Friends From College: Season 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Jan 3, 2019
  • Best friends are there for you when times are tough...even if they’re the ones who caused all your problems. Friends From College is back, streaming January 11, only on Netflix.
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    Friends From College: Season 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 445

  • Pakama Xamesi
    Pakama Xamesi 15 days ago

    Invitation, whoow

  • Leah selkie
    Leah selkie 28 days ago

    Wtf Netflix! This show is the best show I've seen in ages and you can should be fired

  • Adam Theo
    Adam Theo Month ago +1

    We need a season three

  • sean firby
    sean firby Month ago +1

    Come on half the shit you show on Netflix and you cancelled this show for showing a darker side of storytelling. So we don't like the characters because of their flaws but arnt we all flawed? A great show that tangled a web better than most TV that darkens Netflix these days. Bring us Season 3 and while your at it flash your cash to the cast and crew of Masters of None. Starting to think this is a new trend.

  • Alexandra
    Alexandra 2 months ago +2

    Robin and Stella going after the same man again

  • Manuel
    Manuel 2 months ago

    So sad to hear this show was cancelled. Hope season 3 sees the light some day!

  • Chevon Daniels
    Chevon Daniels 2 months ago

    Bring season 3. I hate you cancelled it damn it. I need season 3 please😫

    PLANE JAIN 2 months ago +1

    So you bastards bring back multiple shitty seasons of Arrested Development, but cancel this show?? Do better better..

  • voyager zero
    voyager zero 3 months ago

    This is such an awesome show

  • FrankiE Martinez
    FrankiE Martinez 3 months ago

    How the fuck was this hilarious and amazing show cancelled!? Wtf netflix!? You canceled "love" season canceled all marvel shows...iam affraid your guna cancel real rob show is going on!? I cant believe it....

  • Shaa
    Shaa 3 months ago +6

    So sad that this is cancelled! They always cancel the best shows. 😭

  • Samuele Bianchi
    Samuele Bianchi 3 months ago

    Ogni serie valida viene cancellata per pseudo serie fantasy è ora di finirla

  • Its Romi
    Its Romi 3 months ago

    I dont understand how did Lisa find out about Sam and Ethan? In which episode ???

  • joycy dolcy
    joycy dolcy 3 months ago

    The number of meals during those intro 🤔😋

  • Matias Bascunan
    Matias Bascunan 3 months ago

    I heard its cancelled

  • gabrielaonelove 2
    gabrielaonelove 2 3 months ago

    This show was too funny...

  • Hodor Targaryen
    Hodor Targaryen 3 months ago +1

    I'M so sad. It has been cancelled😞😥😥😥

  • Alondra Jimenez
    Alondra Jimenez 3 months ago

    This show is amazing!!!!!

  • Alezey574
    Alezey574 3 months ago

    Man, When i first decided to watch this series, I did not think it would be as funny, but MAN!!! I laugh out laud while watching it. There are SO many unexpected LOL moments in this LMAO

    • Alezey574
      Alezey574 3 months ago

      @z did it????

    • z
      z 3 months ago

      it's TOO funny, im so sad it got cancelled

  • Olivia B
    Olivia B 3 months ago +1


  • MrUseless247
    MrUseless247 3 months ago

    From now on I'm not gonna start watching shows until their 3rd or even 4th season. These cliffhangers are becoming ridiculous.

  • Miles Barnett
    Miles Barnett 3 months ago

    Please bring season 3

  • dave22
    dave22 3 months ago

    douchey characters, even cobie smulder's character is a douche. keenan's stupid "voices" are beyond annoying. i hate this show. just expressing my opinion.

  • Alexander Martin
    Alexander Martin 3 months ago

    Damn there will be no season 3. Just announced it was canceled.

  • Victor Lopez
    Victor Lopez 4 months ago

    This show is a Trainwreck I couldn't stop watching. Love Keegan in anything. Every character is great. The story builds perfectly.. Don't knock it until you try it.

  • Guillermo Dominguez
    Guillermo Dominguez 4 months ago

    Is it me or is Marianne the worst

    • z
      z 3 months ago

      how lmao

  • Sy A
    Sy A 4 months ago

    I swear she is literally Robin from HIMYM.

