Best Camera for YouTube? Canon M50 VS. Sony A6400

  • Published on Feb 8, 2019
  • What is the best camera for TheXvid with a flip screen? In this video, we compare the Canon M50 and the Sony A6400. ๐Ÿ”ด Check out the Canon M50 on Amazon here: (affiliate) ๐Ÿ”ตCheck out the Sony A6400 on Amazon here: (Affiliate)
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    ๐Ÿ“’ Show Notes and Resources ๐Ÿ“’
    1. Canon EOS M50 with Kit Lens:
    Canon 11-22mm M50 Vlogging Lens:
    2. Sony Alpha a6400 with Kit Lens:
    Sony 10-18mm Vlogging Lens:
    We use this rig with the Sony A6400 so that the mic no longer blocks the flip screen. (It's for the A6500 but it fits perfect)
    3. (Full Video Review) Canon M50 Complete Review:
    4. (Full Video Review) Sony a6400 Complete Review:
    Sean Cannell on Social Media:
    Omar El-Takrori on Social Media:

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    What is the best camera for TheXvid this year? In this video, Omar and Sean from Think Media TV review the top two contenders. This video covers the Canon M50 vs the Sony A6400. Watch the video for details.These two cameras are the some of the best vlogging cameras on the market.
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  • Think Media
    Think Media  7 months ago +62

    QOTD โšกWhich camera do you think is better? Let me know! ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผ ***** Check out complete reviews of each camera in our Sony A6400 VS. Canon M50 TheXvid playlist here โžก๏ธ

    • el Pana Viajero
      el Pana Viajero 2 months ago

      Think Media what do you think about cannon G7X mark Ii ??

    • In LOVE
      In LOVE 3 months ago

      Well, can you just tell me what to buy in the budget. Too many product reviews in youtube making me confuse. if i want to make vlog and also if i want to make short movies, what budget camera i can use with 4k, image stabilization and good focus. i have watched too many reviews but asking you because i am seeing that you are handling too many cameras and experts in these things. Please suggest me a camera with these features but in the budget. waiting for your reply.

      DMANDIOGUARDI 4 months ago

      You change the color settings to something like Faithful, natural, or a custom one and get better quality than the Sony. Right?

    • AKPro
      AKPro 4 months ago


  • Muhammad Kamran Awan
    Muhammad Kamran Awan 8 hours ago

    Nice camera

  • Aishwaryam Builder
    Aishwaryam Builder 2 days ago

    very useful for me this video .. good..

  • dicky haries
    dicky haries 9 days ago

    What camera do you use to record this video?

  • Eagle burg
    Eagle burg 9 days ago

    Mobile phone cameras

  • Yankee
    Yankee 10 days ago

    Best camera for TheXvid?
    A camcorder. ๐Ÿ˜

    SLAM-J TV 11 days ago

    Good video!

  • rollo316
    rollo316 11 days ago

    For the price of the Sony would you not be better just buying the Sony a7ii ?

  • FunTimesWithHarout
    FunTimesWithHarout 12 days ago

    Hello my name is dikran i have a question for I'm looking to purchase an new camera i can't decide which one ( canon g7x mark 3) or (canon m50) can you give me your advice please thank you so much

  • Pete Peterkin
    Pete Peterkin 12 days ago

    Thanks guys! Great breakdown!

  • Gabe Roberts
    Gabe Roberts 12 days ago

    Canon M50 all the way! Canon will always have my heart

  • BuffaloTube
    BuffaloTube 13 days ago

    Can we make longer videos on CM50

  • Brittani Alyse
    Brittani Alyse 14 days ago

    Hi, I am currently looking for a new camera but I need help figuring out which would be a good fit. My goal niche would be food videography and possibly event videography here and there. Mainly food videography, however, Iโ€™m looking to create more cinematic short film stylistic food videos as opposed to tasty overhead style food videos. So, I was wondering what camera would work for that? Would the Canon M50 work or should I go for something like the Sony Alpha A7iii or something else? What would you suggest? Thanks for your help in advance!! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

  • Shoes
    Shoes 14 days ago

    Great camera for a great price!

    I love this WYZE camera! This is the 6th one I have purchased! For the price, you can't do better. I have this camera mounted outside, I purchased the little "house" available here on Amazon, and so far so good! I have a great view of my driveway! I already have two other WYZE cameras outside, one protecting my front door and one protecting the back door, and they work great during the day or night.

    I have had those outside since Frb and they have survived cold, snow, and rain. I don't use the alerts, so I can't comment on them. I record directly to SD cards. The picture is clear and the app is useful. I also have three Amazon Cloud Cameras too, which I also love, however I have to say, these WYZE cameras have more features, recording to an SD card for one, then the Cloud cameras have.

    Plus these WYZE cameras are a quarter of the price! I have one camera pointing outside through my living room window. I have to turn off the night vision due to reflection, however i get a great view! I wish I could think of more places I need to monitor, I would buy more WYZE cameras!

