• Published on Jan 27, 2017
  • A brilliant show - from a truly iconic band.

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  • Peter Willy
    Peter Willy 4 days ago +1

    The Tubes ! Uma Fantástica Banda, Fantásticos Músicos e um Vocalista Maravilhoso e Voz de Cinema !!! O álbum ao vivo "What do you want from Live", de 1978, é o melhor álbum que já escutei, o melhor !!!! Uma Obra-Prima !

  • Ronnie K
    Ronnie K 9 days ago

    Fee’s Voice was outstanding in this clip! What a range. I saw them lots of times in SF. And now I get to see them in Nashville at The Ryman in 2 weeks. Stoked!

  • Yep Yep
    Yep Yep 29 days ago

    A shame this video is so heavily edited.

  • Tony Bimonte jr
    Tony Bimonte jr Month ago

    A totally underrated group of musical professionals. What a pleasure to see them Again on 12/13/19 in Htfd CT.

  • Johnny thunder iowa
    Johnny thunder iowa Month ago +1

    THE Greatest Show on #Earth ; The Greatest band Ever in rock the mighty TUBES ,..... !!!

  • margie anthony
    margie anthony Month ago

    26:57 to 28:00 i wish they showed a close up of the guitar solo or a wide shot of the show so i could choose what to look at; the guitarist's fret work!

  • serbia
    serbia 2 months ago

    I got a few words to say. Nah, l’ll talk to you later.

  • Gene  Clark
    Gene Clark 2 months ago

    Damn, wish cool bands like these were still around

    • George Givens
      George Givens 16 days ago

      Thankfully, The Tubes are still touring!!! Their music and performance is better each time, too. I hope Fee never falls while strutting down the staircase in platform heels and Quay Lude glasses. I've seen them every time they play anywhere near where I live since first seeing them at Cobo Hall in Detroit in about 1975. That's true only for The Tubes, and I have no regrets for ever missing other bands to see The Tube's live perfomances, The most amazing concert I saw was at the Metro in Chicago. Re Styles and Vince Welnick were with them, along with a full complement of Tubettes ad props. including a motorcycle for "Don't Touch Me There". They played White Punks on Dope for a second encore, and when they finally left the stage, the entire audience stayed, starstruck, in their seats for about 20 seconds before applauding wildly. I've never seen such a reaction, even for The Rolling Stones. My Millenial kids love The Tubes, too.

  • easyscore
    easyscore 2 months ago

    To far ahead of their time. They will be appreciated by everyone in the next century

  • Francisco Diogo Lopes
    Francisco Diogo Lopes 3 months ago

    Amazing !

  • Alex
    Alex 3 months ago

    just great and cool! thank!

  • Cliff Note
    Cliff Note 3 months ago

    Caught this show outside Atlanta .....a great band! Bill Spooner was in a cast on his

  • lorenzo zordan
    lorenzo zordan 3 months ago

    Greatest show I saw - in Italy, in 1983. Best live act ever.

  • CatOnTheGrill
    CatOnTheGrill 4 months ago +1

    What is the opening number?

  • Admiral Walker
    Admiral Walker 4 months ago +1

    Now THAT'S how you start a show!!!

  • so what
    so what 4 months ago

    The best satire and rock theater band of all time

  • nemo
    nemo 4 months ago

    Don't get me wrong , the Tubes are my all time faves . but can anyone tell me how much of this concert was play and sing over their pre recorded songs mixed with the sound system ?

  • Eric Stevens
    Eric Stevens 4 months ago

    The only Prince worth listening to.

  • Tommy D
    Tommy D 4 months ago +1

    One of the GREATEST and UNDERRATED, UNAPPRECIATED bands of all time. Never will you see this again.

  • T Anthony
    T Anthony 4 months ago +3

    go to the about the 20 min mark and listen to She's a Beauty....This has been my favorite song since the 80s and I have never heard the synthesizer and keyboard the way you hear it on this live version. It's almost as if I unearthed a jewel. It gives the song a whole new dimension and sounds so incredible! On any other version you never hear the keyboards and synthesizers as much as this version. I wish when they mixed this in the studio they would have kept the synthesizers and keyboards at a higher level so you can hear it throughout the song like on this one. Amazing.

    • spinalcrackerbox
      spinalcrackerbox 2 months ago

      I agree. Thankfully, this was one of these Westwood One or KBFH recordings and it exists from the radio station discs. I have it on my HD, should give it another listen.

  • Teen Clash
    Teen Clash 5 months ago +1

    holy crap were they fabulous!

