Heated Johnny Mercer Argument - Have I Got News For You

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • Hislop and Mercer clash over a story in the papers about Mercer’s involvement in a business.
    #HIGNFY #IanHislop #JohnnyMercer
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 660

  • Andrew Carpenter
    Andrew Carpenter Hour ago

    The ugly little dwarf never does this to Muslims does he

  • Michael Mouse
    Michael Mouse 8 hours ago

    Johnny Mercer... omg what a spiv.

  • Sam Latifi
    Sam Latifi Day ago

    That was a bit uncomfortable to view. Still I've always loved this show. I was in the audience years ago. It's even better live.

  • David McGill
    David McGill 2 days ago +1

    Hislop is a man you couldn't like if he was skin graphed to you. Fanny

  • J Bagger
    J Bagger 3 days ago

    This did not go the way Hislop thought it would go.

  • Ice Andale
    Ice Andale 4 days ago

    The BBC are utter filth!

  • Winston Footlong
    Winston Footlong 5 days ago

    Lefty I got news for you, load of shit, been on tv too long, axe the show and shut down noncey bbc

  • Richard Matthew
    Richard Matthew 6 days ago +7

    Never watch it anymore Not Funny its just a political show for Left Wing Thinking People ..about time it was taken off air.

  • Bentruth Uncovers
    Bentruth Uncovers 9 days ago

    Hislop crams a half hour of comedy into two hours?

    • Bentruth Uncovers
      Bentruth Uncovers 5 days ago

      @Tom Purcell really? Goddamn, what takes so long?

    • Tom Purcell
      Tom Purcell 5 days ago

      Shows like these can last up to three hours but get edited to fit the programme schedule.

  • Eurotrash on Tour
    Eurotrash on Tour 9 days ago

    Hislop gets 20k an episode. FFS! Nobody appears on a BBC for less than 10k. No wonder the bastards won’t cough up for all over 75s. I fcuking hate the BBC! Abolish the Licence fee now and make it subscription only.

  • shaun king
    shaun king 10 days ago

    Hislop is an obnoxious , arrogant , little , bald wanker .

  • Rake
    Rake 11 days ago

    Had to stop watching this after it just pushes its agenda. Used to respect Hislop but now just think he is king of the sanctimonious hypocritical cunts.

  • peacok01
    peacok01 12 days ago +5

    I gave up on this show recently and suggest others do the same.

    • Mark Baxter
      Mark Baxter 8 days ago

      Why, because you don't agree with everything that's said?...

  • Wisty Boy
    Wisty Boy 12 days ago +1

    I get that Hislops's job is to investigate, but it often seems that the targets are selective. Mercer came off as genuine and with what's going on at the moment in parliament with democracy being thrown out the window in an Elitist power struggle, scrutinizing the private finances of MP's like Mercer at a time like this (and seemingly without much merit) is a bit like freaking out over seeing a house spider in the corner of the room when the building is on fire....I think there are bigger fish to fry...

  • scuttle77
    scuttle77 16 days ago +3

    Ian hislop gets £400,000 per year. Can’t stand Jeremy vine and he gets £800,000 per year.

  • Fidelisjoff
    Fidelisjoff 17 days ago +1

    Mercer fake Conservative

  • gtechlfg1
    gtechlfg1 19 days ago +1

    Hislop is a oxygen thief.

  • forbiddencrisis
    forbiddencrisis 19 days ago +9

    Hislop moaning about 85k for 4 hours work.
    Yet gets 20k for 2 hours
    Is his argument a little hypocritical?

    • Jordan Reed
      Jordan Reed 3 days ago

      No because it's not illegal to be on a TV show

    • Tim Donovan
      Tim Donovan 11 days ago

      yes it is and it will now come from pensioners pockets, creepy little man

    • Andrew James Samuel
      Andrew James Samuel 17 days ago +1

      forbiddencrisis No; actually in this case I don’t believe so.
      Hislop over the years has provided a valuable service specialising in exposing this type of financial abuse. Fuck Mercer; this was brilliant!