  • karankenZ
    karankenZ 4 months ago


  • Mariama Right Here
    Mariama Right Here 4 months ago

    Already finished season 2, hope we don't have to wait too long for season 3

    • z
      z 3 months ago

      i have bad news

  • G.C 360
    G.C 360 4 months ago

    I’m a little confused. Both season 1 and 2 were good but in the last episode of season 1 Lisa clearly admitted that she cheated on Ethan. Ethan never mentioned or admitted to cheating on Lisa with Sam. He forgave her but then punched Nick while trying to stop the Benz Jeep from diving into the pool. Lisa did say she wanted a break but season 2 started with Lisa being all upset and not dealing with Ethan for a year. So when did she find out that Ethan and Sam were hooking up??

    GLUED 4 months ago

    Damn, whats the song at the end!

  • Gateway Realtor
    Gateway Realtor 4 months ago

    The actress who plays Sam has a serious case of Sarah Paulson mouth.

  • Joyce Hookimaw
    Joyce Hookimaw 4 months ago

    This show made me laugh so much.

  • stormy zee
    stormy zee 4 months ago

    Season 3??????

  • Major Tom
    Major Tom 4 months ago

    I love this show...just binge watched the entire season 2 and already craving for Season 3...

  • Travis Kehler
    Travis Kehler 4 months ago

    Great show. Magnetic Fields in the finale.
    But way too short of a season.

  • Johnny Favourite
    Johnny Favourite 4 months ago

    I want to like this...but Key's character is just too fucking annoying.

  • Johnny Karate
    Johnny Karate 4 months ago

    I would love to see season 3! This has become one of my favourite shows!

  • Reyna Vega
    Reyna Vega 4 months ago

    Season 2 was amazing!!!!!!!!

  • darius rogers
    darius rogers 4 months ago

    Idk why people don't get it. This show is my favorite show ever

  • tamimerkaz
    tamimerkaz 4 months ago

    Was an excellent season. Even better than the first one. Hope the show continues for more seasons.

  • Brenda Rojas
    Brenda Rojas 4 months ago

    i watched this and it was great. I thought it wasn't gonna be a second season but I'm really glad it had.

  • Leticia Ruelas
    Leticia Ruelas 4 months ago

    Omg!! Love it.. There serioustly needs to be a season 3!! I freaking love this show.. All the characters jist fit right in.. Love. Love it.. 😁😁

  • M M
    M M 4 months ago

    Love this show I'd kill to be a dumb extra haha

  • Win From Within
    Win From Within 4 months ago

    This season was sad

  • rohini benjamin
    rohini benjamin 4 months ago

    the funeral episode was mental!!!

  • gn lilu
    gn lilu 4 months ago +1

    I didn’t like how season 1 started. Then season 2 and I was 🥰 in love. I laugh 😂 so hard with the plaza issue!! I can’t wait 😊

  • gn lilu
    gn lilu 4 months ago +1

    SEASON 3 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeandry
    Jeandry 4 months ago

    Don't know what to think about it anymore

  • Caro
    Caro 4 months ago +4

    Somehow i hate and love this show all at the same time. Horrible people, but funny as hell.

  • Maja Gustafsson
    Maja Gustafsson 4 months ago +1

    When did season 3 come out?

  • Michelle Santos
    Michelle Santos 4 months ago +1

    Season 3 pls!!!!

  • clase406marcela1
    clase406marcela1 5 months ago


  • M!CAH
    M!CAH 5 months ago +1

    Man I gotta rewatch season 1. Been so long

  • Andy Davidson
    Andy Davidson 5 months ago

    I need season 3 right now!!

  • soheil behzad
    soheil behzad 5 months ago

    Such a good show! This generations FRIENDS !!!!!

  • Hanelise van der Hoven
    Hanelise van der Hoven 5 months ago

    I can't believe season 1 got such bad reviews! I loved this show from the start!

  • kerpal3
    kerpal3 5 months ago +1

    This is the show that everyone loves but hates at the same time.

  • melinda mohamed
    melinda mohamed 5 months ago +1

    Disappointing Season 2. I watched the first episode then went straight to the last one. The events were too predictable. Great cast though.

