Liam Gallagher - Now That I've Found You (MTV Unplugged)

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • Now That I Found You performed live at MTV unplugged in Hull. Watch the full show on Sept 27th
    The track is taken from Liam Gallagher’s new album Why Me? Why Not. Out now
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  • jaime parra
    jaime parra 6 hours ago

    This need to be on Spotify now!!!!😫

  • harrycab
    harrycab 9 hours ago +1

    Really love that line it’s late for lullabies

    DANIEL FITZGERALD 13 hours ago

    Liam Gallagher's voice should be renamed Lazarus. This is the voice that I fell in love with over twenty years ago. I bet Noel is very seriously reconsidering an Oasis reunion now that Liam's voice is back. Can't blame him either. Liam's drunken antics aside, I think that played a massive part in him leaving Oasis. The sound just wasn't there anymore. I'm Liam's biggest fan and his voice became dreadful for a while. He sounded like Kermit the Frog! Watch his performance at the London Olympics. It was painful. But my friends... it is fookin back man and what a pleasure it is to hear that inimitable, unique sound again. It's taking me back to my youth and making me a happy man. Live forever Liam's voice. X

  • Igor
    Igor 17 hours ago

    Do you think that guitarist got the job for looking a bit like Noel?

  • Macho Voce
    Macho Voce Day ago

    Huh? He has about 6 notes and sings through his nose. So much for big rock stars.

  • Angie Jevnager
    Angie Jevnager Day ago +1

    291 people need to be punched in their skull! 😬🖤

  • andrea gister
    andrea gister 2 days ago


  • Mellowship
    Mellowship 3 days ago +4

    I'll take an ocean in my stride
    Steal the stars and hitch a ride
    To your door
    And time builds a bridge through our bloodlines
    From the roots, we'll watch love rise
    Heaven knows how it grows
    Now that I found you
    Now that I found you
    I won't let go
    Let my arms surround you
    Now that I found you
    I can lay down with my ghost
    Now that I found you, don't go
    Don't go
    I'll be the branch that breaks your fall
    If you need me, make the call
    I'll be there
    And I know it's late for lullabies
    But the future's yours and mine
    Now and forevermore
    Now that I found you
    Now that I found you
    I won't let go
    Let my arms surround you
    Now that I found you
    I can lay down with my ghost
    Now that I found you, don't go
    Don't go
    (Ooh ooh ooh)
    Now that I found you
    Now that I found you
    I won't let go
    Let my arms surround you (ooh ooh ooh)
    Now that I found you
    I can lay down with my ghost
    Now that I found you, don't go

  • Paranoid Android
    Paranoid Android 3 days ago +1

    Waiting for the album of this magnificent performance!

  • Stephen Richards
    Stephen Richards 3 days ago +2

    LEGEND live forever ,🇬🇧✌🏻

  • LegendsGaming
    LegendsGaming 4 days ago +1

    Most people will think he dedicated this song to a drug (Molly)

  • Barbara Meza
    Barbara Meza 4 days ago

    "Fuck this and fuck that and fuck the mic i'm pure rock n roll. Now here's a song by Miley Cyrus yeah!". Poor guy XD

  • Ro Sch
    Ro Sch 4 days ago

    287 are not only blind but deaf

  • Bruno Conte
    Bruno Conte 4 days ago +2

    It s definetly Better live. go Liam! Only listening to him in the last couple months

  • stacy
    stacy 4 days ago +2

    Liam found his young self, finally.

  • Clare Hughes
    Clare Hughes 5 days ago


  • Relax Music
    Relax Music 5 days ago +2

    This version should be on the album, with intro.
    “ we’re gonna do a new song off why me? Why not?, its about the lovely Molly”

  • mateuszsuhy1
    mateuszsuhy1 5 days ago

    Beautiful Liam
    Now just get your brother to play with you. The entire world is u know...

  • Domenico Zoccali
    Domenico Zoccali 5 days ago

    The king of Manchester is back!!!

  • Back ln 87
    Back ln 87 5 days ago


  • familiartomillions
    familiartomillions 6 days ago

    the beginning is a bit "songbird" but it's fucking light that touches my soul!

  • Georginio Kalkaev
    Georginio Kalkaev 7 days ago

    Beatles forever)

  • Angelica Batsou
    Angelica Batsou 7 days ago

    He has it. As much as he had it in the past and the same as he will have it in the future. Liam, you are here to stay.