  • I eat lefties 4 breakfast

    Hyslop is an absolute absolute cunt.

  • Peter Thomas
    Peter Thomas 19 days ago

    Why does GARY LINEKER GET 1.2 MILLION PER YEAR FOR A FOOTBALL REVIEW SHOW. Supposedly highest paid star in BBC programming.? IT TAKES 7793 PEOPLE TO PAY HIS WAGE.

  • Peter Thomas
    Peter Thomas 19 days ago


  • Peter Thomas
    Peter Thomas 19 days ago

    Celeb panel shows are outdated with overpayed underachievers who are just loathsome individuals and let's be honest... THE BBC IS JUST AS GUILTY OF OVERPAYED EXECUTIVES AS ANY CORPORATION YET THEY ARE THE ONLY CORPORATION THAT ASKS POLICE TO HELP COLLECT THEIR LICENCING REMUNERATION

  • Diorama Jedi
    Diorama Jedi 19 days ago +2

    My bet he gets more than 20 grand an episode

  • a3lfeoxld
    a3lfeoxld 20 days ago +1

    You know when a Tory is lying, their lips are moving

  • Smokes McGee
    Smokes McGee 21 day ago +2

    Hislop looks absolutely caked in makeup these days.

    • millwallholdings
      millwallholdings 8 days ago

      And still one ugly little cunt, imagine his married as well !!!!! proves slappers love £££££££££, if he never had that he would still be a virgin the dwarve

  • Dean Riley
    Dean Riley 21 day ago

    Hislop is a fat smug cunt who thinks hes clever as fuck and he's just a beeb puppet.

  • Inquisitive Hound
    Inquisitive Hound 22 days ago +18

    So Hislop loves dirt digging does he?
    Yet like other journalists, wouldn't go near Saville's alleged activities whilst he was alive.

    • Tim Donovan
      Tim Donovan 11 days ago

      Savile is their dirty little secret and their penchant for illegal sex is exposed by it,look how they tried so hard to rebuild Michael Barrymores career and actually try and garner sympathy for him, a criminal organisation the bbc and an anti british one

    • John Bowkett
      John Bowkett 15 days ago

      @Inquisitive Hound Because they all shit in the same hole ! 😠😠😠😠😠

    • Inquisitive Hound
      Inquisitive Hound 15 days ago +2

      @John Bowkett
      Indeed, it was known about back then but did the BBC take any action?

    • John Bowkett
      John Bowkett 16 days ago +2

      @Inquisitive Hound I've heard the interview ... He made that statement back in 1979 !!!! That's how long the B.B.C. knew about it . 😠😠😠😠😠

    • Inquisitive Hound
      Inquisitive Hound 16 days ago +1

      @John Bowkett
      Well it seems, back in the eighties, a lot was said but that's as far as it went.
      John Lydon's interview recording that was played on Life Stories when he mentioned Savile in relation to his Gonna List. After giving his opinion about Savile, Lydon said to the interviewer "I bet none of this will be allowed out."

  • Ric D
    Ric D 22 days ago

    Johnny Mercer is such a sanctimonious whiny prick

  • Yusuf Abdulle
    Yusuf Abdulle 22 days ago

    Hislop is a comedian he should be paid what he's worth in the market, and he is not pretending like he's doing charity for the armed forces. And in the grand scheme of things 20.000 is not that much for the kind of work he does

    • millwallholdings
      millwallholdings 8 days ago

      work ha ha the little ugly luvvie cunt has never worked a second in his life,

  • paige leaf
    paige leaf 22 days ago

    I think Ian Hislop is overpaid as are all the BBC idiots. 20,000 for a couple of hours.A lot of people work all year to get that sort of money. All overpaid and for what, a lot of rubbish.

  • san paulo
    san paulo 22 days ago +1

    20 G. Don't pay in The BBC

  • Paul Cusworth
    Paul Cusworth 22 days ago

    "why don't you do it for free". Well that's £20,000 worth of hypocrisy.