    • melinda mohamed
      melinda mohamed 4 months ago

      @djmeagaaim17 it was too predictable. I sat there after the first episode and knew what was to come. As I said though, it was a great cast.

    • djmeagaaim17
      djmeagaaim17 4 months ago

      Why did you find it disappointing? What problems did you have with it?

  • Comet Ali
    Comet Ali 5 months ago


  • Therese Tiangco
    Therese Tiangco 5 months ago

    Robin and Stella!!

    GAMBANJUJJJ 5 months ago

    Hey netflix your trailer audio quality is shit that song at the end is BASSBOOSTED russian Bass Style

  • Miriam A
    Miriam A 5 months ago +2

    This series surprised me. It made me happy and I enjoyed it so much. I hope they don’t cancel it

  • Jew know
    Jew know 5 months ago

    I'm black and Ethan (key)'s character rubs me the wrong way...of course he has no problem playing a dumbass and he is the only black guy on the show smh even worse ..yes I brought color into this..FUCK YOU and carry your Twitter fingers to someone who cares. .this show is corny!! And key has NEVER been funny

  • albertoxFTW
    albertoxFTW 5 months ago

    I love how awful and flawed all the characters are. They are all horrible people but they all become reliable in a way.. I also lol several times, I just finished season 2 and is 10x better than season 1, I would even go out and say I that the people that weren't sold on season 1 would enjoy this show after watching SEASON 2.

  • dark unicorn
    dark unicorn 5 months ago

    this season was waaaaay better than s1

  • Cactus Greene
    Cactus Greene 5 months ago

    The only problem is it was only 8 episodes

  • z
    z 5 months ago +12

    update: fuck you Netflix

  • Kara A
    Kara A 5 months ago

    LOVE it. Probably because I'm 40 though and I get it. Younger people may judge the characters since they haven't had enough time to create any big messes in their lives yet.

    • Kara A
      Kara A 5 months ago

      De’Wanna Glow it was a fast binge. 8 23 min episodes. I was bed ridden with a virus for 2 days. And yet that opening scene of episode 1 HAD ME WHEEZING MY ASS OFF! Love me some Fred Savage! I saw him when we were like 12, at Blockbuster. We grew up in the same area.

    • De’Wanna Glow
      De’Wanna Glow 5 months ago +1

      Kara A the ending has so much going on lol I didn’t tell much at all. I’m just assuming. It’s such a cliff hanger. And I’m sorry 😭 I forgot this was just released. I binged too fast

    • Kara A
      Kara A 5 months ago

      z i think Ethan loves his ex wife too. A lot, actually. But marriage is tough and people in marriages do really stupid things sometimes. I also think some men take until about 40 years old to officially grow up. At least I think that's Ethan's story. The other guy, I don't think he's intellectual enough. He seems kinda slow. That won't work for her.

    • z
      z 5 months ago

      @De’Wanna Glow yeah they suck and for a second i kind of felt they were in love and were going to work out, but then Lisa's pregnancy happened and Ethan didn't even send Sam a text when he didn't show up :/ so idk anymore and they're all terrible except for Max and Felix but i still hope they get a happy ending lmao

    • Kara A
      Kara A 5 months ago

      z that you mention it, i (temporarily) messed mine up by age 23, which is young, so yikes. My comment is just me forgetting my life because I'm getting up there! 🙊🙉🙈

  • Jean Armel Ferrer
    Jean Armel Ferrer 5 months ago

    WTF ROBIN!!!! WHERE'S TED!???!!!

  • bel Rose
    bel Rose 5 months ago

    I forgot about this show !! So glad there is a new season 🤩

  • Dribrom Sunrock
    Dribrom Sunrock 5 months ago +2

    Man this sucks! Too few episodes, I want more!

  • Loni NYC
    Loni NYC 5 months ago +39

    I laughed out loud so many times watching this!!! I have never seen anything this funny in my life. 😂😂😂😂

    • albertoxFTW
      albertoxFTW 5 months ago +5

      I love how awful and flawed all the characters are. They are all horrible people but the show is written so well that they all become reliable in a way.. I also lol several times, I just finished season 2 and is 10x better than season 1, I would even go out and say that people that didn't like or wasn't SOLD on the show would change their minds after watching this season.

