John Krasinski Responds to IGN Comments


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  • Banana Dictator
    Banana Dictator 5 hours ago


  • Justin Linden
    Justin Linden 8 hours ago

    So cool to see john getting all this recognition

  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan 10 hours ago

    How about you respond to questions from the Vesti instead? Would be much more entertaining.

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 10 hours ago

    Jim was jacked in 13 hours

  • CJayin TV
    CJayin TV 10 hours ago

    What language was the outro in?

  • Tristan
    Tristan 15 hours ago

    fake comments

  • Grid
    Grid 17 hours ago

    Hilarious to see things like John Krasinski be someone so beloved from The Office, to obscure... to being on my youtube suggested over and over, all in the month of April. Vanity Fair..... IGN, Jimmy Fallon or however you spell that tools name. The push for him to be back in limelight because of his movies coming out is impressive. Shows how the industry works, and how THIS stuff works. Nothing against it, just an observation. Good for him. I look forward to seeing his Jack Ryan.

  • Ningnomaningnong
    Ningnomaningnong 19 hours ago

    He's so awesome

  • Jack Meyer
    Jack Meyer 21 hour ago

    Stuck on 666 comments

  • WesternWolf
    WesternWolf 23 hours ago

    I bet Dwight would survive in the quiet place too, I mean he knows Morse code just by blinking after all lol

  • Theo
    Theo Day ago

    i was expecting troll comments

  • Shirley Temple
    Shirley Temple Day ago

    Do people consider john krasinski a comedian?

  • Phloyd
    Phloyd Day ago

    Not a horror movie by any means. Thriller, yes.

    ADAM WELCH Day ago


    Most active comment section on the internet

  • Mighty Coffee Productions

    Poor Cecelia....cant believe she's deaf.

  • Nathan Alexander

    This was weirdly wholesome.

  • Ash
    Ash Day ago

    you’re getting twitted today. re-twitted.

  • Carlos Lozano
    Carlos Lozano Day ago

    didnt get his answer for the socks

    JESSIO L 2 days ago

    I only clicked on this video for Jim and Pam

  • Marie Katey
    Marie Katey 2 days ago

    I love chris evans as captain america, but I could picture john as the character if I had never seen chris evans portraying him

  • Hannah Taylor
    Hannah Taylor 2 days ago

    I wouldn't have considered Krasinski as a comedian?

  • OhNoHereComesAlice !

    Don't even fart !

  • bmaster461603
    bmaster461603 2 days ago

    He's above Peele. A quiet place was a lot better.

  • RaidenXS
    RaidenXS 2 days ago

    BRUH! Spoilers!!1

  • smitty werbenjagermanjensen

    A Quiet Place needs a sequel called A Quiet War! It would show how the rest of the world deals with the monsters once they find out their weakness. A prequel is also in order for some more background on the creatures

  • _Mad Lad_
    _Mad Lad_ 2 days ago

    What a motherfucking great bloke!

  • Max
    Max 2 days ago

    These IGN comments are spoilers omg

  • Austin Williams
    Austin Williams 2 days ago

    He would be a good Captain America

  • BengiKayScarlet
    BengiKayScarlet 2 days ago

    I hope he reached out to johns twitter lol

  • Dusty Kween
    Dusty Kween 2 days ago


  • META 19991
    META 19991 2 days ago

    Is it me or he fits for the role of Captain America?

  • Nikki Nixon
    Nikki Nixon 2 days ago +1

    Imagine being the person he said he’d tweet

  • Alice
    Alice 2 days ago

    I'm sorry i've just ruined all the love you gave me

  • Owen Snyder
    Owen Snyder 2 days ago

    It takes place at shrute farms

  • Cesar Toscano
    Cesar Toscano 2 days ago +1

    "IGN has one of the most active comment sections on the internet" less than 1k comments on a video with over 500k views

  • Nate River
    Nate River 2 days ago

    John is a cinnamon roll.