  • aires69uk
    aires69uk 22 days ago +11

    The Anne Widdecombe jokes not so funny now hey.

  • Edward Kenny
    Edward Kenny 23 days ago

    Fuck the BBC nonce protecting fake news shit programs public money robbing cunts

  • anthony eckersley
    anthony eckersley 23 days ago +2

    Watched this show for years..... Hislop likes to tell the world how things shouldn't be done..... 20 grand a time..... I don't see him trying to do any better so why doesn't he just shut up..... 20 k a week for 2 hours...... Then asks a working man why he doesn't work FOR FREE......

  • Ken Holmes
    Ken Holmes 23 days ago +11

    I gave up on this show years ago.

  • Rory Cummins
    Rory Cummins 23 days ago +1

    Ian Hislop is paid by the BBC to spew liberal propaganda. He s a puppet for the rich!!

  • david atherton
    david atherton 23 days ago

    Shut marxist hislop up

  • fifthof
    fifthof 23 days ago

    Lied about Gerard Batten and was cowardly in the face of UKIP.Smug cunt.

  • Nigel S
    Nigel S 23 days ago +3

    Like Hislops political views. This show has run its course

  • MrCyclist68
    MrCyclist68 23 days ago

    £20,000 an episode?
    No wonder elitist fuckers like him are so out of touch with ordinary people.
    Makes you realise why BBC reporter John Sweeney said
    "It was so unusual to meet a white working class male in the Newsnight greenroom that me and one of my mates went down to have a drink with him.”
    Sweeney went on: “In the way, you would do with somebody from, you know, a CANNIBAL from the Amazonia.. erm Amazon or creature from outer-space.’

  • red 91
    red 91 23 days ago

    BBC is a dinosaur and needs to fuck off.

  • whats the point
    whats the point 23 days ago

    20 grand pompous twat

  • Nigella Paul
    Nigella Paul 23 days ago +1

    20 grand an episode, so private i are immune against scrutiny from this leftist eliitist, fuck me 20 grand two hours, well worth your tv licence, fuck me 20 grand

  • Gareth M
    Gareth M 23 days ago +20

    I love Hislop but Mercer owned him when he pointed out that he's on 20k for a couple of hours work a week. And that comes out of public money!

    • cc c
      cc c 8 hours ago

      @• Haze • Exactly. That's why the BBCs tactics of harrasing and threatening criminal proceedings even taking people to court to pay for something they don't want or need even though it's voluntary is so wrong.

    • • Haze •
      • Haze • 10 hours ago

      cc c Still anecdotal. The fact remains, it’s voluntary. Actual provable fact.

    • cc c
      cc c 22 hours ago

      @• Haze • *Anecdotal? Lol. They are quotes from an official investigation. These are a couple of quotes lifted from news reports of the findings, hence why the BBC have commented.

    • • Haze •
      • Haze • 22 hours ago

      cc c Irrelevant to the point. Use anecdotal nonsense all you like, the fact remains, the TV licence is voluntary, no amount of try harding will change that.

    • cc c
      cc c Day ago

      @• Haze • quote: "bosses are able to pick up bonuses of up to £15,000 a year for licence fee sales obtained with threats of court action.
      One manager is claimed to have said: “We will drive you as hard as we can to get as much as we can out of you because we’re greedy.”
      Following the results of the probe into Capita’s conduct, BBC Director-General Lord Hall wrote to say it had “fallen short of the standards the BBC has a right to expect.”"

  • nathan
    nathan 24 days ago

    So what was the out come? Who was right

  • NickG 02
    NickG 02 24 days ago +1

    Hislop is a nastly little spoilt bully. Perhaps his £20K per epsisode should be examined, for value! Mercer came across as calm and intelligent.

  • Mr M
    Mr M 24 days ago +2

    Nice to see a non scripted section of the show for a change.

