Reacting To My OLD Videos with Zerkaa

  • Published on May 12, 2019
  • My Old Channel:
    Rolling by Confz -

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  • Konstantin
    Konstantin  6 months ago +193

    Had to quickly re-upload as the previous version had an error!!

  • Scarlett
    Scarlett 7 days ago +1

    0:14 does josh know who YUNGBLUD is omfgggg

  • Molly Nash
    Molly Nash Month ago

    Konstantin I have a PSP now but I don’t use I gave it to my brother 😢

  • Cammi
    Cammi 3 months ago

    RIP Joehands0me, man life is too short

  • DGBSneeze
    DGBSneeze 3 months ago

    If I don't see Zerkon NOW, I'm not gonna be happy

  • BrutalTemperzZ
    BrutalTemperzZ 4 months ago

    I genuinely thought you was Ethan’s little brother 🤯

  • Logans toys and Games
    Logans toys and Games 5 months ago

    I’ve got a Nokia but I can’t watch anything I’m on my ipad

  • Fix_ It
    Fix_ It 5 months ago

    Guess where I am

  • Emeraldboy152
    Emeraldboy152 5 months ago

    5:48 to give a comment pay me 2$

  • Airy Sebastian
    Airy Sebastian 5 months ago

    Never saw a TheXvid vid with 2k like and lower then 30 dislikes

  • Bacon War
    Bacon War 5 months ago +1

    remake the videos?

  • Bomban Like a nood
    Bomban Like a nood 5 months ago


  • hamzy g
    hamzy g 5 months ago +3

    TBH you should have like 10 mil sub's
    You work hard and you don't get the credit for it

  • Finlay Blackney
    Finlay Blackney 5 months ago

    My name was mentioned

  • Heavenly Scratchers!
    Heavenly Scratchers! 6 months ago

    Hello, new friend from CALIFORNIA. I hope to see you soon.

  • Arsalaan22
    Arsalaan22 6 months ago

    Americans spell it Bandana, too. Legit never seen it as bandanna

    DEVILEN 6 months ago +3

    still got a psp 1000

    like if you still have it

  • Ivan Mascarenhas
    Ivan Mascarenhas 6 months ago

    He is not Zerka
    He is SABAKA

  • Itzchamz
    Itzchamz 6 months ago

    A Dinni really care aboot his spellin tbh

  • Michael Hinchliff
    Michael Hinchliff 6 months ago +3

    Ca you do a video about top 5 or 10
    best video editing softwares

  • H P
    H P 6 months ago

    Bandana is not spelled with two Ns in the US either😂

  • FrostyLucky
    FrostyLucky 6 months ago

    Yo should definitely do quads dream I cant remembervideo

  • Brooklyn Freeman
    Brooklyn Freeman 6 months ago

    Please make a tech channel

  • RTC Canno
    RTC Canno 6 months ago

    Bet he wont like

  • Camera Man Deavon
    Camera Man Deavon 6 months ago +2

    Yo Kon. Can I borrow one of your cameras for my first movie production? Promise I'll give it back😂

  • Jordyn Nexus
    Jordyn Nexus 6 months ago +1

    Kon harry was posting to TheXvid when he was 6 and he’s from gurnsey, you have no excuse 😂

  • Daeja Shimada
    Daeja Shimada 6 months ago

    My older Prothese had a psp and he would never let me play it

  • roocho
    roocho 6 months ago

    What editing software do u us

  • Matt Hine
    Matt Hine 6 months ago

    Dont you mean Sabaka?

  • Caleb Roberts
    Caleb Roberts 6 months ago +32

    I lowkey want to see Kon re-create these old clips with his new editing skills.

  • lil' squirt
    lil' squirt 6 months ago +2

    try recreating your old videos but with your new editing software/skills

  • Messi Monkey
    Messi Monkey 6 months ago

    What school in the UK did you go to?

  • Geo D
    Geo D 6 months ago +6

    District 9 is such a great Sci - fi film I pray for a sequel.

    • Dow Kinners
      Dow Kinners 4 months ago

      Elysium and Chappie are both sorta sequels

  • Nikola Nicovski
    Nikola Nicovski 6 months ago


  • YungTrashLordFRFX
    YungTrashLordFRFX 6 months ago

    old kon videos have better quality than nollywood movies

  • Tharsan J
    Tharsan J 6 months ago

    Lit ep.

  • Adam Thomason
    Adam Thomason 6 months ago

    You two are always funny together, great video!

  • Ma name Jeff
    Ma name Jeff 6 months ago

    This is like a African spiderman movie

  • Keith Lemon
    Keith Lemon 6 months ago

    You should try and and make these again with the sidemen, vid would actually bang 😂

  • Tables are fun
    Tables are fun 6 months ago +3

    Can u do a tutorial on like editing and free editing software and teach us peoples how to edit for our own videos ect tyyyy

  • Johnson Bulakio
    Johnson Bulakio 6 months ago

    Part two please 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿

  • SunnyArcade
    SunnyArcade 6 months ago

    Yorkie is still a chocolate...

  • ѕρукє νlσgѕ
    ѕρукє νlσgѕ 6 months ago

    I would defenitly watch the tech channel !!!!

  • I forgot my name
    I forgot my name 6 months ago


  • DjDoots
    DjDoots 6 months ago

    josh was wearing that shirt on his insta story a couple days ago

  • Diamedi
    Diamedi 6 months ago +2

    haha josh funny guy @ 10:24

    loved the video Kon you're awesome

  • TheMireStudios
    TheMireStudios 6 months ago

    Swear u had a video with deji where he was teaching u to play fortnite but cant find it

    • Konstantin
      Konstantin  6 months ago

      I took it down because I don’t rate him anymore.

  • Mdace •
    Mdace • 6 months ago

    The wide view and angle in this video totally perfect

  • Ryan Peel
    Ryan Peel 6 months ago

    Congrats kon for gaining subs quicker than someone with 16mil...oh wait 15 mil...oh wait 14 mil subs

  • Heaney_S
    Heaney_S 6 months ago

    I just checked the channel and it says 2007 the channel was made

    • Heaney_S
      Heaney_S 6 months ago

      Konstantin bruh I was 5 years old😂😂

    • Konstantin
      Konstantin  6 months ago

      That’s right!

  • Parthiv Purkayastha
    Parthiv Purkayastha 6 months ago

    Can we have ILLUMINATE???

  • JP Joseph
    JP Joseph 6 months ago +8

    Literally no one:
    Zerkaa: If you got a PSP bring it out!!!!!

  • Erz
    Erz 6 months ago

    LOL jumper 2.0 😭😭😭😭

  • AЯLO
    AЯLO 6 months ago

    Why does Josh have so much weird shit

  • iWaffle _
    iWaffle _ 6 months ago


  • Jonas Rosenberger
    Jonas Rosenberger 6 months ago

    Zerkon tech reviews

  • Itz ABZ
    Itz ABZ 6 months ago +1


  • FoxyGotGame
    FoxyGotGame 6 months ago

    Work hard on what you believe in.....passion and don't let know one over power your dream.

  • am3r1c0
    am3r1c0 6 months ago +1

    In American Banana is spelled with 2 Ns total. Just listen to Gwen Stefani Hollaback Girl lol

  • allana
    allana 6 months ago +1

    the difference is actually insane. like the improvements from then to now with editing. this was a sick video to watch you lookin back at your old work! proud of you!