    Click Here >>

  • Rey Parks
    Rey Parks 14 days ago

    Definitely very helpful! Will be ordering Canon M50. I'm on a budget and I want to start a vlog on you tube! Thanks a lot guys!

  • Departures Capital
    Departures Capital 14 days ago

    thanks for the video!!

  • kyaw zaww
    kyaw zaww 14 days ago


  • H L
    H L 15 days ago

    Me:(browses cameras online while walking my dog with a portable LG wifi router of which the password and wifi name which the South Korean supplier told me that I couldn't change or hide the SSID)
    Some South Korean male neighbor near my apartment building:(shouts)One, two, three! One, two, three! One, two, three! One, two, three!
    Me:(turns on the music and the washing machine after I return to my apartment with my dog and give my dog a feet wash)

  • Alex Telegramax
    Alex Telegramax 15 days ago

    Canon M50 best price in everything & high quality for youtube ( Sony A 6400 maybe is better in quality but is too expensive and selfie view screen is not good when you put a external mic. )

  • Craft Time With Jenny
    Craft Time With Jenny 15 days ago

    I got cannon 540 coming u can get an adapter for extra mic sound. Im on budget

  • Dan Salas
    Dan Salas 16 days ago

    I have the M50 and still loving it! I guess how I will sum it up is this.. if I truly want to spend the time and money on my videos.. the A6400 seems like a great choice.. however, if you want quicker video productions where content is more or a priority than getting awesome quality.. then M50 is the smarter more cost effective approach without really giving up on many key features!

  • T L
    T L 17 days ago

    I learn something from every one of your videos. Thank you for being such a great teacher

    MR AIT VLOGS 18 days ago

    Sony A6400 is awesome

  • Judith Geissler
    Judith Geissler 18 days ago +1

    great video! exactly what i was looking for.. thanks!

  • Maj Maj
    Maj Maj 19 days ago +1

    So cannon m50 is cheaper and The cheapest cannon m50 is equivalent to 30,000 pesos in my country!!! And I only had 100 pesos on my wallet everyday, when I go home, it even decrease to 5 pesos I'm broke af๐Ÿ˜ญ

    • Maj Maj
      Maj Maj 15 days ago

      @artemis fowl Not really. We're in the middle class. Not rich nor poor. I'm even richer than most in the school but just that I don't want to ask money from my parent, I work for my allowance. My dad can buy me this camera if I ask him but I want to buy it with my own money. I'm painting and I'm selling my paintings but the prices of my paintings are so cheap (500 pesos) that one painting is just 1 week allowance for me. Below poverty line don't even have 100 pesos, they ask strangers for money.

    • artemis fowl
      artemis fowl 15 days ago

      damn, its a miracle youโ€™re on the internet, youโ€™re literally living below the poverty line, sorry

  • Gabriella Dots
    Gabriella Dots 22 days ago

    None....both missing things

  • parsa TV
    parsa TV 22 days ago

    i like the sony a6400 because of the auto focus and i`m thinking to buy it

  • Kay'z Studios
    Kay'z Studios 24 days ago

    Both look great to me honestly being used to using and old computer laptop and cannon p300 point and shoot those look like heaven lol

  • M Langford
    M Langford 24 days ago +1

    Yes I am liking and watching this looking for a new camera that I will be loving.

  • Jason Stallworth
    Jason Stallworth 24 days ago +1

    Guys, which do you feel would be best for musicians/guitarists? Most of my videos are shot in my home studio and I do have sound coming from my amps for some parts (although often times I will record my guitar and sync it to the video so that the sound of the pick isnโ€™t picked pun intended).
    I also do most of my videos on my own.
    Thank you!

  • TalkMillion
    TalkMillion 25 days ago

    What's a good lens for A6400 if you are a new youtuber? and how good is the kit lens for on A6400 for a starter?

  • Peter Holm
    Peter Holm 26 days ago

    Will the 6400 have clean hdmi out with autofocus on ? The M50 does not. Im looking for the camera that will be perfect for both livestreaming with OBS Studio, Vlogging and holiday photos.
    I have both 5Dmk2, 70D, 80D, but want something smaller for travelling.

  • Ann Charity Cordoto
    Ann Charity Cordoto 26 days ago

    How much?

