Building A Skoolie and Then Thanksgiving

  • Published on Nov 29, 2021
  • Lots of characters show up in this VLOG:

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Comments • 705

  • Kimberley Burdick
    Kimberley Burdick Month ago +36

    The love you'll both feel the moment your eyes see your baby when he/or she is born will make every single sacrifice worth it. I know cuz I'm a momma and as I type this to y'all, tears fill my eyes. Y'all are in for the best years of your life ❤

    • SLG
      SLG Month ago

      They/them ze/zer etc

  • #Ellen Campbell / CampbellsCreations

    Hi Isaac, how are y’all doing? Hope all is well. Praying that the larger bus comes through for you and family.♥️🙏🏿. I’m very happy for y’all ♥️

  • Shari Vanpelt
    Shari Vanpelt Month ago +13

    I'll watch anything you film. Do what is easiest for you. Happy Thanksgiving you two and a half!! Ha

  • Frankie Long
    Frankie Long Month ago +14

    Whatever cameras you use doesn’t matter because your personality shines through all of them.

  • Sandy
    Sandy Month ago +8

    Hello beautiful folks!! I sure hope you get that deal on the family bus! Love your videos and please give Jaylena a hug for me ❤ Everything is gonna be alright. Love yall ❤

  • Georgia Peach
    Georgia Peach Month ago +5

    Absolutely loved this video! I loved the music you used and I loved that you talked more. Loved that you shared Thanksgiving with everyone. Mindy really outdid herself. She is just the sweetest person! You made everything so special Mindy. Dorit loved your outfit. Is that like a sleep in sleeping bag??? The little kitten is so cute. Is it Dorits? Use whichever camera you like. You can do great videos with both as this video shows. I feel like all of you are family. Love when you all get together. Only one missing was Dawn. Missed you Dawn. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Love and hugs to all!

    • A Bus Life Story
      A Bus Life Story  Month ago

      Thank you for watching and commenting Georgia. Thanksgiving was wonderful :)

  • Karen Roe
    Karen Roe Month ago +4

    I like the 1 bus seat left in some of the builds you've seen. I would need that to travel with a partner. But also great for a baby seat. Love you guys. Have a blessed week my friends 💖🌟

  • Deanna Mack
    Deanna Mack Month ago +5

    Yo Isaac! It's your what is best for you! I don't get where creators try to satisfy viewers...if we enjoy your content we'll watch! If you try to cater to us all that's impossible! ❤from Ohio

  • Jennifer Moncada
    Jennifer Moncada Month ago +6

    Go pro is fine, especially if it makes it easier for you 👍🏼 I don’t think it really matters, as long as we get to see your faces ❤️
    Congratulations 👶🏼 I’m so excited for your guys ❤️ hope jaylena is well
    Hope the bigger bus deal works out for you 🙏🏼
    Take care 🙏🏼 good luck on completing your goals this week 🍀

  • dori d
    dori d Month ago +4

    GoPro!! Looks like you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I've missed you all. Stay safe and well. Hope you get the bus you were looking at! 🙏❤️

  • Sarah S
    Sarah S Month ago +3

    Great to see the two of you surrounded by so much love and friendship. Mindy is one of a kind, always so upbeat and kind, I bet you're both so special to her. Stay positive, stay happy, you and Jaylena are going to look back at this time and wonder how you could have ever worried or stressed when all that matters is your little family of 3. Everything is going to be okay.

  • Carolyn Messer
    Carolyn Messer Month ago +4

    Thank you Isaac for taking us along . Prayers for you and support for both of you . 💕💕

  • Linda Temple
    Linda Temple Month ago +4

    Hope you get the family bus, loved this video with the go pro but also like the high end shots that you do. You are both amazing people and look forward to your next video xx

  • starflower703
    starflower703 Month ago +6

    I think you should use whichever camera is most convenient for you given what you are working on and/or filming. Stop worrying so much about what people will say and just do what you need to do. If people are so shallow they can’t understand some filming methods are just better than others let them complain and just ignore them or better yet let them go somewhere else!

    We love you Isaac and your loyal followers will watch whatever you post no matter how it was filmed!

