The Most Pure Agressive Neo Tennis by Roger Federer

  • Published on Nov 23, 2019
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    This is the most pure brutal agressive neo tennis ever played by Roger Federer, if you ever imagine how a perfect tennis played match would look like your mind should always go right here in this match, Federer made Nadal here look slow and stiff like he's about to retire or something while Nadal was playing as good as he can play on hard court! Strange right, yeah! This match was played on the comeback of neo RF Indian Wells 2017.
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Comments • 222

  • Alessandro Casamento

    Could anybody tell me the name of the commentators?

  • TrueValues77
    TrueValues77 Month ago

    Federer should have changed racquets a LONG time ago. His stuborness cost him a lot.

  • DS
    DS Month ago +1

    Nadal played an awful match that day!

  • nadia robillard
    nadia robillard Month ago

    Players have been trying to beat RF for 5 years, then they came out with baseline and returning game, and he is still the greatest. LOVE. RF...

  • disturbia13
    disturbia13 Month ago

    What does "neo tennis" mean? Haven't heard that term before, thanks!

  • Muriel Valony
    Muriel Valony Month ago

    Le grand Federer parfois il faut battre Nadal il peut pas toujours gagner Nadal respect pour ces deux joueurs

  • Anca Patrascu
    Anca Patrascu Month ago

    Oh man, look at that backhand, especially the frequency of the deep blocked backhands on the return of serve. I really wish we could see more of that nowadays, but i do appreciate the reaction speed and movement might not be like back then

  • Conan Lynch
    Conan Lynch Month ago

    When & where?

  • Perret Laurent
    Perret Laurent Month ago

    Why is this video on TheXvid ? It must be on pornhub.

  • sai R PSPK
    sai R PSPK Month ago +1

    This is absolute madness......

  • Sebastián Montanile

    How come this guy even exists?? He’s literally out of this world, in and off court.

  • pokoro
    pokoro Month ago

    Did he say at the end that Nadal was sick. Or was that him just trying to be humble and downplay his total and complete domination over Nadal?

  • Julian Koch
    Julian Koch Month ago

    What is neo

  • TheSmartBanana _
    TheSmartBanana _ Month ago

    He made nadal look average

  • Aureliano Buendía
    Aureliano Buendía Month ago

    Se lo vaciló en mala al Nadal.

  • Jayam Micky
    Jayam Micky Month ago

    Beast mode..
    If RF clicks his backhand then no one stand before him.. Greatest..

  • Zombie slayer 96
    Zombie slayer 96 Month ago +1

    Federer is easily the greatest of all time almost nobody has a chance at ever replacing Federer except for nadal but look what happened when Federer is at his best

  • Gerald DeCaire
    Gerald DeCaire Month ago

    Roger is the greatest but in fairness to Nadal, I believe this match happened when he was in a long drought coming back from a long string of injuries. Roger is undoubtedly the king of the hard courts, but I seriously doubt he could demolish Nadal as severely as he did here if Nadal was at the top of his game.

  • Darion Spark
    Darion Spark Month ago

    But at the best moment of the two the Spaniard was his father.

    Now Roger dominates him on fast courts because Nadal greatly lowered his defense and the power of his topspin drive.

  • Jaimin Trivedi
    Jaimin Trivedi Month ago

    This is almost Williams-sisters like.

  • Paolo Bafico
    Paolo Bafico Month ago

    to almost wipe off the court an incredible player like Nada, ( who is also probably the toughest ever mentally ) you need to be playing extraterrestrial tennis and Roger did just that

  • Julian Hansen
    Julian Hansen Month ago

    To Rafa´s defense, coming from a Roger fan, it was not Rafa´s best season that year, it is ofcause Rafa and always a hell of a performance to beat Rafa in that maner, BUT, on the other hand, Rafa has had one of his best seasons this year, and started out getting straight setted by Novak in the AO final. Then won French Open, US Open and Davis Cup and ended the year as number 1. So perhaps Roger was just, THAT good that year. People say Rafa wasn´t near his best at the 2017 AO, but i think he played pretty good in the final, i know he struggled with Grigor in the semi, but we all know what Grigor is capable of the few times he plays his best, Grigor has LOADS of weapons, serve, forehand, one hander, great volleys, which is why it is so strange to all of us that Grigor hasn´t won more than he has :S

  • Sain Sachin
    Sain Sachin Month ago

    Federer need to watch this match again and again before play against each and every kids have so much arrogance they dont know what is fed and who is fed....

