Melting 1000 Chocolate Bars into 1 GIANT Bar

  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
  • Melting Every Chocolate Bar Into 1 HUGE Bar, today I Make The World's Biggest Chocolate Bar With Beta Squad to beat The World Record. DIY Giant Chocolate is back! SUBSCRIBE TO THE BETA SQUAD CHANNEL -
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  • Aj Shabeel
    Aj Shabeel  Month ago +562


  • BWSpeed
    BWSpeed 3 hours ago +1

    Why on earth did it have to actually zoom in on him spitting the chocolate out? LMAO.

  • Benjamin Mok
    Benjamin Mok 6 hours ago


  • Shahida Saghir
    Shahida Saghir Day ago

    You shmuck aj why are u copying calux love ur vids btw

  • Musa uddin Musa
    Musa uddin Musa 4 days ago

    Or a biggest cookie

  • Musa uddin Musa
    Musa uddin Musa 4 days ago +1

    Make the worlds biggest bread

  • StrangeRThingS
    StrangeRThingS 5 days ago

    Bro u the first TheXvidr ik who did taekwondo I won nationals in 2014 2016 2017 and came second in 2018 and decided to quit 👍🏼😂

  • Mohamed Siyad
    Mohamed Siyad 5 days ago +3

    If your somali......

    Lets go drop some aadan kids

  • Mohamed Siyad
    Mohamed Siyad 5 days ago +5

    Wallahi i will like this comment

    U said it not me

  • justtoflyinauk
    justtoflyinauk 7 days ago

    Aj the shmuck you little triangle head shmuck subscribe to niko omilana he’s a God your a shmuck aj

  • Aiden
    Aiden 10 days ago

    Whoever bought that paintball gun deserves 50% of the revenue from all these guys videos.

  • isrrra ibrahim
    isrrra ibrahim 10 days ago +1

    I want some😭

  • Playdoh Carti
    Playdoh Carti 10 days ago

    Make Worlds biggest Taco!

  • Onyx Lyr1c4l
    Onyx Lyr1c4l 11 days ago

    You should have put milk in it

  • Jack Rees
    Jack Rees 12 days ago


    JAY IS BETTER THAN U 13 days ago +1

    the triangle vs. the egg
    watch these shmuck's fight in a 1v1 and kill each other

  • Jamiila Abshir
    Jamiila Abshir 13 days ago


  • Ebony Lincoln
    Ebony Lincoln 16 days ago

    Jordan 'Im back' made a bigger one.


    If ur Cooking
    should be called

  • Chanette Gerecnik
    Chanette Gerecnik 18 days ago

    pizza DIYB

  • tame thoughts
    tame thoughts 18 days ago

    But how did he really get the mold home ? 🤔

  • Expat In UK Biker
    Expat In UK Biker 19 days ago

    So all these department stores can film you with their CCTV but you can't film them. Ridiculous

  • Muiz S
    Muiz S 19 days ago +1

    10:21 man nearly ended up lipsing chunks😂😂😂😂

    • destiny
      destiny 18 days ago +1

      Loooool omds the embarrassment on their faces😂😂😂😂

  • Mystic.Mobile YT
    Mystic.Mobile YT 20 days ago

    Aj i hope all credit goes to tgfbro

  • Jack Kelly
    Jack Kelly 20 days ago

    You literally copied tgf bro u fucking isoceles

  • T4NK Daymstar
    T4NK Daymstar 20 days ago +4

    Imagine if he just went back and returned all of the chocolate lmao

  • TeXtriphi
    TeXtriphi 20 days ago

    What the actual fuck xD

  • Assassin God
    Assassin God 20 days ago +1


  • Luke Barnard
    Luke Barnard 20 days ago

    Giant triangle cake

  • Mr Voltex
    Mr Voltex 20 days ago

    The chocolate bar is the biggest shmuck 😆😆

  • Yusuf M
    Yusuf M 21 day ago

    Biggest cake in the world

  • J Lingz is the goat
    J Lingz is the goat 21 day ago +1

    Get your own video ideas you schmuck

  • Sockman
    Sockman 21 day ago

    You look like a dorito

  • Adnan Muse
    Adnan Muse 21 day ago +1

    Somali j 🇸🇴👍🏽👍🏽⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Apex Gaming
    Apex Gaming 22 days ago +1

    Tgf and callux am i a joke to u

  • FBI Agent #4786
    FBI Agent #4786 22 days ago

    Who else bangs out those 30p ms Molly chocolates

  • Liquid Lime
    Liquid Lime 22 days ago

    callux did this

  • Jen Moore
    Jen Moore 22 days ago

    Pls wash your hands with soap 🧼 Aj cheers

  • LizBiz Ldn
    LizBiz Ldn 22 days ago

    i had to unbsubsribe. after seeing him spit inside the pot. that is so nasty and wasn't funny at all. next time give us a good video without spitting

  • CranKz
    CranKz 22 days ago +1

    whats the outro song ?

  • Eurico Duarte
    Eurico Duarte 22 days ago

    Y'all just waste lot of food

  • fazzed_does_gaming
    fazzed_does_gaming 22 days ago

    The chocolate bar is bigger than ur channel

  • Shantanah G
    Shantanah G 22 days ago +2

    Why didn't u lot just use the drill to un drill the screws 🤦🤦🤦🤦😂😂😂

  • FatGuy FromMars
    FatGuy FromMars 22 days ago

    Triangle faced nonce

  • cocaine conqueror
    cocaine conqueror 22 days ago

    You copied tgf callux

  • Dxrk_. Xahs
    Dxrk_. Xahs 22 days ago

    why is kenny calling a wafer a waffle bro kenny is waffling

  • d4rk
    d4rk 22 days ago

    Aj u should make a giant skittle pool

  • Vytal
    Vytal 22 days ago

    4:19 Schmuck u burnt it

  • Z-MAN SC
    Z-MAN SC 23 days ago +1

    Melt sweets and make giant lollipop

  • Crowder
    Crowder 23 days ago +4

    Beta squad logic. Copy vids add paitball gun

  • Anas yassin Vlogs
    Anas yassin Vlogs 23 days ago

    Which app did you use your videos, and the thumbnail; please?

