Sean Evans Tackles Season 8 Controversies and Answers Fan Questions | Hot Ones

  • Published on Apr 25, 2019
  • Sean Evans is back in the hot seat for a look back at Season 8-from Gordon Ramsay all the way through to Scarlett Johansson! Watch our intrepid Hot Ones host tackle #ShaqGate, break down his favorite interviews, and unveil another tear-jerker of a season-ending montage. Thanks for watching, spice lords!
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  27 days ago +968

    What was your favorite episode of Season 8?

  • xBrandon 22
    xBrandon 22 7 hours ago

    That Ramsey episode was fucking amazing! The hype was huge and you guys killed it

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez 12 hours ago

    Wall of shame there asses

  • lolawhiterabbit
    lolawhiterabbit 19 hours ago

    Lol I’m about to do a video marathon

  • Tom Deschênes
    Tom Deschênes Day ago

    You guys are doing such a great job

  • netsirenful
    netsirenful Day ago

    Still asking for Joe Rogan

  • TheGreatChrisB
    TheGreatChrisB Day ago

    It just occured to me that I want to see Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins on the show.

  • Welsed
    Welsed 2 days ago +1

    Nardwuar. I want Nardwuar as a guest. If anything, for a last wing pose challenge. Thumbs up if you agree.

  • Mondo357
    Mondo357 2 days ago +2

    Fuuuuuuck those people who watch and have ANYTHING negative to say about this free content. Great content!!

  • Keremali Akar
    Keremali Akar 2 days ago

    Bring Howard Stern

  • That Kid Steve Isaac

    David Dobrik needs to get on hot ones

    PROD. BY GOLD CLIPS 2 days ago +1


  • WayoftheDumplingFist

    Shaq,,,, it made me think of him more as a dick head lol ,, from Kansas

  • WayoftheDumplingFist

    Your answer to the last ? Was spot on...... inspiring .... *knuckle touch*

  • AK47MOBB Life
    AK47MOBB Life 2 days ago

    Add mad dog 357 plutonium no 9

  • WorldsGreatestKilla
    WorldsGreatestKilla 2 days ago

    Diggin that cheeba chew shoutout.

  • Matthew Shireling
    Matthew Shireling 3 days ago

    Can we get Matt “Nadeshot” Haag

  • anoiklleb
    anoiklleb 3 days ago

    A DOPE show would be to get one member from each military branch and have them eat your wings

  • Nafis Ishraq
    Nafis Ishraq 3 days ago

    Lebron james
    steph curry
    james harden
    corey taylor

  • mike mcgee
    mike mcgee 3 days ago

    I need to see Conan O Brien on this show ASAP

  • Jordan Andrews
    Jordan Andrews 4 days ago

    You guys need to interview Lil Dicky

  • gt27312
    gt27312 4 days ago

    Every time I listen to Sean Evans do one of these things, I feel like I've tuned in to ESPN

  • avgJones
    avgJones 4 days ago

    Why you gotta pick on Flyers fans like that?

  • Jim Watson
    Jim Watson 4 days ago

    i love that picture with Scarlett

  • mangopurple
    mangopurple 4 days ago

    Sean's astronaut suit is missing a helmet....

  • Joseph Burbee
    Joseph Burbee 4 days ago

    SEAN SUPER QUESTION!!!!! has hot ones made a negative/positive impact on your dating life. Also not sure if your already married which would cancle out that so i change it to social life and how much has it change from before this show

  • Joseph Burbee
    Joseph Burbee 4 days ago

    What if a make a wish was to be on hot ones? Would they be recorded and posted?

  • Joseph Burbee
    Joseph Burbee 4 days ago

    Shaq looks like the black mountain from the clegane bowl

  • Robert Clarke
    Robert Clarke 4 days ago

    I had no idea who Billie Eilish was before her appearance on your show (possibly because I am old enough to be her grandad? :P) She seems delightful, and your show was a fun way to be introduced to her.

  • 444scottylite
    444scottylite 5 days ago

    Anyone else almost get teary eyed at the end.... asking for a friend

  • FabifeatIPhone
    FabifeatIPhone 5 days ago +1

    Sean Evans is probably my favorite person on the internet!

  • Shalynn Toll
    Shalynn Toll 5 days ago

    Alsoooo, Emilia Clarke would be adorably silly on this!!

  • Shalynn Toll
    Shalynn Toll 5 days ago

    You’re such an incredible host. I adore this channel!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙏🏻

  • Axel Cacheiro
    Axel Cacheiro 5 days ago

    Please get Joe Rogan on the show!!!!!!!