  • Musique61414
    Musique61414 5 months ago

    Their show had a Bette Midler vibe.

  • Jamin J
    Jamin J 7 months ago

    Back in the late 70's and 80's, when you went to a Tubes concert, you got your money's worth in solid ROCK & ROLL!. Take note Beyonce, and Kanye West.

  • Steve Trent
    Steve Trent 7 months ago

    Fee Waybill rules..

  • Tor Hilmen
    Tor Hilmen 7 months ago

    What an incredible band 💕

    • N01JAMFAN
      N01JAMFAN  7 months ago

      glad you found my post my friend.

  • Barbara Mackay
    Barbara Mackay 8 months ago +1

    Such an incredible band!! Saw them several times back in the early 80’s late 70’s and they are still up there with the BEST LIVE BANDS I have ever seen. I’ve been to thousands of shows since 1975 at age 15 & there aren’t many that even come close. Floyd, Prince, Genesis or Bowie & Tubes in my top 5 live. Just saw The Tubes last Saturday in North Tonawanda, NY & had a blast dancing the whole show & up front right in front of Fee as soon as I could get security to stop trying to shoo me away☺️..still sooo good! Did Completion Backward Principle in it’s entirety...been waiting for them to play this album for about 33 years! If you get a chance see this current tour😁 it’s freaking AMAZING!

  • progrockrules
    progrockrules 9 months ago +6

    TOP band. Saw them many - many times - Hammersmith Odeon '76 - my favorite gig ever - and I've seen a LOT of bands! I am 60 after all! Listening to Genius of America today at work!!

  • Chuck Wagon
    Chuck Wagon 10 months ago +1

    The drugs were good in San Fran back then.

  • thesemenincident
    thesemenincident 11 months ago

    It's like everything that was lame about Talking Heads and Pink Floyd (or U2 and Negativland) in ONE BAND, with none of the good stuff!
    PS: And, before anyone decides to get self-righteous, I "get" what they were about. It's just that they made their pretty silly points in incredibly self-indulgent, paradoxically "rockist" fashion.

  • The First Pharoah TV outreach program

    Heck I went to see them .they we’re bad they even did a Album with Earth Wind & Fire

  • Gregory Bucher
    Gregory Bucher 11 months ago +2

    Best band ever

    • cptstubbing
      cptstubbing 11 months ago

      Checkout finnishband sleepy sleepers

  • Lenny Wood
    Lenny Wood 11 months ago +1

    Just-miss with the MTV machine. Which would have made them justifiably rich. 'Beauty' in 83 and rare showings of TTLY were all they got for two big hits yet lesser talents got so much more. That's the way the crooked cookie crumbles. So many amazing memories of this band and Marilyn Wood that headed the fan club. Rock on TUBES!

  • Denis Adair
    Denis Adair 11 months ago +8

    Seeing The Tubes live was life-changing ... an experience that can't be described. My DNA altered each and every time.

  • Winterstick549
    Winterstick549 Year ago

    Where is Dont Touch Me There and Proud To Be An American?

  • Guitar Overkill
    Guitar Overkill Year ago +1

    You came to see a show, you fucking got a show that no other band came close to putting on.

  • Jeff Cranford
    Jeff Cranford Year ago +4

    100% perfection!! Their own unique style!

  • Kathy D. 2014
    Kathy D. 2014 Year ago +2

    wowowowowowowowowow wow

  • santy belloso
    santy belloso Year ago +4

    I love The Tubes. Talk to ya later great.

  • Ronwho Yes
    Ronwho Yes Year ago

    Prairie Prince is such a great drummer, one of the best, wanted something more than Journey, while they are very successful, Prairie is living his goals. Check out his site, his artwork is amazing and he’s done many stage designs, Shania Twain’s was fantastic. And “Let There Be Drums” is a nod of gratitude to the great Sandy Nelson, I’m a geezer and remember his records pre-Kieth, Ringo, Bonham. Nothing can move ya like crazy great music.

  • progrockdoc
    progrockdoc Year ago

    Several of the best concerts I ever saw were the Tubes. RIP Vince.

  • TJ
    TJ Year ago +12

    R.I.P Vince Welnick

    • Grant Wood
      Grant Wood 9 months ago

      Amen. Amazing to think that 7 years after this he was playing with the Grateful Dead.

  • Gordon Go
    Gordon Go Year ago +1

    saw then NYE 1981/1982 at San Jose Civic. great show. Saw them a few years later at the Saddle Rack, also in San Jose

    METAL Year ago +1

    MITICO !

