• Published on Apr 22, 2018
  • From fish that must be prepared with extreme precision, to mutant vegetables, here are 16 most toxic foods in the world.
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    7. Unpasteurized Milk
    Most of the milk we drink and the cheese we eat must go through a process known as pasteurization first before we consume it. The process was introduced by Louis Pasteur in the 1860’s and This kills the bacteria and other microbes which would be harmful for consumption . not only that but this allows for it to be stored on the shelf longer. Although some states allow the sale for raw milk 17 states have banned it. Those who are in favor of non pasteurization claim that the milk loses many of its nutrients once it goes through the process. But those who claim pasteurized milk is the way to go state that too many diseases are spread from just raw milk. In any case, it is probably best not to drink raw milk unless it’s from the mom to the offspring
    6. Rhubarb
    You might remember having a warm slice of rhubarb pie over at grandma’s house but she might have been keeping a little secret from you. Rhubarb must also be cooked very precisely or it could end up being lethal, there are typically high levels of Oxalic acid which can lead to kidney failure and other painful side effects. Hopefully grandma doesn’t change here recipe too much next time you're over there. But seriously though, it would take approximately 11 pounds of rhubarb leaves to cause such side effects.
    5. Blackberries
    We highly suggest not eating just any berry you come into contact with. Many can be poisonous, but if you’re able to spot the right ones, go ahead and have yourself an all you can eat buffet! Wild blackberry plants are a tasty fruit but examine the flower carefully. The flower on the plant should have 5 white petals, like you see in this photo. The ripe ones become a deep purple and will be sweetest in comparison to the red ones. Feel free to eat the leaves as well and turn them into a tea with boiling water which can be used as a mouthwash.
    4. Japanese Mutant Veggies
    The disaster that claimed 18,500 lives is causing radiation in groundwater creating mutated vegetables like you never could have imagined in your life! Going to a farm here is like going to a plant freak show. Check out this monstrous head of cabbage. Here you see the difference between a normal sized cabbage and the Japanese mutant cabbage! You gotta really hope they don’t put some of this in your sushi! This is tomato is bubbling with tumors and is far from what we expect a normal one to look like. Don’t forget about this 5 fingered tunip that looks like the hand of a zombie! This sunflower has another sunflower growing out of it! What is going on here!
    3 Bamboo
    Although bamboo would be considered to be a primary food source for panda bears, humans should not consider eating this stuff raw. Golden lemurs and pandas have evolved to be able to eat enough cyanide which would be able to kill several humans. You do not have this evolutionary trait, so don’t eat it. Cooked bamboo on the other hand has been known to be consumed at various restaurants but the pickled variety has led to fatal poisonings. If you’re looking to by some, make it’s not toxic first!
    2. Radiated Fish
    This is actually more of a problem than you would like to believe especially in places like the chelyabinsk oblast region in russia and in places near the fukushima power plant. Some fish have been found with riddled with tumors and it’s not something you want to eat. Any body of water that is exposed to toxic nuclear waste has a good chance of contaminating fish there. Back in the earlier days of toxic waste disposal, they would simply put it in a barrel and throw it overboard into the sea. The sellafield decommissioning site is located right next to the Irish Sea, so much of the fish living there are questionable as well. Newer generations of mutated fish become more and more shocking, especially this one found in a lake in argentina. It was caught near a nuclear powerplant in this country and it broke the web.
    1.Farmed Salmon
    Some researchers believe that farmed fish are actually the most toxic food in the world and it’s quite frightening. Fish farmers in places such as norway have been revealed in documentaries that farmed fish contain a shocking amount of pollutants and chemicals, making it the most toxic food in the world. Graphs revealed that in this case the fish had 5 times as much toxins than anything else found in the supermarket. Experiments were done on mice that revealed some very disturbing results to test mice. It made them obese with diabetes in comparison to normal food. Some believe the key factor is the food that is fed to the fish which make them much larger than normal So eat farmed fish at your own risk!
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    Unpasturized milk was sold the world over until about fifty years ago. It was the best stuff ever . Now it's been interfered with by man, it's not worth drinking anymore. You bloody people can't leave anything alone. Just so it'll last a week longer in the fridge.

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    Might add that anything labeled “Atlantic Salmon” are all farmed and potentially highly polluted.

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    How, when and why in the last 20 years did the peanut allergy become so massive?

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    People drank raw milk and never had flues cancers or other shit like now, since raw milk is the best source of glutathione. Pasteurised milk can be stored longer of course which is great for the dairy industry only! They don't give a shit if its nasty process creates malnutrtional causing diseases to humans like weird cancer and unexplainable brain diseases, allergies and more. While the Big Pharma rubs its filthy hands and praises the FDA's Globalists for their contribution towards Corporatocracy and its Agenda 21.


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  • Janet Leslie
    Janet Leslie 4 months ago

    This is the most stupid video I've ever watched. Full of lies and just plain stupid

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