  • yummy meal time
    yummy meal time 27 days ago

    How about vedio quality

  • artistjoh
    artistjoh 27 days ago

    I know that IBIS is all the rage, but not everyone wants it. It is just another mechanical doohickey that can fail at some point. Working with stabilisation rigs etc the IBIS is actually a problem and can create some jitters. I know there are a lot of complaints when Panasonic brought out their GH5S about the lack of IBIS, but it was actually in response to working professionals who were frustrated with the problems IBIS causes. Lack of IBIS is not such a big problem for everyone and some of us see it as an advantage :)
    I would disagree on the price conclusion. It is better to get the more expensive camera now and wait a little to collect all desired accessories over the next year or two, because the A6400 is so much better with image quality and slow motion. In many ways it is not fair to compare them. In the price range of the M50, the M50 is a standout camera and the best on the market at that price point. At the A6400 price point it is close to first place, but there are other options that might be better. A used GH-4 would be both cheaper and a better camera, for example, but if comparing M50 with A6400, I would get the Sony. Lack of money is the only reason to get the Canon.
    Of course there is another complication. We are expecting 3 new cameras from Canon in the next few weeks. It is thought that a M5 II and M6 II will be amongst them, and Canon may surprise with an M50 II before Christmas. Expectations are that Canon is pulling all stops to match and exceed the A6400, so the Sony might not be first choice for long. August 28th, and October are rumored to be when Canon drops new cameras this year.

  • lightforyou๋ผ์ดํŠธํฌ์œ 

    this is really hard to choice. I have cannon 650D + cannon 24-70 L lens.... plz let me know which one better choice

  • WhatchaGot2Say
    WhatchaGot2Say 29 days ago

    What camera does Think Media use to produce TheXvid content? What camera do the rest of the content creators here use?

  • Aoi Kemono
    Aoi Kemono Month ago

    Artificial intelligent. APC

  • MameStudio
    MameStudio Month ago

    A6400 user here.
    Ive been a fan of sony since day 1 and I upgraded from a5100 to 6400.
    Its true that you need lots of money for this camera,the lens etc.
    Even if you just use the kit lens,I can tell you that its worth every cents

  • Bryan Babcock
    Bryan Babcock Month ago

    Hey Sean! Thank you for all your videos!!! Just picked up my m50 :)

  • Kenny Sanches
    Kenny Sanches Month ago

    Great video guys ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘

  • Bae
    Bae Month ago


  • The Bradleys
    The Bradleys Month ago +1

    For sure next camera is the Sony A6400 currently on a G7X mark II

  • Chris Johns
    Chris Johns Month ago

    I wonder what camera you use for your videos?

  • Tom Prislie
    Tom Prislie Month ago

    Bro kasi sakarib sy balik k

  • karan maurya
    karan maurya Month ago

    Can we use canon or sigma lenses on a6400, and is it get crop while shoot in 4k on Sony a6400?

  • Davis Mckasson
    Davis Mckasson Month ago

    I do

  • Davis Mckasson
    Davis Mckasson Month ago

    Do you live in Vegas

  • Kylie Sloth
    Kylie Sloth Month ago

    Great vid. I think I will be getting the cannon m50 because I will be making a lot of TheXvid videos once I get a new camera. I am trying to get more subscribers.

  • kolonsoy TV
    kolonsoy TV Month ago

    i too can't decide what to buy for my first camera for my channel..
    budget wise, i would like to have the m50...

  • Kennedy J
    Kennedy J Month ago

    In my opinion, I would say that the Canon M50 is better for beginners and once your channel starts to grow more, to invest in the Sony A6400. I am looking for a camera to get later on. For example: I'm a small TheXvidr and I pretty much got rid of my videos or put the okay ones in private so that way I can start off fresh and make my videos better. So I would want the Canon M50 first and then when I gain a decent amount of subscribers, I will invest in the Sony A6400 or at least look into it. I hope this helps you make your choice. By the way, I'm a small TheXvidr if you couldn't tell already:)

  • Time Ninja
    Time Ninja Month ago

    I've got nothing

  • Daniella Torresmalaga

    Finally a super helpful video! Thanks guys

  • intheworldofmari
    intheworldofmari Month ago +25

    Canon M50 ๐Ÿ˜Š i have that one and it has been great! I am almost at reaching my first 1000 subs ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป your channel has helped me so much

  • Diana M. Joice
    Diana M. Joice Month ago +1

    Definitely the Sony. Better image quality and recording time is where I made my decision.

  • cttnchrmd
    cttnchrmd Month ago

    I still think about canon g7x mark II

  • HT logistics3434
    HT logistics3434 Month ago

    I guess at the end of the day if I bought that Sony camera that be the last camera I'm buying lol ๐Ÿ˜‚900 dang

  • Darrell Coleman
    Darrell Coleman Month ago

    I have a Sony A6400 and I love the photos as well as videos. I am a beginner with my Real Estate business and TheXvid and this camera works perfect for what I do. I am hooked on Sony. I also have the Sony A3 also and that thing is professional level.

  • Marlon King
    Marlon King Month ago

    Nice comparison. Both look great little cameras and very capable depending on where your budge lies. I already own the a6500 so these dont quite cut it for me. But seen a lot of vloggers switching to the a6400 as it shares the same features as the a6500 plus some newer ones.

  • RetroBreak
    RetroBreak Month ago

    Great video! Iโ€™m going to order the A6400 soon! Canโ€™t wait :D