Cardi B On Nicki Minaj, Offset, Debut Album & More | The Norté Show | Capital XTRA

  • Published on Dec 3, 2017
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  • Teresa Luckenbach
    Teresa Luckenbach 2 months ago +1

    What's wrong with her upper lip...she has a knobby nose...

  • Teresa Luckenbach
    Teresa Luckenbach 2 months ago

    She seems to project a "hatred" in her talking & rap.

  • Flo M
    Flo M 3 months ago +1

    Cardi B the Music 🎵♥️🎼is the best
    For the best Rapp Queen👑🎶 Cardi best Mother ❤️💐

  • John Givens
    John Givens 3 months ago

    She clearly took a shot oh her verse wasn't finished or it wasn't what it was rn she low-key hating y'all blame both Nicki mimaj 2 all Dem chicks insecure

  • Daisy E Mancia
    Daisy E Mancia 3 months ago

    Cardi please be careful! Take good care of yourself please. Get enough rest! God bless you sweetheart!!!!💓💋💓💋💓Big Hug🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘😍

  • Haseena Aziz
    Haseena Aziz 7 months ago +3

    You know what I love bout Cardi that she gets all dressed up n has lovely makeup n hair but on her Instagram n other social media she has no makeup on .... That shows strength COZ I myself struggled with self esteem issues like I look white but I'm mixed Pakistani and afghani but born here n the UK n COZ my skin is light my dark circles round my eyes bother me so I wear concealer to feel ok I don't wear loads of makeup no more but still my dark circles bother me n I don't like taking pics till i put concealer on but Cardi is comfortable too n that inspires me

  • Mai
    Mai 8 months ago


  • Meisha Holmes
    Meisha Holmes 9 months ago

    Cardi is just Sooo cute to me , honest & humble she's like a young baby to me learning her way & taking in all this Fame & Success I just wish her the best!

  • mslady lady
    mslady lady 9 months ago +2

    She seems so humble, love her personality.

  • Carl Milton
    Carl Milton 9 months ago

    i love her. i want her 2 keep winning. and i hope she keep being herself. good luck Cardi. God bless. you and the baby.

  • diamond webb
    diamond webb 10 months ago

    just let her talk./

  • Kasia Dean
    Kasia Dean 10 months ago +2

    Pregnancy symptoms, she's a trooper!! She's still slaying😍👏🏽🙌🏽💖💕💜

  • Kasia Dean
    Kasia Dean 10 months ago +2

    The interviewer made this really awkward in my opinion, bless Cardi she's so tired here but she still BOPIN!!!

  • Sassy Susan
    Sassy Susan Year ago

    I’m an old lady so to hear that Barbara Streisand loves you, #Cardib that is a huge thing Barbara is a super star since the early 60’s you were still a twinkle in the heavens. #Cardib you should be so proud. Never pay attention to the haters people like #NickiMinaj she is so jealous she can’t think right.
    I’m an old school rock and roller ~ in my retirement years I Uber drive just to have something to do, I blast your music and the kids (everyone is a kid to me) Ask me to play your music they seem to be so done with Nicki. Congratulations on all your success and the new bun in the oven ❤️

  • Agron Berisha
    Agron Berisha Year ago

    The radio presenter is such an idiot

  • L L
    L L Year ago

    I BET you MONEY, COMING UP IN SCHOOL ,CARDI WAS IN SPECIAL -ED..😂 u gotta love her tho !!

  • ɖơƖƖ
    ɖơƖƖ Year ago +2

    Why tf is he talking so damn fast like no one can understand him 💀💀

  • Brionna Williams
    Brionna Williams Year ago

    Aww she looks so tired n exhausted

  • Special Melanin Star

    she I mean offset write the song it blows up bitch quit lying!

  • Kimberly Rundall
    Kimberly Rundall Year ago

    He's lame.


    New to Cardi B. Love her laid-back style. I think she is great.

  • Its Briaa
    Its Briaa Year ago

    I didn’t like when he asked if she smoke or drink it was off topic ... why not ask what she likes to do for fun . Idk it just seemed like he was trying to find something bad

  • Kc C
    Kc C Year ago

    My girl spirit is not there, you can tell she's not vibing in that moment

  • Even Jesus Loves Slayer

    Y is the interviewer rushing like that he’s giving me anxiety lol I wanna punch

  • jodiah rankin
    jodiah rankin Year ago


  • anushka mzathi
    anushka mzathi Year ago +1

    gush this guy is getting on my nerves with these personal and judgemental questions, like he'll ask cardi something and then criticise her response. like de fuq, we can just see were not in america and the culture in uk is so layed back and people are still judging each other, i hate him shame.