  • fourstarist
    fourstarist 24 days ago +2

    A public institution paying £20k for two hours of time from a journo? Nah! Not even if he were funny.

    • Privileged White Rabbit
      Privileged White Rabbit 22 days ago

      @fourstarist Bravo to you, I agree with your excellent point. The BBC are Stasi scum.
      "We need to arrange to come into your home and check if you receive live TV"
      "NO, Fuck off." Should be the answer.

    • fourstarist
      fourstarist 23 days ago +1

      insert name here Right back at you. It is an appalling, criminal cult in my opinion. I like to think that their days are numbered. Good hearing from you.

    • insert name here
      insert name here 23 days ago

      you are correct. I don't know you but I would rather give my license fee to you than the BBC. I simply despise everything they stand for.

    • fourstarist
      fourstarist 23 days ago +2

      insert name here The tv license is an unjust poll tax no one should be obliged to pay. Arguing about the over 75s actually obscures that fact and skews the narrative towards a consensus that the license, generally speaking, is a good thing. It is not. However, it's good to see the BBC being exposed as money grabbing parasites.

    • insert name here
      insert name here 24 days ago +1

      Hence the need to get the over 75s to cough up for a license fee. Hislop needs to get paid for his toil

  • JM AF
    JM AF 24 days ago

    Love the fact that there are loads of middle-aged men commenting on bbc bias here. Bet they voted Brexit, hate cyclists, hate the idea of Scottish independence, are secretly homophobic, wish we could return to ‘the good old days’, and hate everyone that supports a different football team to them.

  • Honest John
    Honest John 25 days ago +1

    Fuck Ian Hislop. The worst kind of establishment bully getting paid by the people he has disdain for. Fuck you Ian

  • C Duff
    C Duff 25 days ago

    Hislop is a smug little twerp! Please end the abomination that is the BBC.

    • insert name here
      insert name here 24 days ago

      Conan .if only!!!!!!!!!! I would happily give my license fee to anyone other than the BBC. Its not about the money, its about the elitist smug bastards who run and are employed by the BBC who think we are all fucking idiots eager to be milked irrespective of financial circumstances. its 2019 not 1948 I wish these fuckers would go subscription!!

  • dan The man
    dan The man 25 days ago +1

    So people aren’t allowed to earn money ? I don’t get it? What’s Hislop’s point ? Veterans get trained and get jobs, they make money after that, person who trained them also has a salary...

    • red 91
      red 91 23 days ago

      Yeah I thought that.

  • White Van Man
    White Van Man 25 days ago +3

    I see the BBC actually let this argument go uncut and on air, and for what reason??

    • insert name here
      insert name here 23 days ago +1

      Van man These BBC people have idea how you live and how much you have to live on. To them you and I are just losers. They probably spend more on one restaurant meal than you spend on a weeks shopping. They have nothing whatsoever in common with you or me. They do know you have no choice in whether you pay for their "services" via the license or not. We are losers and mugs to them

    • White Van Man
      White Van Man 23 days ago +2

      @insert name here Definitely. 👍🏻
      I don't earn that in a bloody year mate.

    • insert name here
      insert name here 24 days ago +2

      back fired bigtime. I am more fucked off to learn hislop gets £20K for 2 hours work......what fucking planet do these smug cunts at the BBC live on!

  • Dai Kayll
    Dai Kayll 25 days ago +15

    Great he exposed the underhand , shithouse tactics of his own political party member.

  • Hazza Brown
    Hazza Brown 25 days ago

    Let's talk about petty shit but not Epstein

  • LondonGeezer Hackney
    LondonGeezer Hackney 25 days ago +1

    Hislop....horrible self righteous little cunt

  • William Christie
    William Christie 26 days ago +11

    Lefty luvvies are always right. Except when they're very very wrong.

  • Rich Williamson
    Rich Williamson 26 days ago

    Tory tosser

  • Bert 1
    Bert 1 26 days ago +1

    Fuck the BBC