  • Sal AveNU
    Sal AveNU Year ago +2

    Someone from this band wound up in The Grateful Dead. That still blows me away.

  • Eric Ghost
    Eric Ghost Year ago +2

    Such a brilliant band! I was really into their music back when I lived in the bay area and now regret never seeing them play live. All great musicians, Fee's voice and theatrics are amazing. Thanks for sharing this video!

  • Brian Vitullo
    Brian Vitullo Year ago +1

    THE TUBES i remember seeing this on 📺 tv nice ROCK ON. new studio albums sounds good live concerts cheers 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 !.

  • Frank Bloss
    Frank Bloss Year ago +1

    Just found this, I was at this show in Japantown San Francisco!

  • John Gerlach
    John Gerlach Year ago +1

    I have to tell my friend (you have published this) I've looked so many times for this. I knew it existed somewhere. It was a "simulcasted" on a local radio station in conjunction with MTV at the time. Memory I will take to my grave. Long story. Thanx for publishing this.

    • N01JAMFAN
      N01JAMFAN  Year ago

      Enjoy my friend. ( even though its not complete )

  • David Ames
    David Ames Year ago +2

    And they put Bon Jovi in the Hall of Fame.

    • tomb613
      tomb613 5 months ago

      The rock and roll hall of fame is a corporate entity and a complete sham. Jerry Garcia refused his nomination because of their corporate bias. So many great bands and solo rock and roll artists are completely ignored by the hall of fame while mainstream crap with no soul like bon jovi make it in.....
      Long live The Tubes...... Wonderful live performers.....

    • jerk chicken
      jerk chicken 8 months ago

      fuckin bon jovi

  • Anon Frank
    Anon Frank Year ago

    10:19 be very grateful for replies . thanks . question : not being sarcastic, but what is that thing on Fee's head or what does it represent ?

  • tread_well _frank

    What an awesome Phantasmagoria !

  • emotionalinvalid
    emotionalinvalid Year ago

    It's a shame they didn't have their brass section on stage . it was just canned karaoke style for many of their live performances

  • emotionalinvalid
    emotionalinvalid Year ago +13

    This is one of the greatest rock , satire, humor , stage performance acts of all time . It is despicable that the mainstream rock critics don't even mention them in their stupid rock history books .

    • M Mireaux
      M Mireaux Year ago +4

      It amazes me that they weren't absolutely HUGE!!! GREAT songs, flawless musicianship, an incredibly clever, wicked and brilliant sense of humor and absurdity, and one of THE best voices and front men in music in Fee Waybill!!! I'm old enough, and lucky enough, to have seen them when their first album came out AND on the "Young and Rich tour"-as well as numerous times since then!

  • John Doe
    John Doe Year ago +14

    this not a go to hell shock act . this is awesome music , showmanship , critical satire

  • John Doe
    John Doe Year ago +1

    excellent ! greatest killing many birds with one stone made of many artistic and criticism vehicles = great musicianship , showmanship , satire , criticism of me generation, buying love vs real love , criticism of unfettered capitalism, endless work via the horatio alger myth , endless production consumption, etc

  • Bradley Gong
    Bradley Gong Year ago +7

    The greatest show band of all time… The Tubes!!!
    0:00 intro
    2:45 Out Of The Business
    6:41 Matter Of Pride
    10:12 Tip Of My Tongue
    14:06 Getoverture
    15:33 White Punks On Dope
    20:12 She's A Beauty
    24:37 Talk To Ya Later

    • CatOnTheGrill
      CatOnTheGrill 4 months ago

      Bradley Gong do you know the intro tune ? never heard it before.

  • Anon Frank
    Anon Frank Year ago

    i love this band/show . but this one is way overproduced musically and too much reverb etc. disappointed no real brass section either . you will find better live videos on utube of the tubes

  • 5asideHero
    5asideHero Year ago

    Thanks for posting, and they can still put on a great performance, if not quite on this scale.

  • Soda Pop
    Soda Pop Year ago +22

    Freakin' Amazing. Never was, and never will be anything like it again.

    • sockington1
      sockington1 2 months ago

      they were well past their best here. The Tubes finished around 1980

  • The Lastperfectman
    The Lastperfectman Year ago +5

    Roger Steen is such a great guitarist-I don’t understand why they used Steve Lukather on so many albums? Lukather is amazing, of course, but Steen was no slouch. But I suppose producers always like to bring in session players they figure they can count on.