  • Orube Kdo
    Orube Kdo Year ago

    Blessing is a lot of work. Deep thought !

  • Orube Kdo
    Orube Kdo Year ago

    She's got that ambition and seems very responsible. I like that !

  • Sarah Jessicah
    Sarah Jessicah Year ago

    Now i understand Cardi she's a Libra! #LIBRA friendly but not too friendly!!!...

  • Vanessa Videla
    Vanessa Videla Year ago

    Why Nikki overly exaggerate "she didn't write her verse she didn't write what's in the record" Bitch stop crying Nikki. Cardi is very calm in this interview she's not "angry" like you said in your interview. your known for hating on other women let Cardi live let her have her moment you bitter bitch

  • Michael Anunwa
    Michael Anunwa Year ago

    I love u Cardi

  • Bianca Stopani
    Bianca Stopani Year ago

    I think she was 🤰 in this interview which explains her fatigue and her tiresome demeanor 😴

  • Rashell Lucas
    Rashell Lucas Year ago

    I Dnt really like how she raps....but I love how she acts herself on interviews.... and fyi she looks exhausted

  • Deandra Marshall
    Deandra Marshall Year ago


  • Rachel G
    Rachel G Year ago

    Cardi B is an amazing artist who works very hard.

  • Hyperius X
    Hyperius X Year ago

  • Edna Davis
    Edna Davis Year ago

    I love Cardi. Keep up the good work. And, get some rest, Girl. She does sound very tired

  • yes.mam
    yes.mam Year ago

    She showed Nicki love. She said it's a perfect opportunity to be with people big like them. The hell is Nicki's problem

    • Alba Marquez
      Alba Marquez Month ago

      yes.mam I think that Nicki Minaj wants every new female rapper that comes in the game to refer to her as “the queen of rap”.

  • Mable Hicks
    Mable Hicks Year ago

    At 31:16 into the interview she says that she's sooo sleepy so just excuse her and just enjoy the interview!

  • Sabra Janda
    Sabra Janda Year ago

    Did any1 catch @23:00 that she said her man told her to make sure u do ghost write songs... 😏 she was new at this time, idk if she new what the consequences was and to tell that he told her to do that... Although yes im quite sure its a lot of good rappers and singers who have ghost writers but I don't think she knew she wasn't supposed to exposed him or that. But there u have it.. So i wonder who writes megos music. 😂😂 Or he just thought she want have enough music to stay lit. So get some ghost writers to stay on top. I guess they doing this too. #noshade #nohate #nofrownedupon just keep the good music coming that i can rock to 😉💋

    • dmls0920
      dmls0920 Year ago

      she said "those right songs"

  • Tiahna Gray
    Tiahna Gray Year ago

    Dude annoying

  • Tari Anderson
    Tari Anderson Year ago

    Black barbie bitches........bitch i been on

  • Han PC
    Han PC Year ago

    lmao ppl saying “cardi is hispanic” no lmao shes afro latina which means shes from african and spanish decent

  • Eme Forbes
    Eme Forbes Year ago

    I could imagine the pressure! New to fame and in the early stages of pregnancy must be 1000X times exhausting. She need to rest so that the baby grows healthy. Plus now her life is the labels and she needs to push out albums....... Nicki said it best " ITS EITHER AN ALBUM OR A BABY, BUT CANT DO BOTH" Cardi forget fame for a bit and relax cause when your gonna burn out! Think about your health first.

  • Alejandro Olmedo
    Alejandro Olmedo Year ago

    She's deffo not given her usual energy

  • Shelby Martin
    Shelby Martin Year ago +7

    So this hurt Nickis feeling? 😒

  • Koofs Wife with you hoez

    Cardi queen of rap now that old chick I’m tied of her cardi cardi 👅

  • Diallo Kelly-Barnes
    Diallo Kelly-Barnes Year ago +3

    Such a True Hard Working Lady she gonna keep on making hits and hitting them charts that's how u do it

  • Stay Bless
    Stay Bless Year ago

    I love how real she keeps it about her relationship on God💯

  • Cumareya Varner
    Cumareya Varner Year ago

    I love this fit on her sleepy or not she still laid af

  • Samone161991
    Samone161991 Year ago

    The interviewer annoying af.. its like he's only trying to get the questions answered and that's it.. he won't let her finish her sentences and it's always "ok ok ok". Like someone's in his ear sayin ok "say this" or "ask this" instead of engaging to what she's saying to him he moves on to the next question that doesn't relate to what she said. He empty af!

