10 Ways To Stop a Package Pirate..

  • Published on Mar 16, 2019
  • Here are some ways you can prevent someone from taking your packages!
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    Sorry for the reupload! TheXvid didnโ€™t like the last title so I had to change it!

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    Sharina Sharina Day ago

    The box say what does the box say

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    Val Valencia Day ago

    HAHA SO FUNNY IN LESSON 4!!!!!!!!!!!

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    mangostripes 2 days ago

    What video
    what video

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    Shawn Thielemann 2 days ago

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  • Radhika Plays
    Radhika Plays 2 days ago

    That was 11 ways to stop a package thief

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    The box say is........... Dont steal them!

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    Is this the package

    No This Is Patrick

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    3:36 how did the 18 become 9 you need more home work

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  • Kid friendly Friends gaming and more

    There was actually 11 ways

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