  • Minh Tao
    Minh Tao Month ago

    5:00 most beautiful backhand of the match

  • Movies&&Highlights!!!

    Roger Federer never played like this until he got with Ivan Ljubicic as a coach & part of his team.... if you watch Ivan’s playing style you’ll see much of this style of play.

  • Anuj Jyothykumar
    Anuj Jyothykumar Month ago +1

    That "stop it" at 1:27 just shows how good Robbie is as a commentator

  • Anish Reddy
    Anish Reddy Month ago +1

    Change your title, you misspelled aggressive

  • Sankalp Hk
    Sankalp Hk Month ago +2

    Roger vs Rafa - Indian Wells 2017
    Roger vs Novak - ATP Finals 2019
    Federer's two best hard-court best of three matches in the past 5 years!

  • Wisdom Warriors
    Wisdom Warriors Month ago +1

    This is why Djokovic will never be regarded in the same way as Roger or even Nadal for that matter. When fed plays an amazing match it looks like this...when Novak plays an amazing match, you see an athlete using his athleticism to stay in the point until the other player stuffs up. It’s just not the same.

    • Aleksa Teemo
      Aleksa Teemo Month ago

      LOL.Try doha 2016.At least there nadal wasnt moonlooping the ball to the centre of the court.

  • خثير بغاجير

    ميسترو روجر كوكب التنس

  • KB
    KB Month ago

    STOP ITTTTTT :) you gotta love those commentators

  • Pablo
    Pablo Month ago

    unstoppable, unrepeatable, simply of an other planet. Art in movement...RF the king 👑

  • Tom Frost
    Tom Frost Month ago

    To play in such agressive style and winning with Rafa and Novak you need to be the most talented, lucky for Federer he is.

  • Ricky Fed Fan
    Ricky Fed Fan Month ago +2

    We want King Federer Just Destroy anyone in 2020 Because tht keeps him Forever Goat
    He will definitely always a Real Goat

  • Dimitris Orestis
    Dimitris Orestis Month ago

    I really regret one thing from him,the luck of explosive attitude on the net,like Sampras had.

  • Rahul Srinivas
    Rahul Srinivas Month ago

    Fed had an absolutely deadly backhand in 2017. It was just insane..I badly miss his 2017 backhand

  • Big baga
    Big baga Month ago

    2017 Super Federer!!
    Miss it!

  • Tennis Ball
    Tennis Ball Month ago

    Was that the final?

    • Tennis Ball
      Tennis Ball Month ago

      @Nicolás Antonio he smacks the balls deliciously

    • Nicolás Antonio
      Nicolás Antonio Month ago

      Tennis Ball nope, it was 4th round, the final was against Stan the Man, and he won that M1000!

  • Yan
    Yan Month ago +1


  • Sam Kim
    Sam Kim Month ago

    Federer has figured out Nadal completely. Outside clay, Federer should be the favorite when these 2 meet now.

  • David Castaño
    David Castaño Month ago

    Omg now i understand why roger is roger. ok

  • Aamir Javed
    Aamir Javed Month ago

    Roger federer at his very best.🥰

  • Give Away
    Give Away Month ago


  • fmartin09
    fmartin09 Month ago

    Federer is my favorite player but Nadal has a winning record against Federer. Nadal gave Federer his most humiliating defeat in the French with a bagel included. The thing about Nadal is that he can lose to un-ranked players and Federer almost never lets that happen, which makes him more consistent than Nadal. Also, Nadal gets a lot more injuries (because of his intense style.) Only recently Nadal's serve is making him work less for his wins. I think he'll tie and even beat Federer in GS and then Novak will beat both.