  • Anna Niznet
    Anna Niznet 8 days ago

    There's a Neol lookalike on guitar 🤔

  • Alzwei Jailson
    Alzwei Jailson 8 days ago

    Beautiful from japan

  • teckertime
    teckertime 8 days ago

    Now that I've found you, I can lay down with my ghost. BRILLIANT!

  • janeks klava
    janeks klava 8 days ago


  • Cranky Rebate
    Cranky Rebate 8 days ago +4

    He’s just got something about him
    Noel hasn’t got charisma

    • Rusdi Jidan
      Rusdi Jidan 7 days ago

      Noel has a money and music, but liam has a charisma

  • Sally Tate
    Sally Tate 9 days ago

    i found you we need you in devon

  • Sally Tate
    Sally Tate 9 days ago


  • Sally Tate
    Sally Tate 9 days ago

    fucking love you xxxx

  • Pen Spinning Hanson
    Pen Spinning Hanson 9 days ago

    There is only me?? Who hear a pinky guy guitar fingerstyle

  • moviemaker
    moviemaker 9 days ago +1

    Hope you enjoy my video about this lovely song with their pics together

  • Constant Throwing
    Constant Throwing 10 days ago +2

    Can we get some love for those 3 backing singers. They were a nice touch

  • Tam Fullarton
    Tam Fullarton 10 days ago

    impossible,pure class,better than Lennon any day ,legend,live forever LG

  • Ryan Nugent
    Ryan Nugent 10 days ago +11

    Never seen him be more passionate about a song till this, he can’t even keep his hands behind his back

  • Lutz Teichmann
    Lutz Teichmann 10 days ago

    this voice comeback is nearly as good as an oasis comeback. great performance !

  • Cheshire Homebrew
    Cheshire Homebrew 10 days ago +1

    Does anyone else think it's,I've taken no shit in my time???

  • biblical
    biblical 11 days ago

    Liam might just be one of the best people to ever be born.

  • Marco Antonio Miranda Tornez

    Jajajaja rockeros mis huevos si tocan bien pinché fresa y se ven cuando se han dejado las matotas

  • M.K ,
    M.K , 11 days ago


  • Camilo Noguera
    Camilo Noguera 12 days ago

    Anybody knows who are the three girls doing the second voices?

  • Adam Hart
    Adam Hart 12 days ago

    Week 1 why me why not number 1. Week 2 Abbey Road

  • dubseedz757
    dubseedz757 12 days ago +2

    I still can't get over his voice on these performances... I'm so happy for him...

  • Guilherme Baumhardt
    Guilherme Baumhardt 13 days ago

    Noel came here 273 times to dislike it.

  • Luisルイス
    Luisルイス 13 days ago

    This is the #LiamGallagher that we all know. Spot on! 👌

  • delphin bringsby
    delphin bringsby 13 days ago +2

    Dang, he sounds great.

  • Bayu Pramasurya
    Bayu Pramasurya 14 days ago +2

    I love watching you singing while i reading all thousands coment beutyfull sir liam thank you for the great music

  • scottishvplfan
    scottishvplfan 14 days ago +7

    The man the mith the legend and the hero Liam if you love the man

  • zaki zaki
    zaki zaki 14 days ago +1

    I lOve this يا خويا يا خويا

  • Gig Inthesky
    Gig Inthesky 14 days ago

    Sounds like something from the next Shrek movie soundtrack

  • guitarmatchup
    guitarmatchup 14 days ago +1

    George Harrison My sweet lord
    All over it except hare krishna

  • Skengy Barz
    Skengy Barz 14 days ago +4

    Living breathing walking talking singing LEGEND

  • Maxi Zamac
    Maxi Zamac 14 days ago +2

    Even Jay Mehler sings here while playing the guitar, beautiful song!

  • B G
    B G 14 days ago +2

    The best he's sounded in 20 years. Really glad for him. Still has the fire in him. Putting out better quality than big brother Noel

  • Olli
    Olli 14 days ago

    Fucking brilliant.

  • A BC
    A BC 14 days ago


  • Baz Man
    Baz Man 15 days ago +4

    Molly your Daddy is a Legend

  • Wayne Harris
    Wayne Harris 15 days ago +2

    Better than album version

  • L.H. HOPE
    L.H. HOPE 16 days ago

    Biblical. This song is beautiful so more.