    • Loni NYC
      Loni NYC 5 months ago +9

      I love every single character. This shit is so fucking awesome. I am sending Netflix an email right now. Love love ❤️ this show!!

  • Movi Manandhar
    Movi Manandhar 5 months ago +2


  • Miranda Dias
    Miranda Dias 5 months ago


  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 5 months ago

    I missed it so much and I didn’t know that until now

  • Lilaa
    Lilaa 5 months ago

    Cobie Smulders!

  • zoeyzoo
    zoeyzoo 5 months ago +179

    I need a season 3!!!! THAT CLIFFHANGER. I NEED ANSWERS.

    • Darryl Lowe
      Darryl Lowe 23 days ago

      Sam really loved Ethan, she thought he didn't want her at the end. I need another season

    • Darryl Lowe
      Darryl Lowe 23 days ago


    • Major Tom
      Major Tom 2 months ago +1

      @Sage-meister ...yep...can't believe it either...was a great show...

    • Sage-meister
      Sage-meister 3 months ago +3

      @Stefan Lee Are you serious!!!??!?!?!?

    • Stefan Lee
      Stefan Lee 3 months ago +4

      Sad they cancelled the show :/

  • W Coston
    W Coston 5 months ago

    I would watch this only for Fred Savage!!!

  • packers fan
    packers fan 5 months ago +58

    Please renew for season 3 season 2 ending was a banger cliffhanger

  • Riley Zander
    Riley Zander 5 months ago

    omg i thought this was cancelled?? i loved watching this xx

  • لما محمد
    لما محمد 5 months ago +8

    okay i just finished the whole season

    on january 12

  • Michelle Cox Photography

    This looks hilarious

  • BigGuyZee
    BigGuyZee 5 months ago

    Oh wow, this is a pleasant surprise. I thought this was cancelled ages ago. Looking forward to watching s2. :-)

  • DangIt'sLinh
    DangIt'sLinh 5 months ago

    was that stella from himym? 1:24

  • Moulee G
    Moulee G 5 months ago +2

    Ahhhh...the good old feelbad show :p

    • The Style That Binds Us
      The Style That Binds Us 5 months ago

      Yay!!! My daughter and I have recently launched our channel, The Style That Binds Us on TheXvid. We would be so appreciative if you would check it out and give us feedback!

  • Megan Fetterly
    Megan Fetterly 5 months ago


  • jazz
    jazz 5 months ago

    omg max and felix are back together OKAY

  • Wife yeeter
    Wife yeeter 5 months ago +2

    Finally! Jesus felt like 5 years since last season

  • Chitty-Chitty LaBang
    Chitty-Chitty LaBang 5 months ago +1

    Hard pass.

  • acid father
    acid father 5 months ago +1

    Fucking finalllyyyyyyyyy!!!!

  • Rey Gm
    Rey Gm 5 months ago

    Who tf notice about the first season

  • VeeDoesFilms
    VeeDoesFilms 5 months ago +1


  • Pasca Darius
    Pasca Darius 5 months ago +1

    I'm here for Robin 😘!

  • Ize Belle
    Ize Belle 5 months ago +8

    Yes!!!! Can't wait to see it🎉
    I don't get people who's trashing this serie... Why are you even here? Go to the videos of the series you like.
    Stop being a hater, not everyone has to like everything you like 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ben Allan
    Ben Allan 5 months ago

    Why was the music so distorted NETFLIX?

  • Joshua Davis
    Joshua Davis 5 months ago

    Well I guess I have to finish this show before The Punisher comes back (Jan. 18) because there's no way in hell I'm missing that

  • Reginald Dumornay
    Reginald Dumornay 5 months ago +1


  • Amanya
    Amanya 5 months ago

    I only came back for Felix

  • VideosByGeo
    VideosByGeo 5 months ago

    1. Never heard of this show
    2. Clicked bc I saw Robin from HIMYM on the thumbnail
    3. And I SWEAR the other main dude is in that ep of himym where robin and barney try to break up that snobby couple who took their window seat...
    is that just me !?!

    • Stefan Lee
      Stefan Lee 5 months ago

      VideosByGeo just you. I think you should watch HIMYM again 😂