PC-3000 SSD. Data recovery from damaged Samsung 850 PRO

  • Published on Aug 10, 2016
  • Samsung 850 PRO Family as well as Samsung 840 EVO and PM851 required special terminal connection for uploading the LDR file in drive RAM. In this video, you can find the complete process of drive initialization in Samsung Utility.
    Samsung 850 PRO, так же как Samsung 840 EVO и PM851, требуют подключения терминала для загрузки лоадера и инициализации технорежима в утилите. В этом видео мы рассказываем как инициализировать накопитель в утилите Samsung с помощью терминала.
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  • Eustus MN
    Eustus MN 15 days ago

    I hv an m2 ssd do pc 3000 has solutions for such

  • Renato Guzmán Acuña
    Renato Guzmán Acuña 27 days ago

    I want to recover data from my formatted ssd. How much does the software cost me? reguzguz@gmail.com

  • Jonny
    Jonny Month ago

    Hey. Good video for the curious techhead like my self. I have an Samsung EVO 840 500GB that's in a frozen state when i use Samsungs secure erase software. I can see the drive in BIOS and under any os but i can't erase it and get it back running again or is it a dead deal? Can't even remember what data i have on it and i don't care at this point.

  • fred flintstone
    fred flintstone 6 months ago

    Would be great with a commentary.

  • supriadi kartadarma
    supriadi kartadarma 8 months ago

    Tai...apa apa pc3000..monopolitics..

  • Black&Babtou
    Black&Babtou Year ago

    i have Samsung 330 serie 120GB
    i have all photo of my children its very important for me
    do you have solution for me please ?

    • hukatus
      hukatus 7 months ago +1

      Just contact your local data recovery company. But it will cost you hundreds of euros. Importance of your files is measured in tears. If you are not up to pay hundreds of euros then these files are not that improtant to you and life goes on.

  • jootai
    jootai Year ago

    What is the price of the pc 3000 why cant i add to basket, why do you need to send a mail for a quotation. Sounds scammy as fuck.

    • Cheadle DATA Recovery Ltd
      Cheadle DATA Recovery Ltd 2 months ago

      AceLabs are definitely not a scam. PC3000 is a professional data recovery tool used throughout the data recovery industry - not for a one off job. It's also necessary to learn how to use it! You are best off contacting a reputable data recovery company in your country if you have suffered data loss from an SSD.

    ONLIESVAN Year ago

    does it support crucial m5?

  • Anand Chavan
    Anand Chavan Year ago

    Anand Photo Studio jiyaguda hyderabad

  • XI HE
    XI HE Year ago

    i have ssd kingstone 120 it is broken and i lost my files can you recover it ?

  • trumanhw
    trumanhw Year ago

    Is the file structure lost? Or does it just look that way? Thanks y'all. )
    (Your response will help me choose which to buy later this year.)

    • Blue Thumb
      Blue Thumb 2 months ago

      That was just the folders on the drive arranged that way, wasn't a boot drive

  • Sal
    Sal 2 years ago

    How much does the PC-3000 cost for use with the Samsung Pro 840?

  • Владимир
    Владимир 2 years ago +1

    где можно купить pc3000?

  • tablatronix
    tablatronix 2 years ago

    does this same process work for msata, It seems to have the same test header holes.

    • tablatronix
      tablatronix 2 years ago

      Interesting, I was looking at some modules and it seems some oem ssd (samsung) are missing some components on the boards probably serial transceivers perhaps.

    • PC3000datarecovery
      PC3000datarecovery  2 years ago

      Yes, there is no difference - SATA or mSATA. Way of switching drive in SAFE is the same. But if we are speaking about terminal connection, in mSATA models they would be hidden under layout of PCB. In our blog you can find useful information.

  • Feng Xinghua
    Feng Xinghua 3 years ago

    dang that SSD chip small

  • Alex Kr
    Alex Kr 3 years ago +1

    The terminal connectors in video demo and in utility diagram are different. Which is the right one?

  • Boyan Aleksandrov
    Boyan Aleksandrov 3 years ago +1

    Can somebody give me an idea how to totally kill/damage SSD? My SSD stopped boot and sometimes freeze, but they don't want to accept my warranty claim, because the drive still "works".

    • Valeriy Grebenyk
      Valeriy Grebenyk 10 months ago

      Use electrical spark close to SSD few times

    • piffdaddy420
      piffdaddy420 2 years ago +1

      buy a cheap sata to usb adapter.... take the cables from the power cable(yellow, black, and red);... pull the wires out and switch around the yellow and red. that should fry it.