  • Sian Bentley
    Sian Bentley Month ago +7

    Go with the Gopro. It's more natural. Congratulations 🎊 so excited for you two. I just want to see Minion in bright yellow and blue with spectacles around the headlights ☺

  • Hugh Templeton
    Hugh Templeton Month ago +3

    Beautiful craftsmanship 😃

  • Trisha T
    Trisha T Month ago +3

    Hi Isaac and Jaylena👋. The nausea usually lessens gradually after the first trimester. Lots of rest, all things ginger, and lots of clear fluids. I had 5 babies👌. You will get there. So happy for you both ❤️

  • Pipinz 🦅
    Pipinz 🦅 Month ago +3

    You are such a great Dad already looking out for your little one already! You and Jaylena are going to be great Parents ❤

  • Susan
    Susan Month ago +10

    I'm thinking your the only one I can watch build a bus. I like the fast forwarding parts. I feel your Videos are for really showing your Subs how to build a bus and not to just be filming to have a Video. Thanks!! 😎


    Hi Isaac. I like Both styles of filming. Can’t wait to see the new Family Bus! 💜💜💜

  • C
    C Month ago +1

    I love the format of this vlog, Isaac. It's as though one gets a wider angle of everything. What a lovely time you all had, and Jaylena is looking radiant and healthy, and caring for the fur babies in the midst of everything else. Mindy is the glue that keeps you all together happily and cared for in her lovely home. How blessed you are to have each other as a bus community. And there's the little Bus hobbit too! 🤣
    Much to be grateful for over Thanksgiving!
    Had a good laugh about the storage that didn't fit properly the first time. Oi, the learning school of life, Isaac, and your face and body language... so typical of the human spirit. Thank you for an incredible editing job. How you all find time for everything, I don't know. Much love to you all. ❤

  • Chris Carpenter
    Chris Carpenter Month ago +4

    Both serve a purpose.... use whatever you like. I’ll watch it no matter what you film with❤️

  • Carolyn Messer
    Carolyn Messer Month ago +4

    Mindy you are a sweetheart to all the people you know bless you ❤️❤️

    CIR GOLD Month ago +3

    Hope your trade goes through Isaac I'll be Praying for you !!

  • Ribbles Lipscomb
    Ribbles Lipscomb Month ago +2

    Congrats Issac and Jaylena. Stay safe, be well.

  • Lenora Cullor
    Lenora Cullor Month ago +3

    Love the filming with the go pro. Super video again! Love watching you two and always look for the new videos!! God bless you both and the best of luck with pregnancy and new little one!

  • A Beautiful World
    A Beautiful World Month ago +2

    Hi Issac! The go pro films great, like the ease of shooting, getting more shots quicker, but like the big camera too for some of your fabulous shots. Both are great, whichever you're feeling the day you film. Thanks for sharing Thanksgiving, we all appreciate the time and difficulties it takes to film. Keep looking forward, you have lots of viewers wishing the best for you.

  • Southern Grits
    Southern Grits Month ago +4

    Y'all know baby don't walk for a year so they adapt to whatever bus you are in . I know y'all are excited . Praying all works out for y'all

  • ron ethridge
    ron ethridge Month ago +4

    the bus team-after little isaac arrives-you an your lady could be a bus building TEAM together /turning a bus build ever 2 to 3 weeks/you know it-got you a good gal-lady/man you are blessed an soooo lucky/two thumbs up for the team/thanks much

  • Ronald Gaska
    Ronald Gaska Month ago +2

    Happy Thanksgiving Blessings. Nice to see that everyone had a happy time. MINDY is not only awesome but AMAZING!

  • Itsmecathy W
    Itsmecathy W Month ago +2

    Love when you both post so I’m down with whatever you choose ♥️♥️‼️‼️ can’t wait for a family bus build ♥️♥️‼️‼️💯

  • Christine Brophy
    Christine Brophy Month ago +2

    I so HOPE that the "deal" for your family bus works out! Looking forward to watching that "build"!

