Ubisoft Says Games Have 'No Soul' - A Rant

  • Published on Oct 9, 2018
  • In other news, Satan tells God to crank the A/C.
    Link to story: www.gamespot.com/articles/what-does-the-video-game-industry-lack-a-soul-ubis/1100-6462231/
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Comments • 896

    RABBIDS FANBOY 5 months ago

    What Rayman and Rabbids there good games still

  • Blackstar
    Blackstar 6 months ago

    2:27 God of Snore 😂😂😂😂 I tried playing it at a friend’s house and nearly fell asleep

  • KlockWerx
    KlockWerx 6 months ago

    Seen less lockstep in a Nazi line dance... Love it. Stole it. Going to use it. Will cite you as source for it.

  • Nephilim Heart
    Nephilim Heart 10 months ago

    Its just flat out hypocritical for anyone at ubisoft to say such a thing. Unless he was referring to them being the biggest provider of soulless games. I think far cry 5 was the only thing theyve done since asscreed 2 that i was immersed enough to not listen to podcasts while playing.

  • Trev Tall10
    Trev Tall10 Year ago

    Ubisoft is that dumb kid at the back of the class that get it a decade after everyone else. Aww bless em

  • One Of none
    One Of none Year ago

    Oh yes so much stupidity

  • civilians
    civilians Year ago

    Ubisoft is Über shit

  • ncblock87
    ncblock87 Year ago

    God of Snore? Really? Lol...

  • Robot Bjorn
    Robot Bjorn Year ago


  • KillerGrooves
    KillerGrooves Year ago

    Is that a fucking The Shadow poster?

  • Slav Shuravesky
    Slav Shuravesky Year ago

    "I've seen less lockstep in a nazi linedance." Brilliant! I will have to steal it. Sorry.

  • Blackstar
    Blackstar Year ago

    So will God of War be on your list of Top 5 turds of 2018 Razor?

  • RybanEightSix VaeVictis

    Whoa whoa wait, did you just say you didn't like the new God of War?

  • James Vennes
    James Vennes Year ago

    Now make a rant about the Jew

  • Darius Cole-Samuels

    Tell that to insomniac games. Spiderman has a great soul.

  • draemin 1727w8w
    draemin 1727w8w Year ago

    Dont ever stop period.

  • OxyFPS
    OxyFPS Year ago

    That was the cleanest rant I've ever fucking heard

  • FDNY101202
    FDNY101202 Year ago

    You're a legend. Glad I found you through Crowder!

  • Zack Reynolds
    Zack Reynolds Year ago

    All joking aside,Milano is hot. I can't stand her politics and personality,but you can't be serious saying she looks like a man?

  • Sheldon Cooper81
    Sheldon Cooper81 Year ago

    Since 2007 its like graphics first Gameplay later with the exception of Masterpieces like Yakuza 3 and Dark Souls

  • Sheldon Cooper81
    Sheldon Cooper81 Year ago

    Games are dumbed down since the release of the first God of War

  • buckeyebear
    buckeyebear Year ago

    I played a game one time that Ubisoft made. It was about catching monkies. I liked that one

  • bboykenex
    bboykenex Year ago

    this channel is golden. how did I not find it sooner. the addiction is real.
    "its called being an italian chick, have you seen alyssa milano, her forearms have a fuckin muff No wonder she doesn’t believe in the right to bare arms”
    I still think 3:24 was my favorite part though, just gems.
    i love it, so savage, while all my friends listen to trevor noah and john oliver /gag, ill listen to this all day.

  • Gorge
    Gorge Year ago

    Why is that a big deal man
    Just calm down

  • Gorge
    Gorge Year ago

    Why is that a big deal man
    Just calm down

  • Gorge
    Gorge Year ago

    Why is that a big deal man
    Just calm down

  • Sheldon Cooper81
    Sheldon Cooper81 Year ago

    Yeah cause everyone Played Call of Duty WW II cause they wanted to learn something

  • Metal Ram
    Metal Ram Year ago

    But Razorfist I learned how to fight like a samurai and be a Spec ops operative.

  • flipper2gv
    flipper2gv Year ago +1

    Horizon is a fun game, change my mind.

  • Keiji Maeda
    Keiji Maeda Year ago

    You are the second coming of Dennis Miller!

  • Pseudo Smith
    Pseudo Smith Year ago

    Hilarious stuff brother.. but i didn't know Dennis Miller had a rock and roll son.. lol

  • Sweeney Todd
    Sweeney Todd Year ago

    Honestly, I don't need more morality plays in my games. I'm 43, I've had enough retarded aesops and I didn't need them in the first place. I mean, it'd be fine except the standards of writing in the vidya industry aren't up to the job.

