J Hus - Must Be (Official Audio)

  • Published on Nov 8, 2019
  • Music video by J Hus performing Must Be (Official Audio). (C) 2019 Black Butter Limited
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  • r s
    r s 7 minutes ago +1

    Lol no hate but rap sounds hella funny in these British accents 😂😂😂

    • r s
      r s 7 minutes ago

      Good content tho 💯💯💯

  • Sean Harding
    Sean Harding Hour ago

    This is going to be no 1 in the UK charts.

  • Shadz
    Shadz Hour ago +1

    Saxaphone instrument sound ruined the whole tune fs

  • Isaac Chapman
    Isaac Chapman 2 hours ago


  • MokeDaf MKD
    MokeDaf MKD 2 hours ago +1

    JJ real nigga 🙌🏿🔥

  • ToXicPhA
    ToXicPhA 2 hours ago

    Showed this to my water

    Now it’s ciroc

  • Miss SlimSagittarius
    Miss SlimSagittarius 2 hours ago

    I'm so glad he out making bangers again 😃

  • Jigglypoof
    Jigglypoof 3 hours ago

    Bruv sounds just like Big Shaq, but with a jazz flow. Mans is hot.

  • HabzOnline
    HabzOnline 3 hours ago

    Second verse rhyming with bare ‘Tion ‘ someone give him a knighthood !!!

  • seandean artist
    seandean artist 3 hours ago

    J Hus is too on point, everytime

    AFROFEVA 3 hours ago

    Then it must be!!! 🔥🔥💯🙌🙌

  • Paul Kelly
    Paul Kelly 3 hours ago

    YO! Its like an African, Caribbean, Black American party to my ears man.... (nice!)

  • huttio srreu
    huttio srreu 4 hours ago

    Then it must be ah

  • Maz Rahman
    Maz Rahman 4 hours ago

    cheeeez my bro

  • Akintola Makinde
    Akintola Makinde 5 hours ago

    give child

  • Ellie Keenan
    Ellie Keenan 6 hours ago

    Kno a few ppl I’m sending this to 🐍

    • huttio srreu
      huttio srreu 4 hours ago

      Lmaoooo I was singing “you’re coochie by association” till I read the lyrics

  • Nuno Silva
    Nuno Silva 7 hours ago +1

    Banger song...but bro...this beat....damnnnn 🤯🤯🤯

  • ApolloDzn
    ApolloDzn 7 hours ago

    Ay who came here from Migos?

    HOODIE HUSTLE 7 hours ago

    Im too low on the radar. Take a look.

  • Ahmad Osmani
    Ahmad Osmani 8 hours ago

    Best tune this year

  • Google Pixel
    Google Pixel 8 hours ago

    "An opp"

  • Hakim Hanaffi
    Hakim Hanaffi 9 hours ago

    Music video please

  • Ethan is your dad
    Ethan is your dad 10 hours ago

    you will be richLike to activate

  • EfixAir
    EfixAir 10 hours ago

    Must Be
    Cool To

    My Page

  • Trey Bells
    Trey Bells 11 hours ago

    Fuckin madness million views no video no gimmicks no nada!!! LEVELS

    ERIC EDWARDS 11 hours ago

    Jammin to thiss yes i must bee😌😌 dat juju song

  • Eccentric Lullaby
    Eccentric Lullaby 11 hours ago


  • Bigz NG8 2019
    Bigz NG8 2019 11 hours ago

    thexvid.com/video/n_dS3cqjJ5Q/video.html 💥😎🔥🤪💥🤓🔥😋💥👻🔥👻💥💯💯

  • xRoyal - RekzZ
    xRoyal - RekzZ 12 hours ago +1


  • T FOXX
    T FOXX 13 hours ago


  • Leslie Nii Adjetey
    Leslie Nii Adjetey 13 hours ago

    Lmaoooo I was singing “you’re coochie by association” till I read the lyrics

  • james smith
    james smith 15 hours ago


  • Foxie Nana
    Foxie Nana 16 hours ago

    Yo J it's mad when the sax comes on its a differnent thing. Be proud your the fuckin man

  • slyly stylin
    slyly stylin 17 hours ago

    An opp no?

  • XLeum
    XLeum 22 hours ago

    its my first to listen to J HUS all i want to know is how many artist in this song or is just one artist ??

    TsRANKS 22 hours ago

    Yooooooooo Fuking hell J HUS , I’m a supporter, from day . This one is so clever . A lot people won’t get this message , this track bangs . Welcome back bro . You a one cut brother 🙏

  • Nathan Tagg
    Nathan Tagg 23 hours ago

    Jhus man, no words can explain his music. The real GOAT of the UK scene

  • Al Son
    Al Son 23 hours ago +1

    Please brother we don't want them to take u away from us again...stay away from crimes and bad company ...keep supplying us with good music 🙏🏿

  • jonathan hinds
    jonathan hinds 23 hours ago

    hus is king

  • E N
    E N 23 hours ago

    Bout fucking time!!!!

  • Dreaminqs
    Dreaminqs Day ago

    Bangz juj and this happens

  • InfiniteGamingZx
    InfiniteGamingZx Day ago +1

    This guy is actually too good at making music it’s actually annoying

  • Smokeweedev'day
    Smokeweedev'day Day ago

    hus back with a million dollar hit missed this guys workrate hope he keeps it up HIT THEM AGAIN AND AGAIN HUSTLER

  • MoMax
    MoMax Day ago +2

    0.75 speed on speakers getting high, your welcome.

  • Icy Mya
    Icy Mya Day ago

    If only it came out in summer 😭🔥

  • God Almight Lumber
    God Almight Lumber Day ago +1

    Its the jj ting

  • ESKO
    ESKO Day ago

    1M VIEWS IN 4 DAYS ‼️

  • Alesha Aleem
    Alesha Aleem Day ago


  • Brad and Reggie
    Brad and Reggie Day ago

    This is a vibe not gonna lie I don't think my neighbours like it tho 🙄

  • MR Loose
    MR Loose Day ago

    Juju demon

  • Grim Affiliations

    This nigga just listing off words that ryhme but it still go hard af


    What does he say a OPP? What does that mean?

  • Jara Oromo
    Jara Oromo Day ago +1

    It’s been only 4 days and even though only audio 1 millions already 🥶🥶💯

    JAY JAY BINKS Day ago

    He said colombo. Only newham kids and old school kids will know who he is. ???

  • Andy owusu-boakye

    This guy has a very good sound and is in a unique great lane, keep this coming.

  • Xap017 017
    Xap017 017 Day ago


  • Cova' Club
    Cova' Club Day ago

    Love YO Songs! Much Support From D East... ❤️

    AYUB AHMED Day ago

    J Hus is officially back

  • Tehreem Ismail
    Tehreem Ismail Day ago

    love this tune

  • Rodi Cubes
    Rodi Cubes Day ago

    Proper tune🔥🔥🔥🔥#Massive 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👌👌👌