  • Hugh Templeton
    Hugh Templeton Month ago +3

    A beautiful happy family happy Thanksgiving to you all 😃

  • Judy Mills
    Judy Mills Month ago +5

    Hi ! Made my day to see a video from you. It was a fine one. Wishing you nothing but love and success. Love to you both.

  • Mary Ann
    Mary Ann Month ago +2

    Issac we all love you and Jaylena and want to see you both happy. Most of us can relate to how this new bundle of joy will change you lfe. Don't let how we care about you both put any pressure on how you decide to deal with your new life. We will still love and care about you both no matter what comes next.

  • Kathy Wetherington
    Kathy Wetherington Month ago +4

    Wooohooo that'll be awesome, sending prayers he accepts the offer. So good to see you back at it and I do love your photography but when you're building I love that you can just grab the gopro and run with it lol. Sending lots of love and prayers to you and Jaylena and I'm so happy for you both on your happy news about your bus Bambino!!! Stay groovy ✌❤

  • Douglas Smith
    Douglas Smith Month ago +4

    Great idea Issac, you love building buses and you're good at it. I say GoPro all the way. I'm no videographer though. I hope the deal with "the family bus" works out. It's good to see what you're doing by staying with Jaylene and the baby...If you did something else you'd just be the same guy you were before you met Jaylene...You've "manned up" to become a father...maybe you'll feel differently years from now; but for now be thankful for what you have...Jaylene, Mindy and all your friends and your kool business.

  • Carolyn Messer
    Carolyn Messer Month ago +4

    Hi Jaylena how are you . We hope you have an easy pregnancy. And are so excited for you both .❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Tia A
    Tia A Month ago +2

    Congrats 🧸 go pro is ok🤞for the family bus can't wait to see what you come up with on that build 🙂 love the jacket dad

  • Wendy johnson
    Wendy johnson Month ago +3

    I think you should I’m with what you enjoy !! Hoping you all had great Thanksgiving looks like Mindy did a great job like always Jaylena hope you start feeling better thinking you wasn’t feeling to hot seen your crackers I sure remember them days iam really excited for you guys

  • Retha Moore
    Retha Moore Month ago +3

    Hey Isaac! Been missing yall. Hope yall had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm hoping you get your dream bus .
    I'm amazed at how calm you are when things go wrong. That is not how some of our husbands act , so now I'm jealous of your amazing character. I'm glad Jaylena has you bud.❤❤❤🙂

    • Retha Moore
      Retha Moore Month ago

      @Leave Her Wild , I know what you mean sweet girl. My husband throws temper tantrums to the point I'm just so tired of him but, I'm 70 years old now and I can't do anything about it. I got a sucky life. That may be why I notice many things on your channel. I don't point things out but, I sure am happy for you sweet Jaylena. I hope Isaac will always be with you and our sweet baby. Love from your old Georgia Nana here. ❤❤❤

    • Leave Her Wild
      Leave Her Wild Month ago

      @Retha Moore One of the first things that made me see how amazing isaac is was his patience and calmness when things go wrong. That was something I wasn’t used to and I appreciated it immensely. ❤️

    • Retha Moore
      Retha Moore Month ago +2

      @A Bus Life Story I'm so glad yall had a great Thanksgiving , we did too. We had family and friends this year and it was great. I noticed our girl Jaylena was a little quiet today. I hope she will soon feel on top of the world !! Heavenly Father will give both of you strength and wisdom to find your way just you wait and see. He has never let me down. Love yall so much !!❤❤❤

    • A Bus Life Story
      A Bus Life Story  Month ago +2

      Thank you Retha thanksgiving was awesome

  • Tina G
    Tina G Month ago +3

    I like both cameras and what you do with. So happy for you guys!

  • Sue Peterson
    Sue Peterson Month ago +3

    Happy Holidays Issac & Jaylena. 🦃🎄

  • Incredible Mack
    Incredible Mack Month ago +3

    I like both cameras, i hope you can successfully trade buses and i cant wait to see what you create for your new family

  • Debra Porter
    Debra Porter Month ago +3

    You two will be great parents.