  • awilda filpo
    awilda filpo Year ago

    Loved this interview she sounds so honest and that’s about it .. to be honest and give the best of you regardless of feeling tired lol

  • Angel Jones
    Angel Jones Year ago +3

    Offset and cardi B looks good together 😘😀😍💞💖.I'm so happy for her.

  • Alex B
    Alex B Year ago +2

    This interviewer is annoying. He interrupts too much! Damn, give the lady a chance to answer the question. He's too hyper

  • KiraStar444
    KiraStar444 Year ago

    she's high ...not tired, stupid

  • Slimmie Smalls
    Slimmie Smalls Year ago +2

    I really wish she'd stop lying about her race! Nobody is Trinidadian in her family, please, stop. Because if that was true, how she is fluent in english and spanish, her west indian accent is basura, bc she's not west indian. And in another interview, one of her first, (for anyone whos gonna come for me), she said her FATHER was from trinidad and her mom was dominican.

    • Mother Earth
      Mother Earth Year ago

      Slimmie Smalls ok lol

    • Slimmie Smalls
      Slimmie Smalls Year ago

      Deborah Sanchez I said it already. And Spanish is a COMPLETELY different language. Like, literally. What language do ppl from Trinidad speak 👂🏾 she sounds dumb AH when she puts that fake ass accent on 😒

    • Mother Earth
      Mother Earth Year ago

      Slimmie Smalls and my mom is black and my dad puerto rican and grew up with my dad and a abuela that speak no english and i dont speak spanish so what u saying

    • Koofs Wife with you hoez
      Koofs Wife with you hoez Year ago +1

      Slimmie Smalls how you know her info what you blow out her parents azz

  • Kangam Gamlin
    Kangam Gamlin Year ago

    Didn't cardi b say that she is here just for her career and she doesn't want to have beef with anyone? What's up now?.

  • Zander Naude
    Zander Naude Year ago

    Nothing beats Nicky !!! Cardi boo 👎🏻 get back in line bitch 💄

  • maria porch
    maria porch Year ago

    Title is just a click bait tafuck -.- .l.

  • Pimms Brooke
    Pimms Brooke Year ago

    haha maybe shes stoned lol! Nah its that jet lag bless her!!!

  • Ciarra Moné
    Ciarra Moné Year ago

    People do try to create drama for no reason, like Nicki Minaj. Pay her no mind Cardi 👏

  • Ciarra Moné
    Ciarra Moné Year ago

    Super proud of you Cardi B!! 💕

  • loveta jones
    loveta jones Year ago


  • Mimsxo
    Mimsxo Year ago

    I swear cardi doesn’t understand this interviewer bless her

  • Noxy Rolph
    Noxy Rolph Year ago

    she sounds sleepy ha ha

  • Tammy Faye
    Tammy Faye Year ago

    He rushed her the whole time.. she barely got a chance to finish her sentences.. BUT regardless tired and all she did great. Congrats baby...

  • Ella M
    Ella M Year ago

    the look on Cardi's face, you can tell she's tired of dealing with this shit lmaoooo

  • Anton Ho
    Anton Ho Year ago

    Either she’s tired or high as fckkk lol

  • Cleveland Johnson

    Cardi!I cant understand that dude either!I'll be saying huh over and over too

  • Chiara K
    Chiara K Year ago

    She probably is tired, they work music artists in the studio all day, interviews, making appearances etc id be soooo tired all the time living their lives. 😂

  • Skyii Lampkin
    Skyii Lampkin Year ago

    Wait so I’m confused because I had to watch this interview over after that Nicki interview and where in this interview did Cardi say she lied about anything I just wanna know wtf was all that damn hype for when all she said was at first it wasn’t finished den corrected herself and was like that wasn’t the same verse I heard in the song🤔🤔 can somebody explain to me because ppl say it’s always two sides to a story but this here is just wack fr I love bother artists I just don’t understand why Nicki would cry and do all that when it wasn’t that deep

  • Kim Darling
    Kim Darling Year ago

    Was this the first interview after motorsport, Nicki was referencing in her beats1 interview?

  • Ricola Whyte
    Ricola Whyte Year ago


  • Don King
    Don King Year ago

    She didn't sound all fustrated like Nickie was saying. She didn't even disrespect her.

