Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Drew Barrymore & John Boyega

  • Published on Mar 22, 2018
  • James invites his guests Drew Barrymore and John Boyega for a game of Spill Your Guts, where each of them are posed with both a disgusting food, like turkey testicles, and a hard-hitting question. Each must decide: answer the question truthfully or eat what's in front of them.
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Comments • 6 177

    ELITE SQUAD 15 minutes ago

    The Nigerian really came out when he said “lord Jesus no”

  • Revenant
    Revenant 16 minutes ago

    3:46 he went from British to African to American

  • Daniel Granados Castillo

    "Was it Jake Gyllenhaal?" LOL

  • Vittoria Salvia
    Vittoria Salvia 9 hours ago

    I wonder why celebrities never say how much they get paid for movies and staff, I mean It is no secret they are rich😂😅

  • Dman Fc
    Dman Fc 11 hours ago


  • Lewis Harford
    Lewis Harford 11 hours ago

    Why is everybody saying adam sandler is worst

  • Chakraphat Sakoonchai
    Chakraphat Sakoonchai 14 hours ago

    slimy yet satisfying 🤣

  • Strawberrycake*-*
    Strawberrycake*-* 16 hours ago

    3:45 oh Lord Jesus no 🤣🤣

  • Alex D
    Alex D 19 hours ago

    Adam , hugh, jake? Wtf? Granted jake cant act...but he isnt worse than adam sandler

  • Jessica Carter
    Jessica Carter 20 hours ago

    Lmao the dried squid ice cream isnt even that bad

  • hellohellerkitty
    hellohellerkitty 22 hours ago

    I love fried squid haha

  • madison rybak
    madison rybak Day ago

    adam sandlazer is awesome yall are crazy

  • Rebecca W
    Rebecca W Day ago

    I just love Drew Barrymore and John Boyega. 2 good guests I wouldnt have thought to pair but both have such cool energies

  • cathiann alvarado
    cathiann alvarado Day ago +1

    You should do Ryan Reynolds!!! He’ll probably answer all the questions

  • George Bryant
    George Bryant Day ago

    No then?

  • Jessica Ferry
    Jessica Ferry Day ago

    "I don't drink" *almost ruins rise of Skywalker by getting so fucked up he leaves the script in a hotel room*

  • An Nguyen
    An Nguyen Day ago +1

    I legit would stuff my face with thousand year eggs cause shit is actually good. #justiceforthousandyearegg. 🤣

  • YuEn Gu
    YuEn Gu Day ago +26

    Half of what they ate are all asian delicacies lol.
    Asian people: dis game no kicks

  • Nefertari Winchester

    This was so hilarious!!! XD loved it!! :)

  • Kurt Conrad
    Kurt Conrad Day ago

    Why I Drew Barrymore famous?

  • Mia Allen
    Mia Allen 2 days ago

    just realized.. they’re both pisces

  • Mia Allen
    Mia Allen 2 days ago

    some of this stuff is just stuff that’s normally eaten in other cultures. my mom’s jamaican and honduran and eats fish eyes all the time. *i* wouldn’t, but she loves them. they can be crunchy when cooked, but asian cultures often incorporate jellyfish into their food, it’s makes for a great seafood stir fry ingredient.

  • lunlun425
    lunlun425 2 days ago

    how is a thousand years old egg disgusting???? In HK we eat it all the time , taste good and good for health. It is just preserved duck eggs.

  • Emily
    Emily 3 days ago

    I went to this taping. It was awesome.

  • David Lee
    David Lee 5 days ago +8

    Thousand year old egg shouldnt be in it. Thats a perserved duck egg and its a part of the chinese culture

    • Joseph Coney
      Joseph Coney 16 hours ago

      David Lee can’t really stop someone eating a food. We literally eat foods from different cultures all the time, so what’s the problem - it’s an egg. Who cares

  • brody kaley
    brody kaley 5 days ago +12

    so one with miley cyrus, liam hemsworth, justin bieber and selena gomez

  • Adrian Valdez
    Adrian Valdez 5 days ago

    Thaaaat OUUUUUHHH DAAAMN!! From John it’s amazing😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Raoul Ramsaran
    Raoul Ramsaran 7 days ago

    Jon is the worst guess so far

  • Samuel Junttila
    Samuel Junttila 8 days ago

    3:49 OH DAMN

  • Nathan Whinery
    Nathan Whinery 9 days ago

    She should've just said Fallon because they've worked together before on a movie and they're really close so he knew she wasn't serious

  • Upyoursgameing 75
    Upyoursgameing 75 10 days ago

    LOL what could possibly GO WRONG 😂😂😂😂

  • MrW2895
    MrW2895 10 days ago

    Wow! No cow tongue?

