EXPLORING REMOTE ISLAND PARADISE Amazing Weather (Fishing & Diving) - Ep 84

  • Published on May 23, 2019
  • Join Brodie Moss and Amberleigh West as they explore the amazing remote islands in the best weather and conditions! Originally they set out so Brodie could free swim around an entire island, one for another episode. Good fishing, beautiful free diving and Brodie even saved a fishes life. Finished off with a glassy sunset, enjoy.
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  • Andre Tigree
    Andre Tigree 8 hours ago

    felicitaciones!!! increíble los lugares donde te moves!! saludos desde Argentina.

  • Rachel Teariki
    Rachel Teariki Day ago

    great videos ma bro!! love your respect for the ecological systems and them that shares
    the planet with us all. and as for safety, your comments may just saves someone's life
    one day. great that you bring safety into the phrase. fishing, wow!! hope the area you're in
    doesn't get exploited and ruined for the generations ahead to come. again, great videos,
    and thank you for sharing your experience. BLESS.

  • Peter Mike
    Peter Mike Day ago

    11:53 Probably the best part of the video

  • Joseph Pecoul
    Joseph Pecoul Day ago

    How fun! What a life, man don't change a thing. Much hope for your dream. Yeah.

  • Pure Trouble
    Pure Trouble Day ago

    Is it true this guy was convicted of a bad crime??

  • N R
    N R 2 days ago

    I'm happy someone/people live(s) this life.

  • Malamute Aerospace
    Malamute Aerospace 3 days ago +1

    You certainly have got life figured out, take care of self and family/friends first work as needed..

  • Bradley Cole
    Bradley Cole 3 days ago

    Your girl has a banging body bro

  • wally man
    wally man 4 days ago

    Brodie. Your choice of music for your vids is only surpassed by your choice in women. Amberleigh is both beautiful and adventurous. A great combo. Cheers from the state of Michigan.

  • Casey Jones
    Casey Jones 5 days ago

    you can tell she has probably happily watched all of his videos and obsessed over this wild auzzie guy and his dog and all the friends... cant blame her. Good old boy right there. Brodie is legit.

  • commander hunter
    commander hunter 6 days ago

    What boat is that?

  • Lachlain Carter
    Lachlain Carter 7 days ago


  • piripro piripeep
    piripro piripeep 7 days ago

    0 people give any Fks about you. Just show your GF's tits . Thanks.

  • J WC
    J WC 7 days ago

    unreal shots man. holy cow. keep up the good work.

  • Just_Fishing _Josh
    Just_Fishing _Josh 7 days ago +1

    You live life like you should and that’s amazing I would love do what you do

  • Slim Gaming
    Slim Gaming 8 days ago +1

    What is that song playing at around 4:10?

  • Ian Pledge
    Ian Pledge 8 days ago

    Feed that girl more xxx

  • David Allen
    David Allen 8 days ago

    I live vicariously through you

  • Ana Hudon
    Ana Hudon 9 days ago

    What was that line of stuff in the water y'all were kinda following?

    RONDO T 9 days ago

    Dude you have absolutely no idea how much I love your videos and wish I could do what you are doing.

    • Casey Jones
      Casey Jones 5 days ago

      join the club.... get the pasport, by the Tshirt ect

  • ballerboy doyoueven
    ballerboy doyoueven 9 days ago

    Hey Mate

  • Travis Hopkins
    Travis Hopkins 9 days ago

    Good God man would you please give her anorexic ass a cheeseburger!!

  • Joel Reeves
    Joel Reeves 10 days ago

    Gotta swum that remote island mate!

  • Discover Life Media
    Discover Life Media 10 days ago

    High 5 to you!

  • 林伟
    林伟 10 days ago +2

    I love your beautiful wife,I wanna make love with her,can i?

  • Albert Chan
    Albert Chan 11 days ago

    Refreshing. Everything is beautiful

  • Sean Tietjen
    Sean Tietjen 11 days ago


  • Chris York
    Chris York 11 days ago

    Rocking out to some Mongolian metal while fishing out on the sea with your woman and doggo.... What a way to live :)

  • 倪义超
    倪义超 12 days ago

    i love you wife

  • Ms Daisy
    Ms Daisy 12 days ago

    If you keep making videos, the Somalians or SOMEONE ELSE is going to come looking for you to robb, kidnap for ransome, or traffick your cute little GF. You need to be more careful. Example: anxiety war.

  • Ms Daisy
    Ms Daisy 12 days ago

    Wait a minute!!! 7:40? What did you do to that red fish? How did you know that?

  • Ms Daisy
    Ms Daisy 12 days ago

    Its like we are on a cruise with you. But I do worry about pirates, rock fish, shark bites, etc. Stay safe & your GF and doggie too. Wish I was there!!!

