Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Drew Barrymore & John Boyega

  • Published on Mar 22, 2018
  • James invites his guests Drew Barrymore and John Boyega for a game of Spill Your Guts, where each of them are posed with both a disgusting food, like turkey testicles, and a hard-hitting question. Each must decide: answer the question truthfully or eat what's in front of them.
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Comments • 6 007

  • Jessica Butler
    Jessica Butler 3 hours ago

    I would love to see Charlie Hunnam do this spice he is a huge germopbobe.

  • Diketso Mashego
    Diketso Mashego 16 hours ago

    I still want to know who the worst behaved guest was though....

  • Josh
    Josh Day ago

    “CONFESS” he is literally all of us.

  • simiracle
    simiracle 3 days ago

    I would answer everysingle question cuz fuck it, im not gonna eat those ....things

  • Olaf Michelson
    Olaf Michelson 4 days ago

    Spill your guts

  • Sidvicous Wisconsin
    Sidvicous Wisconsin 4 days ago

    I don’t trust people who have never had a drink

  • The SavJav
    The SavJav 5 days ago +1

    Literally no one every spills the tea like put me on this show

  • Mary Lee-Anderson
    Mary Lee-Anderson 6 days ago +1

    Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson would be so fun to watch(:

  • Вержи Велинова

    Spill your guts or fill your guts with Johnny Depp will be sooo interesting! 😂😍

  • Dermatillomaniac
    Dermatillomaniac 9 days ago

    Why are there four of everything?

  • Roger Cortez Gonçalvez Vieira


  • Bruce Long
    Bruce Long 11 days ago

    Seriously, dried squid icecream is freeking awesome I love dried squid!

  • Robin Girlwonder
    Robin Girlwonder 13 days ago

    Yassss!! So good so funny!!!😳😂😂😂😂😂😭😂😭😂😭😍💯

  • Yasmine Ggg
    Yasmine Ggg 17 days ago

    Omg imagine this with Gordon Ramsay AND Simon cowell!!!

  • Abhishek s
    Abhishek s 17 days ago

    Jake is the least talented out of that lot?
    Oh boy, the wolrld is gonna end soon!

  • Study Account
    Study Account 19 days ago

    How do americans do ot

  • Aneesa Nizar
    Aneesa Nizar 19 days ago +1

    who heard someone say come on james

  • Knowledge and Understanding

    I stole a candle from Mariah Carey's house hahahaha

  • OfficialBlazy
    OfficialBlazy 20 days ago +1

    6:23 the dark side right there xD

  • bomatt
    bomatt 22 days ago

    I still don’t understand the bird saliva thing....

  • Smol PotatoYT
    Smol PotatoYT 22 days ago


  • elena vrm
    elena vrm 23 days ago

    How did you find a thousand year old eggs Jesus

  • anuran dey
    anuran dey 24 days ago

    u awsome

  • E Vadel
    E Vadel 25 days ago

    Drew is brave to drink the bird saliva and not down it with water or spit it out.

  • vakhtang davitashvili
    vakhtang davitashvili 25 days ago

    a 1000 year old egg? that fucking thing must be in a museum

  • Camille
    Camille 25 days ago


  • Francesca Harrison
    Francesca Harrison 26 days ago


  • Hannah G
    Hannah G 26 days ago

    He should get cardi b she wouldnt give two shits! She would answer every question 😂😂😂

  • alberto032973
    alberto032973 26 days ago +2

    I want john cena and the rock 2 play this game

  • Katie Ainsworth
    Katie Ainsworth 27 days ago +2

    Wno cancelled 🤔 they had 4 of each 👀

  • alan thunder
    alan thunder 28 days ago

    damn who ate drew barrymore?!?

  • alan thunder
    alan thunder 28 days ago

    Im calling it right now, ..95% sure that james is gay and his 'wife' is a cover story! there is no way that someone that flamboyant is heterosexual, even if he is from the uk..

  • Junyu Mao
    Junyu Mao 28 days ago

    The thousand years old egg,(they are not as old as they say) you can like it or hate it. The smell it's weird, but the taste it's not that bad. (Well I like it) It's a fermented egg, that probably some of you would like it

  • Lava Blasst
    Lava Blasst Month ago +1

    THIS is an explanation why I am NEVER the one to go for a high five first....so embarrassed for her... 8:50

  • cryoG
    cryoG Month ago

    Wait, has no one else eaten jellyfish? It’s pretty good

  • Christopher Fan
    Christopher Fan Month ago

    I like how half of this is Chinese food that I love

    AZRAEL FRANCO PH Month ago

    Adam Sadler is a real talent recognized around the world while the two persons mentioned are not that known outside the US... Stupid First world country people HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA.

  • Beth Sp
    Beth Sp Month ago

    Surprised he didn't answer the salary question.

  • Amelia Jorn
    Amelia Jorn Month ago

    John Boyega is so funny

  • Elizabeth Hoover
    Elizabeth Hoover Month ago

    And what about the 1,000 year eggs? What are those, really?

  • Elizabeth Hoover
    Elizabeth Hoover Month ago

    I wonder what the bird saliva really is?

  • uzumakihinata526
    uzumakihinata526 Month ago

    3:49 "ooh, damn" 😂 loved that part

  • Kids Play
    Kids Play Month ago +2

    Pls get coyote Peterson, Mark Vines, and Mario Aldecoa.
    Warning:Coyote eats everything

  • Money Gawd
    Money Gawd Month ago

    jake gylenhaal is less talented then adam sandler🤔

  • Luis D. Amézquita
    Luis D. Amézquita Month ago

    Was she pregnant?

  • Edwin Nah
    Edwin Nah Month ago +4

    Who was the rudest guest James Cordon had? I'm genuinely curious.

  • Maila Koelman
    Maila Koelman Month ago +1

    I'm gonna Puth all over the place 🤣🤣🤣

  • Christabell Ifelaja

    John boyenga is acc 😍🤤

  • Nick McDonald
    Nick McDonald Month ago


  • James Johnson
    James Johnson Month ago +1

    Honestly is I was playing this I would need some problem free philosophy

  • xoxoxyllion
    xoxoxyllion Month ago

    Ahh should have asked a better question for that egg XD

  • Randy Nyberg
    Randy Nyberg Month ago

    It's duplex helping 3 year olds bravo

  • Molly Hansen
    Molly Hansen Month ago +1

    “You picked three of my favorite people”
    James: “..... hm” 😂😂

  • Harmony Xiong
    Harmony Xiong Month ago


  • Energy123
    Energy123 Month ago

    The lion king refference made me like john even more

  • Angace1
    Angace1 Month ago


  • Jacob Rengen
    Jacob Rengen Month ago


  • Jaylen Fowler
    Jaylen Fowler Month ago +1

    Drew Barrymore got that whole Adam Sandler thing wrong but is it me or is she starting to look somewhat more like her great aunt Ethel Barrymore

  • jck1794
    jck1794 Month ago

    why was john's first question so taboo? why would he be embarrassed to answer that?

  • Achsa Sara
    Achsa Sara Month ago

    6:14 😋😋😋😍😍😍😘.....love u sooo much