  • Charles Johnson
    Charles Johnson Month ago +2

    I cant wait to see what the family bus is going to look like.

  • Pamela Cross
    Pamela Cross Month ago +2

    Isaac you are adorable. I am so glag Jaylena found you. Give her hugs lots of things going on while she is baking that sweet bundle. Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Enlightened One
    Enlightened One Month ago +3

    *⏩ Isaac, do what works best for you, honestly!* When the baby comes it's more important that you spend the time with your little family. Do high end when it's convenient, but *DO EASIEST most often.* I've had two kiddos. The time goes by *so fast.* Savor those moments! Getting MORE shots is *BETTER* than than making SOME perfect!

  • Janice Terrell
    Janice Terrell Month ago +3

    I don't care which camera you use as long as you keep filming. You are such a pleasant, happy person to spend time with.

  • Ms VG3
    Ms VG3 Month ago +2

    For general build stuff, GoPro works (and then it’s all in the editing and thinking of recording with editing in mind, if that makes sense). Best wishes on the bus swap, and all that goes with it.

  • Miss Mary Lu
    Miss Mary Lu Month ago +1

    Yo that silicone caulking seal hack blew my freaking mind. RIP all the tubes I’ve wasted in the past 😅 Thanks for sharing, Isaac!! (PS- please film on whatever YOU like!)

  • Misty Sedillo
    Misty Sedillo Month ago +5

    Use whichever camera that motivates you to film! I hope you realize how truly blessed you are to have Jaylena, she is a gift from God!💜🙏💜

  • Sharon Smith
    Sharon Smith Month ago +15

    I feel like something is wrong with you guys we all are praying for you guys and i love you all god bless

    • Mini Girl
      Mini Girl Month ago +1

      Yes. Getting negative vibes . Jaylena is not herself at all. I mean puking and being exhausted from being pregnant is REAL and hopefully that's what is showing here. But, she needs to try to get happy. Stressful pregnancies are not good for momma or baby.

  • Glen Okla
    Glen Okla Month ago +2

    The video today looked fine to me. I'm glad to see you all had a nice thanksgiving. Good luck on the trade! X's &

  • Mike Radosevic
    Mike Radosevic Month ago +4

    IMO, for most of the videos, the GoPro is perfect. But there are a few such as your "In the woods Alone" video and the Buslife Weddings, the "good camera" just adds that something special and makes the scenery pop. Great job on this video, looking forward to more (and go lives!) soon

  • Kelli Collins
    Kelli Collins Month ago +5

    As long as y’all film it doesn’t matter what camera you use. 🤗

  • Carolyn Messer
    Carolyn Messer Month ago +4

    Hi Issac nice to see you again , how is Jaylena doing love you both 💕💕

  • JaTon
    JaTon Month ago +2

    I like both styles of cameras/filming… together in one video.
    Y’all’s Thanksgiving looked delicious!! With great friends!

  • Alice
    Alice Month ago +2

    Love the “softer” look with the go- pro… for stories… hoping things move forward with Jaylena feeling better… sending love to you both ❣️

  • Leann 49
    Leann 49 Month ago +1

    Getting caught up on videos. Gee it was fun to watch and what an awesome Thanksgiving y'all had. Both you and Jaylena are going to make wonderful parents. I do truly believe that. Enjoyed and thanks.

  • Hugh Templeton
    Hugh Templeton Month ago +2

    All the best to the both of you 🎉🎈🍻 on your beautiful new baby I wish you all the best for the future 😃

  • Lorraine Kelleher
    Lorraine Kelleher Month ago +2

    Now that I've seen the video it looks great. I guess for weddings and special scenery shots the expensive one would be good.

  • Elly's Adventure
    Elly's Adventure  Month ago +2

    Vin diesel is looking great. Sending good vibes that the bus buy/trade works out. Hugs to all. 🧘🙏🌎☮️

  • Judy Kininmont
    Judy Kininmont Month ago +2

    Gosh Issac, I’m so happy for both of you. Of course you can do it, you will do it, I have faith in both of you.❤️❤️💖

  • The Scribe
    The Scribe Month ago +3

    I hope you get your bigger bus! So exciting.

