6 days ago

    Mate that Zach kid is fucking hilarious 😂

  • AgirlcalledMolly
    AgirlcalledMolly 6 days ago

    the american teens are so tame after watching aus teens lol

  • dori
    dori 6 days ago

    they shook hands with the wrong hand-

  • Priya Sankarasivan iyer

    And that pretty grown happens only in death bed i guess

  • Priya Sankarasivan iyer

    Come and visit Indian parents,these are respectful ones. We get more or less beatings with slippers till we are pretty grown

  • NutCracker
    NutCracker 7 days ago +1

    The girls reaction to seeing her mom was just the sweetest thing that I have seen today

  • I purple Jungkook
    I purple Jungkook 7 days ago +1

    These parents seem strict cs they're not asian lol
    Edit: Plus, it looks like what supernanny would teach parents but the parents already know it

  • serectas
    serectas 8 days ago

    Strictest parents??? NOT. A. STRETCH. They're more of a structured type. They enable people to form their own selves - to live their lives to the fullest!!!

  • L L
    L L 8 days ago +1

    وربي زاك حلووووو

  • argos Sylvia Collins

    Yeah zach your well smart thats why your there dickhead

  • Mattricks
    Mattricks 10 days ago

    That man doesn't have 5 brain cells

  • No Name
    No Name 10 days ago

    for anyone wondering Karli just opened a vegan restaurant and looks super happy :)

  • bee
    bee 10 days ago

    wait a minute is this all acted cause it seems that way at the end

  • luke2vlogs
    luke2vlogs 10 days ago

    and the mum is super iconic honestly such a queen

  • luke2vlogs
    luke2vlogs 10 days ago

    Zach is iconic

  • Katarzyna Walczak
    Katarzyna Walczak 10 days ago

    Every female face is equipped with awful eyebrows.

  • Queen Bee
    Queen Bee 11 days ago

    dont worry Zach, a bit more dope and you wont ever have to worry again about being told you're intelligent and smart, or have potential

  • Queen Bee
    Queen Bee 11 days ago

    anyone commetning on this who thinks the teens are in any way 'cool' - come back and reqatch this in 10 years from now and see how much you have matured.

  • Sabah Amal
    Sabah Amal 12 days ago

    Moderation is the key, discipline is necessary! 🤷‍♀️🇦🇺

  • Sophia Patterson
    Sophia Patterson 12 days ago

    She didn’t take the opportunity she just didn’t mind wearing it to get dirty 😒

  • Ramo445
    Ramo445 13 days ago

    Its kind of funny how the dad is a cop and the girl knew it from the start based on the bag search

  • Ramo445
    Ramo445 13 days ago

    "The bus is missing me, big difference"

  • Llama Confetti
    Llama Confetti 13 days ago +1

    I hate that the dad searched through the girls bag, why couldn't his wife do it?

  • TehArgento
    TehArgento 13 days ago +1

    Fucking Zach lol

  • holly doan
    holly doan 13 days ago

    i have so much respect fr the parents but the teenagers,,, 😬🤧

  • Angel Kitten
    Angel Kitten 15 days ago

    Aww lucky I’m 13 and I wish so hard that I could have a 9 year old sis

  • Lana& Matea
    Lana& Matea 15 days ago

    The mom is actually not that bad, the dad is a little too strict though.
    I have to admit, they are a little strict but they have a good intention.

  • Lana& Matea
    Lana& Matea 15 days ago

    My mom would LITERALLY KILL ME if I acted like an asshole to her.

  • Jude Santos
    Jude Santos 15 days ago

    Yoo Karli kinda looks like Bhad Bhabie

  • Hallbogaming
    Hallbogaming 16 days ago

    at 12:20 she looks like a doll

  • I craft You watch
    I craft You watch 17 days ago

    Looks like my little brother wrote the letter to Zach

  • georgia messercola
    georgia messercola 18 days ago +1

    that mum though was so sweet. like she really understood what it means to be a girl nowadays and that the way a girl sees herself can impact their view on life. that was honestly beautiful how she had that little girls day out with karli because i can see how much that helped her bring up her self esteem.

  • georgia messercola
    georgia messercola 18 days ago

    i fcking love the way zach speaks

  • Radical Monster
    Radical Monster 20 days ago +1

    kylie is not having a job with her stupid mouth piercing. and shes even 17. Not even an adult

  • joe mama
    joe mama 24 days ago +1

    I could quote zach for days!LMAO!

  • Sarah Staladi
    Sarah Staladi 25 days ago

    Karli seems to be in a better place and much happier now! This year she actually opened her own pizzeria called “Hoza Pizzeria” in Oakland which is on her Facebook!

  • kate
    kate 26 days ago

    she looks too white to be from arizona..

  • Áďa Krejčí
    Áďa Krejčí 26 days ago +2

    Ok, I love Zach's opinions

  • HollyApple777
    HollyApple777 27 days ago +1

    Zach is definitely weird.

  • Pantawid Pamilya Babatngon

    This children our country you'll be damn kicked out of the house with an attitude like that..they don't give a damn respect to their parents who raised them since birth..very spoiled brat...better let them leave the house

  • Anne James Olsen
    Anne James Olsen Month ago

    how can eny body live with that cop I have brought 3 sons up and daughter all working all great and I would never go thru my daughters pkts and she can wear whot she likes hes a cop at home whot a arse and his wife

  • Anne James Olsen
    Anne James Olsen Month ago

    the parents arnt stict they just dont want liitle shits for kids ive managed 2 bring 3 sons up and 1 daughter no drink no drugs and not sit on their arses i was not strict just brought them up with self worth and 2 be good people in this world or they will take the mick if you let them its called respect for parents

  • XTC Edits
    XTC Edits Month ago

    "As a police officer you dont judge people about what you see" IM CHOCKING