  • Ms Daisy
    Ms Daisy 12 days ago

    Yay!!!! A fish won! Love this content and you two kids are so cute. But I also like to see the prey win occasionally too. Funny when you fell on your butt! Good attitude. I want to see whats next.

  • Earl Corpuz
    Earl Corpuz 12 days ago

    I want to be like you someday, mate 💯. Free diving, babe, dog, fishing, we gah fayr

  • Velmurugan Kandasamy
    Velmurugan Kandasamy 13 days ago

    Today this eurodrvidian guy has albinoeurodravidian blonde companion making him toomuch excitement.

  • Dv Mila
    Dv Mila 13 days ago

    Food is lifer. most especially seafoodssssssss . Im a fan of yours. Sir. Wooo 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Shaun Tan
    Shaun Tan 14 days ago

    when are u going to make your PH channel

  • Winson Pan
    Winson Pan 14 days ago


  • G. R
    G. R 15 days ago +1

    Your girl is stunning mate

  • David C.
    David C. 16 days ago

    Where is your girl from? ...and I’ve never seen anyone pop a swim bladder. Brilliant.

  • Jdnn Kckckc
    Jdnn Kckckc 17 days ago

    Terbaekk broo👍

  • Max Randelle
    Max Randelle 18 days ago +2

    4:04 - 4:22 Can anyone tell me what music that is? Thank you.

    • Max Randelle
      Max Randelle 9 days ago

      ​@mike ryan No. Sorry mate. I have no idea what you're hearing but the music in the boat is not LittleVMills' cover.
      It obviously has heavy drumbs, violin, a didgeridoo & non-english reverberating vocals. (Not hevy metal.)
      And it's impossible for that song to be on that boats stero system.

    • mike ryan
      mike ryan 15 days ago


  • Kinkoyaburi
    Kinkoyaburi 19 days ago

    I wish I had money to fuck around with my boat on tropical islands and stuff.

  • Federico l
    Federico l 20 days ago +2

    Hello im from Venice, italy.. i love your lifestyle!!👍

  • Chris Colley
    Chris Colley 21 day ago

    Loving this stuff.. much love and respect from across the pond in Canada.

  • Boadie Gaza
    Boadie Gaza 21 day ago

    great content

  • jaymuri
    jaymuri 21 day ago

    Feed her, she looks starving

  • isaac hine
    isaac hine 21 day ago

    hey mate, how many litres and what are the dims of your chilly bin?

  • 潘前瑾
    潘前瑾 22 days ago


  • uouo vlog
    uouo vlog 22 days ago +1

    Best life in sea

  • Özgür Balıkçı
    Özgür Balıkçı 23 days ago

    Bravo 👏👏👏

  • Angler Speaks
    Angler Speaks 23 days ago +1

    OMG the water is so clear and the video is magnificent

  • tom howard
    tom howard 23 days ago

    Great boat, whats the make ?

  • โอภาส ศรีอินทร์


  • Luke Sheppard
    Luke Sheppard 24 days ago +1

    Your girl is on the vids but its like she's not there, include her in the vids , and more cheeky shots 👍

  • Bentley Hutchings
    Bentley Hutchings 24 days ago +1

    We love your videos and the beautiful scenery, but you could improve it by including more Amberleigh! You’re living the dream brother. Keep it up.

  • Paul Tabone
    Paul Tabone 24 days ago

    Hi 👋 love you’re adventure and amazing filming,😃🌈👍 but I missed where you are in Australia 🇦🇺 keep the adventure going 👍🍺🍺🌈😃🦈🦈🦈

  • l empreur state bulding
    l empreur state bulding 25 days ago +2

    I love your video and your country❤❤🔥

  • Hooley Dooley
    Hooley Dooley 25 days ago

    I respect you are fishing for food and I am a fisherman myself but with the love you and your other half show for life why would u spearfish. It is the cruelest thing u could do to any animal. Rod and reel break the neck back and instant death no pain.

  • Gabby Widergren
    Gabby Widergren 25 days ago


  • latina latin
    latina latin 25 days ago

    We love and enjoy all your videos. One of the best TheXvid channels I follow.

  • maurice0616
    maurice0616 25 days ago

    Idiot! That fish is swimming around with that hook in it's mouth now . You can't give that much power to force fish in with a tiny rod and weak fish line. You were supposed to play it tired and real in slowly. Also hate the clickbate of the skinny girl with no definition. She needs to do some squats Bru!

  • cool connor boss
    cool connor boss 25 days ago +1

    Your wife is sexy

  • Asik Banget
    Asik Banget 26 days ago

    13:44 sooooooooo dope!!! love ittttttt

  • SWFL Fishing
    SWFL Fishing 26 days ago

    Eat a cheeseburger or something!