  • Kaitlyn Alyssa
    Kaitlyn Alyssa 2 days ago

    “I should’ve just stuck with Pam” my heart can’t handle.

  • Karla
    Karla 3 days ago

    That quiet birth part, it's like someones a Scientologist :)

  • Ethan Lantz
    Ethan Lantz 3 days ago

    Boi what if you sneezed

  • eduardo montes
    eduardo montes 3 days ago

    I love how he does the Jim stare from time to time

  • Coleton Painter
    Coleton Painter 3 days ago

    John krasinski is not a comedian.... He is a comedic actor.... Far different

  • Bobbert Gaming
    Bobbert Gaming 3 days ago

    I hate the final part of the movie where he sacrifices himself really wish that they took it a different direction but overall it was an amazing movie


    Imma say that in the movie theater

  • Noby Bax
    Noby Bax 3 days ago

    plot twist: their son ate a chocolate bar and goes "oh yeah"

  • Diana Lis
    Diana Lis 3 days ago


  • Sticky Ketchup
    Sticky Ketchup 3 days ago

    I saw the Quiet Place. can I have my money back?

  • Gaming w/ Bix
    Gaming w/ Bix 3 days ago

    Woah! Did that really just happen?! Big thanks to IGN for passing my comment along to John!

  • KamikazeYazzie
    KamikazeYazzie 3 days ago

    You will always be Jim to us, Forever and ever.

  • Ángel Solórzano
    Ángel Solórzano 4 days ago

    No, but for real, he deserves everything he's been getting lately. So Happy for him.

  • David Sandoval
    David Sandoval 4 days ago

    They're not wearing socks? You guys know what this means

  • Asjahturtlebear
    Asjahturtlebear 4 days ago

    I started crying watching this because of how much I love him

  • Eric Dean Campbell
    Eric Dean Campbell 4 days ago

    Love that guy.

  • Valeria Nicole
    Valeria Nicole 4 days ago

    Captain America, *whuuuut?*

  • TuhSofa
    TuhSofa 4 days ago +1

    He looks exactly like reaper from fortnite

  • Aliza Lee
    Aliza Lee 4 days ago

    awwww he's so sweet T_T

  • ohdannyboy
    ohdannyboy 4 days ago

    John is more proof that comedians can easily transition to other genres, but the reverse is rarely true.

  • Bethany Rosc
    Bethany Rosc 4 days ago

    you’re getting retwitted today

  • Creativity At Random

    I'm donating to the comedians who are miss understood. Hurts my heart to see all those misunderstandings.

  • Sara Mendes
    Sara Mendes 4 days ago

    What are their names?

  • Propelz
    Propelz 4 days ago

    The people behind me in the theater were eating and smacking the night away. So much so that I had to move seats.

    JB BESLER 4 days ago

    I think he would be a great Joel in The Last Of Us movie! Joel telling Ellie to be very quiet near the clickers! :'D

  • defialpro
    defialpro 4 days ago

    ironically enough, best thriller / horror I've seen, since get out.

  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike 4 days ago

    He needs to play Joel in a "The Last of Us" movie. And he needs to play Reed Richards and his wife needs to play Sue.

  • Justin Melecio
    Justin Melecio 5 days ago

    He kinda looks like Infinity War Nomad. Oh man he would've been an awesome cap

  • Brenton Guthaus
    Brenton Guthaus 5 days ago

    Imagine not being able to live because you snore

  • A Human
    A Human 5 days ago

    You madafaka

  • sonofthunder79
    sonofthunder79 5 days ago

    He was almost Cap!? I love Chris Evans as Cap, but John has an interesting intensity I bet would compliment the Cap well, too.