  • Muscleshark3104
    Muscleshark3104 Year ago

    I’m happy for cardi... I remember listening to her older music and watching TheXvid vids of her... now look @ that girl “haters”. Damn no bull... she’s burnt’ out big time😴

  • Jennifer Meade
    Jennifer Meade Year ago


  • Katrina Kimbrough

    She sounds ran down, this interview is kinda trash 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Shoefly Gooch
    Shoefly Gooch Year ago

    She sound so tired, industry you better treat her well, or thow shall be punished

  • xxGEMINIxx
    xxGEMINIxx Year ago +2

    Something about this interviewer is hella annoying

  • Taneika Stephen
    Taneika Stephen Year ago

    This guy was a horrible interviewer, he kept cutting her off. And on top of all that , Cardi looks tired asf , so with that being said Nicki shouldn’t even have taken this interview to heart 🙄

  • Velma Gibbons
    Velma Gibbons Year ago

    all the dislikes are probably the barbs. 😂😂😂😂 BARDI GANG BITCHES💝✌

  • I.M.P MC/BeatMaker
    I.M.P MC/BeatMaker Year ago +1

    Yo the dude talk mad fast son lol

  • ItsBeauty2U _
    ItsBeauty2U _ Year ago +13

    She def did not mention the verse change in a negative or angry way. She also said that it was the perfect opportunity to get on a track that's BIG like those two (Quavo and Nicki). I didn't think she was negative about it the first time I heard this but had to come back and check. Let me see if maybe it's another interview Nick was talking about where she was like that.

    • Ryan Lane
      Ryan Lane 2 months ago

      ItsBeauty2U _ why mention her changing the verse when the interview didn’t even ask about that even though Cardi herself was the reason Nicki had to change it

    • esyaboiii
      esyaboiii Year ago +1

      At this point, Nicki seems to be reaching to stay relevant... Soz, not soz.

    • Kayla Nyrie
      Kayla Nyrie Year ago

      ItsBeauty2U _ right cus right here it doesn’t look like cardi is in the wrong

  • Meechie DaComic
    Meechie DaComic Year ago

    Never watched any of her interviews. She seems totally different from her music very humble and loveable person! I misjudged her!! I still recommend HOOKED ON PHONICS for her tho 😂😂😂 love ya Cardi


    👂👂👂16:45 🤔🤔🤔

  • jahotgal01
    jahotgal01 Year ago +13

    Oh my nicki reaching. She dont sound angry. Nicki so insecure till it hurts.

    • jahotgal01
      jahotgal01 Year ago

      Korena Ramirez they dont owe her anything. Cardi is not her friend and Quavo ain't her man. She needs to stop letting Twitter trolls effect her. She's almost 40 years old. Grow up.

    • K Ram
      K Ram Year ago

      she was talking about the twitter and social media slander. That they could of stepped in and help defend her type shit

    • ItsBeauty2U _
      ItsBeauty2U _ Year ago +1

      I felt like I just had to come back and rewatch cause maybe I missed something. I didn't think she said it in a negative way in the first place but Nicki was so sure she was looking angry and stuff when she mentioned the verse change that I came to make sure. I like Nick but she reaching with that one.

  • Raquel Huertas
    Raquel Huertas Year ago


  • waldoh415
    waldoh415 Year ago +61


  • Queen Virgo
    Queen Virgo Year ago

    She's very lovable

  • Gamer Chika
    Gamer Chika Year ago +2


  • beejohn1016
    beejohn1016 Year ago


  • beejohn1016
    beejohn1016 Year ago

    That New York Latin accent !

  • Scrappa Dappa TV
    Scrappa Dappa TV Year ago

    I love that girl that girl is crazy can't believe she 10 years younger than I am

  • Mo'Nique Love1
    Mo'Nique Love1 Year ago

    He need to let her answer the questions.. He is really acting over anxious and it's annoying
    Cardi is not her usual self.. She seems a lil tired..not as funny.. But still keeping it real
    She's winning and being herself

  • It'ss_Myah'sTv !
    It'ss_Myah'sTv ! Year ago

    .aww bless her! She needed a good two nights rest man! I was waiting for some 'Okurrrrs' and 'Owwwwwws'😝👅

  • It'ss_Myah'sTv !
    It'ss_Myah'sTv ! Year ago +1

    .when Cardi said 'Libras like me' I was like yass boo, libra gang all the way ❤️😚

  • July
    July Year ago

    Talks about Nicki: @ 16:39

  • Kenyetta Blatcher

    ......yeah she's awesome too!!!

  • ymarrero23
    ymarrero23 Year ago

    She is exhausted she needs sleep.

  • latasha jackson
    latasha jackson Year ago

    I love cardio. We do want you to win. Gangster bitch is the shit