  • Melody
    Melody Month ago +3

    Hey Issac,
    Take a look at Number Juan bus on TheXvid with Will, Rush, Roam and Kristen. It’s a great layout to!

  • Debbie Rivers
    Debbie Rivers Month ago +2

    Congrats to you both.Having a baby is sooo awesome! Baby proof your bus before the baby is born. Baby proof everything and build a nusery in the 🚌 too with the crib bolted to the floor rather than under your bed. I'm a grandma....raised 3 sons that's why I advise a nursery/crib.

  • ella mathews
    ella mathews Month ago +1

    Just love seeing you Issac. Stay strong, and stay you!✌🏾❤🎵

  • Sharon L Troutt
    Sharon L Troutt Month ago +1

    So happy for you guys 🥰 can hardly wait to see what you come up with for permanent home 💞

  • Sharon Sedgwick
    Sharon Sedgwick Month ago

    Actually I love a combo of both. Love the portability of the GoPro and phone, and the intentional shots of the more professional camera setup. Love that you found your family bus!!

  • Bonnie Shelly
    Bonnie Shelly Month ago +2

    Glad you guys had a nice thanksgiving it was nice seeing you all at mindys miss seeing you live hope you and jaylena are doing well

  • Linda VonHaugg
    Linda VonHaugg Month ago +4

    Happy thanksgiving and glad to see jaylena

  • Des The Hobo Traveling Nurse

    Everyone truly looks happy and thankful. I love seeing the BusTown citizens in one place. That was awesome 👌

    CIR GOLD Month ago +1

    Those little problems you come across when building your buses will give you more of a feeling of accomplishment,I wanted to see the castle but I understand about privacy !! Jaylena got her a baby bump so awesome !! Nice to be with friends and family on the holidays for sure !! I'm watching after Thanksgiving but Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless You All !!

  • Jenna F.
    Jenna F. Month ago +2

    I liked this style Issac you really do set the story great! So I think you should do whatever is going to be more convenient for you, I don't think that the more nice the camera is makes the great video so do you! And congratulations on the baby!

  • Joy Blessed Life
    Joy Blessed Life Month ago +1

    looks like ya'll had a good holiday, we had a nice thanksgiving with friends too, our own little meetup in a Gatlinburg cabin, no vegan food though, just traditional

  • Wanda Morris
    Wanda Morris Month ago +4

    I love watching your videos, it doesn’t matter which camera you use as far as I am concerned. Just keep filming.

  • kayla g
    kayla g Month ago +2

    such a wholesome vlog!! looks like you all had a great time

  • Susan
    Susan Month ago +5

    Congratulations your going to have a beautiful happy baby ❤

  • Marcy Cain
    Marcy Cain Month ago +5

    Go Pro works just fine ☺️ just use the expensive camera for certain things. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!

  • Barbie Serna
    Barbie Serna Month ago +2

    I like the GoPro, but what ever is easier for you. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, God Bless you & Jaylena and the little baby.💜

  • Gerry Yancey
    Gerry Yancey Month ago +3

    Looking good Bro👍🏻 I've been using screws on those tubes for 40 years. Good job, Congratulations on being a papa.

  • Wanda L. Rodriguez
    Wanda L. Rodriguez Month ago +2

    Felt it was a good video. Gopro did the job. Uses what you feel good about. We just enjoy you all watching you fix and explain how and why you doing what you need. I am praying the bigger bus comes through for you all. Good project for the both of you.

  • Denise Harris
    Denise Harris Month ago +1

    I like both formats! This one has a very nice flow and gives a great view of the bus build and your movements through the day. But I also like your upscale photography using your better camera too. You have a great eye for catching good angles for great shots. So I say use your intuition and give us some of both!! Trust your gut on when to use which camera! We will watch!!

  • Ziggy
    Ziggy Month ago +2

    Jaylena still looks under the weather so I hope she is feeling better soon especially for Christmas.

  • Kris Canan
    Kris Canan Month ago +2

    I love watching y'all so keep videoing and go with the go pro, have more fun and chill a little y'all!!!

