Best Camera for YouTube? Canon M50 VS. Sony A6400

  • Published on Feb 8, 2019
  • What is the best camera for TheXvid with a flip screen? In this video, we compare the Canon M50 and the Sony A6400. 🔴 Check out the Canon M50 on Amazon here: (affiliate) 🔵Check out the Sony A6400 on Amazon here: (Affiliate)
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    📒 Show Notes and Resources 📒
    1. Canon EOS M50 with Kit Lens:
    Canon 11-22mm M50 Vlogging Lens:
    2. Sony Alpha a6400 with Kit Lens:
    Sony 10-18mm Vlogging Lens:
    We use this rig with the Sony A6400 so that the mic no longer blocks the flip screen. (It's for the A6500 but it fits perfect)
    3. (Full Video Review) Canon M50 Complete Review:
    4. (Full Video Review) Sony a6400 Complete Review:
    Sean Cannell on Social Media:
    Omar El-Takrori on Social Media:
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    What is the best camera for TheXvid this year? In this video, Omar and Sean from Think Media TV review the top two contenders. This video covers the Canon M50 vs the Sony A6400. Watch the video for details.These two cameras are the some of the best vlogging cameras on the market.
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  • Think Media
    Think Media  11 months ago +77

    QOTD ⚡Which camera do you think is better? Let me know! 👇🏼 ***** Check out complete reviews of each camera in our Sony A6400 VS. Canon M50 TheXvid playlist here ➡️

  • Pulkit Srivastava
    Pulkit Srivastava 15 minutes ago

    I'm confused between Canon M50 or Canon EOS 200.
    Can someone help?

  • Grandma Kay P
    Grandma Kay P 12 hours ago

    I have been a Sony camera owner for 10 years, and the built in stabilization along with other features is why I have kept buying Sony cameras. I need a smaller camera, because my old A77mrk2 is a little heavy for me to film vlogs. I will pass on the a6400, since it is lacking the stabilization. I do like the center eye piece of the M50.

  • Palace
    Palace 2 days ago

    So what about the a6100 compared to the m50?

  • Adlyke San
    Adlyke San 3 days ago

    so informative. one month on TheXvid, have been using my phone. I'm very indecisive, I need someone to set up my studio. Based in Perth

  • Tahir Aziz
    Tahir Aziz 4 days ago

    guys i like canon more. but the sony has better quality. but its more expenisve. but the mic blocks the screen. but its better quality. SO IDKKK GUYS

  • Stanley Dinesh Chandradoss


  • tazeem siddiqui
    tazeem siddiqui 4 days ago

    I want to make vloger and photographer which which camera is best

  • Brian Elliott
    Brian Elliott 5 days ago

    Sony $400 more? M50 it is!

  • Mike T
    Mike T 7 days ago +9

    The best camera is the one used to film the comparison for both cameras

  • tsaso quink
    tsaso quink 7 days ago

    wow! please give me one camera i want to vlog in

  • SociallyUnept
    SociallyUnept 9 days ago +1

    I'm in the process of restructuring my channel and this video has sealed a deal for me, thank you very much

  • Angel Cabaron
    Angel Cabaron 9 days ago

    If I am shooting a video using Sony a6400, what memory card and how many GB do you recommend?

  • Mercedes Benz
    Mercedes Benz 13 days ago +1

    Sony A6400 ill grow into my 📷 only bc im going to be vlogging soon and i really want great qualities pic all above so thx 4 this vid bc i will be getting Sony A6400 ill work around the mic part

  • Gary Prince
    Gary Prince 13 days ago

    Thank you Guys! This video was really helpful! No longer am on the "fence"... the Sony A6400 is the best choice. It was due to the video capacity, including the auto focus. Thank you again for this video! Thank you for your support! )))

  • Vihan Chelliah
    Vihan Chelliah 14 days ago

    I just released my first video with the M50 today. Totally works like a dream!

  • Huzza TV - DreamBook
    Huzza TV - DreamBook 14 days ago

    1:13 good photography using external Bluetooth flash

  • Jayron Faburada
    Jayron Faburada 14 days ago

    Let's help each other and grow together. Subscribe mine, will do the same thing to yours. No talkshit.

  • Johnny Kirk Innes
    Johnny Kirk Innes 15 days ago

    Thanks for the excellent video guys. Would you say these two cameras are still the best to go for? Or how about the g7x III?

  • Giselle Fionda
    Giselle Fionda 16 days ago

    I have a Canon EOS Rebel SL1 I bought 2 years ago. Do I need to upgrade to the M50 ? Or can I still have a decent video quality with the Rebel ? Thank you !

  • Ashton Scott
    Ashton Scott 16 days ago


  • Hugo Sasai
    Hugo Sasai 16 days ago

    It kinda looks like you kinda got the white balance a bit off on the m50

  • Patrick Okon
    Patrick Okon 16 days ago

    Great video guys. Very information and I love the whole setup. Can you please talk about the gear you used to record yourself in this video. The video and audio setup is perfect for what I want to do.