  • Dismissive drive-by posting in a sensitive topic.

    God of War might have some good story and visuals, I guess. But the actual meat and bones melee combat play is atrocious. Compare to the game Vermintide 2 by a 3 man developer team, and you see some clues how a modern day "spectacle fighter" should actually look like. Heavy physics, actual hordes of individual enemies, each reacting to physical force like explosions and heavy hammers and axes etc. Swinging a 2 handed sword across a pack of sniveling, squishy rat people is god damn glorious. And no fucking health bars, ugh.

  • James Lawrence
    James Lawrence Year ago

    Didnt know you lived in phoenix man, hope to see you at the next metal show at the Club Red!

  • Mutant Green Panda

    You still doing DS9 season 2?

  • Zephyr Sapphire
    Zephyr Sapphire Year ago

    "Detroit: Becomes Solvent"

  • Tinfoil Timothy University


  • Quiett Bear
    Quiett Bear Year ago

    LOL! You are soooo much different than when on Crowder. You definitely got my sub

  • Firmini Gaming
    Firmini Gaming Year ago

    The irony in getting an assassins creed add in this video
    Also found you from steven crowder !

  • J A F A S
    J A F A S Year ago

    Crowder brought me here. Subbed.

  • RorytheRomulan
    RorytheRomulan Year ago

    Guess I will take my money elsewhere then, I wouldn't want to waste my time with games that aren't meant to be fun.

  • Doogle
    Doogle Year ago

    No Ubisoft it;s just your games that have no soul.

  • David Bolger
    David Bolger Year ago

    Fastway Mythos ASAP

  • Bro
    Bro Year ago

    P R E A C H

  • TroubleShooter
    TroubleShooter Year ago

    I actually agree that games COULD be educational, and that this could be very fun. I don't think I've ever seen a game that did it, but the concept is sound in theory. If you get a chance go read the sci fi novel "The Diamond Age : a Young Lady's Illustrated Primer" by Neal Stephenson. one of the plot devices in that book is just such a game. He expands on the concept really well in the novel, and it does look possible. That said, I've never seen an actual game that used education as a major way to make the game more entertaining. I suppose if it ever happens in real life we will know whether its practical or not.

  • Tarek Chamas
    Tarek Chamas Year ago

    nothing gets u fired faster than saying ur not a leftist vegan cunt

  • Nue Houjuu
    Nue Houjuu Year ago

    To be fair, if we let them rewrite history all the racist and sexist arguments would become invalid.

  • BigBoss
    BigBoss Year ago

    This dude is the best hands down 🙌🏼

  • Crimson
    Crimson Year ago

    I remember some people said they couldnt play Jagged Alliance 2 because interface was too hard an they never managed to start first mission. Looks like games were educational in the times of old, when nobody tried to make them educational.

  • ImWagon
    ImWagon Year ago

    how tf do you enunciate so good?

  • The Chaddingo
    The Chaddingo Year ago

    Just a poor man's jim sterling with low brow comedy. But it's obvious dude is pandering to his audience just like ubisoft does. To each his own I guess.

  • Z1gguratVert1go
    Z1gguratVert1go Year ago

    The perfect rhythm, timing, and quips in this rant make it one of your finest Razorfist. While not the most important topic you've covered I'd hold this one up as a perfect example of your style. Bravo.

  • GR3G
    GR3G Year ago

    Fuck that nigga

  • Genetics80
    Genetics80 Year ago

    You've got a lot of pathos in this rant, was fun listening to it.

  • Happy Merchant
    Happy Merchant Year ago

    would love to see extra credits watch this

  • Petko Fuchalksi
    Petko Fuchalksi Year ago

    this is why i only support inde devs....

  • Contents Under Pressure

    This is just an excuse to continue cranking out pseudo-history-filled assembly line sequels so generation zombie can lecture you on how it's all factual right down to assassins that are half retarded trying to kill every Templar in the known universe, all while justifying grabbing power for themselves in order to 'protect' the people.

  • Matthew Johnson
    Matthew Johnson Year ago

    I have zero curiosity about the new Assassins Creed. I've tried to hype myself a bit. Even if it's cracked I won't have mustered enough interest to waste the bandwidth and HDD space.

  • Purgatori Prytania

    This is like the Kardashians decrying the ubiquity of reality TV.

  • Mopeyhornet
    Mopeyhornet Year ago

    Would love for u and Styx to get into a debate lol