Goal of the Tournament

  • Published on Dec 2, 2007
  • The BBC's Italia '90 tournament
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  • 555ikog555
    555ikog555 Month ago

    Platt. Great finish. Huge impact on the match and the rest of the tournament.

  • Yared Tesfamicael
    Yared Tesfamicael 2 months ago


  • Colm Morris
    Colm Morris 2 months ago

    Thank you Italia 90 for being so shite that we got the pass-back rule!

  • texaspete10
    texaspete10 3 months ago

    Who won? Had to be Platt for me - great technique by both Gazza and Platt plus the fact it was a goal in the last minute of extra time to send England to the World Cup Quarter Finals

  • dariush ariyayi
    dariush ariyayi 9 months ago


  • Christopher Wayne
    Christopher Wayne 9 months ago

    Matthaus #1, Schillachi 2, then 3 Baggio

  • Jeff Warder
    Jeff Warder 10 months ago

    Toto Schillaci's ... that's the most magnificent and exhilirating goal i have ever seen

  • VisualX
    VisualX Year ago

    I think the ones by Salvatore Schillacci, Jozic, David Platt and Ruud Gullit were the best from that tournament. And this video did not show the complete play untill the pass by Diego Maradona - he went past 4 Brazilian defenders to set up Claudio Caniggia. LOve this track !

  • lee turton
    lee turton Year ago +5

    Toto scilachi for me...an absolute rocket but special mention for platts goal...swivel volly over the shoulder

    • modsheff1
      modsheff1 9 months ago

      Ive always liked Matthaus's goal against Yugoslavia, but yeah great goal by Platty.

    • Perry Kettler
      Perry Kettler 10 months ago

      lee turton Agreed. Baggio with his individual skills prior to his goal made his goal a masterpiece too!

  • Mr MT
    Mr MT Year ago +9

    The phone number doesn't work, trying to Vote for B?

  • MegaNorman007
    MegaNorman007 6 years ago +6

    And he gets the ball through to Canigiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, scores.

  • StFidjnr
    StFidjnr 6 years ago +1

    what's the music playing

  • jimboBFC1
    jimboBFC1 6 years ago +4

    My favourite is canniggia's. That bit of play by Maradonna to set it up was world class. You could see the change of pace by him from midfield as the Brazillians started to panic and were all drawn to Maradonna who kept his balance beautifully and threaded an inch perfect ball through the defenders legs to Caniggia who took it very well.

  • yonmallard
    yonmallard 8 years ago +1

    and Cannnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaa... scores!

  • arsemafia1
    arsemafia1 8 years ago +1

    3 the best goals: 3)Jozic, 2)Baggio, 1)MATTHAUS
    no Brehme v Netherlands, no Hwangbo-Kwan v Spain, no MIchel's free kick v Korea nor Pixi Stojkovic's free kick v Spain. You remember?

  • StFidjnr
    StFidjnr 9 years ago

    @ 0.29 captain marksman is goal b king lothar the 10th.

  • Manc Flyer
    Manc Flyer 9 years ago +8

    Maradona's brilliant pass and the sight of half the Brazilian team chasing back in vain is something I remember very well.
    Brazil hit the post about 3 times in that game, but went out...
    Nice to Sir Bobby Robson's little dance as well.
    What a gentleman.

  • kisbie
    kisbie 9 years ago

    Is that because he's got Seal's hair from the video?

  • fendweller
    fendweller 10 years ago +1

    Adamski - lordy. Whenever I hear that I see Gullit dribbling (with a ball that is).

  • Jack Doe
    Jack Doe 10 years ago

    granted, it wasn't as bad as 2002

  • Jack Doe
    Jack Doe 10 years ago +1

    it was a rather poor world cup, so few goals and such. so what if boring old england did well?

  • sixtyeightspecial
    sixtyeightspecial 11 years ago +1

    My goodness. You really need to watch some footage from previous tournaments!

  • Kiran Patel
    Kiran Patel 11 years ago +3

    Awesome clip, great memories from Italia 90