  • LobsterPuncher
    LobsterPuncher 5 days ago

    I've fallen on tough times and could really use a free lunch. I humbly request the internet to get me on hot ones.

  • Daniel Meneses
    Daniel Meneses 5 days ago

    I teared up at the end :')

  • Keys Monk
    Keys Monk 5 days ago

    Everyone you mentioned maybe not finishing, should be on the wall of shame. So glad yoyr still doing this. So many great episodes. Thank you. Rock on

  • Dyana Larios
    Dyana Larios 5 days ago

    Sean saying pop a cheeba chew and see where this night takes us is the best thing

  • Luis Diego Garcia
    Luis Diego Garcia 5 days ago

    get deadpool on the show allready!!

  • Charles Sifferlen
    Charles Sifferlen 5 days ago

    "Listen I don't care if it's soft, or hard."
    -Sean Evans, 2019

  • spooko spagett
    spooko spagett 5 days ago

    Tbh the intruder is like the shittiest movie of 2019

  • Akash Dharamsattu
    Akash Dharamsattu 5 days ago

    1.Donald Trump

  • Pierre-Philippe R.-Gauthier

    F* yea we want Elon Musk

  • Great Cornholio
    Great Cornholio 5 days ago

    Can you get Davon Schlegel in the show please?

  • Oscar Rapiditie
    Oscar Rapiditie 6 days ago

    Where u learn 2 speak

  • Mona Always
    Mona Always 6 days ago

    Sorry , I only like watching you and the celebrities are just plus.

  • Alexander Johnson
    Alexander Johnson 6 days ago

    Joe Rogan would be great.

  • Brandon Webb
    Brandon Webb 6 days ago +1

    Lonzo Ball.
    Kendrick Lamar.
    ScHoolboy Q.
    Kawhi Leonard.
    The New Day.
    Candace Parker.
    Chadwick Boseman.
    Jenifer Lewis.
    Stephen A. Smith.

    • SuperDUKE109
      SuperDUKE109 5 days ago

      Brandon Webb bro I couldn’t handle stephen A😂😂 that dude kills me😂 “let me be very very clear, these are hot as hell”

  • Brandon Webb
    Brandon Webb 6 days ago

    The nibblers offend me.

  • Slew
    Slew 6 days ago

    Holy Crap! 40 bucks for a tshirt?

  • zeeqco ziq
    zeeqco ziq 6 days ago

    who the one ate the wings clean finished?

  • Ariel Castillo
    Ariel Castillo 6 days ago


  • Rolanne Bouchard
    Rolanne Bouchard 6 days ago

    Has Keanu been in?

  • Rolanne Bouchard
    Rolanne Bouchard 6 days ago

    Jack black and Kyle
    Gordan Ramsey
    Key and peel

    • Rolanne Bouchard
      Rolanne Bouchard 6 days ago

      Oops sorry. Season 8 you said. Notcsurexwhat season Jack black was on sorry

  • Henry Washington
    Henry Washington 6 days ago

    I want Cardi B to go on the show.

  • TheTemplarFear
    TheTemplarFear 6 days ago

    Dude get that Devon guy on your show! I would love to see A) How an average Joe stacks up as a guest. B) How much info you manage to get on someone who isn't a high profile celeb! C) I wonder if an average Joe can handle the heat!

  • TJ Brownhill
    TJ Brownhill 6 days ago

    Shia lebouf, miles tellers, jonah hill are 3 i would love to see

  • Nick W
    Nick W 6 days ago +4

    I'd personally love to see Mike Rowe on there. He's a great dude.

  • Lxyria Guardian Gaming

    Y'all, the way Sean makes sure to includes his team in his answers and just in general shows he's so damn humble and grateful he is to the people around him that helps make this happen.

  • Robert Carlson
    Robert Carlson 6 days ago

    Get Bobby Flay.... He likes spicy.

  • theshapeexists
    theshapeexists 6 days ago

    Theo von was my fave and I don't even know the guy.

  • Ruben Rodriguez
    Ruben Rodriguez 6 days ago

    Dude, I'm not getting any darn updates.

  • Taylor Poliseno
    Taylor Poliseno 6 days ago

    Bring on Cardi B!

  • Jake Arnold
    Jake Arnold 6 days ago

    Well I feel inspired

  • Juuso Jyrkkiö
    Juuso Jyrkkiö 7 days ago

    Get Pat Mcafee to your show that would be funny as fuck

  • David Souza
    David Souza 7 days ago

    For when a Sean Evans vs. Nardwuar episode? Even better: what if both interviewed each other? That would be EPIC!