  • Onurai Wannapraphai
    Onurai Wannapraphai 26 days ago

    Soooooo beautiful ❤️

  • Ameed Folah
    Ameed Folah 26 days ago


  • JAL B
    JAL B 26 days ago

    dude you need to learn how to fish and quit being such a spoiled pretty boy/ wow cant even catch a fish .lmmfao

  • SkunkKing
    SkunkKing 27 days ago

    What do these guys do for an income?

  • Leo Willette
    Leo Willette 27 days ago

    Nice view of her sweet ass!

  • King Xpre
    King Xpre 27 days ago

    keep it up man i watch every video you make there so awesome

  • Sophie XD
    Sophie XD 27 days ago

    The island looks a bit like a lizard from above! So pretty🌊

  • FishForFoodNotSport
    FishForFoodNotSport 27 days ago

    Feed that girl a damn hamburger!!!!

  • Neon Sidez
    Neon Sidez 27 days ago

    What breed is his dog?

  • yee LIANG
    yee LIANG 27 days ago


  • Astevens7
    Astevens7 28 days ago

    We need to save these oceans

  • Steve Rohlinger
    Steve Rohlinger 28 days ago +2

    Constantly watch your vids! Love your channel! Keep it up

  • Neil Zutshi
    Neil Zutshi 28 days ago +1

    This video has no diversity. Reported to my local Jewish defamation center.

  • SaltFN
    SaltFN 28 days ago


  • nima behzadi
    nima behzadi 28 days ago

    Hey youngbloods, I live in Perth and was wondering when u come to our boat show. If u wanna come for a flick. I can hook you up with gear as I work at a tackle shop.

  • Jason Pettit
    Jason Pettit 28 days ago +1

    Yeah man,I'm very new to your chann,and I like the vids man, beautiful out there,thanks for sharing this with me,I appreciate it

  • WTG Hawaii
    WTG Hawaii 28 days ago

    Any plans to come to Hawaii?

  • Christy Ray
    Christy Ray 29 days ago +1

    Is that something in the water, bottom left @ 14:08? Sick video, as always! Much ❤

  • My Phuong
    My Phuong 29 days ago

    What breed is that dog

  • Brent Piper
    Brent Piper 29 days ago

    As a water baby growing up living off the land and mostly sea, moving to the big city chasing the coin was and still is a massive change/regret for me! Thankfully I found your episodes and im hooked! So good to see someone's still living the dream brother! Super stoked that you have now got the back up of sponsors to do it full time.! Trying to get some merch but pretty much all your stuff is out of stock in the medium to large! I know your a busy man but when you get a chance would love to see it restocked so myself and and many others can help out with some funding and concrete your already epic dream /reality as the best sub on TheXvid! Would love to represent and rock the shit out of YBS as what you and your crew are doing is so close to a lot of our hearts having being brought up doing the same shit! Let's set this shit on fire baby!! Yeeeewww👍👊

  • hardcorehockey
    hardcorehockey 29 days ago

    I get home from a stressful day at work and the first thing I do is grab the iPad and check out the latest. Thanks.

  • lachie watson
    lachie watson 29 days ago

    12:05 that backflip starfish

  • Jason Soucie
    Jason Soucie 29 days ago

    You need to do a contest , and have a good lad chill with you for a day! Love videos! Cheers

  • Roland Cantu
    Roland Cantu 29 days ago

    Wanted to buy a spear gun here from Texas, couldn't find yb guns online. Just wonderin when yall are gonna put em out?

  • Jake Melcer
    Jake Melcer 29 days ago

    Where is this. Off what coast do they go fish

  • g b16
    g b16 Month ago +1

    Strada looks mwi at 245min

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    master25 Month ago

    whats the name of first song??

  • Lucid
    Lucid Month ago

    I have a border collie too they’re so smart

  • Raymond Murray
    Raymond Murray Month ago

    You should do a fish dance video haha... What is the fish dance song?

  • PietJiet
    PietJiet Month ago +3

    thanks for sharing your amazing trips with us. For me as a big city guy these videos are so heartwarming and beautiful. Keep it going man

  • Bryan Hauschild
    Bryan Hauschild Month ago

    UFO at 15:00?

  • Nook nook
    Nook nook Month ago

    facebook.com/BeautyOfPlanetEarth /videos/377916549728872/
    On fb and you pop up haha

  • Geoff Drew
    Geoff Drew Month ago

    Nice video mate. Just a note on puncturing a fish's swim bladder, tests have shown if you piece the bladder through the mouth like you did the chances of the fish surviving is very slim. You obviously care about the environment and its inhabitants otherwise I wouldn't mention it. You can buy a hollow needle from most good tackle shops specially made for releasing the pressure from a fish's swim bladder, the needle is inserted behind the pectoral fin and the survival rate when done this way is very high. Keep the videos coming mate, you are living the dream.

  • ThatGuy Chris
    ThatGuy Chris Month ago

    Those drone shots were epic👍🏼🙌🏼

  • Esme McKeefry
    Esme McKeefry Month ago

    Best videos ever. Great content