  • Global Fast Dancer
    Global Fast Dancer 17 days ago

    Buying used American Underpants in Lusaka, Zambia - my youtube video -

  • Evolved Aura
    Evolved Aura 19 days ago

    This video has been immensely helpful. I was trying to figure out which first camera I should go for- the best rn? Or.. the runner up but all around good! Not to mention really suitable for a beginner. So I'm going with the Canon M50. I also dig aesthetics and such so having it in white is also nice, haha

  • Joe Pinto
    Joe Pinto 20 days ago


  • Technical Galaxy
    Technical Galaxy 20 days ago +1

    Sony is always best😘

  • Naqebb .S VloG
    Naqebb .S VloG 21 day ago

    Review sony 6600 please!!!!!!.i want for infmation...please

    RICHLY BLESSED 21 day ago


  • REFKY Dea Kharisma Fandutama

    Sony :( , so good

  • That snapchat yellow c6

    Awesome video... just picked up my a6400 tonight... really excited to use it and edit video with a solid setup!

  • Muqit Tasfic
    Muqit Tasfic 22 days ago

    how about the canon g7x mark II

  • physic Fitness5000
    physic Fitness5000 23 days ago +3

    I’m getting a6400, hope it’s a good camera

    • Ka Tai Ho
      Ka Tai Ho 16 days ago

      How is it? I wanna return my g7x mark ii lmao

  • De’Andre Dingo
    De’Andre Dingo 23 days ago +1

    Almost at 1 million subscribers!!!!! Been watching since 300k this channel been growing a lot

    TITUS MBANDI 23 days ago +1

    Sony brand for me is the best. I love Sony! just that.

  • Duke Favre
    Duke Favre 23 days ago

    HOLD IT. You pay u$600 and you still need to put it a Mic, a tripod and lens??. Wow...

  • Abang Janggut Channel
    Abang Janggut Channel 24 days ago

    Damn, ordered the m50. Thanks 👍

  • Steven Ling
    Steven Ling 25 days ago


  • Computer Tech Repair
    Computer Tech Repair 26 days ago

    What about sony a7r 3? Is it better?

  • Sasha Stewart
    Sasha Stewart 27 days ago +3

    8:54 Umm Canon M50 DOES have in body stabilization

  • Abe Torres
    Abe Torres 27 days ago

    I just wanna know what is the video editor you used for this video?

  • Maelys Madeline
    Maelys Madeline 27 days ago

    even If I do consider purchasing the Sony in this video can It give me the blurred background and just focus on me? what camera does that or more importantly what lense is good for that

  • nicolas amaya
    nicolas amaya 29 days ago +1

    What's the best camera for sitdown videos?

  • Usomex Martin
    Usomex Martin 29 days ago +2

    Shawn and his facial expressions 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😜😂

  • Miracle Sierra
    Miracle Sierra Month ago +1

    I have a beauty channel but I want to also do a vlogging channel thanks for the video 💙

  • macX dim
    macX dim Month ago

    either of the two.. my dream phone... someone plsss

  • Liem T. Nguyen
    Liem T. Nguyen Month ago

    Have you done a future proof camera video?....I’m interested in buying a camera to last me at least 5+ years.

  • عزيز لطفي المغربي

    Hello my friend, thank you for your explanation. You can support me by subscribing

  • macX dim
    macX dim Month ago

    dreamin to have camera... someone plsssss

  • Mahalo Martin
    Mahalo Martin Month ago

    Aloha form Honolulu and Mahalo !!!
    This video helped me to make a decision !!! I just got the Sony a6400 ... super stoked about it !!!
    Can’t wait to film the first vlog with this camera !

  • Emily Rad
    Emily Rad Month ago

    can you do a more in-depth A6400 set up video?

  • Dragos Stoica
    Dragos Stoica Month ago +1

    Alright, Sony is more expensive, but the IQ and 4K features worth the extra cash.

  • B4&After DaMiX
    B4&After DaMiX Month ago

    What about a Panasonic Lumix DMC-G70 as a first camera

  • B4&After DaMiX
    B4&After DaMiX Month ago

    Definitely the Sony A6400, like the fact that you don't have a cap on recording time, but the price

  • MechaniCat
    MechaniCat Month ago

    What camera did you used to film.
    I want it because the sound on the camera is perfect.

  • PKTV
    PKTV Month ago

    Sony are the kings of video there is no mistaking that, where canon shines is photos.

  • PKTV
    PKTV Month ago

    I think the 200D Mark 2 vs the canon M50, the Mark 2 200d is a much better option between to the 2.

    WEBLINQUE TV Month ago

    both are very nice camera

    SMIFF Month ago

    Why he only say white people names?

  • Marc Abed
    Marc Abed Month ago

    Hey Think Media, i m currently using the m50 and it is in deed a great camera for Vlogs, however when it comes to 4k it simply doesn't not do the job at all, i m thinking of getting the new Sony 6600. Great videos by the way