  • Paul Honeyman
    Paul Honeyman Month ago +4

    I will watch anything you post Isaac and I do prefer the picture on the camera but honestly, the Go Pro was doing okay. Stay safe my friends

  • Florida Chicks Tiny AdVentures

    The buses, friends and thanksgiving was great, BUT THAT JACKET THO!!!!!! 😍😍😍

  • Sharon Blevins
    Sharon Blevins Month ago +2

    Good job Isaac! Happy Thanksgiving guys!🦃🦋🚐🥧🍽🌽🍅🥑🥔😋

  • My Life in a Nutshell
    My Life in a Nutshell Month ago +2

    I simply LOVE your work and creativity!

  • Evelyn Del Valle
    Evelyn Del Valle Month ago +4

    What ever you do is great for me as long as we can see you and Jaylena

  • Wendy Thomas
    Wendy Thomas Month ago +2

    I really like the videos on the go pro. You can get tighter shot and more movement. Glad you had a great thanksgiving. Miss your lives!

  • Charlene Schmidt
    Charlene Schmidt Month ago +3

    Whichever camera works for you makes us happy. Just happy to be part of your journey.

  • Cheryl Fraunhofer
    Cheryl Fraunhofer Month ago +2

    Isaac, I like when you film with the GoPro. But I like anything you film or photograph with whatever camera. You have a real talent for both.

  • Audrey Abdo
    Audrey Abdo Month ago +1

    I enjoyed the Thanksgiving festivities although I didn’t get any of that delicious looking food. I love turkey stuffing and gravy. I could fill up on good homemade stuffing and really great gravy. Amazing everyone used to love stuffing and mashed potatoes and turkey with gravy, but nowadays it’s got to be Mac and cheese instead of stuffing and turkey and gravy. I make a great seafood turkey stuffing and gravy and everyone wants my recipe when they don’t realize it came from Grandma. I love these holidays but hate the effects of all of that good food we eat even the nuts the fruits cakes and pies. Then I go into hibernation to get rid of all of that gluttony I forced myself into eating. Well as one grandpa used to say you only live once, pass the pecan pie… see y’all after I dig out of New Years’ blackeyed peas.

  • Sandy Wilkerson
    Sandy Wilkerson Month ago +3

    Hi Isaac and Jaylena! Go pro is good to me.😊❤️❤️

  • Rita Toussaint
    Rita Toussaint Month ago +2

    Isaac U Absolutely light up talking about Y’alls baby!Hopes & Prayers in regards to the larger bus & the room under Y’alls room sounds greaaaat,I’ve seen Ppl do that & it works really well,I’ve also seen Ppl with 2-3 kids put bunk beds in the hall & it also works well…If I run across some I’ll send them to U just to pass Ur eyes over them.Not that Y’all Need them right now but,who knows if Y’all will in the future.Either thru IG,FB or email.As for the GoPro or Ur professional camera,I Agree there’s pros & cons there but,U do AWESOME Videography so I think switching them out depending on the event,etc. works well for U…Much Love & Respect for U & Jaylena!!!🥰💙❤️

    • Rita Toussaint
      Rita Toussaint Month ago

      @A Bus Life Story I sent a video to Ur Instagram re:kids beds in hall next to parent’s room.

    • A Bus Life Story
      A Bus Life Story  Month ago +1

      Ahh thank ya so much Rita

  • Priscilla bohn
    Priscilla bohn Month ago +2

    yay, go pro was great, and when you ready put a ring on it (Jaylena) that is. I love both of you guys, have been a J. watcher for a while and love her spirit

  • Karen Minckler
    Karen Minckler Month ago +1

    Happy belated Thanksgiving to both of you.

  • Deborah Sherwood
    Deborah Sherwood Month ago +4

    I can't wait. To see your baby it's going to be so cute. How's Jelena feeling? So doesn't seem happy.

    • Deborah Sherwood
      Deborah Sherwood Month ago +1

      @A Bus Life Story I'm so glad that's all it is. I remember when I was pregnant I was tired all the time.

    • A Bus Life Story
      A Bus Life Story  Month ago +3

      She is tired