  • Aleksandar
    Aleksandar Month ago

    Djokovic was so lucky he was not around that year

  • Sadham Kdly
    Sadham Kdly Month ago

    How ever i cant forget the 2019 wimbeldon final 😪😪.... roger will raise in 2020... at center court

  • Vale Giacalone
    Vale Giacalone Month ago

    Mamma mia....

  • Katerina Patiniotis

    Ped-O steroid tennis for Pederer. With strong peds and steroids and fixed rigged easy draws to get free ride to the finals, he can reach the finals if he's lucky.

  • Josh。「chungus」 oop-

    i like how fed is so relaxed and has so much drive and topspin while nadal is intense and so focused

  • lorenzo M
    lorenzo M Month ago

    "The Zone" in tennis and guitar playing and really ANYTHING
    is Roger Federer playing well.

  • lorenzo M
    lorenzo M Month ago

    The teaching professionals and World Tennis Professionals
    would be well advised to adopt Roger Federer's strokes and
    HIS volley and serve and return of serve
    production as the OFFICIAL Standards & guide to ALL THINGS TENNIS !

    End the misery of the endless UN orthodox
    super UGLY two handed, grunt fest baseline garbage
    we are FORCED to call "Pro Tennis" today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Finally out Nick Bollitierri in his grave and admit
    that Dennis Van De Meer was RIGHT way back in the early 1980s'.

  • Gaspard de la Nuit
    Gaspard de la Nuit Month ago +7

    I can't even watch, it's too good for mortal eyes

  • phantomaq
    phantomaq Month ago +1

    The Spaniard bull killed by the Swiss matador.

  • Stuewz
    Stuewz Month ago

    Nadal slowly returned from his worst form of his career, Djokovic and bunch of great players were out and Federer was 110% ready due to his huge 6 months break. His success in 2017 was due to big opportunities, everything was on his side to have success. He faced a fragile Nadal 4 times that year, that's the only reason why he improved his H2H on hard court. As soon as Rafa and Djokovic found their forms he returned number 3. He's lucky to have avoided Rafa on hard court in 2018 and even this year because he can keep the advantage he earned in 2017. Now the Federer fans will tell me - FeDeReR WaS On HiS WoRsT FoRm In 2013 AnD NaDaL FaCeD 4 times ToO. The difference is Rafa had Djokovic to beat too and he proved that he was THE best that year, unlike Federer who had everything on his side. He's the luckiest champion ever who's had the biggest opportunities in a player’s career compared to Nadal and Djokovic.

    • C K
      C K Month ago

      But-but-but... muh weak era

    • Gabriel Vergara San Martín
      Gabriel Vergara San Martín Month ago

      I didn't read your comment, but I know you're wrong, as you usually are when expressing your point of view about this sport.

    • lorenzo M
      lorenzo M Month ago

      some tennis players are more beautiful to watch
      and Federer is for the All Time and Ages to simply WATCH
      play tennis ! EVEN losing tennis !!

    • Fahad Farooq
      Fahad Farooq Month ago +2

      Cry more

  • Robin Malik
    Robin Malik Month ago

    How do you get these matches?

  • Clap Tropisme
    Clap Tropisme Month ago +1

    Loved Nadal's face at 6:11 back then, and still do.

    • DS
      DS Month ago


  • Eli_2020
    Eli_2020 Month ago +1

    Just on fire.

  • vella2894
    vella2894 Month ago +1

    When Jesus decided it was time to show humanity how to play sublime tennis and was born as Roger Federer

  • Tom Rubie
    Tom Rubie Month ago +1

    It doesn't look real at times. Almost as though video was edited but it wasn't xD. Absolutely ridiculous, I wish it was a grand slam so we could have another set. Hats off to Rafa, he definitely tried

  • Kiasadija
    Kiasadija Month ago +1

    What does Neo mean?