  • Claire Teriki
    Claire Teriki 12 days ago

    Cool game

  • gizmonomono
    gizmonomono 13 days ago

    Though I enjoy this somewhat, I don't understand understand the need for lies. I would respect a celebrity way more if they just told the truth. There is no shame in it.

  • Jozzy Williams
    Jozzy Williams 15 days ago

    Easy as hell, Best to worst 1. Jake 2. Adam 3. Hugh Grant... Drew are you sure you aren't still smokin crack cause Jake can act circles around Adam sandler and for sure Hugh Grant. lol Just my opinion I guess.

  • Jozzy Williams
    Jozzy Williams 15 days ago

    Is it just a politeness thing or what, You would never ever see me choose to eat any of that crap when I could just tell you what they paid me to do a movie. I'm almost 100 percent sure you could google that info so I really don't get why it's such a freaking secret. Please Please feel free to correct me if i'm wrong but I don't see why it's such a big deal. If I was paid millions to be in a movie I would be more than happy to brag about that shit lol. I mean unless he got paid jack shit and is just embarrassed to admit he got paid nothing to be in some of the Worst movies ever made. Again I'm open to criticism so take your shots.

  • Kevin Mckenny
    Kevin Mckenny 16 days ago

    Thousand year old eggs are actually delicious. Not kidding. If you ever get a chance try one. The smell is a little off but they taste amazing.

  • Abigail Massey
    Abigail Massey 16 days ago

    I have this teacher at school called julia. ever since i watched wedding singer i always call her julia goolia

  • sana arif
    sana arif 16 days ago +4

    did anyone else here "come on james" in a really low pitched volume

  • Amadeus tentacle Bts
    Amadeus tentacle Bts 16 days ago

    Why do celebrities never want to answer how much money they made

  • lydia
    lydia 17 days ago

    “hakuna matata” *eats the bug* HAHAHAHA

  • Anthony Stracqualursi
    Anthony Stracqualursi 18 days ago

    So really all you have to do is put that shit in your mouth an spit it out? Because that's all he does

  • Victoria Chase
    Victoria Chase 18 days ago

    Hakuna Maatta

  • Golf 456
    Golf 456 18 days ago

    Century Egg is fkin nice tho

  • Grenzer Smites
    Grenzer Smites 20 days ago

    Hugh Jack man is less talented than Adam Sandler?

  • Jithin Jacob
    Jithin Jacob 20 days ago +2

    Watching this while eating dinner: not a great idea ...

  • Rylee Boersen
    Rylee Boersen 21 day ago

    Oh Lord Jesus… Goddamn hell no. John is hilarious

  • XPUX
    XPUX 22 days ago +1

    Hi 2019

  • Nati Beca
    Nati Beca 22 days ago

    You did not just rank Gyllenhaal as the least talented...

  • Qimodis
    Qimodis 23 days ago +2

    2:27 not everything has a 1 2 3

  • Michael Gibb
    Michael Gibb 24 days ago

    It's easy to rank Drew Barrymore's co-stars. Jake Gyllenhaal is first, Hugh Grant is second, and in a distant third so far away he will never finish, is Adam Sandler.

  • James Stillings
    James Stillings 26 days ago

    Can you not look up how much money boyega got for those movies?

  • C NearWheel
    C NearWheel 26 days ago

    What do they do with the leftovers?

  • Imran Anis
    Imran Anis 26 days ago

    James u brutal we love u

  • Daniel Karlíček
    Daniel Karlíček 26 days ago


  • Arianna Alonso
    Arianna Alonso 26 days ago

    John Boyega is the cutest human being on Earth! I just want to give him a giant teddy bear hug. Plus, how does he hide his really strong accent in the Star Wars movies? Like, I didn't even know he had an accent until I watched an interview with him after I saw Force Awakens

  • Selena Cruzah
    Selena Cruzah 27 days ago +1

    Drew is the only one I seen actually drink it and not spit it out ❤️

  • Mahmoud Haidar
    Mahmoud Haidar 28 days ago +4

    Jhon like cringey as hell when James said my wife's heart

  • JimmyBuffett’s Parrot

    When he yelled confess! 🔥

  • Sniff Heinkel
    Sniff Heinkel 29 days ago

    Where do you even find a thousand year old egg?