  • Kirk Pearson
    Kirk Pearson 7 days ago

    If ya cant get Rogan bring on Jamie

  • Betsy mindfreakeuropa

    I'd love to see Billie Joe, Mike Dirnt or Tre Cool from Green Day on the show! I'm curious how Adam Levine would do as well. OH! How about the "Punk Princess" Avril Levine or "Punk Queen" Joan Jett!? Bring on the Punk Rockers!

  • TheChadster789
    TheChadster789 7 days ago

    I love the show! Can't wait for next season! ❤️

  • Vladimir Pullout
    Vladimir Pullout 7 days ago

    Get Nathan Fielder on here please :D

  • calumteine2008
    calumteine2008 8 days ago

    Just get Nardwuar on. That interview would be unreal.

  • ThE_wEeB_iN_tHe_TrEe

    i would love for Robert downy to be on hot ones

  • Daniela Morales
    Daniela Morales 8 days ago

    hi first we feast team, first of all, love you and all your content! second and most importantly, THANK YOU FOR ADDING CAPTIONS

  • EdibleATV
    EdibleATV 8 days ago

    I like these season recaps. They genuinely make me happy lol

  • J.A. Ren
    J.A. Ren 8 days ago +9

    Maisie Williams
    Jason Mamoa
    Tyler the creator
    Joe Rogan
    Seth MacFarlane
    Emilia Clarke
    Aubrey Plaza
    Giannis antetokounmpo
    Me myself I

  • seb0 seb0
    seb0 seb0 8 days ago

    Get michal jackson elvis prezly and bob marley on the show please

  • Talal Imran
    Talal Imran 8 days ago

    Craig Ferguson for season 9

  • Bedhead_Redhead
    Bedhead_Redhead 8 days ago

    This is such an amazing thing.

  • Stuart Robertson
    Stuart Robertson 8 days ago

    Get projared on, ask him what he was thinking when he said the words style and grace before he ruined his whole damn career

  • Rick G
    Rick G 8 days ago +3

    Get Rory McCann (The Hound) in the show please..

  • Matthew Vermeulen
    Matthew Vermeulen 8 days ago

    Elon Musk please

  • Chip Dolan
    Chip Dolan 8 days ago


  • Constance Robinson
    Constance Robinson 8 days ago

    Lil Wayne

  • Constance Robinson
    Constance Robinson 8 days ago

    Will Smith

  • ConFlickShun
    ConFlickShun 8 days ago

    I'm so happy that you are verified through the Brave Browser! I just made my second official donation through here! Much love and keep up the great content fam! Hopefully I'll get there one day myself :P

  • Matthew OValle
    Matthew OValle 8 days ago

    As a fan since S1, I just want to say it brings a tear to my eye to see this show doing so well. I love this show and I love you, Sean, for everything you do. Keep on keepin' on fam!

  • jeffrey marshall
    jeffrey marshall 8 days ago

    Kobe Bryant. I want him

  • Alejandro Lopez
    Alejandro Lopez 8 days ago

    Sean just did an unintentional bottle flip challenge and actually nailed it :o

  • Max R
    Max R 8 days ago

    "tell the world how your asshole is on my snapchat"

  • Max R
    Max R 8 days ago


  • T9_DesertBoi
    T9_DesertBoi 8 days ago

    9:53 what an inspirational way of saying "not gonna happen"

  • T9_DesertBoi
    T9_DesertBoi 8 days ago

    Sean Evans is a national treasure

  • L O V
    L O V 8 days ago

    Let’s get Senator Bernard “Nard Dog” Sanders on here to feel the bern in Season 9!

  • SideOfGuac
    SideOfGuac 8 days ago

    Is this an ASMR with Sean's chair?

  • Chris Metz
    Chris Metz 8 days ago +1

    Sean Evans is the Jeff Probst of TheXvid (The host of Survivor)

  • GhostGnadsDude
    GhostGnadsDude 8 days ago

    Jeff Goldblum was the most insulting episode, he deserves the shame thrust upon him.

  • Nicolas Heisler
    Nicolas Heisler 8 days ago

    get mitch marner on the show

  • YagerNation
    YagerNation 8 days ago

    Sean evans needs to go on joe rogan and vice versa!!

  • YagerNation
    YagerNation 8 days ago

    This is the greatest show on youtube

  • Tiddlers
    Tiddlers 8 days ago

    Get a quieter chair.