  • FortniteSHOOTAA -
    FortniteSHOOTAA - 23 days ago

    ❤️from Lithuania 🇱🇹

  • Split
    Split 23 days ago +1

    Ur a triangle three parts of a
    I'm here rolling on this

  • gamer guy
    gamer guy 23 days ago


  • hustla8907
    hustla8907 24 days ago

    Good original comedy and entertainment mashallah

  • Kingleez
    Kingleez 24 days ago

    Does anyone else feel bad for georgd

  • Matt Taylor
    Matt Taylor 24 days ago

    Giant hotdog

  • solid clan
    solid clan 24 days ago
    Go show some love

  • jack osborn
    jack osborn 24 days ago

    Look at your face 😂😂😂😂

  • Gateway Technique
    Gateway Technique 24 days ago

    The biggest chocolate bar was made by Thorntons Ltd in the uk measuring 13 feet... just thought id mention this :)

  • Nasia Tungate
    Nasia Tungate 24 days ago

    Everybody who calls aj triangle are shcmucks !!! And bitches

  • Lee Hilliard99
    Lee Hilliard99 24 days ago +4

    Man said heavy winds u know 🤣🤔

  • 10Football English
    10Football English 24 days ago

    Aj could i have a shoutout pls. Love ur videos. Plus u aint a triangle boi.

  • F.L O.E
    F.L O.E 24 days ago

    Put all the chocolate in the mold then get a hair dryer and do it for an hour

    RUST MUTT 25 days ago

    6:13 this is how black kids are made

    RUST MUTT 25 days ago

    2:53 why was he eating himself

  • Logann T
    Logann T 25 days ago

    Tgf made a bigger one

  • Aleck Benson
    Aleck Benson 25 days ago +1

    Tgf done it first

  • Miralle
    Miralle 25 days ago +35

    No one:
    No one at all:
    Beta squad: Let’s involve a paintball gun in every video

  • Crip -Series
    Crip -Series 26 days ago

    Bro why does every video in the beta squad house have to have a fucking paintball gun

  • XNictwo
    XNictwo 26 days ago

    Snake XD nah jk

  • It’s fusion
    It’s fusion 26 days ago

    Mr icosolies

  • KiranKireesan
    KiranKireesan 26 days ago +1

    Can't wait for your next video man

  • h1 wxvey
    h1 wxvey 26 days ago

    Aj, tell me why i cant find the hypotenuse of your isosceles head!

  • Drewz
    Drewz 26 days ago +2

    Lowkey Aj is the best in beta squad

  • Mckenny Monster
    Mckenny Monster 27 days ago


  • Hassaan Ahmed
    Hassaan Ahmed 27 days ago

    Check out SL spartans tv make sure to like comment and subscribe.😀

  • Louis Gardenya
    Louis Gardenya 27 days ago

    you dont know how to melt chocolate properly mate

  • Connor Carlisle
    Connor Carlisle 27 days ago

    What’s your faveroute shape?
    Is it a triangle?

  • Sakura Sunrise
    Sakura Sunrise 27 days ago

    Dude why you copying tgf 😂😂

  • Rahena Khanum
    Rahena Khanum 28 days ago

    What a waste of chocolate

  • Tasawar Begum
    Tasawar Begum 28 days ago

    U can open scerws

  • Major Clips
    Major Clips 28 days ago

    I like you lot yeah but it’s a bit neaky that you stole the idea of calux

  • Dan Churm
    Dan Churm 28 days ago

    At least you didn't copy this of TGF bro

  • TSM _lag
    TSM _lag 28 days ago

    I am not white I am not black I am brown

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 29 days ago


  • BBQ bleach
    BBQ bleach 29 days ago

    Why do u remind me of a grown up version of tekkers kid🤷‍♂️

  • hania mohseni
    hania mohseni 29 days ago

    U triangle

  • Owen yt live
    Owen yt live 29 days ago

    You copyrighted tgf

  • Pierce Kennedy
    Pierce Kennedy Month ago

    You can copy cals vid OK but man got the wafers as well

  • Jake Rayner
    Jake Rayner Month ago

    Copied off of tgf bro

  • PzychoTurtle YT
    PzychoTurtle YT Month ago

    Change your name to Isosceles

  • ollieheywood 1
    ollieheywood 1 Month ago

    deffo not a copy of callux video

  • Aaminah Hussain
    Aaminah Hussain Month ago

    Am I the only one that finds sharky PENG AF

  • x MilkTeaa
    x MilkTeaa Month ago

    MR isoceles

  • Danyal Hassan
    Danyal Hassan Month ago

    Aj if you think Niko is a fucking nonce like this comment

  • DIY Donkey
    DIY Donkey Month ago

    Did tgfbro do this?

  • Rico Lolo
    Rico Lolo Month ago

    Editing skills r off the roof 🤣👌🏼

  • Kimberly amaya
    Kimberly amaya Month ago

    Poor George

  • eidem
    eidem Month ago

    10:50 yayy, Loai is back!!!