    • Eric J
      Eric J 4 days ago

      sonofthunder79 He doesn't really seem the freedom type

  • Agent Pixelord
    Agent Pixelord 5 days ago

    Has one of the most active comment sections. I only see 583 comments

  • Chris Alvarez
    Chris Alvarez 5 days ago +1

    Why did Jim grow a beard and why does he keep referring to himself as “John Krasinski”

  • thegeekmeister 69
    thegeekmeister 69 5 days ago

    One like equals one saved comedian

  • Ellie Ellie
    Ellie Ellie 5 days ago

    I don't understand the Jim and pam comment... who is Jim and who is pam

  • Blayne Myers
    Blayne Myers 5 days ago

    John Krasinski looks so good in a beard. I hope he never shaves

  • Ashwin Rao
    Ashwin Rao 5 days ago

    Donald Glover needs to make a horror movie now

  • Gamers JuG
    Gamers JuG 5 days ago

    I cried when you died In the movie.. 😢😢 WHY!

  • Gamers JuG
    Gamers JuG 5 days ago +1

    A quiet place is amazing

  • Maya Markovich
    Maya Markovich 5 days ago

    I have a question. If there were lights then why did the family need so many candles

  • Gringo Lingo
    Gringo Lingo 5 days ago

    What if you snore

  • Wyatt Bullard
    Wyatt Bullard 5 days ago

    John Krasinski is officially on my top favorite actors list!

  • jakob sors
    jakob sors 5 days ago

    so kind and grateful !

  • OldChairs Nation
    OldChairs Nation 6 days ago

    What about snoring?

  • Yankster
    Yankster 6 days ago

    Thanks for the spoiler warning

  • John Hurst
    John Hurst 6 days ago

    I enjoyed the movie

  • CookieJHD
    CookieJHD 6 days ago


  • Im Tylito
    Im Tylito 6 days ago

    Ppl, hes not a comedian lmao

  • ICantPickAName
    ICantPickAName 6 days ago

    john looks very different in a good way but i miss his Jim look

  • J E S U S
    J E S U S 6 days ago

    Because comedians are sometimes deeply demented inside and are great for making horror movies

  • Audrine_Art
    Audrine_Art 6 days ago

    Every time he gets a chance to say that Jenna Fischer and him are not a real couple, he does...

  • MissBlurryFace AudreyPerson

    "A Quiet PLace" preview plays before the actual video. Awesome.

  • Nicholas Glover
    Nicholas Glover 6 days ago +1

    "Should have just stuck with Pam." DUH.

  • Russ Fox
    Russ Fox 6 days ago

    “Stop having babies they make noise” is my slogan for life

  • Torus202
    Torus202 6 days ago

    All jokes aside, who wouldn't want to see a collaboration between John Krasinski and Jordon Peele? Comedy, Horror, or a mix of both.

  • Che Alejandro
    Che Alejandro 6 days ago

    classic Jim

  • Asiyah Khoshdel
    Asiyah Khoshdel 6 days ago

    John deserves all the love in the world I sweaR

  • Irideducks AJ
    Irideducks AJ 7 days ago

    Wow lol, I'm surprised there are no comments making office references..


  • Jim Halpert
    Jim Halpert 7 days ago

    "Ahh, it's me"

  • Zackery Sharp
    Zackery Sharp 7 days ago

    He does this so effortlessly

  • The Talich
    The Talich 7 days ago

    amazing sense of hummor !

  • Shaelin Rollman
    Shaelin Rollman 7 days ago

    John Krasinski is amazing. I can't.

  • Gigglepud
    Gigglepud 7 days ago +2

    A serious(ish) answer to the first question that no one asked for:
    there's actually quite a lot of similarities between comedy and horror, in that both genres are all about leading the audience on with certain expectations, then turning that around with a twist. The only difference that impacts whether the audience laugh or feels fear is the tone of the text. That's why comedians have the potential to write good horror.
    This is something that's been discussed before in the humour topic on the Writing Excuses podcast that I always thought was interesting, so thought I'd share :)

  • I y a n a
    I y a n a 7 days ago